Karen’s First



Karen is a 20 year old with dark hair and hazel eyes. She lived in New Jersey at the time that this story took place. Having been talking to men online since she was sixteen, she met a lot of great people, online-wise. She never met anyone in person, and now she was planning on having a romantic affair with a man she’d been talking to for over three years. He has a good fifteen years on her or more.

Fast Forward a few weeks:

Chapter 1:

He ran a fingertip down the v-neck of her sweater, her bare skin tingling at his touch. She tilted her head back and he whispered softly “First time you’re wearing this?” She righted her head and looked into his eyes. “No, I wore it to work one day, but I didn’t realize how low it actually was.” She bit her lip, hoping his reaction would be close to the one she had played out in her fantasy of him seeing her in the sweater that prompted her to wear it for their first weekend together.

He growled as his fingertip left her skin and he ran his hands along the sweater covering her back and held her ass in his hands. Gripping her jean clad ass he squeezed her J.Lo cheeks under his palms and pulled her against his erection. She felt him hard, ready and oh so big nestling between her thighs and she sighed softly. A sight that turned into a gasp as his hand left her ass and came back with a sharp slap. She tried wiggling out of his embrace but he held her tight, his cock hardening further when he felt her heat through their pants.

“I don’t believe you didn’t know it was so low cut. I think you did it to be a tease.” He growled. “Just like you’re teasing me (ed note: almost put ‘just like you’re teasing daddy’) right now. I can see right” – slap – “down your shirt.”

She wiggled, trying to grind her clit against his rock hard dick. The spanking only served to maker her hotter. She was burning with need, wiggling and writhing, moaning and panting on her feet. Her pussy was on fire and she knew her ass was going to be cherry red when she finally pulled off her jeans.

“Please, please…” she begged.

“Please, please what?” he barked.

“Please I need you.”


She almost burst out “anywhere” but thought better of it. He was so big he’d tear her ass apart.

“Where?” he repeated with more force.

Her mouth would do nothing for the burn. She needed him pumping himself deep into her virginal cunt, in slow strokes. She wanted to cum time and time again over his cock before he finally put out her fire with his hot seed.

“Please, my pussy, I need you now.”

He slapped her ass again and she quivered against him.

“You want me to pop your cherry, you tease? You want me to fuck you long and hard with my big cock? Do you? Answer me!”

“Yes, yes.”

All she knew was that she needed to cum, and she needed to do so soon. Before she exploded.

“You’re Bostancı Escort going to want only me after you have me this weekend. Are you ready to give yourself to me?”

“Please fuck me.”

He stopped spanking her and she felt her ass throb. He stepped behind her, releasing the pressure on her clit when taking his pant-covered bulge from between her legs. It took every fiber in his body not to rip off their clothes and throw her on the bed for the fucking of a lifetime. All he wanted to do was be inside her. He knew that talking dirty to her turned her on but she wasn’t a slut as much as she was a tease. He wanted to be gentle with her, and he wanted it to be good for her too. He rested his hands on her hips and slowly moved them up to cup her breasts. Her nipples hardened against his palms as she leaned back against his chest. He pushed her hair away from her ear with a breath and a nuzzle of his cheek.

“Unbutton your jeans.”

Her hands flew to unzip the pants and push them down, but before she could do the latter he stopped her.

She whimpered and whispered “please”. He paused taking a step back, breaking contact letting her calm down. She was far too close he realized, he was afraid that all he’d have to do was touch her clit or slip his fingertip over her asshole and she’d cum instantly. Not that it was a bad thing, but he wanted her to cum long and hard for him, and he didn’t want her to be mush after the first orgasm. Although he did realize also that no matter how many minutes ticked by, letting them both relax, they wouldn’t last long once he slid all 10 inches inside her.

She was dying with need wondering what he was thinking and why on earth he was waiting so long. She decided to take matters into her own hands, literally.

She turned around to face him and sank to her knees; she unbuttoned his pants and slid them down to the floor. She watched as his big cock strain against his underwear, she brushed her palm against him and he ground out, “Baby, please”.

She shook her head, and hooked her thumbs into the waistband and pulled his underwear down, his cock slapping against his lower belly.

“You’ve made me wait, now it’s time to take some action.”

She made a ring with her forefinger and thumb around the base of his big dick. She pinched there. Not completely sure what to do, she wrapped her other hand around him. Slow and unsure she stroked. He thrust into her hand and her thoughts flew from her task to the throbbing her pussy did when she thought of him thrusting into her. She looked up into his face and extended her tongue to take her first taste. Just the tip of her tongue touched him and his response rang in her ears. He groaned her name and stopped himself from thrusting into the hot, wet, sanctuary of her mouth.

He tasted salty-sweet and she licked up a drop of pre-cum. Ümraniye Escort Keeping eye contact with him she got a little braver and licked around the head, dipping her tongue into his piss hole. He moaned and tangled his fingers in her hair.

She could only imagine what she looked like, tentatively licking such a big cock, while on her knees with an angelic but concentrated expression on her face.

He silently willed her to pull her mouth away before he came either all over her face, or in her mouth. He would love to see the expression on her face though, should he cum, spilling himself into her mouth. Watching for the split second as she decided if to swallow his load or not. A million thoughts ran through his head. Sam debated whether or not to cum or to wait and possibly explode too soon.

“God, baby, I’m gonna cum.”

She looked at him and smiled and she sucked hard on the head, taking her teeth and gently holding the head there, she swirled her tongue around the head, and then used her teeth on his shaft. Cursing under his breath he pulled back from her mouth and held his prick in his hand…

“I’m going to cum all over your pretty face and in your mouth baby, open your mouth for it.”

He stroked himself a couple times and rubbed the head of his cock over her lips which she had parted, he groaned and…

She watched as a thick creamy rope of cum squirted from the tip of his big cock and landed on her left cheek. Karen wiggled, feeling heat and arousal rush to her pussy, making her tiny thong wetter than it already was. The next jet, he aimed towards her mouth and most landed on her tongue. First instincts told her to spit.

Sam studied her through heavy lidded half closed eyes, and watched in amazement how she wiggled when his first spurt landed on her cheek, the second on her tongue, watching her instinct to spit his load out, and when her mouth opened again and was cum-free he shot off again. He made sure to get some on her cheeks, nose and chin and as much as he could to her mouth so he could watch her swallow.

“Mmmmmm baby!!!”

Sam moved to sit on the bed, feeling a bit tired but still hard; “amazing” he thought.

He leaned into his bag and got his camera out. “You like dirty pictures baby, pictures of girls with fresh cum on their faces?”

She moaned and squirmed as he snapped shots of her. He ordered her up on the bed and she jumped on it. Pushing his hand up under the sweater and fondled her a bit roughly, Karen gasped when he pulled on her freshly pierced nipples and he snapped a shot of the cross between arousal and pain on her face.

She spread her legs, the denim pulling tight across her pussy. As he watched her he inwardly groaned at the thought of finally being in her pants, in her tight, virginal sheath, to be her first time. He aimed the lens towards his glances and Ataşehir Escort snapped shot after shot.

Suddenly her hand appeared as she started massaging herself through that tight denim, and that’s when he had the most wonderfully erotic idea.

“Baby, I know still shots are hot when taken the proper way, but how about a video? I’d love to see the way you transform from an angelic angel to a lusty sex kitten once you have a big cock inside you.”

Karen licked her lips and pressing harder, where he figured she’d found her clit, the rough denim rubbing herself, right to the edge of a powerful orgasm. Mmmm’s were her response as her fingers left her craving-for-filling cunt and she pushed her shirt up.

Braless, she exposed her hard nipples topped with her new nipple piercing. A chain connected her nipples and from the center of the chain dangled a heart shaped pendant, the point of the heart pointing down to her secret treasures no man had ever been before.

He flew off the bed and took the video camera out of the bag and proceeded to set up the tripod.

“Daddy…” she paused, awaiting his reaction, smiling when she noticed his cock jump, “…do you like my nipple rings, they hurt like hell, but I can only imagine what sweet torture they’ll prove to be.”

Sam nodded, hardly knowing what to say and was totally overcome by lust.

“Yes, I LOVE your new jewelry.” Quickly, Sam pointed the lens towards the bed and looking through the viewfinder, making sure it had the entire bed in view.

Slowly now, as he approached the bed, he watched her, wet denim against her pussy, hard nipples with chains and he wrapped his hand around his prick. Stepping up next to the bed, he brushed the head of his cock against her lips again. Her tongue flicked out and licked him.

More heat formed between her legs and then she pulled away from him. Kneeling on the bed, she faced her ass towards the camera and slowly pulled her jeans down over her hips and over her ass, a tiny thong appearing.

Karen removed her jeans by feel and kept her eyes on Sam. His eyes were on her naked ass. Once her pants were to her knees she traced her fingers under the thread of the thong and released it from between her cheeks. Turning onto her back she kicked the jeans from her legs and her sheer thong was clearly wet and completely see through. Her swollen pussy lips extended beyond the fabric of the thong, exposing them slightly and her hard clit was clearly extended and seen.

Sam traced his fingers down her belly to the top of her thong. Running his fingers under the fabric, he traced them over her pussy and she squirmed. “Touch me daddy, make me cum, I’m so fucking horny!”

“Yes, dear, cum for your daddy.” He rested his hand against her opening and focused his thumb against her clit. Pushing his forefinger into her, she moaned as her orgasm gripped her and he felt her contract around his fingers.

Bucking her hips up to his hand, she rode out the hard waves of her orgasm and when her breathing was still ragged, she slumped back against the pillows and closed her eyes, mouth open.

Stay Tuned for more…