How It All Started Pt. 01


I remember seeing a movie that fascinated me. I wasn’t sure why at the time. I was up late and I just caught the last 15min of a movie about a rich guy in Europe, who had a strained relationship with his hot wife.

The scene started when the rich husband was sitting on the first floor of a mansion. You could see the helicopter in the background on the green lawns.

The husband was talking to 3 other younger men. They were talking business when the wife came down stairs and the conversation between the men stopped.

All eyes were on her. You first seen the black high heels with black stockings. The camera pans up further till you see her wearing an elegant firm fitting dress that complimented her figure and a wide brim hat. She was wearing pearls around the neck, expensive looking jewellery and makeup.

The wife pauses for a moment at the top of the stairs and spots all the men looking up at her. She gives a look of distaste to her husband. Then precedes to walks down the stairs till she gets to the landing.

The husband stops and demands she’s to come over to the group of men so he could introduce her. I cant remember the verbal part so much here but she wasn’t interested in hanging around. The husband grabs her arm and forces her into the middle of the room. She then yells at him that she wants a divorce and he reminds her after all he has paid for her lifestyle and as repayment she wants to leave?

The husband reminds her that he paid x amount of money on her breasts. She yells again and says “you can have them back!” the husband then says that since they are his anyway he wants her to show the men what he paid for. It is his property after all he demands.

After a bit of reluctance from the wife, she loosens the top of her dress and lets it fall to the floor. Here you see the wife, in black heels, black stocking with suspenders to a garter. Black panties and a black lace shelf bra. Of course still keeps her hat on.

The Bostancı Escort rich husband points at the 3 men sitting there with mouths drooling. All 3 men stand and quickly start feeling her breasts and body. The husband is meanwhile saying all the things he has done for her and paid for.

I found this erotic. Having a woman with such beauty was lusted after by every guy in that room. Even though she seemed like she didn’t want to be sexually felt up by 3 strangers, you could also see she enjoyed it.

When I was 19 I met my now ex-boyfriend Dean 24. We hooked up first year of University and since he was older than me he seemed confident around girls and not at all silly like boys my own age.

When I looked back, the signs were there but you never think about anything sinister when you’re on cloud 9. It started at parties and pubs. We would sit and drink with friends and depending what I had on, Dean would slip his hand under the table and rub my leg or even my pussy through my underwear. This was more brought on if it was summer as I would wear short skirts or it was fancy dress and I had a slutty consume on. I didn’t mind it as I knew he wanted me and that felt good.

First 6 months into the relationship Dean would bring up certain sex acts he wanted to try or sex acts he would like me to do and wear. Before the age of 19 we didn’t have the internet. So porn wasn’t available unless it was in your girlfriend’s dads bedside draw in a magazine or video format.

Because I wasn’t very knowledgeable about porn and sex in any great way, Dean took on the role of having me discover sexual things. I was up for it as I loved him and trusted him. We went to a party and the topic of 3somes came up. Some of the other girls seemed to know a lot more about things than I did so sat back and listened. When Dean and I got home, he asked me if I would do a 3some? I was horrified as it was cheating and couldn’t be with a girl Anadolu Yakası Escort or a boy.. that was weird I said. He then said, well would you try other stuff then? I said, “Like what?”

Dean talked about facials and anal sex. First I didn’t know what a facial was unless it was beauty related and a cock up my arse? No thanks.

Dean explained what a facial was. Didn’t sound fun to me I said.

Dean wanted to show me so he called me to his computer. He booted the computer up, dialed into the internet and showed me photos of girls with cum splattered over their face.

I was taken aback by at first. But I could see in every photo the girls smiled or at least looked like they were in ecstasy and enjoying it on another level I’m not aware of. Dean scrolled down. Hundreds of photos of girls with cum on faces. Some had heaps with cocks in mouths and others not so much cum.

So its clearly popular and not only do guys seem to like it but the girls do too. I have only tasted cum at this stage. I noticed Dean had a tent in his shorts when looking at all these images. Then he brought up butt fucking and went to show me that, but I said I had other things to do and would think about things.

I was close to this girl Jacinta in my accounts class and she was more experienced than myself when it came to sex. I questioned her and asked if she has ever heard of a facial? She laughed and said “of course.”

She could tell my facial expression that it was all new to me. She told me I had nothing to worry about. She said, “instead of the guy blowing his load in your mouth or your pussy, he blows it onto your face.”

I said, “but what do guys get from it? Do girls like it?”

She said “guys like it because they like the look of it. Like a dominance thing, I guess. Gets them off anyway.” So I asked if she has done a facial before and she explained that it’s not for everyone but its more about the mind fuck Ataşehir Escort it brings. “Mind Fuck?” I asked… She said “Yeah Mind fuck! It makes you feel more slutty and guys really love it, so it turns me on knowing it gets them off too.”

“I like a bit of dominance on me during sex so I like it. Oh and just don’t get it in your eyes as it stings!”

I went to ask more questions but we were interrupted by our class friends showing up for lunch.

It sounded interesting. I mean I liked cum in my mouth so whats the big deal right? When I got home I said to Dean that I thought about it and we can try it.

“Try what exactly?” Dean asked.

“A facial… You clearly like your cum on girls faces so I want to try it” I replied. “Doesn’t seem that bad and so why not?”

Dean tried to hide his excitement but could see his cock move behind his shorts.

We got ready to go to bed. I knew Dean would be wanting to try this out asap.

So I just wore v string panties to bed and nothing else.

Dean comes in, strips off and jumps into bed. Wasn’t long before his hand was on my legs and pussy trying to light a fire. It worked as usual, but this time, he was a bit more excited. It felt like he was in a rush to get to our new experience.

I started to suck his cock and wasn’t long till he told me to ride him. I pulled my underwear to the side and inserted his cock into my pussy. Within a few minutes he was starting to bug me about when I want him to cum on my face?

I tried to ignore it and I couldn’t get into sex anymore so I got off his cock lay on my back like the girls on the internet. Dean was jerking off like crazy. Seemed to go for a while and then I could hear him moan and grunt. I was taken back a bit at how hot his cum was. Splashed over my lips, nose, left eye and forehead. Even got some in my hair. I kept my eye closed as due to the earlier warning but opened my other eye to see if Dean was pleased?

Dean had a smile from ear to ear.

He said I looked amazing and got off me. I got up and went to the bathroom to see the result. Wow… Did I look slutty? Hell yeah! I loved it. Having my mans seed over me, like he was marking his sexual territory or dominance was super hot.