Holly , Helen


Holly shifted uneasily in her bed. She felt she would never get to sleep. Her tiny breasts felt tight and almost ached. Her nipples were sort of tender but not like with her period. Her panties had felt wet. She’d checked them, it was a clear fluid and it seemed to come from between her lips. She had been a very late developer. Her period didn’t arrive until she was 16 and now two years on she was only slowly filling out.

This strangeness was more than the feeling she’d had when she’d kissed Toby after school today but she felt it was somehow connected. It had started then but just got worse.

Two hours later she was no better. She’d had to remove her panties and her nightie was still doing things to her nipples. Desperate and worried she got up and went to ask her twin sister for help. Helen would know what was going on. Helen was shaken awake by a distressed sister about 3 am. Her sister hissed in her ear that something was wrong with her.

Blearily she switched on her bedside light and rolled to face Holly, her breasts hanging free. She slept naked unless it got very cold.

“What’s up Hol?”

“I feel funny, my titties hurt and I’ve wet my pants.”

“Oh that’s nothing to worry about you’re horny, just have whizz and we can all get some sleep.”

“A what?”

“You know, play with yourself.”

“How? Only boys do that.”

“Well I wish you’d told my fingers that earlier this evening.”

“You?! How?”

“I just lie back and rub myself thinking about Ben if you must know.”

“What do you do.?”

Wearily sitting up in bed Helen opened her legs spread her lips and pointing to her clitoris told Holly to go back to bed find hers and rub it till she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Embarrassed but relieved she thanked her sister and went back to bed. Opening her legs she found the hard little thing and rubbed. Two minutes later she saw stars and thought she had peed the bed. She slept in. Her sister was sent to wake her.

“I see it worked!” Helen grinned as she shook her sister awake.

This morning Holly had no bed clothes on and she was curled up naked with her hand between her legs.

“Good thing I got to wake you and not Dad!”

“God, I thought I’d go mad last night. Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome. Now get dressed and go tell Toby all about it. It’ll be fun to watch him walk around all day at school with a hard-on.”

“Why should I tell him?”

“No reason but Ben and I like to do it together. I figured as you guys are pretty friendly you might like to give it a go. We do it ’cause I’m staying a virgin until Ben’s birthday. He gets me as a present, in the meantime we race each other with our hands and do a few other things to pass the time.”

“My God. I’d die before I’d let a boy see me do that to myself.”

“Don’t be so sure. It feels pretty cool. Now get your hand out of your pussy and get ready for school before Dad asks questions.”

She didn’t tell Toby what she’d done until they were alone in his bedroom after school. Even then she was pretty indirect to start with. She asked him if he ever ‘did himself’. He blushed and said he did. She asked how long he’d been doing it and he told her since he was 13.

“Wow, I had no idea.”

“Why so much interest in my wanking? You’ve never even seen me with my clothes off.”

“Promise you won’t tell?”

“Yes, what’s the matter?”

“I felt funny last night and Helen had to show me what to do. I did it and it felt great. I just wanted to know if you did it too.”

“Shit, Helen showed you – that’s so hot.”

“Don’t be silly she just showed me where to touch.”

Toby stood up and was obviously hard.

“Maybe I should go so you can take care of that.” She pointed at his pants.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do it tonight. Why are we having this conversation I know we’re really good friends and we’ve kissed what – twice. I’ve never even touched your boobs. Do you want us to do something more?” he asked eagerly.

“I’m not sure. I think of you as my boyfriend and I admit it felt good last night. Maybe just letting you know is enough right now.”

“Wow, well cool I guess. If we’re into true confessions I think about you when I do it. I’m only guessing I don’t know what a you look like exactly but I’ve got this.” He said pulling a Playboy from under his mattress.

Holly didn’t know what else to say. She gave him a kiss and a hug and picking up her bag to leave she teased him telling him to enjoy his ‘girlfriends’ that evening.

Helen was home when she arrived.

“Did you tell him?

“Yep, he says he does it all the time.”

“I’ll bet, all boys go at it like crazy. So what are you guys going to do now? You’re old enough to have sex with him.”

“I know but I don’t want his thing in me yet anyway I’ve never seen it.”

“We’ll I’m off round to Ben’s for a bit of relief. See you later”

Helen left and Holly went to her room sat on the edge of her bed raised her skirt, lowered Anadolu Yakası Escort her panties and started to rub herself.

Things went ok with her andToby for the next month or two. One evening When she was over at his place they got pretty hot and heavy and he got to see his first pair of tits. They were just nipple tipped bumps but he enjoyed touching them and she enjoyed being touched. Things may have gone further but his mother arrived home to find two flustered guilty looking teenagers on her sofa. Holly departed soon after and Toby withdrew to his room. He emerged half an hour later to his mother’s amused stare.

She thought she’d deal with him later. She’d also have to talk with Holly given she had no mother.

About a week later two things happened. Toby and his mother had the most embarrassing conversation of his entire life and Holly had to move her bed into Helen’s room while her room was redecorated. They had to share for a week. Getting back from an afterschool kissing session with Toby she went into Helen’s room. Helen was sitting cross legged on the bed. Unusually for such a tidy girl a pair of her underpants was thrown in the corner and there was a funny smell.

Holly sniffed loudly. Helen blushed.

Holly asked “What’s that funny smell?”

“Shit, I should have opened a window, I’m sorry it’s us.”

She got up flashing her bare undercarriage opened a window and sprayed some airfreshener about.

“Sorry about these too!” and she scooped up her panties.

“Aren’t you going to put them on?”

“No I’m afraid they’re a bit sticky.”

“Shit, you mean his stuff?!!”

“Yep, I’m afraid I’m in love with a dirty little boy. You’d better get ready for this sort of thing yourself.”

“Well I’m only in here for a few more days. I’m sure we’ll manage and can’t you put some knickers on. You’re flashing everything.”

“No, I’m wet and it feels nice. And by the way when you thought you were in trouble a few months ago you didn’t object to looking when I helped you. Just look away if you don’t want to see it although you’ve got one so I don’t see what the problem is.”

There was an uneasy silence and Helen got up to start dinner. That night Holly apologised before getting into bed. Helen told her not to worry – walking in on a panty load of Ben’s sperm probably was a bit of a shock..

They settled down to sleep Holly as usual had stripped. Holly woke in the small hours and felt the wetness between her legs. Lowering her panties she called quietly to Helen. No reply .. brilliant she began to stroke and think about her boyfriend and the way he’d touched her breasts. About 20 seconds after she came with a sigh she heard a similar noise from Helen. She flicked on the light in horror. Helen’s head was thrown back her mouth open.

“You Bitch, you’re awake!!!!”

“Yes, sorry. I didn’t want to embarrass you and then I thought what the hell, why not have a go myself. Now I’m embarrassed.”

“So you bloody well should be!”

“Come on there’s no harm done. I didn’t really see anything.”

Holly turned her back burning with embarrassment. It had not been a good evening. She went back to Toby’s after school the next day. Mary his mother was there and asking Toby to run an errand she had a talk with Holly. She told her that she knew she’d interupted something recently and while she shouldn’t be embarrassed she should only go as far with her son as she felt comfortable.

Holly told her that she shouldn’t worry about her she wasn’t going to have sex for a long time. In truth confronting the truth of Helen and Ben had slowed her down a for a while but her hormones were bubbling away just like Toby’s overactive balls.

On Toby’s return they made for his room. She told him about her conversation with Mary. Toby looked a bit desperate.

“So it’s another year of beating off.” He said dispairingly.

“No, not necessarily. I really really like you I’d like to do some things with you but I’m actually scared to have you inside me. You look so big And I’m really small. It just frightens me. I love playing with myself and thinking about you. I like thinking about you playing with yourelf.

“So what do we do?”

“Nothing with your bloody mother here. Except maybe this.” She lifted her uniform skirt and as Toby’s jaw dropped she pulled her little cotton panties down and gave them to him.

“Helen says Ben likes to beat off in hers so here are mine. Now before I go turn about is fair play. Show me yours!”

Toby unbuckled his pants and dropping them stood with his cock pointing at her.

“Wow, I was right you’d kill me. Ok I’ve got to go now.”

She stepped forward and kissed the flustered youth goodbye.

“Come over tomorrow morning. I’m at home alone.” And she left.

She was pale and shaking by the time she got home. Helen asked her if she was alright.

“I just showed myself to Toby, left him a pair of my knickers and told him to come over tomorrow when Kadıköy Escort you’re all out.”

“Bloody hell you don’t do things by halves.”

Toby beat himself raw that night. He was a normal sized boy with a circumcised penis. His was the first penis Holly had seen and its being erect made it all the more impressive. Holly was too nervous to do anything that night. She hoped he liked what he’d seen. She didn’t know why she’d done it. Hormones she supposed.

Next morning she was just out of the shower and in robe when an eager Toby knocked on the door. She let him in and asked him to her room. She dropped her robe and calmly wandered about selecting some clothes.

She was still quite skinny but her titties were growing a bit. She had long slender legs.At the rear they were topped by two firm globes and at the front her junction was a patch of blonde fuzz atop her prominent mound. Below was a small cleft without any hair.

The exposure was turning her on. Toby’s eyes never left her. She selected a tiny pair of silky pink panties and stepped into them. Then she put on a t-shirt, no bra and a little skirt. Toby was rock hard. Holly came over and sat on his knee. She kissed him deeply and asked if he’d enjoyed the show. She was shaking with nerves and he kissed and held her. He told her she was beautiful.

She asked to see him again. She stood up and watched him lower his pants. She asked to touch it and got on her knees moving it and examining it very carefully. He was twitching and clear fluid was dribbling out his tip. He warned her he was going to make a mess of himself. Holly grabbed her damp towel and told him to go ahead. Stroking himself he let go a stream into the towel she held.

“You’ll have to show me how to do that!”

“It’s a deal, now how about you. Could I try something?

“Yes” she said nervously.

Toby sat her down and then reached under her skirt to pull her panties down. He laid her back on the bed, lifted her kness, spread her legs and put his lips to her sex.

Holly nearly died of a combination of embarrassment and surprise. Toby was a bit clumsy and inexperienced but she began to relax and moisten. He didn’t find her clit but as he licked all round her tiny lips and entrance she reached a finger down and closing her eyes began to bring herself off. She came with a sharp cry that turned to a moan, her little buttocks in Toby’s hands and her legs over his shoulders.

Toby emerged from her pussy promising to get better at what he’d just tried. Holly just grabbed him and kissed him ignoring her juices.

“Can I try you?” She asked.

“Sure, you might not like the taste.”

“Well no promises but my plan is to not have you come in my mouth until I know what I’m doing. Helen says it’s not too bad but for the moment I just want to suck you.”

Toby put his cock to her lips and she sucked on it like a lolly pop. She really didn’t know much about cocksucking. Her mouth felt really great on him – just being touched felt incredibly stimulating. His balls contracted and he felt ready to spill. He pulled his cock from her mouth and lay back to jerk off. Sperm went everywhere. Holly was kind of fascinated. She still had no underwear on as she knelt beside him and wiped up the mess on his stomach and chest. Toby’s hand went up the inside of her thigh and startled her as it rubbed her lips.

“If you show me what to touch I’d like to lick you again.”

“Really it’s not too gross?”

“I love it. It’s so pretty and you taste great.”

Holly rolled her eyes in disbelief. She raised her skirt and opening herself up pointed to her clit.

“Just lick this thing very gently and see what happens.”

Toby went straight between her legs. She got the giggles but they were soon replaced with grunts as her insides rippled with the most powerful orgasm in her young life.

Meantime Ben’s birthday was a week away and Holly told Toby about her sister’s plan to give him her cherry as a present. Toby said he would love a present like that himself.

“Oh you’ll get me make no mistake, just let me get used to all this. Remember I had to get Helen to show me how to take care of myself a while back now you’re around here with your face all wet from me.

I’m going to put myself on the pill and then we can see about getting you inside me. I’m going to see how Helen goes.”

She didn’t have long to wait one afternnoon as Helen and Ben top and tailed things got out of hand and Helen begged him to fuck her. His hard cock was out of her mouth and between her legs in an instant. Helen and Holly were twins but not identical. Helen favoured her father’s family and had dark hair and more curves. Her breasts were a comfortable firm b-cup and her pussy was framed in dark brown curls. Right now her panties were on one ankle her legs wide open and her uniform skirt thrown onto her stomach. Ben’s big red mushroom of a cockhead was running up and down the velvet, wet opening from her distended clit to Ataşehir Escort the bottom of her sweet opening. Helen drew her legs back and held herself behind her knees. She was as open as she could be. Spread like the pink slender petals of a flower. Her head thrown to one side she whimpered as Ben stroked her with his cock. He was a big boy with a reasonable girth and what Helen would discover to be a wonderful upward curve to him. She loved being so open to him and as she felt the rush of exposure his head entered her opening.

“Oh fuuuuuuucck” She sobbed. “Jesus It’s so big but don’t you dare stop.”

He pressed forward. There was no real resistance just an incredible tightness. For Ben he could feel her muscles grip him for Helen she felt the expansion within her. A finger or two she was used to but this big warm flesh probe entering her relentlessly and smoothly left her only able to communicate in gasps.

Because he was so used to being with Helen Ben, although he too was loosing his virginity, felt in control of his arousal and in the three or four minutes it took to push his 8 inches into Holly he watched her flush red across her chest and enjoyed the wet visegrip on his cock. Hitting her bottom with his balls he began a withdrawl and a slow re-entry. Five minutes later he had a steady rhythm going. There was no polite way to describe Helen, she was fucked sensless. She thought she’d loose the bottom half of her body. Nothing prepared her for the emotional and physical sensation as Ben tensed and blew his seed deep within her. She spasmed, howled and burst into gulping sobs.

She locked her legs around him and told him she’d never let him go even as he slipped from her and a warm stream of their juices trailed out of her down between her sweet cheeks and onto the bed.

“God Almighty. Why did I ever wait?” she shuddered. “I was worried it would hurt but it was the most fantasic thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Ben just rolled his eyes with a silly grim and nodded. He was speechless.

An hour or so later Holly was getting all the details. She’d developed into quite a sexual little being in the space of a few months and had stopped pursing her lips a some of her sister’s wilder behaviour. She was amazed that Ben hadn’t hurt Helen. Holly had seen the size of his package at the swimming sports. She new he was a very big boy.

Helen had been sitting on the bidet in the bathroom telling an excited Holly all the news while she cleaned her pussy of her lovers fluids. The warm stream of water began to have an effect upon her and she shivered a little as she spoke about Ben’s big cockhead moving up and back along her pussy passage and finally filling her with hot cum. Holly asked her in the end if she’d like to be alone with the bidet. Helen laughed and said she wouldn’t hesitate in future but now she just felt a little too used for a play with herself.

Toby and Holly had progressed to all sorts of sweet indecencies. She had become an expert cocksucker and just loved to taste his warm sticky samples. Toby was addicted to her pussy and her pussy had responded by allowing his finger to enter her and rub her g-spot as he sucked and tongued her. The first time they had succeeded at this Holly had just about lost her mind. She’d almost broken Toby’s jaw and nearly peed herself. It was only a matter of time before she took him inside her. Helen knew all this. The sexual awakening of her more immature twin had brought them very close. They had no secrets now.

Holly got the same pill prescription as Helen and told Toby to count the days and she’d make a man of him. The day that news arrived his fist was a frenzy on his poor cock.

The evening of the deed rolled around and Helen covered for Holly’s dissappearance with some story about a Friday sleep over at some girls place. Toby had his place to himself and Holly slipped over. They made straight for the bedroom and Holly didn’t even get her panties off before Toby’s nose was in them. That night he took pussy eating to a new height for Holly.

Her little pussy was as ready as it would ever be. Toby had fingered her a lot and so they didn’t expect too much resistance. Just like Helen this proved to be the case.

After giving his cock a farewell suck Holly scrambled on top of Toby. She still had a tennis skirt on and the dirty little boy had actually eaten her panties off her. They were a torn wet clump under his pillow for later. Holly squated with Toby’s cockhead at her tiny entrance. Her skirt hid nothing and she slowly corkscrewed herself onto her lover’s shaft. It was a very, very tight eyepopping fit but no pain.

With him in her she felt she couldn’t move. Her blouse was open and Toby’s hands at her tities slowly stoking her nipples. Holly reached for her clit and slowly rubbed it with increasing pressure. About to minutes of this set her off on a slow long orgasm. It was the exact opposite of Helen’s first fuck. Holly didn’t move, her eyes were closed and she made not a sound.

She had never imagined that the sensation of something filling her up as she came would be so satisfying. She wanted Toby’s cock in her for ever but the stretching of her tiny cunt became a bit much after her orgasm. As she calmed herself she lifted off Toby and leant to kiss him.