Fraudsters Punished 3 Saturday Entertainment


Fraudsters Punished 3 Saturday EntertainmentChapter 12. More Saturday entertainmentPutting and extra cushion on her chair, Margaret tentatively sat down and fired up the computer. While it went through the start-up sequence she thought again on the happenings of yesterday. She knew she would view the writings in the diary in a different light. She knew now, Jeremy had only hit her comparatively lightly and her arse was only tender, not bruised or welted except for some quite fine lines, and there were no open cuts. The ones from his last stroke were the worst and even then he’d pulled back and refrained from hitting her with full force. “It must have been hell for that old Miss Harrington. I’m sure they gave it to her good and hard especially as she seems to have been such a bitch. She must have been scared shitless when they tied her to the table.” Opening the old book again Margaret started to type. The code programme translated it as she went along.April 4th 1831‘On the following Thursday Carsons the village carpenter, arrived by cart and unloaded a trestle similar to the one at the manor. “Squire said to make you one like I made him. ‘Ee’s paid for it, Josiah and I had to make it in a hurry so it would be ready for Saturday.” We got it inside and I made sure all the women saw it and knew what it was for. Carsons said it was a pity he never got to see his work in use. I said we could rectify that as Janey a widower of forty-two who so far had kept her nose fairly clean and apart from a few strokes of the strap I had not had cause to give her a good tanning. However, that morning she’d overslept and missed getting the table set for breakfast. Henrietta had covered for her but I arrived in time to see Janey slip from her room. I decided her bum would be the one to christen the new trestle.Soon all the women were assembled in the punishment room and ordered Janey to undress. She was sobbing as she took her clothes off. Carsons eyes almost popped out at the sight especially when I asked him to fasten her to the frame to check everything was in order and he had close views of her tits and cunnie. Everyone could see his prick had reacted for his breeches bulged. He made a show of seeing her tits were properly placed either side of the Vee and her crotch was tight down.Not wishing to use the new birches that were steeping ready for Saturday, I took the razor strop and laid it eight times across her fulsome bum. It caused a great deal of squealing but she had little choice but to take it. I was pleased how well the straps kept her firmly to the beam.’”I can verify that alright,” Margaret muttered.‘When I released her ankles and body straps I offered her cunnie to Carsons. At first he seemed a bit shy at performing in front of the other women there but on my encouragement, he bodily lifted her and thrust in his cock. “It will be easier when you get the saddle,” he told me. “We ordered it from Jackson’s the saddlers and they promised it before Saturday. It’ll lift her cunt up and give yer a better go at her holes.” I took his place when he’d done and because both Martha and Alice had my seed overnight, it took me quite a while before I spurted.”I’m surprised you don’t have all pregnant girls here,” Carsons commented. I pointed out they all had to take the precaution of inserting vinegar pads into themselves each morning which seemed to work well enough although I am told it is not wholly reliable. Afterwards Carsons took me aside and asked me if he could take Janey as his wife. We discussed the matter and eventually agreed that he would make an oaken punishment bench to replace the table and a stout whipping frame as payment. He would receive Janey when the bench was delivered as part payment. He agreed to make the frame within the following two months and to install it in the room. Even if he worked full time he wouldn’t finish the bench until the following week so Janey would still be available for our Saturday sport. In fact it was the Thursday after that he delivered the bench and I informed Janey that she could leave and wed with Carsons. She expressed some surprise but agreed to the arrangement. Carsons was a hard working man and would take care of her. I wished I could be rid of old biddy Harrington as easily. No one wanted her and she didn’t earn much on Saturday’s.’”Doesn’t sound as if Janey had much choice,” muttered Margaret, “Probably though, she was better off with him than she was in this workhouse come whorehouse.”‘Before the first Saturday’s entertainment here, I called all the women together and reminded them bluntly what was expected of them. Those that were due for punishment would be given it in front of all the invited guests who would want to inspect them before and afterwards. Many would want to roger them. They were to allow all this and any other familiarities the men desired. It was to be the main source of income for the workhouse. I said, “You have enjoyed better food and warmer rooms since I arrived. If you wish to keep full bellies then you have to go some way towards paying for it. The money üsküdar escort from the sewing and laundry you do hardly pays the food bill. I know some of you resent the discipline but I saw how your wayward tendencies worked when I arrived and I contend that the rod is the best way to do it. Of course you can leave at any time but I suppose you know where you are best off. Unless you can find a benefactor outside, then I don’t exaggerate when I say you will starve and die of cold in a short time. Some of you I know enjoy the things the men do with you. The others will just have to make it look as though you do.’”Really was like a brothel. The women had to give their bodies for sex in order to live here and then get punished for any infraction of the rules.” Margaret was again talking to herself. “I suppose not much has changed now. I’m here because I have nowhere to go. I get punished for minor infractions of the rules and have to have sex with the boss man. Yeah, nothing has changed.”‘Our first Saturday meeting proved very successful. A dozen men including the squire attended. Henrietta received half a dozen with the birch and was taken by four men afterwards. I wouldn’t be surprised if she finds a benefactor soon. Alice and Martha both performed well and entertained with their cunnies and mouths. Funds were over ten pounds better off at the end of the evening. I decided to treat the women to some extra meat during the week to encourage them further.It must have been two weeks or so later when I heard an altercation coming from the kitchen. Alice was castigating Hilda Warboys for not cleaning the pans properly. Hilda took offence and rebuked Alice saying, “I shouldn’t have to take orders from a bit of a girl like you, just because you sleep in the master’s bed. I was housekeeper here and should by rights still be now and you should be the one scrubbing the pans. Do them yourself little whore bitch.” I had come to rely on Alice a good deal. Yes, she did grace my bed most nights and perhaps that did help her get the cook’s job but also she was the only one who could check the accounts and bills that were sent in. She would also follow up any discrepancies and seek redress, so I was pleased when she kept her cool and told Mrs. Warboys to either clean the pans properly and to obey her instructions or she would personally add chalk marks to her name. “You can’t do that! You don’t have any authority. Only the master can put on chalk marks and he’s out.””I am giving you three for disobedience, Hilda and there will be another three if those pans are not cleaned promptly.””They’ll only be cleaned if you do them, tart.” She turned to leave the kitchen and walked straight into me.”Finish the pans Hilda Warboys,” I said, “I will put eight marks against your name and after supper tonight you will find out whether or not Alice is cook and in charge of this household.” Although I could tell she resented doing it, she did clean the pans and was fearful because I had heard at least part of the conversation.After our evening meal I ordered Jack to take Hilda to the punishment room and to fasten her to the new bench. When everyone was assembled I took the new shortened version of the razor strop I’d had the saddler make and with due ceremony presented it to Alice. “Alice,” I said, “It seems that some of our residents do not accept that you are the chief cook and housekeeper. May I therefore present you with this strop as a symbol of your authority here. You have my full authority to use it freely at any time for any minor infractions that occur. Any refusal to take your punishment will have any such punishment doubled, the extras being given by Jack if he is called to assist. In addition a similar number of strokes will be given with the birch or cane on Saturday. Further and in consultation with me, you are allowed to add chalk marks to the punishment board.” Alice was clearly surprised at this and thanked me. I noticed she looked at Mrs. Warboys and by the glint in her eyes I knew she wanted to make sure that woman knew her place. Turning to the others I made sure they understood Alice was in charge of them. Most of them had accepted it long since from the way she ran the place but of course there were murmurs of discontent from Miss Harrington. “Alice you may now punish Hilda in any way you think appropriate considering the gravity of her misdemeanor.”Thank you Sir,” Alice replied, “Would you mind if I asked Jack to turn her the other way up? I would like her to see me when I use the strap.” Of course I agreed. Nor did I demur when Alice removed her blouse and stood topless alongside the punishment bench.”Hilda,” she said, “Your bottom will be punished enough in two days time so I will spare that for now and treat your front. You will then know I am in charge of you and you will see as well as feel the strap descending on your body. The woman screamed and pleaded, knowing from previous punishments how much more painful it was on the front of her body. Again this reinforced my belief tuzla escort women could be more cruel than men. She started on the front of the thighs and worked her way to the tits until the woman was sobbing pitifully. I and then Jack, were asked if we wanted to take her afterwards. I declined as I wanted my cock in Alice but Jack laid on her, causing her further pain as he rogered her well.Alice only uses the strap occasionally. Mostly she prefers to add chalk marks to the board to add to the Saturday entertainment, but once a week or so, I see or hear a maid bending over a chair or table to receive anything from six to twelve good whacks with the strap.’”I wonder what it would be like to be summarily bent over a chair and have your skirts lifted by another woman, one much younger and to receive a strapping on the bare bum in front of others. I wonder if they wore knickers? There’s no mention of any underwear in the account so far. It is almost like the stories of schools in the olden times where the boy or girls was made to bend over teacher’s desk and receive the tawse or rule on the bare in front of the class.” Margaret stretched and turned away from the computer for a minute or two to give her eyes a rest. Her mind wandered again to thoughts of being punished by a young girl. “Like that young upstart I worked under at Masons. Uppity little bitch. Bet she would have delighted in giving me a good whacking.” She started typing again.‘Only three were due for punishment that Saturday. Miss Harrington of course. She’d been two whole weeks without and had become complacent. She had three marks. Katherine also had three. She’s a good woman and perhaps I was a bit mean in giving her three but she hadn’t tasted the birch much since my arrival and Hilda Warboys. Not much of a line up for the entertainment. All three stood against the wall waiting and I could see with only one reasonably young woman I would have to do something to spice things up.Miss Harrington was birched first. When I offered her holes to the assembled company, none wanted her. Even when I announced there would be no charge only old Henry Messenger came forward to poke her. There was more response when Katherine was strapped down. Fred Wallace paid to do the birching and afterwards three men gave her a good reaming, one in her bottom hole, which she still finds painful.I left the major punishment till last. Sixteen strokes of the birch is more than was normally administered. Twelve was considered plenty. I stood and explained why she had to take so many. Making Hilda stand up straight in front of the crowd, I pointed out the marks across her front she had already received for her insubordination. Jeffrey, son of Lord Parham offered to pay to be allowed to do the birching but I refused his money. I saw squire scowl at me thinking I would offend the lad for no reason and his father is very influential in these parts. I went on, “As it is my young cook who was insulted by this old woman, I propose to break with tradition and allow her to administer the punishment.” Alice was standing in a corner ready to service a man when I presented her with the birch. The gathering applauded and covered by the noise I whispered to her, “Remove your top and jiggle your tits. Put on a good show. Spread the birching.” Alice did far better than I could have hoped.Standing in front of the crowd she bowed low and those in the front could clearly see her titties and down her cleavage. “Gentlemen and Lady.” I noticed the master of the orphanage had brought his wife along, which confirmed what I had heard that she liked to warm the bottoms of her charges well. “Gentlemen and Lady,” Alice repeated, “Thank you for allowing me the honour of chastising this women in front of you all. This will be a strenuous and onerous task but one I will fulfill to the best of my ability. With your permission Gentlemen and Lady, I would like to give my arms more freedom to apply the instrument of correction by removing my blouse and upper garments. Please will you grant me that permission?” Of course there was a roar of approval. Alice replaced the birch in the pot, opened her blouse and slowly removed it. This was followed by her vest, which allowed her ample breasts to fall free. She stretched her arms and pretended she was working her muscles causing her tits to move delightfully much to the approval of the assembly.Before taking up the rod again, Alice shocked everyone by undoing the straps that held the woman’s ankles. As she freed each ankle so she offered it to a young man to hold, one of whom was Jeffrey. They of course spread them a little so they had a good view of Hilda’s hairy slit. Seeing this, Alice smiled and said, “Is this what you wish to see boys?” With her fingers she parted the pubic hair and pulled her cunnie lips apart so the boys could see the pink interior. Hilda sobbed and blushed with embarrassment. Now she had the boys hold the ankles together at waist height as she brought the wet birch down across the back of Hilda’s calves. pendik escort I could see Alice’s plan now. Strapped downwards as they were, the frame largely protected them from the birch. While the lads held the woman by the feet, Alice laid on three more strokes, starting at the back of the knees and ending at the crease where her bum joined her legs. “Do you wish to continue holding the woman, young Sirs?” Alice asked. Both lads were aroused and wanted to continue. With theatrical movements that caused her breasts to fall and flop seemingly in every direction, Alice swung the birch in wide arcs that brought the birch crashing noisily on to the victims arse and back. Some of the power was lost in the theatrics but it didn’t matter. Hilda screamed and hollered, promised to obey, promised anything if Alice would only cease. The audience loved it all. Finally when Hilda’s back and arse were raw and there were only two strokes to go, Alice turned to the boys again. Undoing their breeches she took out their hard cocks. “You’ve been good young Sirs,” she told them, “You’ve held on well and watched that scrawny cunnie and bumhole twitch a quiver and yet you never let go. Before we give you your reward and let you dip those lovely hard cocks in her holes would you like for me to tenderise them a little?” I guess they would have preferred Alice’s holes but both agreed to let her soften the old woman’s a bit. “Move apart then, Sirs,” Alice commanded and when Hilda’s legs were wide spread she laid one hit on the opened cunnie and the inside of the left leg. The birch tips ran along the arse crease and caught her bum hole too. Hilda let out a horrendous scream but before it had died away it was renewed when Alice repeated the stroke, this time inside the right leg caught the brunt of the blow. A huge round of applause greeted the application of the last stroke. Alice turned and bowed again. We could all see her teats were hard. Her body shone in the lamplight from the sweat of her exertions and I guess there wasn’t a cock that wasn’t hard at the sight. A most erotic evening. Before Lord Parham himself claimed her she turned to his son and his friend. “They should be nice and tender now, Gentlemen. Use them well.” Both boys in their eagerness tried to enter at the same time, which caused a good deal of laughter.I saw Martha, Henrietta and Katherine being led away by gentlemen so the evening was very worthwhile financially. Squire came and slapped my back congratulated me on a fine show. “I’d not thought of letting a young woman whip and old one,” he remarked, “She made a very enjoyable and titillating show. Excellent. We shall remember this one for a long while.”Lord Parham spent the whole night with Alice but paid well for the privilege. With all the maids taken by guests I spent most of the night alone until about 4 a.m. Martha came to my bed. Her partner had to return to his home before dawn. Needless to say I availed myself of her body although it had been well used for most of the night. Everyone rose late that Sabbath but I didn’t complain. Katherine helped Hilda make her painful way down stairs. I ordered them both back to their rooms and to ready themselves as I wished to inspect their wounds. Giving them ten minutes I went first to Hilda’s room and found her in bed with the blanket drawn up. I drew it down and Hilda shivered as the cool air hit her bare skin. The welts now showed livid red and blue. Although I was gentle with my touches, she winced especially when I opened her legs. The boys had fucked both her cunnie and arse and their seed was still there when I probed with my finger. I almost rammed my cock in too but the thought of Katherine in the next room held me back. I turned her on her back which again caused some discomfort but I wanted to see if the thrashing from the strap still showed. It did as blue blotches. I also noticed the mark from the trestle beam where she had writhed on it under the blows from the birch.”Who is master of the house, Hilda Warboys?” I asked.”You are Sir.””And who have I designated head of the household, Hilda Warboys?””Alice, Sir.””And are you going to take her orders in future, Hilda Warboys?””Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir.””Good. I hope for your sake you do. I will send her up to put Gran. Mabel salve on your stripes. You are excused duties until the morning. Having instructed Alice I went to Katherine. Her arse was nowhere near as bad as Hilda’s but was still sore. I asked how many men had taken her afterwards and was told, “Three while still on the beam and then Fred Wallace and his friend Donald spent a few hours with me afterwards and had me in both holes several times.” I already knew who had taken her to bed as they had paid me, I just wanted to check. As with Hilda, sperm still remained in her holes. My prick was reluctant to rise after it attentions with Martha so I offered it to Katherine’s mouth and found she worked it so nicely I let it remain there until I loosed my load. Leaving it there for a few minutes I withdrew and said I would get Alice to put salve on her when she had finished with Hilda.I looked in on Hilda again and saw Alice very gently massaging the salve into the sore places between her thighs. The woman’s back had already been done. Hilda wasn’t resisting or protesting. When I asked her to do Katherine afterwards she nodded and added, “And Miss Harrington?””If you wish.”