An Unexpected Afternoon


An Unexpected AfternoonThe Unexpected Afternoon.When I was growing up I lived in a village on the outskirts of a town in Somerset. I was beginning to learn about sex though a pile of porn magazines that my Dad had hidden away. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, Gorgeous women getting fucked by hard cocks. The cocks were enormous compared to mine. The women were in total ecstasy!One day, after wanking over these magazines, went out to look for my mates, it was the days before mobile phones so there was no way of contacting them when they were away from their homes. There is a sports/recreation area about a mile away and guessed I’d find them there.I had to walk across a farm to the park and as I approached a ban I could hear noises. I could hear people talking. I thought its probably my friends and they have planned to jump me. I peeked through a crack in the wooden barn and was totally surprised at the view. I could see a naked woman on her back with a man pounding his cock into her. She had her legs wrapped around his back and was groaning every time his cock penetrated her.I instantly recognised them, it was Carla and Luke, they used to be in sixth form, but had just left School. I was getting a massive erection watching them and had to see more! I had to get a better view and moved quietly towards the barn door. The door was slightly ajar, but when I pushed it a little further to step inside Carla bakırköy escort Immediately looked over to me. She was furious, Luke had climbed off her and they were both standing up bare naked. Luke still had a massive erection and was smiling at me. Carla shouted at me “ what the fuck are you doing perv?” I just stuttered out that I heard noises and thought it was my friends. Carla said “ Fuck off I don’t believe you, now come over here!” Carla said “ because you are such a fucking pervert, I’m going to make you do a forfeit” She seemed to have calmed down and starting to enjoy herself. Luke was still smiling with a raging hard on.Carla told me to get on my knees. I thought I was going to get a kicking from Luke, he used to play for the school rugby team and was always getting in fights. She said “ Your forfeit is to suck my boyfriends dick” I was about to get up and run when Luke pinned me to the ground by the shoulders. I was in trouble and had two choices, I could try and get up and run or suck Luke’s cock. I knew that running away was pointless as they both knew me and where I lived. I had no choice. Without me thinking twice about Luke was circling his cock around me lips. He was really enjoying this. I thought that I’ll get this over and done with! I licked the end of his cock, Luke said to Carla “ see, I knew he’d be up for it” His cock tasted kind beşiktaş escort of sweet and salty, it wasn’t as bad as I expected!Carla came over to Luke and was kissing him passionately open mouthed and was really turned on my seeing her boyfriend having his cock sucked. The end of his cock was soft and rubbery and Luke started to push past my teeth to the back of my mouth. I had about half of his cock now and he was slowly fucking my mouth. Carla kept telling him not to come. I was now enjoying the sensation of my cock started to stiffen and straining in my shorts. Luke started sort of bucking and Carla said again for him not to come. I though that he must be close and wanted it over as quickly as I could.Carla then moved away from Luke and stood behind me. She reached in front of me and rubbed my cock through my shorts. I was now moaning in pleasure and I felt her unbutton my shorts. She pulled them off with my pants and went back to rubbing my cock. She then told me not to come until she allowed me to.I then felt Carla s velvety kisses starting at my shoulders kissing the length of my spine until she reached my bottom. I felt her spread my ass cheeks and her tongue was licking around my ass hole. This felt amazing, my legs were shaking and I could hardly hold on, I was about to come without touching my cock! Carla then entered my body with her tongue as beylikdüzü escort she penetrated my hole. I never knew that much pleasure! She stepped back and begged me not to come and said to Luke “ He’s ready” Luke then pulled his cock from my mouth. Carla knelt if front of my and started to kiss me the way she had with Luke earlier. I suddenly felt Lukes cock against my hole, he was circling around and Carla was kissing me and telling me to relax. Luke slowly pushed the head of his cock into me, I was having such incredible sensations that I no longer cared. There was a sudden sharp pain as his cock head pushed into me. My cock was desperate to cum, Carla was still kissing my passionately and Luke was just keeping his cock head inside of me, the pain had now gone and I could squeeze Lukes cock with my hole. Luke started pushing his cock fully into me, I had amazing new feelings. Luke started to pump in and out and was moaning in ecstacy.Carla now slid beneath me and took my cock into he mouth, I couldn’t hold on any more, the pleasure was immense and I my body was shaking. I began to come into her mouth, I’d never had so much pleasure before! She kept my cock in her mouth and drained every last drop.Luke was still pounding me and I still had a raging hard on. Luke then called Carla over to him and withdrew his cock. I collapsed in ecstasy and exhaustion. Carla swallowed my cum and took Lukes cock in her mouth. I could see him coming into her mouth, she was swallowing as quickly as he could fill her mouth. Luke sat down on a hay bale, Carla walked over to him and kissed him with her cum filled mouth. As they were kissing I quickly got dressed and left.Carla called out to me “ same time next week if you want some more “TBC