By The Pool Ch. 02


By the Pool was the first series I wrote so please enjoy. All my characters are 18 or over and are completely fictional.

The whole night after my mom had jerked me off in the hallway my head was swimming. She walked around and talked as if nothing had happened. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t want to talk about it with her, but I just thought it was odd. I guess I felt embarrassed enough for the both of us.

That night I jerked off twice thinking about my moms sweet little hand wrapped around my cock. The sight, the smell, the sounds were all etched in my memory as thought the event took 2 hours not 30 seconds.

I awoke with a nasty hard on even after jerking off 2 times before I fell asleep. I stroked myself under the covers in a position that I could fake being asleep if my mom where to walk in again. I decided I would now be much more stealthy when I masturbated. I did a nice job even though I was on my side so I was quite satisfied with my new plan.

I jumped in the shower and got cleaned up for breakfast.

As usual my mom was up before me busy in the kitchen. She was standing over the sink washing dishes. She had on the same bikini top and a short pool wrap. I could see her bikini bottoms on the side and the view made me horny instantly. I was wearing a T Shirt and swim trunks with no underwear so I was doing all I could to try not to get another erection. I keep telling myself this is my mom you pig. What was is wrong with you.

She noticed me behind her so there was no retreat. She expected a kiss on the cheek as per our morning ritual, but I was hesitant to get any closer. I knew she was starting to suspect something and although I was now growing another enormous erection I decided to kiss her. When I leaned in I meant to stay as far away from her body as possible. I was dizzy when I smelled he soapy skin with just the lightest hint of perfume. As I leaned further in she leaned further away it seemed. I leaned even further touching he arm to keep my balance trying to reach her. I was home free kiss done and moving away when she moved upright quicker then I expected. My hard penis made contact with her elbow and actually was stuck there for a second until I stepped back far enough making my penis snap back and hit my belly. It felt good for a second until I realize she knew full well what that was against her arm.

Moving toward me as I backed away she simply turned me around grabbing my hand with her soapy rubber glove. I thought she was going to turn me out of the kitchen toward the hall, but she stopped half Giresun Escort way around and pushed my forward against the counter. To keep my balance I put my hands out as if I was about to get patted down by the police. My mom reached around and pulled my shorts right down restricting my leg movement. With her rubber gloves still on she grabbed my cock reaching around with both hands. My pre cum mixed with the water and soap on the gloves was incredible. My mom’s body rubbing up on my back while she jerked me off was incredible also. As she worked me I made an effort to hold on as long as I could. This time there were no tissues in sight although my mom’s hands were working like magic bringing me to the brink. Feeling her breasts against my back and knowing her skin was touching me pushed me over the edge. I squirted all over the front of the dishwasher and kitchen cupboards and my mom didn’t seem concerned what so ever as she milked ever drop of cum out of my cock.

I was in a daze as my mother backed away from me. I could see her chest was red from the excitement and that was so sexy. I was just standing there looking at here with my shorts still down and my dick at half mast right in front of my mom while I drank in the sight of her. I wanted to reach down and give myself a few strokes to show her what she did to me.

All she said was “Can we have breakfast now?”

I wanted to fuck her and she wanted breakfast… Jerking off her son was simply a chore or something I thought to myself.

I was less sheepish at breakfast then I was at lunch the day before. I openly looked at her tits and in my own way I thought I could will her mind to do more with me. We talked about the usual stuff and then in a moment of silence she broke it with a statement “Your cock is bigger then your father’s was you are very lucky. He had a monster and yours is even bigger.”

Huh… Nice time to play what is the history of cocks and the length of them in my family. The odd part was it made me even more horny then I was already as I envisioned my mom giving my father a hand job. I wondered if she did that to him a lot before he passed on.

In a bold move I said “Mom, do you like jerking me off?”

Laugh at my bold question she said. ” Honey I know what it is like to be young and if I can help you out then I don’t mind.”

The only thing on my mind the entire day was exactly when was the next time she was going to “help me out” and could we do more then just that since she admittedly liked it.

We spent a lot of Giresun Escort Bayan the day at the side of the pool. Mom was tanning and I was not doing a good job of pretending I was tanning too. I watched her towel off and lotion up a number of times that afternoon. Something which had only just had meaning for me. Until a few days ago I am not sure if I would have noticed if she had taken off her top and rubbed lotion on her tits. Okay i would have noticed that I am sure, but you get the meaning. As it was now I was consumed by the thought of her letting me rub my erect cock against her oily body. She was so toned and tan I felt like standing over her and jerking off squirting all over her chest while she watched. A bold move I was not willing to make I am afraid.

I clung to my mom the rest of the evening helping her out in the kitchen even. She seemed to enjoy the company and I enjoyed the hugs and kisses as she rewarded me for my companionship.

I was rock hard when I went to my room for bed. My mom had teased me all night… Okay she was just her normal self and my mind teased me all night into a frenzy. I could hear my mom in the shower just getting out and the visual I conjured up had me jerking away with vigor in no time. I was not finished when I heard the bathroom door open and then lightly I heard her knock before she opened my door. I was smartly doing my stealth jerk so it was not hard for me to pretend I was almost asleep. My mom came to my bedside and sat down almost making contact with my cock. I am sure she couldn’t see it, but it made me wanna dry hump the blanket knowing how close she was to touching it with her body even if there was a blanket in-between us.

She was wearing a big towel and knowing she was nude underneath made me hope she was going to drop it and join me in bed for the night. Instead she leaned over and gave me a kiss and told me that we have to talk.

Mom told me that she had seen me a couple of times by accident over the past year nude and that seeing my cock and how much I now resembled a man made her have feelings that she shouldn’t have. Jerking me off was likely a mistake and it was definitely wrong and she felt like she was taking advantage of her young son. I could hear how upset she was and it almost sounded like she was about to cry.

Trying to comfort her I told her that I fantasized about her and that the blame was mine not hers. I told her I wanted her to kiss and suck my cock never mind just jerking it off. I told her she was so beautiful I couldn’t help Escort Giresun myself and that if it was up to me I would go a lot further.

Mom said I was a horny teenager trying to get off and that my feelings were based on sex not on love. She also said we could get into trouble if we continued and although she wanted to help me out some more and teach me she just couldn’t take the risk.

For some reason this kind of made me mad. I loved her and she was so sexy. So I told her that she was wrong and that I would never tell anyone about what happened in our home. I told her that I knew she was lonely and that I would like to help her out the way she helped me out. I then proceeded to pull back my covers to show her how much I loved her.

It was fairly dark in my room, but seeing my cock again stopped my mom from saying anything else. She reached over and lightly touched it again with her fingers. I extended my waist hoping for more contact. Instead my mom stood up and before I could say “don’t leave” she dropped he towel. Slowly she slid into bed with me as if to see if it was okay with me. She was lying on her side and she reached out for my cock. Slowly stroking it playing with the head. I felt bold and I touched her breast near the nipple. Her exhale was audible and she squeezed and rubbed up and down on my cock approving of the attention she was getting. She took my hand and guided it to her pussy and asked if I would touch her there now. I had no idea what I was doing, but she seemed to enjoy it. I leaned over and kissed a nipple and licked softly. She started to breath very heavy and her hand stopped on my cock. I thought something was wrong until I realized my fingers and tongue gave her and orgasm. I promptly came all over her legs during the excitement.

Mom just lay there for a few minutes. Finally she said “That was great I really needed that.”

I was encouraged by her words so I leaned over and took her nipple into my mouth again. She seemed pleased, but not as she had been a few minutes ago. Kissing her tits started to make me hard again. She told me to lay on my back we will try something new for you. She climbed on top of me with my cock near her face and told me to lick her pussy. Slowly I kissed it and she instructed me what to do. When I got a rhythm she seemed to enjoy she leaned down and took my penis in her mouth and I was wild with desire. I sucked on her lips pushing my tongue inside her trying to give her the same pleasure she was giving me.

I told her I was ready to come again and she just kept going. It seemed to make her horny. I started to squirt into her mouth when she made groaning noises from her own orgasm. The vibration was too much for me and she drank every drop even sucking me after to clean me up. We both drifted off to sleep on my bed.

Chapter 3 is coming…