Good Girl Pt. 02


I hear the front door open and my pussy gushes. M had emailed me specific instructions about an hour ago, leaving me very little time to prepare. I have removed and neatly folded the comforter. I placed the toys on the bed just the way He likes. My tits, legs, ass, and cunt are all smooth and oiled. I am completely naked except for the cuffs on my thighs and the blindfold over my eyes, lying on my back on the bed. My nipples are hard pointing at the ceiling. My legs are spread wide so He can see my glistening pussy. I am so ready to be used. I hear His approach to the bedroom door and His quiet sigh of lust. I can imagine His eyes darkening with need.

“Good Girl.”

M walks into the room and I hear the rustling of clothing being removed. My heart races. I love when we are both clothing-free. After a few minutes, I hear Him approach the toys that He requested I display for Him. There’s a soft leather flogger, a wooden paddle with a smooth cylinder handle, a metal spreader bar, and assorted lubes. My cunt is dripping onto the cool sheets underneath me.

I don’t realize He had moved to the end of the bed until I feel the flogger roughly slapping my skin. My tits first, bringing blood to the surface, making them so sensitive. My nipples grow harder with each blow and I arch my back. He moves the görükle escort flogger down my tummy and each slap sends a sharp sensation to my empty, waiting pussy. I want this man so badly already, but I know He’s not even close to being done with this task.

M climbs on the bed and sets the flogger down for a moment and attaches the spreader bar to the cuffs at each one of my thighs. The click of the metal attachments makes my cunt burn hotter. Quickly, M lifts the spreader bar upward to my chest, so that my pussy and ass are completely exposed to His will. He picks up the toy and mercilessly flogs my most sensitive spots. The feeling is so intense and raw, I feel myself climbing to orgasm. He knows my body too well and stops when I’m just short of cumming all over the sheets.

Still holding the bar in place, He kneels down and places His hot, wet mouth onto my pussy. He licks and sucks the juices there, murmuring in appreciation. I quickly climb again towards bliss and too soon, M stops.

“Not until I say, slut.”

I whimper, which earns me a hard smack to my cunt. And another and another. My pussy is gushing and I am on fire. Without warning, M thrusts His thick cock deep into my pussy, making me cry out. Holding my legs high to my throat, He pumps my pussy relentlessly. görükle escort bayan The feeling is so amazing; I know I won’t be able to stop from cumming now. My pussy gets tighter and tighter as he fucks me thoroughly. He thrusts in hard, holding.

“Come. NOW.”

And I explode all around Him, seeing stars. My pussy juices are flowing out around His cock as He resumes pounding me. Using the bar to hold Himself steady, He pushes His cock deeper and deeper. Then He stops and pulls out, abruptly. I groan.

He reaches for something and I feel the smooth wood of the paddle rubbing the backs of my legs. I feel a swell of air and the paddle lands firmly on my ass cheek, making me call out. M groans and then strikes the other cheek with the paddle. With my legs held up by the spreader bar, the skin of my ass is stretched tight so the pain is burning a hole in me. I pull it inward and my cunt floods.

I hear a quiet snap of a bottle being opened and I feel the warm liquid as He drips it onto me. Using His fingers, He rubs it in, teasing my puckered hole, sticking a finger halfway in. I moan with deep-seeded need. M removes His hand and I feel Him place the smooth handle of the wooden paddle at the entrance to my ass. Slowly, He pushes the handle in. I groan as the foreign bursa escort object climbs inside of me a centimeter at a time.

“Hold the bar, cunt. If you drop it, I will fuck your face and then leave.”

I moan and reach for the bar, holding it to my chest. He starts pumping the paddle in and out of my anus. His breathing increases; He loves using me in this way. Pulling and pushing the toy, I can feel His gaze burn on my cunt even though I cannot see Him. I start to climb again and suddenly, I hear the sound of His hand jerking His cock, the sound of His balls slapping with each tug. He’s masturbating to the sight of the paddle fucking my ass. This sends me over the edge and I start to cum again.

Just as my pussy starts contracting, I hear M cry out and I feel thick ribbons of hot, thick cum shoot all over my pussy and ass. As I come down from the high of orgasm, I realize He’s removed the toy from my ass, but is still sitting on the bed. I feel His fingers scoop up His cum from my cunt and move them to my mouth.

“Open, you cum loving whore.”

I oblige and suck each drop of His delicious cum off His fingers. M feeds me over and over until I’m clean of His semen.

“Good Girl.”

He unhooks the spreader bar and moves my legs down straight again. I feel Him rise from the bed and hear Him putting His clothes back on. Without another word, He leaves and I hear the front door closing a few moments later.

I relax. I can still taste His salty cum on my tongue. I lick my lips and wonder what M may have in store for me next time and smile.