Gillian’s Spanking Addiction Ch. 01


Gillian Watkins was proud of her curvaceous body and at the ripe age of twenty six she was, in her humble opinion, at the pinnacle of her good looks. The long haired brunette had posted hundreds of racy pictures of herself on X rated websites, and had posted videos of herself on strip sites. Naturally flirtatious she owned dozens of sexy outfits and lingerie and loved to dress up, and then undress for the delight of others. Either in lingerie, bikini, costumes or just plain naked her toned body was loved by the camera lens. Using different names for different sites, her favourite alias was Briony X, and this particular moniker drew the most comments from online admirers.

“Interesting.” She mused as she browsed her messages one morning.

Located in West London the five feet seven, long legged stunner embodied all the best stereotypes of online babes. Her big and bouncy 36D tits were simply miracles of geometric proportions and her gorgeous pussy distracted all eyes whether she had a bush or went bald. Now it seemed a man expressing himself her biggest fan had sent her an e-mail wishing to hire her for a private strip for which he would pay her £1,000 in cash. Mister Williams described himself as a retired school teacher who was widowed and living alone in a one bedroom apartment in Pimlico. He did not wish for sex, just her dressed up in a sexy school girl outfit for his particular fetish.

“One thousand for one session. Easy money.”

Gillian replied she was up for it and Williams invited her over at eight P.M. on the following Friday night.


It was a short ride in a taxi from her place to his and his four story building was easy to find. Gillian wrapped her raincoat tightly around her and stood on the doorstep. The light was on in his passage as she rang the bell and a fairly tall, grey haired fellow opened the door. Mister Williams looked about sixty five and Gillian imagined that he was once extremely handsome as she gave her a smiling greeting. He still had a twinkle in his eye which belied his years as he ushered her inside.

“So glad you decided to come. Please sit.”

Gillian sat down in the living room and looked around. The air smelled of cigar smoke and through the blue haze saw there were many photographs of family members on the mantle and tables, with one female face cropping up more than the others.

“My wife, Ingrid.”

Gillian picked up the biggest photo and gasped as she seemed to be looking at herself! Williams grinned at her reaction and spoke.

“Yes, my dear. You do look remarkably like my late wife. One reason why I am one of your most ardent fans. Drink?”

He brought her a glass of sherry and sat opposite her in an old armchair with legs crossed. Gillian studied his kindly face, wrinkled with age now and a little mottled.

“She died quite young.” Said he as he sipped his drink. “She was blessed with a slim body, large bust, and my favourite aspect, her perfectly rounded bottom. Rather like your own, if you şişli travesti don’t mind my saying.”

“Thank you, you’re just saying that to be nice I’m sure.”

“I never did get married again. I spent my remaining years as school teacher in the same school and then retired. Do you have a boyfriend?”

Gillian did have an on again, off again feller. Off at this particular moment in time. A professional rugby player at six feet seven he was a gentle lover who she really wished would be just a bit more energetic in bed as he was on the football field. The young woman liked a bit of rough sex now and again.

“Ah yes, those days in the sixties were not like today, oh no. We knew all about discipline and correction then, not all this health and safety nonsense. Spare the rod and spoil the child was the old saying and never a truer word was spoken. My wife was of a similar mind, and in her days as teacher in an all girl school was more than happy to dish out a few punishments with a ruler on naughty students.”

“So, do you have any music I can strip off to?”

Gillian stood and began to unbutton her coat, eager to get down to business.

“You’re going to love my outfit.”

A wise choice she thought as school uniforms were always sexy on a grown woman. Her white blouse was short sleeved with the collar open and a black tie plonked around her neck. Her flared black skirt was extremely short and therefore showed off lots of toned thigh. White ankle socks and high heels finished off the archetypal look. Williams looked and to her surprise he seemed to be unfazed.

“Don’t you like it?”

“I must confess that I am not really interested in watching you take your clothes off. And not for such a large sum of money anyway. No, I had something a little more unorthodox in mind.”

“Oh?” Suddenly alarm bells began to go off as Gillian cocked her head.

“Have you ever been spanked?” He asked in a matter of fact way.

“No, I haven’t.”

“There is no doubt that it is one if the most common of fetishes out there. In my time as teacher I was repeatedly called upon to administer corporal punishment, either with a ruler, bare hand or the cane. My wife was the same and in time we discovered, in our sexual role play, we were of the sixties you know, that receiving pain through spanking was highly erotic.”

Gillian sat back down and crossed her long legs and Williams noted her tight navy knickers under her skirt.

“Go on.”

“Oh yes, I would turn Ingrid over my knee and smack her bottom soundly, and then she would have me bend over the desk. You see, it can be a turn on for either a man or woman who enjoys being submissive. There are two types that I enjoy. Good girl and bad girl spanking. Good is playful, erotic and light, normally leading to intercourse. Then, there is bad girl spanking which is decidedly harder and generally does not involve sex.”

The man stood and retrieved a small bakırköy travesti envelope which he held out to a pondering Gillian. He opened it and showed that it was stuffed with cash.

“You want to give me a spanking for a thousand quid?”

“That is the deal. Interested? You remind me of her so, and I would re live her through you.”

A spanking. What could be simpler?

“Let’s go to your room.”

Gillian got to her feet and took the pleased man by the hand. The bedroom was fairly small with a twin bed, wooden desk in the corner and one armchair. The bathroom was next door where he said she could freshen up after. Mister Williams went to the chair and picked up a black gown like the ones worn by teachers in finishing schools and put it on.

“Just getting into the role my dear. All part of the fun.”

He then sat and looked directly at Gillian who now had a certain apprehension about proceedings. This might actually HURT, she thought. The patient man looked on at Gillian’s shapely legs under the short length skirt. And her behind that thrust out in a most appealing firmness.

“To begin with I thought I would have you across my knee, knickers down naturally.”

Williams spread his hands and brought his legs together. Gillian raised her skirt and put both thumbs into the waistband of her underwear and peeled them down until her bum was bared. He noted the prominent outer lips of her shaven pussy that protruded seductively from between her upper thighs. She went onto her knees and sprawled across the mans lap and stretched out her arms in front of her. He lifted her skirt up slowly until it rested on the small of her back and the brunette felt the air of the room on her bared rump. He wound his left arm around her waist as his right hand gripped her tight left buttock.

“Legs together if you don’t mind.”

She obeyed and felt her inner thighs meet halfway up, split in two by her sublime cleft. Surprisingly limber the elder man rocked her hips from side to side on his lap and Gillian felt his semi erection against her bare belly. He kneaded her right cheek as she looked face down, a little puzzled.

“Exquisite bottom, my dear. Charming in fact.”

Williams smoothed out both her round cheeks as he shifted in his seat which in turn raised her backside to suit his reach. Her long legs dangled to the carpet as the fun commenced.



Gillian squealed despite knowing what to expect as she received the first two impacts of his broadened palm. Her navy knickers, which were by her ankles, were kicked off as her high heels snapped up. Then he smacked her ass again, then again, and then once more and she heard him chuckle at the sight of her buns bouncing on his lap.

“Did that hurt?” He asked as he paused hitting her.

“Not really, just a little tingling is all.”

Williams fingered her tenderised globes, now with a red hued palm print across istanbul travestileri both nates. His left arm again held her in a firm grip as he resumed his roasting. Bang, bang, bang!

His hand came down repeatedly and quickly on her bare flesh which now stung beyond words.

“You are a naughty girl, aren’t you?”

“Y…yes! I AM! Oh, shit!”

The spanks now came even harder which made her jerk up at her midriff as she squirmed on top of the grinning man. Her pulsating bum grew redder and redder all the time as the merciless smacks rained down with no let up. Then it stopped all of a sudden and Gillian inhaled deeply as she recovered her composure.

“May I be so bold?” He asked as he slid his little finger into her squishy cunt.

“Oh, Mister Williams!”

He slipped in and out until he was in her up to the second knuckle and surprisingly the attractive woman found that her pussy had become a sopping mess. She was receiving mixed signals as she was frigged and tiny whimpers emanated from her lips.

“Very wet indeed. I told you my dear, pleasure derived from pain is the most rewarding euphoria of all.”

“Am I…am I a masochist?” She wondered at her unexpected arousal.

“Not entirely, but let us continue.”

He studied her backside and nodded with approval. Her heated buttocks quivered on his lap and the plump bulge of her bald pussy with that enticing vertical slit was plain to see. Williams brought his meaty hand down hard on her rosy ripe cheeks and his left palm was added to the mix with a new ferocity that took Gillian’s breath away. Smack after smack came in quick succession, and so close were the expert blows that she could not differentiate between his right and left hands. Gillian writhed and twisted on the man and registered his rather hard bulge that now tented his trousers.


Gillian had a strong urge to rub her pussy but in this position it was impossible.

“Please, Mister Williams. Rub my pussy!”

“With pleasure.”

The grey haired fellow cupped her soaking muff and squeezed with a pumping motion that came as blessed relief for the horny brunette.

“I…I’ve not been so turned in ages.”

“Delighted to hear it. Splendid news. Here.”

Williams pulled her up and plonked her on his bony knee. Naked from the waist down Gillian began to hump his leg like a dog in heat as she rested her hands on his waist. He just sat back and gazed directly at her pussy with the soft labia which flared out on his leg.

“Fuck! I’m coming!”

Gillian felt her cunt contract as she had a blinding orgasm. She stood on wobbly legs and ran her hands on her raw bottom.

“Thank you so much for a jolly evening. Take the cash and enjoy it.”

“Thank YOU, Mister Williams for an enlightening session. I had no idea.”

Gillian spent an uneasy week trying hard to focus on her cam work as she found it hard to put her visit to Williams out of her mind. Then she decided to send him an e-mail message.

“Dear Mister Williams. I cannot forget our recent meeting and express a wish to see you again, and as soon as possible. I simply MUST be spanked!”

Williams answered almost immediately.

“Excellent news. come to mine on Wednesday evening and I shall share the delights of the cane.”

To be continued…