BLOND BOY GETS LUCKY IN PUERTO RICO PART 2Blond Boy Gets Lucky in Puerto Rico, Part TwoThis story has much more which was left out. This second part is the rest of the story. Please enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment if you enjoyed my writing which will encourage me to continue. In the morning both boys woke up, the brilliant sun shining into their room. It was 10 am and they were both famished. William’s feet were still sore but felt better. Sean’s ass was sore too, but he felt wonderful. “What do you want to do for breakfast Billy Boy?” Sean asked cheerfully, stretching and then rubbing his sore butt. “I don’t know, why don’t you order me a bottle of arsenic, Mr. Sunshine” William took his top sheet and covered his face.“Oh, come on Billy Boy, he will be back tonight,” Sean said brightly, knowing full well that he wouldn’t. “I am hungry though. Maybe I will feel better after a light breakfast.” Nothing could cheer the fat boy more than food, well, maybe something else, but he wasn’t there.The light breakfast that Miss Piggy chose consisted of Pancakes, Sausages or the local version: Chorisos, a three egg Omelet and three cups of coffee with heavy cream and lots of sugar. “Why don’t you switch to Sweet and Low instead of all that sugar,” Sean suggested with a smile, “Don’t you want to keep your girlish figure for that big stud of yours?”For the first time that day William produced a smile and continued his light breakfast.Sean, on the other hand, enjoyed his half a Papaya , a great antioxidant, two poached eggs, a good source of protein, figuring it was important to have through his mouth since another orifice had already been well fed with plenty of protein, toast and a cup of tea. Yet he was still bothered by his need to make a decision. Sean was not accustomed to going back on his word and he was afraid that by canceling his plans to spend the whole weekend with Juan would surely hurt the man. However, who could resist spending more time with this Puerto Rican Adonis. The man that had defined for him what gay sex should be about as he never dreamed was possible. When the thought of what had happened to him last night struck him fully, he cock immediately got rock hard. That’s it, he thought to himself, there is no decision here. This is my first Spring Break and as a gay man I am supposed to have fun. Its not like I live here, although the idea of spending the rest of his life in this tropical country full of dark handsome men appealed to him, he was going home in a few days and its not like he would marry either Juan or Antonio. Which now set the course of his mind as to what to tell Juan about canceling their weekend. Just as Billy was obeying his mommy’s admonition to finish everything on his plate and Sean was working on his second cup of tea, Sean’s phone rang. “Oh Juan, Hola amor! Como estas?” All Sean heard in response was a chuckle. “I hope you don’t invite that little Spic over too early, Momma has to get a beauty nap.” “Oh, OK amor. Yes I know where that is. Espera, please. Oh Billy baby. Do you mind if I spend the night at Juan’s place tonight?” “Hell no. I don’t want to be the only fag in San Juan without a date watching you have fun.” William again was being such a good friend.“OK Papi. Si, I will bring a small bag with me. Besitos. Muah!”Antonio put away his phone and smiled as he walked into his gym.Juan woke up late, after the noon hour. He was the only son and had to share the house with four sisters. But as the youngest, he was spoiled rotten. Momma cooked, cleaned, did his laundry, paid for his gas and took good care of her little baby boy. At 22 yo, Sean worked as an accountant, a job he hated but with no expenses he had plenty of disposable income in a country where the unemployment rate was much higher than on the mainland. It was a beautiful cloudless day and not too hot so Juan, after Momma fixed him his favorite breakfast, decided to take a ride near the old neighborhood where he grew up, and walk around the now poor hood. He knew he had plans with the cute blond tourist later but he figured he could call the k** when he had time. He walked past his old High School and thought about the k**s he hung with and how they all had gone their separate ways since graduating. Juan had gone on to the local Community College where he earned an Associates Degree in Accounting. Lots of his buddies in the rough part of San Juan followed the path of d**gs and were either dead or in prison. It is not well known that lots of d**gs are sent from Columbia to Cuba, where the government makes a lot of money smuggling it the short distance to Puerto Rico which is part of the United States and therefore no customs to the Mainland. This makes d**gs relatively cheap on the island and it is a blight on this beautiful country. Juan looked up and thanked God he was coaxed and then threatened by his mom facing the fear of God if Momma ever found out that her little Juanito ever did d**gs. He kept on walking another twenty minutes to a much nicer area uphill where the upper income folks lived. As he kept on walking he passed what looked like a familiar face washing his small car. The cute white young k** was just wearing tight fitting jean shorts fashionably ripped and worn thin. The boy had to be around 16 yo or so with dirty blond curly hair almost to his shoulders. But where did he know this cute white k** from? As he pass righted by the boy, the k** looked at him and smiled, his deep blue eyes shining through the long blond eye lashes with pearly white teeth and full pink lips. “Hola, soy Juan,” was his greeting, extending his right hand in a firm handshake. The boy responded in the local accented Spanish, “I know who you are. But I am sure you don’t remember me.” And then it hit him like a ton of bricks and Juan did not know what to say. Sean was now deep in thought as he looked at his watch. Maybe he should go to the beach in front of the hotel and work on his tan some more before his exciting weekend started later. William, having not heard a word from Antonio decided that he better set his standards a bit more realistically or else he would be totally frustrated. But having experienced superb cuisine how could he enjoy some local rice and beans. Sean had suggested that he face reality, but dammit as a gay queen or Contessa, “Who needs Reality when One could have Fantasy!” Oh, that has to added to my gay Thesaurus. “Oh Well, Nena, I guess I will join you at the beach and give the local yokels a chance on enjoying my oral skills. After all, look how I wore out Antonio last night.” Sean only smiled and carried both their towels, her Highness still finding it difficult to perambulate.“I am Roberto and I have never forgotten you,” the young boy said with a broad smile that cause Juan’s heart to raise. “I am so sorry Roberto. I asked God to forgive me for what I did to you that day.” Juan was being sincere.“That is fine Juan. No need to worry. I remember everything as if it was yesterday although it was five years ago. I was so scared when you approached me, I thought you worked for the building and I had been warned not to go there. When you put your hand on my ass, I didn’t know what to say or think. That’s why I froze with fear. Then when you started finger fucking my ass, it actually felt good that’s why I was harder than I had ever been. Then when you stuck your brown cock out and had me touch it,I actually liked it. I had never touched another guys cock before and it felt nice. Then when you pulled my shorts off and felt my dick and balls, I had this big rush as if I could cum, although I still had gone through puberty yet. Finally, when you pulled me into the corner and was going to fuck my ass, I was so ready and wanted it bad. That is why I didn’t complain and kind of bent over some. I was so disappointed when that big man came and broke us up. That is why I came to your defense, not wanting you to get in trouble and hoping we could meet again.Juan, I can not tell you how often I have jacked off thinking about you and here you are in real life.”Juan was speechless. His mouth just stayed open in complete shock. He too had jacked off in the past imagining how it would have been like to fuck this pretty young white boy, but then felt guilty as he would have been a r****t and c***d abuser.“So, Roberto what do your parents think?” “Hey Juan, they are so cool with it. It’s so different now than it was with our people in the past. Both my parents and whole family know I am gay and they are so understanding. They love me for me not some false lie about me. Come on in, let me introduce you to my mom who is home.”What the Fuck! Your Momma? Shit! My Momma would beat me with her cast iron frying pan!” Both guys started to laugh and then hugged. When Roberto introduced Juan to his Mom, Mrs. Cordiva welcomed him warmly and asked: “Juanito, are you able to stay for dinner?” Juan thanked her warmly and agreed. She then suggested that the boys enjoy their backyard swimming pool and have fun. Juan went into Roberto’s large bedroom and found a pair of swim trunks he liked and the two boys changed and went back to a beautiful large pool with a lovely patio in charming marble and tile. Obviously, the family was well off and very relaxed about their prosperity. Juan asked Roberto if he had a boy friend and found out that he was single. Juan told him that he was also single and was not seriously seeing anyone. Mrs. Cordiva, who was a tall natural blond lady in her mid 40’s, came out and asked Juan, “If you and Roberto are more than just friends, you are more than welcomed to spend the weekend with us. And for your information, I am involved in the Gay Pride Movement here on the Island.” Juan was flabbergasted! He then knew he had to call that blond tourist and cancel their plans.But before he could dial Sean’s number, his phone rang and Sean was on the line. “Sure. No problem. Great. Have a great time Sean. Bye!” And that was that.While Sean got ready to meet his date at an exclusive old world Spanish Restaurant only a short cab ride in beautiful and chic Old San Juan, William made his own plans for the evening. He found out that at a luxury hotel only several blocks away, there was a major convention of American Auto Dealers. So after doing a bit of research, Miller discovered that there was a party for the group at the end of their convention. Willie guessed that after the party there would be all these men who had enough booze at the party and had nowhere to go. How many women would attend a convention about cars? All those tipsy straight men with all that testosterone and no release? That was certainly Miller Country. William laughed at his own pun. So the Contessa would play it butch straight tonight. Oh my, he said to himself, so many roles to play in life and no one recording the diva. At 10 pm William arrived looking so smashing in his silk black slacks, black silk open collar shirt showing off sever strands of thick 18k gold chains and a white fedora to cover up the receding hair line. He saw two guys at the bar that were alone just looking at a television screen with some stupid sports show. The rest of the guys at the bar were with their wives or girl friends or whores, who gives a shit, he thought. How gosh, women, how unnatural, yuk. The man that caught his interest was a blond man with short hair who had to be in his late 20’s, cute face, nice body and the cutest chin dimple, “Oh How Cute!” he said to himself as he licked his own lower lip. The guy was wearing what looked like grey suit pants, with the matching jacket on back of the bar chair, the man’s waist size was no more than 34. Good, he thought, he just hated fat guys. So he pulled up a chair next to Mr. Wonderful and order them both a drink. Before long they were the best of friends. William was telling jokes and attracted a small group of guys around them. Billy bought a round of drinks before others reached into their pockets. His new best friend’s name was Roger Something, who can keep track of these unimportant details. Roger had never been this popular before not even with his wife. Before long guys were coming over to find out why the small group at the bar were laughing so loud and having a great time. William would find out the names and then introduced them to his best friend in the whole world, Roger. Miller had one joke after another, others tried to chime in with their jokes but they would bomb and so Willie boy had to save the show with a better joke or hilarious story. Before long William Miller was a medical doctor in San Juan for some R&R before he returned to New York for all his famous patients. By now, William had his hand around Rogers shoulders and down his back, as the guys all laughed and carried on till after midnight. When William had worked his hands down Roger’s butt and saw that his married best friend was oblivious to his being felt up, William suggested they go to another bar which was ever better. The general manager of his dad’s auto business agreed and so they took a cabby back to Billy’s hotel.“Listen Roger, baby, let’s drop the doctor stuff, this ain’t no hospital. Ha Ha Ha!” William told his buddy at the hotel bar that was pretty dead. So after a couple of drinks, William asked Roger to come upstairs he wanted to share something with him that he would totally enjoy. “I guarantee it, my boy!”It only took the good Dr. Miller another thirty minutes to have Roger Something in his bed, his pants and underwear around his knees and his cock in the former Contessa’s mouth. After Mr. Something came twice. He said, “Hey buddy, why can’t my wife do that for me.”And with that Roger passed out. The kind new physician practicing oral medicine without a license, gently undressed Roger completely and after inspecting his conquest congratulated himself on his good taste in men. As his new best friend was obviously athletic with a trim body which was unusually smooth. He also had a lovely ass, full firm and also naturally hairless. Should he or shouldn’t he. Oh well, he had given this handsome auto man the best blow job of his life. So he positioned himself behind Roger and lubed his hard cock and deflowered his new best friend. Of course he used a rubber, who knew where that ass had been. Roger did not awaken as Miller penetrated him, in fact the guy moved his hips in rhythm with Miller’s thrusts as he fucked him until the good ass doctor came. In the morning Roger woke up dreaming that he was in a hurricane. In the dream, he was worried that the hurricane would cause him to not be able to go home which caused him to worry. As he finally opened his eyes, the terrible noise from the storm was the young Dr. Miller that was snoring loud enough to wake the dead. He then knew that he had to pee, so he found the bathroom and relieved himself, oh what a relief. However, his ass hurt like hell. Maybe it was his hemorrhoids again. He got back into bed still sleepy when William’s arm reached around his waist and moved him closer. He shut his eyes and then, “Shit!” “What the hell? I am fucking nude in bed with another dude. Fuck!” When Dr. Miller heard Mr. Something swearing loudly, he woke up all cheery.“Good morning, Roger!” “What the fuck am I doing naked in this bed with you? I am a married straight man, no offense but I ain’t no fucking fag.” “I am not gay either, Roger. I have a wife and k**s at home. But shit happens, its no big deal.”Then William grabbed Roger’s dick which was not homophobic, but had its own mind choosing pleasure irrespective of whomever gave it pleasure. Roger’s cock started to get hard as he remembered the great blow job he enjoyed the night before. When Miller sensed that Roger had relaxed and was enjoyed his cock being played with, he knew that he was in complete control, but had to be careful with this straight guy and time his movements very carefully. One thing that Willie boy had mastered brilliantly even at his young age was pendik escort his ability to manipulate week willed straight men. Roger found himself in a very comprised situation and rather than extricating himself from this, he chose to ignore it and go with the flow. Miller now moved the married man’s legs apart and positioned himself between his legs giving himself complete access to this guy’s most private parts. He licked his balls while stroking his dick, something that Roger’s frigid wife would never do. The best friend for a gay man like dear William were woman that didn’t work at meeting their husband’s sexual needs, along with providing some new excitement to keep their men motivated. After Roger started to feel ever so good being serviced for the first time totally sober, even though it was a fat guy doing it. Miller lifted his legs and started working on that really sensitive area between the balls and the anus. With this, Roger started to moan as that tongue was working wonders. Willie sniffed the cute blond man that had unusually hairless arms and legs for a guy more than ten years older than himself. For a man that had yet to shower, he didn’t smell bad and even his ass hole did not smell, so this guy must be very clean. This gave license for William to start licking Roger’s anus. Roger Norris never imagine anyone doing this to him and man that felt so damn good. He just relaxed and let this young hairy guy give him pleasure where he never imagined pleasure existed. The tongue was replaced by a wet finger as Miller went back to sucking Norris’ cock using his teeth lightly. Miller found the prostrate which started to harden. This sent Norris pleasure pangs that were so unusual and so intense. Fuck! He knew he would never see this guy again so he didn’t have to worry about anyone ever finding out what he did in Puerto Rico. Now Miller was sucking and finger fucking at the same time. Roger was ecstatic, his dick leaking and Miller’s mouth suctioning ever drop. He never heard of a guy actually enjoying another guys spunk. Willie picked up the pace his finger was stroking that gland and the ass hole was not resisting it was so relaxed. Now it was time to add another finger. Again there was no resistance. William looked down at his fingers and there was no sign of any fecal matter which was good. All of a sudden Roger’s ball constricted and he shot a big glob which was quickly swallowed. That big glob was quickly followed by a second then a third all nice amounts of cum, but the master cock sucker swallowed every drop and drained the shaft of every single bit of semen. Roger had never remembered coming so powerfully even when he was much younger.Now Miller released the 7 inch cut dick that was now limp, but the fingers remained in Roger’s ass. “Oh man, dude. I wish you would train my wife to do that.” Roger was trying to catch his breath as he had an intense orgasm that made him feel weak. Miller continued the two finger massage of the prostrate gland as he said: “Hey I am flying blind here, I’ve never done anything like this before, dude.”“Really? Your not gay?” “Hell no, dude. I’m no fucking fag. But remember when we were k**s and we played around? This is like that.” Under his breath Miller said to himself. “You are so stupid, bitch.”The two fingers continued to fuck, massaging the now soft prostrate. Roger’s dick got so hard again and this surprised him. “I know what you need, my buddy which will make you cum even better; but I’m not sure I can do it. Remember I know the body as a doctor.”“Why not?” Roger complained. “Well, I’ve never done anything like that before.” William tried his best to sound sincere, secretly hoping that some day he could be nominated for an Academy Award. “Well, doc. I’m willing.”“OK then, but you have to relax and do what I tell you.”Miller took the older man’s muscular legs, this guy must be a jogger, he thought. Placed them on his shoulders, noticing the light blond matting on the lower legs which strangely looked as if he shaved his legs, but he knew he didn’t. He pointed his 6 and half dick right at the slightly open ass hole and gently pushed in. Miller’s head broke through and was comfortably inside the married man’s ass. Roger winced in pain but said nothing. Now Miller said,” breath hard, baby” Roger seemed to respond to being called baby, he smiled and started to take deep breaths from his mouth.So William decided to push the envelope.“OK sweaty. Push your ass hole out like you are taking a shit. That is it, honey.”Miller felt the anus open and he drove his cock in all the way and held on to his new bottom tight.Now Miller began to move in and out slowly, leaning in so his face was a short distance from the older good looking man he was fucking. William noticed Norris’ pretty blue eyes and perfect light blond eye brows, his eye lashes long and curled, as if he had been done up by a beautician, but all this was natural. Miller’s mouth was just inches away from Norris’ and now he was picking up the pace. Willie could see the beads of sweat on the good looking man’s brow. So William grabbed the man’s face and brought right to his and planted a big kiss right on Porter’s mouth. Sure enough Roger did not flinch or pull back but allowed the big man’s tongue to enter his mouth. Now the man was owned and he seemed to like it, moving his hips in rhythm with with Miller’s thrusts. “You like it don’t you, sweaty?”“Oh yeah, feels so good”“I told you baby, you are my little bitch now, aren’t you?” Miller was going to play this for all that it was worth. He had gotten a straight married man that had never ever dreamed of have sex with a big fat hairy guy like him, and he loved it and if they lived near each other, he would be his little fuck toy.”“Oh man, fuck me.” Roger said as he moved his hips faster to Miller’s quick pace. Finally, Roger was able to grab his dick and start stroking. Miller was now so close to cumming. Finally, William Miller started to cum into the rubber, as his fat stomach was quivering, this caused Roger to shoot into the hairy stomach. Five sharp spurts and both men collapsed.For several minutes neither man moved or said anything, Miller still holding him in his big arms. So again, figuring that he had nothing to lose decided to make his move. He took his right hand and cupped Rogers soft hairless ass and stroked it. Norris said nothing. So Willie moved his hand further down and felt the man’s ass hole and probed it gently, taking Roger’s head and planting a big wet kiss on his mouth. Norris wrapped his arms around the hairy fat man and kissed him back. “Hey, man I’m a bit wiped out.” Norris said softly.“That’s OK baby, let’s take a shower together and we can get some breakfast. I don’t want much, but I think we can enjoy a light one.”So the two men got into the shower together, which was the first time Roger had ever allowed another man to scrub his back and ass, particularly cleaning his ass hole. The two guys after breakfast sat outside the hotel enjoy the beach. Miller now wearing more conservative beach wear. After all he was supposed to be a straight professional man, a very difficult role even for an award winning actor. If he wasn’t performing, he would have had to laugh at himself. Norris noticed how many men were walking around holding hands or holding their partners by the waist. Others were laying on blankets kissing and being romantic. He thought that this was so strange for a Latin country that he leaned back and asked, “Hey William, what kind of beach is this?”“Yeah, I noticed when I first came here, but that is cool with me, as long as the fags keep to themselves.”“I know, I don’t want any homo diseases around me. It is so disgusting. I mean I’m no homophobe but why would the cops or this hotel allow this shit?”“I have an idea Roger boy, I don’t want to draw attention to ourselves so just go along with me OK?”With this William put his arm around Rogers waist and brought him closer. Roger froze a bit, but did not protest. It was one thing to act queer in private, but to show that shit off in public was just not normal and weird. But he didn’t fight off Willie’s holding him so close occasionally giving him a little kiss on the lips. A couple walked by and asked Roger, “How long have you and your husband been together?” “Ah Ah Hum Hum Hum” Roger just stuttered and was so nervous he couldn’t speak.“My love is kind of shy. But isn’t he cute?” Miller spoke right up, taking Roger by the waist and kissing him passionately.“But we haven’t been together too long. In fact, this is our honeymoon.”Again he kissed the handsome married man passionately on his lips, slipping his hand under his swim trunks and holding him by his bare ass.”The effeminate younger one around 25 yo with an obvious lisp said: “Don’t be shy sweaty. Its obvious you are the wife too. We girls have to stick together.” The younger fairy poked the older guy who was around 40 yo in the ribs and the two laughed. Roger did not laugh and looked horrified.Then the older hubby said that they were down on their 10th anniversary.William joined the two laughing historically, massaging Rogers ass firmly and saying: “Is it that obvious?”“It is nice to see two guys so much in love, I think you guys will be together as a married couple a long time. And if you are ever in Chicago, we would love to have you for dinner.”“That would be great, guys, maybe Roger and me will visit sometime.”With that the two Americans continued their romantic walk, holding hands.“Can we go back in, please?” Roger was pissed.“Oh I’m so sorry sweetheart, I hope I didn’t embarrass you.” William finally removed his hand from inside Rogers swim trunks. Both men walked back in and went directly back to the hotel room.Roger said nothing, he just removed the borrowed swim trunks put his clothes back on and headed for the door.William blocked his exit and said: “You sure you want to leave this way, honey?”Roger Norris screamed loudly: “I am not your fucking honey. I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated like this in my entire 32 years on this earth. I just wanted to die when you pretended we were a married couple on our honeymoon and made me look like the biggest fucking fagot on that god damn homo beach.” “Oh come on, my love, you know how much you loved me making love to you.”“You were not making fucking love to me, OK? Now let me go, PLEASE! I am trying to control my temper and not get violent.”William decided to go for broke. So he grabbed Roger’s ass and held him close and then kissed him passionately on the lips. He could feel Rogers cock get hard and he stopped resisting.“That’s my boy,” Miller said lovingly as his hands now were under Roger’s underwear spreading his ass, his middle finger now probing the hole. “You promise not to embarrass me like that again?” Roger said softly, his beautiful blue eyes starting to tear.“Yes, darling. I promise. You still my pretty little boy?”Roger could have cursed himself for just nodding yes and being a total wimp. However, his dick was in complete charge and he had never had orgasms like this fat hairy so called doctor had caused him to have. He knew that he had ceded control to the fat man and it was beyond his control to fight him off. Roger Norris had always been the pursuer. He had also been solicitous to his wife who only gave him sex reluctantly when she wanted him to do something for her. At first their sex life was great, but after their second c***d, she seemed to be disinterested. Now for the first time in his life someone thought he was beautiful and went out of their way to try and please him. So it was another guy. That was weird but soon he would be back at home where all he was good for was working his ass off and providing for his family and that was it.William picked Roger up, like a bride and carried him back to bed. Roger smiled and for the first time initiated a passionate kiss. “Are you mine now, my love?”“Yes, William. I belong to you again. I only wish we lived closer. You are from Long Island, I am from New Jersey.”“I know honey, but that is only four hours apart. We can rent a motel and be together as long as I am your only man. I don’t want another man to ever touch my baby’s pretty hole.” “Oh, don’t worry Willie, I would never let a man ever touch me like you have. I would fucking beat his brains out.” And seeing from his nice athletic body, he believed Roger could too.“I love your smooth body, my love.” Really?” Roger was amazed that men concerned themselves with such trivia. “It is so strange, Willie. I have never been able to grow much body hair. In fact I never needed to shave until I turned 30. Now I shave a couple of times a week. Isn’t that weird?” “Not at all, my love, it all depends on your heritage. Its all in the genes. I love my pretty blond smooth little boy.” With that Miller kissed him with more feeling than he ever had. William had been slowly taking his clothes off while they spoke this way and now had the older man was nude. “I guess this is why your body has little or no body scent. Usually most guys would stink after they have been drinking. But even your ass hole was fresh and clean tasting.” William said romantically.“I always have had the most fanatical personal hygiene.” Roger said proudly. “Good boy, sweaty, cause from now on, your ass hole is my personal pussy.” William held his breath wondering how Roger would take this obvious feminine reference.“Really? You like my pussy?” Miller was shocked and thrilled at the same time. His dick was now rock hard.“Yes, baby, I love your pretty hairless pussy and your big bear is going to enjoy it a lot. Now I want you to tell me. Who does this pretty pussy belong to?”“It’s all yours, Daddy Bear.”“Good Girl,” Willie said softly holding his pretty newly turned out pussy boy with his left arm, and probing the newly owned male cunt with the other.Roger inexplicable blushed, smiled like a new bride and moaned softly. Without being told, he lifted both of his smooth legs, so that his man could have access to his newly stimulated and awaiting boy cunt. However, William moved his hips up and instructed him to get on his knees with his head down, which the converted pussy man obediently followed as he slowly moved his soft tender formerly straight ass into position, doggy style. William realized that for the first time in his young life, he might be falling in love.After William had fucked his smooth baby, he held him tight and told him: “I love you, my pretty baby wife.”“Oh darling, I love you too.” And he took his big bear and kissed him softly, feeling the bear’s fur on his back and knowing that he was about to enter life as the object of a man’s love and desire.”After that Roger called his wife and told her that he was forced to delay his departure,he moved his luggage into William’s room, as they would return back to Newark’s International Airport together as lovers.So for the rest of the Spring Break, the two men would hold hands at the beach and later on at night, the honeymooners would make passionate love.The elegant old world Spanish restaurant, with pristine white table clothes, white linen napkins, waiters dressed formally had the finest menu and genuine Spanish cuisine on the Island.. Sean held his breath and walked in elegantly dressed, thanks to William. Antonio dressed beautifully with a white silk shirt with an open collar, which looked so well against his tanned muscular chest, stood up as his blond date walked to their table. The mostly older older crowd could not help but notice that the two most handsome men in this exclusive eatery were Antonio and Sean. William took forever picking out and dressing his young roomy, whose blond hair being bleached by the local sun with no small help from Ms. Clairol looked golden on his freshly tanned face. Mama Miller had sprayed enough hair spray so the wind would not affect his natural wind swept look. It took so long to look kartal escort natural, Ms. Miller complained, as he just added a bit of make up to cover up imperfections which a boy his age unfortunately had to suffer through, with all those hormones. Sean had never been on a real date with a man before and he felt so special. The food, typical Puerto Rican cuisine mixed with old Spanish entries was served European style at their special table which Antonio’s good gay friend, the Maitre D, had chosen carefully for this first date.After dinner, the couple drove in Antonio’s small car to his friends home, a magnificent home overlooking the water in one of Puerto Rico’s most exclusive areas. Juan Antonio de la Rosa was an older highly respected attorney, a Yale School of Law graduate of 1981. The mature solicitor of 52 yo was in excellent condition, with dark tanned skin and perfectly quaffed white hair. His lover of ten years, Mariano was an attractive young medical doctor 32 yo, with light brown hair and piercing blue eyes, sporting a great gym body. Antonio and Sean were taken by one of the servants that lived in a small cabin on the 12 acre property to their modestly yet elegantly appointed guest room, affording them plenty of privacy and easy access to a very large sprawling swimming pool. Sean had no idea of what to bring so at William’s insistence he had brought his suitcase with several options of what to wear. One of the things that had attracted Antonio to Sean was the boy’s totally unassuming personality. While William wore obviously expensive clothing and jewelry, Sean had high quality but simple clothing and very little jewelry. What the many gay tourists that visited the hotel did not know is that Antonio had come from a moderately comfortable family but a very old one with a lineage that dated back to 14th century Spain, with Indian and mulatto mixed with European blood on his mom’s side to make it interesting. His highly respected paternal background gave the understated concierge access to seriously wealthy people, especially the gay ones that lived comfortably with the major hetero upper crust as long as they kept their lifestyle private. Sean seemed to be well educated for a young lad and with perfect table manners which showed a good family background, he was obviously comfortable with himself and therefore did not have to impress. This along with a natural beauty, Sean had pierced through the layers of protection Antonio had used to keep himself free of uninteresting involvements.After getting settled in their charming quarters, the new couple joined the older one in the library for cocktails. The room had mahogany walls with a collection of paintings in antique thick gold leaf frames. The furniture was comfortable yet rich brown leather. The room looked like an old British gentleman’s club in London. The older man servant brought their drinks and the lawyer pulled out a cigarette. “I’m sorry guys,” Juan Carlos said in a soft yet firm deep voice, with an educated but obviously Hispanic accent. “This is my only bad habit. The rest are all vices.”They all laughed except for the younger doctor that looked at his husband with obvious annoyance.“I know, I know darling, but I want our guests to relax and be themselves, so obviously, if you two were not here, I would smoke, but I am only allowed to smoke in this room or outside away from my doctor.” “That is fine with me, my mom smokes, although not inside the house,” Sean said, the doctor now smiling kindly at the beautiful boy that very much reminded him of himself when he was that age. After a couple of rounds of drink, the attorney got up and excused himself hugging both guys and welcoming Sean to his home, “Estas en tu casa, entiende?”“Si, muchas gracias, doctor.” Juan Carlos was impressed that the young blond knew that in Spanish nations as well as most European countries lawyers are referred to as doctor.When the new lovers were back in their large room, Antonio sat in a comfortable chair, Sean sitting on his lap and kissing him gently. Oh how Sean felt so good, the big strong arms holding him tight, feeling the hardness of his man’s muscles over the soft sensual white silk.“I never knew that gay couples could live like this!” Sean was so pleased that he had been exposed to what seemed to be two gay men totally comfortable with themselves and living so naturally.“Can I confess something Sean.”All Sean did was nod.“I only agreed to William’s deal so I could get close to you.”Not that I couldn’t use the cash. After all I still live at home with my family that are not so open minded, but I have been offered a lot more than 500 bucks to prostitute my myself, I mean a hell of a lot more. But there was something about you that I had to have and now I know why.”“There is only one thing that bothers me Antonio.”“I know what that is my love.”“You do?”“Yes, I do.” With that Antonio went to his beautiful cordovan leather bag and pulled out a file. Handing it to Sean. After reading the officially written in both English and Spanish Department of Health documents, showing the handsome man was disease free, tests being conducted every two months for the last six months, the last one being taken three days before their intimacy, Sean finally relaxed. The boy was prepared to enjoy the weekend with his man but no longer have unprotected sex and then rush home to be tested. “I know it was a dumb thing to do, but after you drove me crazy while your roommate worked on me, I had to have you, estaba loco, amorcito lindo” Sean enjoyed his stud’s use of the masculine gender a lot more than Juan’s feminizing.“I must confess to you that when you came deep in my gut, I had a great orgasm, feeling the eruption. It was the first time in my life my insides ever felt a man’s gushing stream of semen. It was like a volcano shooting its hot lava and I just fucking loved it. Of course my Roman Catholic Irish guilty cut it short. Ha Ha Ha!”Antonio carefully and ever so slowly took the boy in his arms and laid him on his back on their bed. Removing his shoes, socks , black linen trousers, white heavily starched shirt and Calvin Klein black boxer shorts exposing the small, by Rican standards, uncut hairless cock which stood at attention in front of the captain in charge. There he was, the object of his desire, without need to hurry, all his and with the boy looking as if he wanted him badly. Sean wanted to unclothe his hot stud, but the captain was in control and the private must lay on his back perfectly still. Now it was Antonio’s turn to perform. He slowly disrobed as a male stripper but with perfectly timed movements, causing Sean to wonder if the big man had ever done that professionally. Once Antonio was nude, the big uncut Latin cock standing at full attention with a pronounced curve upwards, which facilitated his ability to produce such masterful friction on Sean’s prostrate gland as well as other hot spots inside his body. The blond, with his hair still sporting its wind swept look, despite all the activity, tried to mentally measure the magnificent organ by multiplying his own which he had actually measured in a moment of boredom. He arrived, to be conservative, just under eleven inches and at least six inches in circumference. The pronounced dorsal artery was a rich brown supplying the considerable amount of blood necessary for the piston to stay hard, the large brown piston that was going to run the boy’s engine. After appraising the big dick from different angles, the boy finally told his brain, “OK Sean stop it! This is not Biology 101. Just enjoy it and put the fucking brain into neutral.” “I am going to take my time with you this time, baby. You will find out why Latins make the best lovers. And Puerto Ricans are at the very top. Sabes amor?”“Oh si, mi machote.” “I want to savor that big uncut head Papi. Please?” “Claro bebe. This cock is now yours to own.”Oh how Sean wished it was so. He could never imagine meeting a man that was cut closer to what he had always longed for in a perfect husband. If he had ever had a type. This was it. Every time he was in close proximity to this man, he was hard, whether in the restaurant, the library the brief encounter in his hotel room, he cock leaked. Once he came and his thoughts could then settle on other things, his dick never got soft. Although he was not the expert cock sucker William was, he had watched the master enough to be able to do the basics and after that he would wing it, using his imagination. Antonia laid back and relaxed as the inexperienced lad went about servicing his penis. Except this time rather than closing his eyes and thinking about the soft blond k** killing time on the terrace, he was watching the object of his affection performing with increasing aptitude. Sean paid special attention to the muscle man’s extra large hairy testicles, outdoing his mentor. “Oh SI, Mamame Mi Bicho!” Sean knew his man was ready to be sucked, Bicho being the Puerto Rican word for cock, which was a word he never learned in Spanish class. In other countries the male member is called Pene in Cuba and in the Dominican Republic Pinga a gay boy has to learn these things. Sean sucked the big brown bulbous head, knowing it contained nerve endings and glands. He carefully big on it before using his suction and then tongue. He massaged the balls and used both hands to stimulate the shaft even as the mouth worked his magic. Then Sean instinctively headed south to the perineum that special triangle between the base of the penis and anus. Sean decided to take his time lifting and massage the big bull balls and slowly massaging with just one wet finger Antonio’s anus while working the triangle with his tongue, moaning softly and using Spanish terms of endearment. Antonio had never experienced being stimulated physically and verbally with such gentle and yet expert attention to such detail and this drove him crazy when you considered it was the love of his life giving all this to him. It was so much more than he had ever imagined Sean was capable of doing. Sean then decided to move on the Latin’s foreskin which is pulled back normally upon erection. However, the inside of the foreskin has many nerve endings and can be the source of sexual pleasure if stimulated correctly. Sean guided his tongue under the pulled back membrane and expertly licked this often neglected organ, causing his man to gasp. Now Antonio was ready for the main event. Sean took in as much of the monster into his mouth as he could, his throat opening so that he could take even more, the wet finger passed into uncharted waters as for the first time the macho man allowed a human to go to what was previously his “exit only” orifice. “Oh Dios mio! Ahi con-yo. CARAHO!!! FUCK BABY!!!” Mt. Vesuvius was warning its pending eruption. So Sean went back to the volcano head and was barely able to get the bulbous gland head into his mouth, his right middle finger, having been made wet on his saliva, circling the big man’s virgin anus. . Without further warning Vesuvius erupted, with warm molten semen gushing into the boy’s untrained mouth and down his throat. Sean thought he might gag, some of the precious fluid spilling out of his mouth on down the shaft and making the thick black pubic hairs speckled with pearl white cum. Not to worry, after Sean had licked all of the excess off the shaft he carefully went through the black forest and cleaned every bit of it up, enjoying every drop of the salty protein food. “Where the hell did you learn how to suck so well?”Antonio was amazed, as this was the best blow job he had ever received.Sean just smiled at the compliment, blushing slightly, making his blue eyes even bluer. “I guess its just fagot instinct mixed with a bit of imagination.”Both men were now intertwined, their naked limbs holding and clasping and kissing, as if they had never kissed before; as if they were last two humans alive in the world and they needed each others love to continue their existence.Antonio felt Sean’s dick leaking against his stomach as each man felt and probed each other. “I want you to fuck me, Papi!” Sean whispered to Antonio.Antonio didn’t say a word, he nodded and smiled turning Sean on his side, his ass pushing back on the large Hispanic cock that was leaking precum that would be all the lube the boy needed. Sean was more relaxed this time, having been reassured by the Health Department. His ass tilted up as the big Latin cock positioned itself at the small tight entrance within a short time Antonio had his boy so ready. But decided to tease the k**’s waiting pussy. The recently satisfied tool pushed through the first line of defense and the big man felt his bottom boy tense up. So he just left the huge mushroom in place until the boy could adjust. Now Antonio decided to stimulate Sean’s dick and balls, massage them expertly. The stud knew each erogenous zone expertly and the soft manipulation cause the euphoria in the boy’s brain which also acted as a sedative calming his anxiety and allowing the anus to relax and open, relieving some of the pain. Also calming erotic words spoken in Spanish, which became their language of romance. Sean’s nipples proved to be unusually sensitive and Antonio was a quick learner. Antonio’s tongue knew how to lick the back of the boy’s ears, neck, shoulders, while both hands worked their body of Sean’s many points of eroticism. It was then when the macho man’s cock head felt the gates of heaven open slowly, the profuse precum lubing as the cock moved in slowly and gently finding its eternal paradise. The stud looked down and saw his his intruder, usually too large for most even experienced bottoms, totally inside the tender white ass. He then withdrew slowly, so the just the tip was inside the first wall of muscle. Now Antonio was ceding control to Sean, who instinctively sensed that. So as the sharp pangs of euphoria reached his brain, Sean pushed back and puckered his hole, and the huge shaft crept in slowly, now past the second wall being summoned back to its future resting place. Sean wanted more, his intestinal channel desirous of being completely filled, having only been fed once with the warm high protein semen that had satiated his young hormone infused sexual desire. In a short time, Sean could feel the black forest of the man’s plentiful pubic hairs against his young soft white ass. All ten inches were inside and he was filled completely with man cock and this to a bottom boy like Sean was a sexual Nirvana. The tall strong muscular Puerto Rican decided not to fuck the boy this time, he would just twitch his curved dick, while he worked over the boys tits, dick, balls, chest, tummy, the tender skin under the balls and then back over the rest of the boys body. This drove Sean crazy and then when he had calmed down, the big cock twitched and then twitched again, the prostrate that had been pressed hard due to the size and hardness of the Latin cock sent even more sharp pangs of pleasure until Sean could not stand it any longer and his dick erupted in his man’s hands, as Sean moaned loudly and shook. Consequently, the entire rectum and anal passage went into a spasmodic eruption which sent Antonio out of his mind and he erupted for the second time in the boy, which in turned caused the boy two more orgasms because he was no longer worried about their unprotected sex. “Do you mind if I can leave my cock inside you all night? It feels so nice and warm in its new home.” The two just laid there in complete silence.In a few minutes Sean spoke.“Actually, it feels so good, my love. I could get so used to this.” Sean hoped he had not said too much as he turned his head and kissed his man, who was holding him tight his ripped muscles feeling so great on his back. Antonio nibbled on Sean’s ear and felt his smooth chest and then lightly pinched his nipples, feeling them get so hard and pointed. Then he reached maltepe escort down and felt that Sean’s cock was rock hard again. “Te gusta, Papito Rubio?” “Oh Si. Me encanta. MMMMMM” With that Sean started to move his ass slowly in and out. The Latin liked the way the boy was using his ass to to fuck his big light brown pole. So the man decided to increase the pace, but Sean not only kept up, but moved even faster causing his cock to ooze. That was it. Antonio pick the boy up like a feather sat on the edge of the bed and lowered the boy’s ass on his cock that hit the mark perfectly and disappeared into the hole. Now he held Sean by his ass, each hand on a cheek. Sean held on for dear life anticipating what what was coming, both arms locked tightly around Antonio’s neck. When the big man felt the boy was securely in place. He got up from the bed and fucked the boy in mid air. He lifted Sean up and then gravity provided the force that brought him down hard on the curved dick the went in and hit the mark. Antonio swerved his hips which caused the huge cock to hit every spot inside the boy’s sensitive insides then he would hold him tight and twitch his cock the which caused the shock waves going through Sean’s system to increase in power. Sean was now the bull rider holding on for dear life and he decided that this career as a cowboy was worth pursuing as a life long profession. In no time the first orgasm built and struck Sean’s brain causing him to almost loose his equilibrium. Now Antonio knew that all Sean needed was to be held lovingly and his cock would do the rest. Sean then grabbed his own cock that was begging to be stroked and with just a few moves it erupted more than he had ever blown. Shot after shot until there was no more left. But Antonio was not finished. Without exiting the boy’s ass, the Latin laid back down, the boy now full of sweat which mixed with his own. Antonio moved his big cock again, this caused shots of euphoria to reach the the boy’s brain which was not as strong but a close second to the orgasm he had received through his penis. Now Sean was exhausted and so was Antonia. So both men lay still, the bull cock still in place. “How was that baby boy?” Sean could not talk, his heart racing. So Antonio reached up and pressed a button which was located over the headboard. Within five minutes the man servant appeared “Mande?” “Dos botellas de agua fria Por Favor!” “Con gusto caballero!”When the silver tray appeared with two bottles of water, two glasses and a bucket of ice, the man handed both boys glasses of ice water. “Muchas Gracias, Jose” “De Nada, Don Antonio.” Sean was embarrassed laying naked with a cock in his ass as the older man in the white uniform served them without comment or expression. It was as if nothing was happening.Antonio started to laugh deeply and loudly, sensing the problem.“Were you embarrassed?” Now the laughter got even louder and deeper, the huge semi hard intruder moving inside the boy.“Well, honestly, yes.” “These servants have been here a long time and believe me they get paid well to ignore a lot more than this.” This caused Sean to start laughing too. “Antonio, do you mind if we go to sleep? I’m kind of wiped out.”“I should hope so, my love. Good night. sleep well.”So Sean and Antonio finished their water and passed out into deep slumber as Antonio’s cock rested all snug in its new warm abode.Sean woke up hearing the birds chirping in the gardens which surrounded the meandering pool that were just outside the bedrooms, dining room, living room and library, glass doors separating them from the beautiful water. He felt the cock still in his ass twitch again, now fully hard. Although the Latin man behind him was still sound asleep, breathing heavily but not snoring. That movement cause his dick to get hard again as he wondered how he could enjoy life without it and its owner. He looked over and noticed the large wall clock which showed that they had slept a long time as it was almost noon. He had to pee so bad, but he hated to unplug himself from his man, he slowly moved himself and finally, his ass was his own again. He sat on the john, as he realized that he was also full of cum that had no where to go, maybe he had digested Antonio’s seed. MMMMM That idea got his dick hard again. Then sadness filled him as he again thought about how little time he had left in this place. How could he go back to his previous life and forget this man? Well, he will deal with that when the time comes, which gave him some hope but not much. His next thought was feeling a bit guilty about poor William. What a shame that fatso came all this way just to sit in a room all by himself. So he decided to call him, still feeling a bit guilty about having found real love with a guy that William propositioned first. How would he ever explain to him what had happened? Well, he shelved that until the right time as well. After taking a shower, cleaning himself thoroughly and then carefully douching (if his mom ever knew that her only son douched more than a daughter. Ha ha ha This he really found funny), he quietly walked all nice and fresh back into bed, his cell phone nearby so he would call. No sooner than the boy got back into their bed, when his strong lover pulled him close and pushed his big cock, that was now hard, right back in inside his ass, which hurt like hell, although the boy had douched and then lubed just in case. Antonio, who was now awake, said: “I don’t know what my cock is going to do for comfort when you go back to New York, my darling” With that he planted a long wet kiss on the boy’s mouth. Sean turned as much as he could, although he was still impaled. “I feel the same way, mi amor” Sean’s heart was raising with equal measures of hope and sadness. “Really? You think you could love me?” Antonio was serious, this was not a trap.“Honestly, I am in love with you right now. For the first time in my 18 years on this earth I can say from the bottom of my heart that I am hopelessly and helplessly in love with you.” Tears now flowed, as his blue eyes were fixed on his lover’s big brown ones.“Ahii mi amor preciouso, I am in love with you too.” Antonio now licked Sean’s tears and held him as tight as he could, his cock now having a mind of his own and moved inside his boy. Every time the big light brown uncut dick moved, it caused Sean’s small dick to get hard and start leaking. “I don’t expect you to make any commitments Sean, you are only 18 and have almost all your life in front of you. You must focus on your studies and further dedicating yourself to a profession before you can make a serious commitment. But,”Before Antonio spoke further, Sean interrupted him.“You live here in the wonderful country. You could have any man that you wanted who have so much more to offer you than I do. You have the finest body of any man I could have ever hope to meet much less have. You have a job which causes you to meet and know so many other good looking guys that are probably a hell of a lot better than skinny me. I would hate to have you settle for a k** that still has so much to learn.” The tears flowed faster than Antonio could slurp them.“Sean, I have a proposition for you. But I have to disengage from you, my dick has to perform less important duties now. OK my love?”“That’s fine.” So Antonio pulled out slowly as not to hurt the boy of his dreams and excused himself to go to the bathroom. Sean laid back and wondered what the proposition could be. Then he started to speculate as to how Antonio felt and what plan he was going to suggest. After a few minutes of racking his brain, he finally concluded that if he continued the wild speculations, he would drive himself crazy. So he just had to wait and be patient. Damn, he thought, he hated being patient. Maybe he should join his man in the shower and demand to know what he meant. Shit, he hated to wait. He was just like his mom. Neither of them wanted to wait till Christmas morning to find out what was in all the fancy wrapped boxes under the large real tree they always had. While Sean was still fretting, Antonio walked out still drying his curly black hair, his big soft cock swinging from side to side, his muscular body heading in his direction as he plopped himself behind him in bed. Sean knew instinctively to move his ass back until the large now hard cock wanted to back home. Antonio slowly slipped his dick inside the young ass, having lubed it well to help with the pain. To Sean’s surprise the pain didn’t last too long before he was conveniently full again. By being so pliant and obedient, he was reward with two pronounced strong twitches, causing the usual hard on. “Did you miss me, Sean.”“No. But my ass sure did.” “OK Mr. Wonderful, what is your proposition, I have been dying waiting, and I hate to wait.”“Ha Ha, Probesito.” After a long wet kiss, Antonio was ready to make his suggestion.“Sean, as I said before, it would not be fair to you at your tender age to be making a commitment before you find out who you are and what you want Second, you live in New York and I live in Puerto Rico which is a very long distance. Long distance relationships don’t usually work. My suggestion is this. Why don’t you and I stay in close contact speaking every day on the phone, texting, emailing or we could even get cams and use yahoo to communicate and see each other. I will make plans to come to New York, as I have great friends there during a convenient time when we can spend a few days together. If you and I still feel the same way about each other then we can proceed with my plan. You should also be honest with your heart. If you meet a man that sweeps you off your feet that is also nearby, then you should be honest with me so I can go on with my life. That doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. But not lovers. In a few months your school will end during the summer. If you still want to, you can return and we can spend time here and see if our love has gotten deeper or it has changed. If, in case you and I are meant to be together, then may I suggest that you transfer to one of the excellent Universities here and we can build a life together as lovers, similar to our hosts.”Then Antonio held him tightly and said:”Before you commit, think about it OK?”Sean was thrilled.“You think that you could be really happy with me?”“Yes, my darling boy, I know I could.” To prove that he smiled, Antonio’s big brown tool twitching deep inside Sean’s gut, causing the blond’s eyes to wince as the familiar electric pang of euphoria went through his body. “Sean, I have had the best sex in my life the short time we have been together. Better sex, or should I say love making than in the five years I have been sexually active. And that, mi amor, is the truth.”Now Antonio put the full force of his full lips on Sean’s and gave him a long romantic kiss, his hands holding his torso and the pole reinforcing that fact more erect and pressing more firmly on the boy’s “G” spot. Sean melted, as the term “being in love”, finally had full meaning. He was lost and had no desire to be found. He was stricken with a disease that he hoped he would never recover from, he was at peace which he knew must never end. No matter what would occur in his future life, this moment should never ever be forgotten and so it was indelibly placed in a special braincell of his brain’s hard drive. “Let’s get ready for lunch mi vida, and I just want you to think about this until we can talk more later OK, my prince?”The boys dressed casually meeting their hosts in the garden, the table set for four. Sean looked around and saw meticulously manicured lawns with small gardens and in the distance a tall brick wall that separated them from their neighbors on this 12 acre estate. There were wooden bridges that crossed the enormous pool almost creating a Venice, yet much cleaner and no pigeons. As the handsome young doctor gave instructions to one of the gardeners, Sean asked Juan Carlos, “Doctor, how many people do you have working here” Then he felt embarrassed thinking that it was rude to ask such questions, so he blushed.“No, my young friend, it is fine to ask. We have two live in helpers that are really like family, five others assist us full time and two part time assistants on weekend when the others are off. We also adopted two boys from Nicaragua after the earth quake and they are both in boarding school in Switzerland. So this modest home has quite a few residents.”Sean smiled, thinking “modest home?”“I hope you k**s had a great night last night.” Juan Carlos addressing his old friend Antonio.“One could say that.” The big man responded with a deep laugh. Again Sean blushed and covered his face with one of the white linen napkins. “Sean, mi querido amigo, you will never hear this from Antonio because he is way too modest. But he is a direct descendent of a famous and some say infamous Spanish Marquis: Inigo Lopez de Mendoza, Marquis of Santillana. As the oldest son of the oldest son he follows his progenitor in the title. If we were not in the United States which disavows European titles as a Republic, that big and handsome young man would have direct access to the King of Spain and be in a diplomatic post now.” Now it was Antonio’s turn to blush, but he hid it well. “Yes, that and two dollars gets me on the bus.” “Don’t put that down, as I have told you at least one hundred times. This may be a Republic, and I am a Republican, to the chagrin of most of our gay friends, but I became one at Yale when I rebelled against my Marxist professors. If, God forbid, we become an independent country, those titles would be legally restored. Throughout their leisurely lunch of two hours, Sean admired the lawyer and the doctor’s pleasant banterdisagreeing on almost everything including politics, but their love and commitment was both obvious and deeply moving. Juan Carlos, one of the most respected lawyers on the Island, speaking Ex Cathedra, declared something to be so, in his authoritarian voice which caused judges not to question his pronouncements on law; his partner willing to be excommunicated took the exact opposite position and usually won. This was all very amusing. But more importantly it displayed to Sean how two men could live together as a couple and be so normal and natural. He had not been exposed to this type of relationship before and this is why of the many places Antonio could have taken him, he chose this place. After lunch, the two went back to their room and Sean said: “You know Antonio, I feel bad for poor William. He may be a manipulative bitch, but he is my friend and I feel a bit guilty. Here I am with the love of my life having a great time and there the fat bastard is alone in our room.“So call him, after we settle back down in bed.” Both boys stripped and after taking lube and greasing his ass and his partner’s big dark pole, Sean moved his ass back being filled again in what was now becoming a great way to relax, impaled in your own bed.“Hi. How are you Willie?” Sean asked cheerfully.“I am having a fabulous time, darling!” William elongating fabulous in his queenly way.“Are you and that skinny spic having a good time?”“That is so nice, girl, where does that hibaro live, a shanty shack?” William was so pleased with himself that he didn’t have to pay for sex this time and for once he was being luckier than his cute roommate of whom he was secretly jealous. Sean responded: “Yes, but its more important to have love on this trip rather than being elegant.”“I hope you have indoor plumbing. Ha ha ha! “ William was being nasty having no idea.“Of course I am not alone, silly, am I Roger?” Miller placed his cell phone between him and Norris.“No, you are not, Daddy Bear.” Roger’s voice sounded soft, as if he was ten years younger. Which would still be older than the Big Bear.“I am so happy for you Bhuda Bear” Sean said, smiling broadly.“Roger only lives a few hours away and we plan on becoming lovers. I think I found the right guy this time. I am so glad that muscular Spic left. All he had was a big dick, nothing else to offer. I could never settle down with a dirty Rican whore.”Antonio, who could hear the conversation just held his breath and squeezed his boy and smiled at the rude insult. “Princess, I