Sometimes you find your fetish. Sometimes the foot fetish finds you, I’m no stranger to fetishes, even the infamous foot fetish. I’m the first one to admit that I’m a slut. I get wet at the drop of a hat. But there are some times when I think to myself, “Really, Cheryle? You had to get turned on here?”

One of those times was this weekend, at a nail salon. I love pampering myself, getting nails done so my fingers and toes look as beautiful as possible. My appointment early Saturday morning, I always pay extra to get in before they open, entering the salon I was greeted by Adriana her blonde hair glistened in the morning sun coming through the window. She greeted me and led me to her station. Taking my place in the comfy leather chair she removed my flip flops from my small cute feet, placing them in the warm water, soaking my feet while I looked at my phone. My feet deserved to be pampered after walking around in heels all week.

After my feet had soaked, Adriana came back, I noticed her slender figure and small perky breast. She carried oils and lotion, removed my feet slowly, one by one drying them with a soft towel, taking them in her delicate hands, rolling them around and massaging my greater foot with oil. Her delicate hands rubbed lotion everywhere: the heel of my foot, my arch, in between my toes. Without knowing it, she’d bursa escort tickled me and it felt so profoundly intimate her working my toes in such a manner.

Then my pussy kicked in. Hello, it said. We like this. Though Adriana didn’t notice, I blushed furiously. I hadn’t expected to feel so good during a routine pedicure, but Adriana had something special. Fearing how long this would go, I tried to fight the feeling.

“Feel good?” she said with a smile. Adriana was gorgeous I starred into her hazel colored eyes, silently, afraid my voice would reveal my desire, nodding my approval, she continued her work with a skill few have.

Adriana pushed and prodded my feet, digging into the soft balls of my feet. Knuckles enclosed around my toes and popping them in a strange chiropractic manner. The lotion felt like spit on my feet, I dreamed of her sucking my toes making me even wetter, trying to be cool so she wouldn’t notice. I tried no to adjust myself, knowing I would be leaving a huge wet spot on the leather chair.

Images of our naked bodies intertwined dancing through my head. Staring down at her beauty servicing my feet desire building.

She trimmed and filed my nails, my heat grew watching her pamper my little feet, the site of her at my feet serving my feet and toes moving me to the edge. Alone with bursa escort bayan her in the deserted shop that early Saturday morning my hand slid down inside my yoga pants through my neatly trimmed red bush. Working my swollen clit moaning at my touch.

Lost in the magical moment, laying my head back in the comfy leather chair, closing my eyes to the wonderful feelings. I felt her hot breath on my toes then her warm mouth sucking on my toes. Shaking beyond the point of no return I succumb to an earth shattering orgasm.

“Feel better?” her voice playful and light.

I smiled has she began applying the polish to my toes. My cute little feet felt wonderful pampered, shaped, smooth, freshly polished, my feet are gorgeous I thought watching them has they dried. More customers and employees started coming in surly a busy day at the salon was ahead that’s why I always made my appointment early.

I paid Adriana, tipping generously, handing her a note with my address, which read stop by for a glass of wine after work you deserve it. Has I stood to leave the wet spot I left on the chair was much bigger than I feared it would be.

I laid on the couch in my Depaul university t-shirt and boy shorts strumming my old guitar. When around seven my buzzer rang “It’s Adriana from the salon,” Her voice seemed magical escort bursa through the little speaker.

Buzzing her up I opened the door slightly and poured two glasses of wine. She entered my door shyly I handed her a glass and said “Cheers.” We sat on the loveseat I turned to face her folding my legs under me. She slip off her shoes and did the same.

We chatted for hours, laughing, giggling, drinking wine. Her legs had stretch out her gorgeous feet finding my lap. I caressed her smooth legs finally working her feet has she had mine early in the day. Prodded each foot, digging into the soft balls of her feet. Knuckles enclosed around her soft toes popping them lightly. Sucking each toe in my mouth working my tongue around them. Her moans telling me I was on the right track.

I was loving every minute of servicing her lovely feet, reading my mind, she removed her top freeing her breast.

Her hands sliding inside her pants pushing them down exposing a hairless pussy I needed to taste. I crawled between her legs, licking my way up, flicking her clit with my tongue. She manage to free her legs from her pants wrapping them around my head, pushing me down, fucking my face, my tongue exploring her insides. Her smooth pussy felt wonderful, her scent filling the air, her moans grew louder.

Her hands in my long red hair, her pleasure flowing through me, my tongue straining, juices dripping down my chin. Her body shaking in delight, I lingered there, finally crawling up her body slowly, finding her lips we kiss fervently.

Life’s secrets revealed…. Thank you for reading my story.