Kat has a Dog Ch. 04


I awoke again at 5AM but this time to the smell of coffee. Opening my eyes I saw Kat sitting there, sipping her coffee and staring at me with a smile. “You looked so peaceful just sleeping there,” she said. I threw off the sheet exposing my morning wood. Kat giggled. “Someone must have been dreaming of something.”

“Or someone,” I said as I rose and kissed her. “You’re up early,” I commented. “What’s on your agenda today?”

“Well, a quick shower, breakfast, then off to Kinsale to visit family,” Kat replied.

“Is your shower big enough for two?” I murmured as I embraced her.

“Let’s find out,” Kat whispered. Soon the warm water was cascading over us. “Irish hotel rules,” Kat laughed as she began soaping up my body. “Turn around and let me get your back.” As she was soaping my back I felt her hard cock between my cheeks. “Better get clean inside and out,” she murmured. I bent forward and felt her cock slip into my ass. “Mmmmm,” she sighed. Reaching around her hand gripped my shaft and she began stroking me in time to her thrusts.

“God, Kat,” I gasped. “You are one incredible lady.” I began pushing back as her pace increased. Soon we were both grunting in unison. The sensations of her cock in my ass and her hand on my cock were unbelievable! Finally, with one more hard thrust she buried her cock in me and simultaneously my cock erupted coating the shower wall. As I slowly straightened up her hands wrapped around my chest and she laid her head against my back as she embraced me. I felt her cock pop out of me and I turned and wrapped my arms around her. Soaping up my hand I fondled her soft cock as our tongues danced. “I wish we didn’t have to go,” I murmured.

Kat looked up at me with a soft smile. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” she quoted.

“I don’t think my heart can grow even more fonder of you, Kat. I’ll be thinking of nothing but you today.”

“I feel the same way, Jim,” Kat responded. Reluctantly, we parted as we grabbed towels to dry off. “Where are you headed today?” Kat asked.

“This morning we get a tour of the Guinness factory. Then on to Glendalough and we’ll end up in Kilkenny tonight.”

“Glendalough, eh? That must mean you’re going to visit St. Kevin’s church,” Kat said.

“St. Kevin’s? That must be a pretty famous place.”

“Yes, every Irish child has heard of St. Kevin and his church is a popular destination,” Kat replied. “I remember visiting when I was 10 or 11. How long will you be in Kilkenny?”

“We’re istanbul escort scheduled there tonight and tomorrow night. Then on to Cork.”

“Cork you say? I’ll not be far from there in Kinsale.”

“So, you’re saying there’s a chance I might see you again?” I asked.

“No,” Kat replied. “No chance.”

I was crestfallen and it must have showed in my face.

Kat laughed. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean no chance as in no chance. I meant chance will have nothing to do with it. You WILL see me again.” She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a slow languid kiss. “You don’t know what you got yourself into, Jim,” she sighed. “I don’t think I can leave you alone now.”

I kissed her again. “There’s no one I’d rather be with than you, Kat. I truly mean what I said earlier – you are an incredible woman. And it’s not just the sex, as awesome as it is. You are the complete package – brains, looks, and the confidence you exude in who you are. After my wife died I never thought I’d be able to find another person I could love as much. But I do love you just as much, Kat.”

Kat looked into my eyes. “You’re pretty incredible yourself, Jim. I’ve never felt so free to share myself with someone. You’re just so comfortable to be with.” She kissed me again. “You better get going,” she said. “You’ll miss your bus.”

“I’d rather miss my bus than miss you,” I sighed as I hugged her.

“Here,” Kat said as she handed me a pair of her boy shorts. “Wear these so you don’t forget about me.”

“Mmmm,” I whispered. “No chance of me forgetting you.” I kissed her again and donned the shorts. My hard cock peeked out the top.

“Hmmm,” Kat said. “They don’t seem to fit. Let me see if I can help.” She lowered her head and engulfed my cock. I looked over into the full length mirror. The sight of the boy shorts on me and her bobbing head was too much. Her talented tongue and the vibrations from her humming swiftly brought me to a mind shattering climax. I filled her mouth with several ropes of cum. She licked me clean and then shared my cum in a kiss. “There,” she said. “Now we both have something to remember. Let me know when you get to Cork,” she said patting my now soft cock.

I finished dressing as she told me of some sites to visit in Kilkenny. Then with one last kiss I headed back to the hotel and my bus. It felt so erotic wearing her boy shorts. I could get used to these I thought.

As I walked into the hotel lobby Brad and Patti were waiting escort bayan to board the bus. “Wow, you just getting in from a wild night?” Brad laughed. “You know, for a conservative CPA, you sure show your wild side when you leave the country.”

“Well,” I said sheepishly, “I did happen to meet someone last night.”

“Details, tell us all about it,” Brad clamored.

Patti admonished Brad. “He’ll tell us when he wants to tell us, Brad.” She smiled at me. Brad and Patti were not only clients but had been close family friends for almost thirty years. Our children had gone to school together and they had loved my wife. They were as shocked as anyone when she suddenly died about two years prior.

“I better change quick. Be right back down,” I said as I headed to my room. I quickly donned a change of clothes (except for Kat’s boy shorts), threw my stuff into the suitcase and went back down to the lobby. The bus had just arrived so I went out and gave my bag to the driver who was stowing the luggage. I filed onto the bus. As I passed Brad and Patti on the way to my seat Brad gave me a big grin and a thumbs up as Patti hit his arm.

I’m more a wine or hard cider fan than beer but the Guinness tour was interesting. Then it was off to Glendalough. St. Kevin’s church was a magnificent ruin. Surrounded by an ancient graveyard the old building did exude a sacred air. It was a beautiful setting with the farm field surrounding it and a stream coursing through the woods. Then it was back on the bus and off to Kilkenny with a stop at the Avoca mill along the way to see the fine woolens and have lunch in their gift shop. We arrived in Kilkenny late in the afternoon. After checking in to the Pembroke, we gathered that evening for a group dinner. The five couples and I had the opportunity to dine at one long table. When Larry mentioned that I had been scarce of the evenings Brad blurted out with a grin “He’s been busy!” The group looked at me expectantly.

I just shook my head. “Had to get my steps in,” I said. “What’s for dessert?” Everyone laughed as they all knew my penchant for sweets. Conversation resumed and we had a pleasant evening.

The following day included a tour of Kilkenny Castle and a lunch across the street from it. I had Brad take a picture of me standing in the castle courtyard so I could text it to my kids (or so I said). I did send it to my kids and then I sent it off to Kat. For dinner we were on our own. Leonard and Karen found a nice place Ataşehir escort and we all sat around discussing the trip and the sights we’d seen so far. After dinner we found a pub with some local musicians playing some lively Irish tunes. While they enjoyed the Guinness or some good Irish whiskey I nursed my Bulmers. Although at times I felt like the odd man out, my friends made every effort to include me in their conversations. I was just looking forward to tomorrow when we would be headed to Cork! After we returned to the Pembroke I took a shower and prepared for bed. My phone buzzed. A message from Kat! She had sent me a picture of herself bent over her bed with a vibrator stuck in her ass. The caption of the picture was Missing You with a big kiss. Instantly I was hard! I snapped a picture of my impossibly hard cock and sent it to her with the caption You Looking For This? My phone rang. Kat wanted to FaceTime me. I answered. She had set her phone up so it could capture her entirely. “Sorry, Jim,” she whispered. “I couldn’t wait.” With one hand she was plunging her vibrator into her ass while she stroked her cock with her other hand. I knew if I touched my cock I would immediately explode. I could hear Kat softly moaning.

“You are so beautiful, Kat,” I said. “I’ve been missing you.”

“I’ve missed you too, Jim,” Kat gasped. Her pace increased. Her hands were a blur. She was looking me in the eyes.

“Cum for me, Kat,” I hissed. “Let me see that wonderful cum.”

With a soft cry I saw her body spasm. She shoved the vibrator deep into her ass. Rope after rope of cum erupted from her cock covering her flat stomach. I saw her beautiful tiny tits quiver as an aftershock rippled across her body. I could hear her shallow breathing. She softly smiled at me. “Now I’ll be able to sleep,” she said quietly.

“And I’ll be able to dream of you,” I replied.

“Do you need any help getting off tonight?” Kat asked.

“No,” I replied. “I’m saving it all up for you.” I blew her a kiss.

“In that case, I won’t have anything to eat tomorrow,” Kat giggled. “I’ll want to make sure there’s room in my stomach for your load.”

“How thoughtful,” I laughed. “If there’s any that doesn’t fit I’m sure you won’t mind sharing. Good night, beautiful. Sweet dreams.”

Kat smiled again. “Yes, indeed, very sweet. Just make sure you have no wet dreams!” She giggled again. God did I love this woman!

“I’ll let you know when I’ll be arriving tomorrow,” I said. “See you then. And Kat, I love you!”

“I love you too, Jim,” Kat softly whispered. We blew each other kisses and signed off.

It took all my willpower but I fought off the urge to grab my cock and stroke it. Instead, I headed back to the shower. This time for a cold one!