Gary “The Cuck” Clark Ch. 01


About 2 years ago, my wife Marci and I were watching a movie about a Black guy who was having an affair with a white married woman. It was a great show and I told Marci that most all of my sexual fantasies involved her and numerous well-hung Black men. To say the least, she was not too impressed. She wasn’t mad but she let me know that pigs would fly before my fantasy would ever be fulfilled.

At the time Marci was 30, pretty and sexy with a Bikini figure, even though she was still getting back in shape from having our daughter Lori a year before. She was 5’10¨ with long “dirty” blond hair. She had the smoothest milky white skin I have ever seen and not a blemish anywhere, not even a tan line. Living in Portland, OR takes care of the tan line problem.

I have always been a leg and ass man and that is what caught my eye when I first met Marci. She has a great ass and long slender legs that look as good as the models’ legs on the Haines commercials. My fantasy about seeing her with black men had really began with my first wife.

Just the thought of watching some Black guy using my wife like a slut has always been a guaranteed hard on.

I was checking my e-mail one day and an Internet buddy had sent me a great interracial site link. What was better than the pics was an article on “How to turn your wife into a Whore for Black Cock”. Just the title of the article was enough for me to decided to take their advice and put my plan to action. I didn’t care how long it would take; my sweet wife Marci would become a “Whore for Black Cock”.

I started renting movies that mostly featured Blacks on Blonds. She liked the movies and whenever we had sex after watching one I would make sure that the sex was awesome. I got her to loosen up a little and we did some role-playing with her pretending that she was getting it on with a Black guy instead of me. I would fuck her doggie style, talk dirty to her and treat her like a slut. She liked that better than the movies and she started having multiple orgasms.

Within a month or two, it became something we did every time we had sex. Not only that, but we were having sex more than ever. The sex was great but what made it even more exciting was knowing that it would not be long before I would see a big Black cock buried deep in her hot tight cunt.

Marci & I had decided that she should be a “stay at home” Mom until Lori started school. We really didn’t need the money and Marci liked taking a leave from work as a Paralegal but she was getting a little bored with nothing to do.

She told me one day that she was having daytime fantasies about “you know what” and I came up with an idea for her. The Internet. I set her down at the computer and pulled up a search engine. I let the engine pull up some sites that I already knew and made it look like we were searching together. Within an hour she was introduced to the “Green Guy” web site a few interracial sites and a couple of Cyber Sex chat rooms. Everything a Girl would need.

Every evening when I came home from work, I would check her history to see where she had been. I didn’t say anything to her about the computer because I didn’t want to make it look like I was pushing her and she didn’t know that the computer would record her activities. I thought that I would let nature take its course and sure enough, after a week or so, she was racking up the hits the interracial sites. Next came the Cyber Sex chat rooms. She called herself “Jade”. I could log on from work and watch my wife “Cyber Fuck” like the best of them. She never knew it, but I fucked “Jade” a couple of times myself.

My plan was working better than I had hoped and decided to move to the next phase. “A live Black cock for Marci”. I didn’t have the nerve to just walk up to some Black guy and say, “Hey Dude, want to fuck my wife”? I figured a lot of Black guys would take that as a racial thing and beat the crap out of me. I decided to place an advertisement on a couple of swinger sites and within a day, three different Black guys responded. I talked to all three and decided on a divorced guy named Bill who lived about 30 miles away. He was about the same age as Marci, which was about 10 years younger than I was. He was a “suit and tie” kind of guy, athletic, friendly, safe and sported a fat 9¨ tool. He was exactly what I had envisioned to be the first Black guy to fuck my wife.

Marci was still not a sure thing by any stretch but it would be just a matter of time before she would “cave” with a little seducing by Bill. I told Bill that he & I should become “best” friends because, sooner or later, Marci would be “ready” and when she was, she would be his to do with as he pleased. I showed him some photos of Marci and in an instant he was my new “best” friend. Bill and I would go out for beers after work at a local sports bar. The place would be packed with a lot of guys watching the games on the big screens, and none of them had a clue as to what was going on at the table with the white guy drinking beer with a Black guy. It was quite a turn on sitting there with Bill discussing the old fine sport of “wife fucking”.

I told Marci about Bill for a couple of weeks before I introduced them. I told her that he was a friend Anadolu Yakası Esmer Escort and left out the fact that he was Black until she met him. She was hitting the interracial sites as much as ever and I knew that she would not be able to just think about Bill as a friend. Bill started coming over after work a couple of times a week to visit. I arranged to be late from time to time so that they would be alone and give Bill a chance to work his charm without me being present. Bill arrived at the house one evening knowing that I wouldn’t be home for another 30 minutes. Marci let him in and told him that I wasn’t home yet and that he could wait. She went into the kitchen and was working at the sink. Bill walked up behind her and put his hand on her hip while he was talking to her. She didn’t seem to mind so he let his hand slide down a little lower and copped a feel. She pretended not to notice. Bill told me when I got home that we were nearing the time of Marci’s introduction to Black Cock.

That night when we were having sex, and she was pretending that I was a Black guy, I told her to think of me as Bill. I think that is what made the difference, because as soon as I said it, she started to have an orgasm and screamed, “Fuck me Bill, give me that big Black cock”. Afterward, we were lying in bed getting ready to go to sleep. I pulled her up close to me and I told her again how I would like to watch her fuck a Black man and if she really wanted Bill to “give her his big Black cock”, I would arrange it. She looked at me and said that she loved me.

She didn’t say no! That was her way of saying she was ready! I told her that I loved her more than she could know and that whatever happened was my idea and that it was what I wanted. She told me that she wasn’t sure if Bill would do it. “Are you kidding?” I said. I told her that Bill had told me how sexy she was and how he would want to make love to her. Then she nailed me right between the eyes. “Gary” she said, I don’t want him to make love to me. I want him to fuck me like a slut. That IS what you want isn’t it?” Then she said, “Yes I’m kidding! Do you think that I don’t know what you two have been up to? You’ve been manipulating me for months to get me to fuck Black men. The thought had never entered my mind until you planted it there and nurtured it. It worked, congratulations dear, you are going to get your wish. I just hope you have thought through this because once I get fucked, there is no changing it. If you want to go through with this I have some terms.” (The paralegal in her was speaking)

“I will do it once and if I don’t like it, it’s over and we don’t talk about it ever again. On the other hand, If I like fucking other men, which I think will be the case, I will still be your wife but I am going to fuck anyone I like and you are going to enjoy it whether you like it or not. The final decision is yours Dear!” I called Bill.

I set it up for the following Saturday night. It was 6 days away, but I wanted to take all week to get ready. Both Bill and I were off all weekend and my sister, Brenda, agreed to watch Lori for the weekend. I took Marci out shopping for some “slut” outfits. We hit Victoria Secrets for the stockings and undergarments. It took five other stores to find the super short skirts and tight blouses. What a turn on that was, buying clothing for my wife that she would wear for another man. Marci told me on the way home that, to make it better, we should abstain from sex for the rest of the week. She told me that it would be just as hard for her because she was thinking about what was coming as much as I was. I doubted that.

Saturday morning I got up early and mowed the lawn. I was so nervous my hands were shaking so I decided to do something physical just to calm down. About noon, I took Lori over to my kid sister’s house. Brenda was 33, a single “Soccer Mom” raising 16-year-old twin girls. Karen and Susie Ann. Brenda had gotten pregnant in High School and married her boyfriend Rick. Rick took off with his secretary when the twins were nine and left Brenda with nothing. She put herself thru school and was now working for a high tech company with stock options that would take care of her for life. Rick was really stupid. The twins were 5’9¨ but Brenda was only 5’4¨ and really tiny. She made up for her size in the fact that she was stacked. Rick used to joke that Brenda may not weigh much but she was all T & A. Brenda wore her brunette hair short and liked to wear tight fitting Levis and tennis shoes. Marci told me one day as Brenda was walking ahead of us with her twins, that Brenda looked like the girls’ kid sister instead of mine. Brenda dated a lot of different guys and had a bit of a reputation of being “hot to trot” after having a couple of drinks. She was having too much fun playing the field than to even consider getting married again. I told Brenda that I would pick up Lori Sunday afternoon when we returned from our romantic weekend at the coast.

When I got back to the house, Marci was waiting for me and asked me which outfit looked best. We tried different combinations until I found the one that really said, “Fuck Me”. It was a tight white silk blouse, very low cut, a Anadolu Yakası Eve Gelen Escort red print jersey skirt that just covered her butt cheeks, a white garter belt with white nylons and white high heel shoes. No bra or panties. When I told her that I didn’t want anything getting in the way of Bill’s cock and her cunt, she got so hot that she started getting wet. Actually, she was getting very wet. I made a mental note to take along a couple of towels for the leather seat in the Lexus.

When it was time to start getting ready, I poured a bath for Marci. I used some of the perfume that I bought for her on our anniversary. I put on some soft music, lit a few candles, put her in the tub, and bathed her. While I was washing her hair she almost fell asleep. How could she be so calm this close to getting her cunt fucked by Bill’s Black cock? While she was sitting on the edge of the tub drying her hair she asked me to shave her pussy. “What!” I said. “All sluts have shaved cunts,” she said smiling at me. (They also had tattoos but that would have to wait.) I took my time shaving her and she told me how Bill would appreciate what I was doing for him. She told me to kiss it because the next time I kissed it, it would be full of his cum. I thought at the time she was joking with me. She was teasing me and loving every moment. The more she teased the hotter and wetter she got.

I perfumed her and dressed her. (I would have done her hair and makeup, but It wouldn’t have looked as good as she did it.) As I was hooking her nylons she told me that she felt like a sacrifice. Nothing could have been closer to the truth. My virgin wife was being sacrificed to a great Black cock.

We left for Bill’s house. I called and told him that we were a little early. No problem for Bill. “The sooner, the better” he said. He knew from our conversations at the Sport’s bar what I wanted. He had had other white wives in the past and he also knew what Marci wanted and needed. Condoms would not be required. Marci had her tubes tied when Lori was born so getting pregnant wasn’t a worry. That wasn’t the main reason condoms would not be used. I wanted to see Marci covered in Bill’s cum. I had a dream years ago where Marci was nude and getting gangbanged by four Black guys all at the same time. She had a cock in her mouth, one in her hand, one in her cunt and one up her ass. In the dream, she saw me watching. The Black guys disappeared and she came walking toward me. In the dim light I could see cum running down her legs and there was a thin silver line of cum running from the corner of her mouth. She came to me and pressed her lips on mine and began to make love to me. I could taste cum on her lips and in her mouth. Then I woke up and found that I had cum all over myself. I wanted this dream to come true and it was now within reach.

It was a half hour drive to Bill’s house. We didn’t say much on the way over except for Marci stating how she “couldn’t believe that I was actually driving her to another man’s house so he could fuck her.” I couldn’t believe it either. When we pulled up in front of Bill’s I asked her if she still wanted to go in. She said, “I will go anywhere you want to take me.” Then she leaned over and kissed me. Marci had never been very submissive, but that kiss said it all. She was not only ready for Bill, but a gangbang with a football team would have been in order. At that moment, she would submit to anything I wanted!

Bill lived in a condo on the third floor overlooking the river. It was a nice place but I am not much into climbing three flights of stairs to get home. I led Marci by the hand to the bottom of the first staircase and she stepped in front of me and started up ahead of me. She looked and smelled great and she knew it. She knew what was waiting for her three flights up and all of a sudden she had a “bounce” to her step and was telling me to “get moving old man”. She was a slut on the prowl with no panties on and made sure that I got to see her cunt with each step. She would even bend over every few steps and tease me even more. When we got to Bill’s door, SHE rang the bell.

“Damn, you look good enough to eat” Bill said to Marci. She strutted past him and ran her finger under his chin. “I hope you are really hungry,” she said back to him. I thought I would burst. My heart was pumping triple time and things began to spin. “You look like you could use a drink Gary”, said Bill. I sat down on the sofa while Bill poured me a double JD. “There is more in the bar, help yourself. I plan on being a little to busy with Marci to be much of a host.”

Bill was wearing a black tight fitting t-shirt and tan Dockers. I never noticed how buffed he was until now. He shaved his head and it made him look like someone you didn’t want to mess with. Not the case with Marci. She wanted to mess with him in a big way. She was leaning against the bar with a drink of her own. The skirt she was wearing just covered the bottom of her ass but not the top of her stockings. God she looked fantastic. What a whore! If she wanted to look like she wasn’t interested in getting fucked, it wasn’t working. She was giving herself away as her nipples were like rocks and sticking out Anadolu Yakası Evi Olan Escort thru the tight silk blouse. Bill knew this cunt was a sure thing and wouldn’t need any foreplay. He walked over to her put an arm around her waist and pulled her up tight against him and put his tongue in her mouth and kissed her hard. She didn’t resist in the slightest. He moved his other hand to her ass cheek where he grabbed a hand full and squeezed hard. As he took hold of her ass he let go of her waist and moved his hand to her breast. There she was, in the arms of a Black man with his tongue in her mouth and hands on her tits and ass. Her arms went up around his big thick neck and like a slut, the fucking Bitch spread her legs apart so that Bill’s muscular thigh could move up against her cunt.

She began to move her hips up and down against his leg, rubbing her cunt against him. Then she raised her right knee up to his waist so that her cunt would be is fully exposed to him. My dick was getting so hard watching this it would have broken if I had bumped it on anything.

Bill moved his hand from her ass directly to her cunt where he wasted no time in inserting a couple of fingers. She moaned as he finger fucked her and she bucked her hips against his hand to get his fingers in deeper. Bill moved back from her and told me “she’s hotter n’ hell Gary, would you like me to fuck her for you?” Before I could answer, Marci jumped in with “Duh, that’s why were here Bill, you were going to show me what it’s like to be fucked by a Black cock, that is if you can get it up and you can figure out what to do with it.”

That’s when things got a little scary. Marci had Bill just where she wanted him. Pissed! Bill moved his hands to the front of her blouse and ripped it off of her. He did the same with her skirt. She was standing there just in her nylons and garter belt. He pushed her to her knees and unzipped his fly. As he began pulling out his cock, I became aware of the reality of what was going on. In a second or two, that big Black cock would be in her mouth. She glanced at me while at the same time taking the cock in her hand and, like she had been sucking it all of her life, placed the huge swollen purple head in her mouth and started sucking. As she sucked and licked his cock, she stared at me and moaned. I saw her hand go down to her cunt and she rubbed her clit as she sucked Bill’s great cock. She never took her eyes off me and except to close them. She was taking that monster cock deep in her throat and was jacking him off at the same time. Bill was saying things like “that’s it, suck that Black cock you fucking whore”. The more names he called her the more she liked it and just like that, she had her first orgasm. She pulled the cock out of her mouth and a long strand of pre-cum was hanging in the air. She had more pre-cum in and on her mouth than I cum in a whole load.

I am glad I picked Bill. He was an experienced White Wife Fucker and knew what to do. I was so out of it that I didn’t remember taking my pants off. I was sitting there wearing only my shirt with my dick in my hand.

Bill reached down and jerked Marci up from the floor and dragged her over to the sofa where I was sitting. He literally thru her over the back of the sofa next to me and got down on his knees and began to eat her pussy from the back. I thought she was going to come again the way she was moaning. She looked over at me, reached out and pulled my face up to hers and kissed me. She moved her lips around on mine to make sure that I got a good taste of Bill’s pre-cum. She pulled away, smiled and said, “There is a lot more where that came from lover boy.”

Bill stood up and placed his huge swollen cock on the crack of her ass. It looked a hell of a lot bigger than 9¨. Marci knew what was next.

She started moving her hips back and forth trying to speed up the inevitable. She wanted it bad. Bill moved the end of his saliva and pre-cum coated cock to her cunt and slowly inserted the tip into the tight opening. (I am five inches long and fairly think. Marci has always said that I have a great dick but a great dick is not a cock. There is a difference.) Bill was still pissed at Marci and he showed no mercy as he plunged it the rest of the way in. Marci screamed and made some motion to get away, but she was pinned in and unable to move even an inch. Bill had given her the “big one” all the way to the hilt. He withdrew it a couple of inches and gave it to her again and again. She wasn’t screaming now. She was panting and moving her legs further apart. Bill was holding on to Marci’s ass and started pumping and fucking her hard enough to make that unmistakable sound of his belly slapping against her ass. Marci was chanting “fuck me you bastard, give me that Black cock” and with each stroke she arched her back and raised her ass so she could take in every millimeter of Bill’s rock hard ebony shaft. It was only a few minutes and Marci had her second orgasm. The sight of that Black cock disappearing into her cunt over and over and the contrast of his black torso against her milk white skin was incredible. Both of them were working hard and their skin gleamed from perspiration. Bill stopped pumping, he was getting close to getting off and needed to slow down, but Marci started moving her cunt back and forth on Bill’s cock, milking it for all it was worth. Bill had her long hair in his hands and was standing still. He wasn’t fucking her and longer. She had taken over and she was fucking him. Marci, my sweet, lovely, and faithful wife had become a fucking whore for Black cock.