Tom , Genevieve’s First Encounter


Chapter 1, Genevieve makes an entrance

It was a warm mid-spring morning, you know the kind where the air is fresh but under the sun, you can immediately feel the heat of the impending day.

The door of the office was open and it was only Tom who was in so far today since the office manager Genevieve (Genie) was running a little late and the rest of the team worked remotely on Fridays.

Genie, is the kind of woman that any business wanted to keep around; In her early 40’s she is hyper organized, a great Mum, takes no shit from anyone, always immaculately dressed (often in killer yet understated heels) funny and hot! She takes care of herself and it really shows.

Genie and Tom’s relationship was solid. They both had families, and had a really great working understanding and apart from the usual harmless flirtatious banter, that’s where it always ended.

It was getting on for 10:30am and it was really unusual that Genie wasn’t in yet, and as Tom was about to call her and check in her car rolled up outside. As she got out Tom noticed she looked different to her normal immaculately turned-out self. Genie was half dressed for the office and half still in her gym kit.

Her usual 10 denier black tights and thigh length gray skirt were today instead of being adorned by the usual black Mary Jane courts on her feet, finished off with an oldish, well-worn pair of Converse, and instead of her usual perfectly pressed shirt, it was a loose-ish off the shoulder gym t-shirt and sports bra underneath. To Tom’s eye the T-shirt also looked freshly worked out in, since he could see a small but faint sweat patch on her chest.

Her hair was messily bunched up in a high ponytail too as if straight from the yoga mat.

Tom was never worried about his employees dress code, they ran a creative business so anything went, but since it was unusual for Genie to dress like this, as she came through the door slightly flustered and apologetic, he just said “strange combo for a workout, Genie!?”.

She coyly glanced back at him saying that she’d been working out at home and lost track of time, so she’d rushed out without thinking, or having time for a shower. “I’m so sorry Tom, I’ll stay over the other side of the office today in case I smell bad” she said simultaneously, actually feeling bad, but also with a wry smile.

This piqued Tom’s interest somewhat, there was no doubt he always found Genie attractive, but the routine and “properness” of their day to day had always overridden anything else, but today he had suddenly felt different. Seeing Genie dressed down, slightly disheveled but still as effortlessly sexy as always like that had got his mind racing, added to that Tom’s penchant for women in gym kit and his undeniable fetish for the scent of a woman (one of his more visceral kinks), he started to find himself distracted after Genie arrived.

It was around 11am now, and Genie had just brought Tom his coffee over after running some mundane tasks. As she got close, Tom caught a subtle but sweet scent of Genie. Like a soft, delicate kind of sweat that was fresh enough not to be in any way offensive. Tom also noticed that through her loose fitting shirt her sports bra was still wet. Maybe this is what he could smell. Either way it kind of drove him a little crazy, and as Genie walked away he found himself staring at her.

Tom was a million miles away all of a sudden, imagining running his hands over her slightly clammy body and pulling his face close to her neck, deeply inhaling her scent while running his hand up her nylon clad thighs…

“Tom! Helloooo, anyone there?!”, said Genie. Tom snapped out of his trance to see Genie in front of him. “You were a million miles away Tom, I’d love to know what was going through your mind”, she said. Tom felt and evidently looked a little Anadolu Yakası Escort flustered and kind of mumbled indiscriminately back to her before excusing himself for a moment.

When Tom returned from the bathroom, he saw Genie was sitting in his seat, tapping away at his keyboard. Legs crossed, with one of her converse on the floor, having been dangled off of her foot. The way she arched her toes back in her tights showing a glint at her perfect pedicure she had underneath them as well as her perfectly shaped arches was another trigger for Tom. Feet were another big thing for him. So much so, (and this was not something he was proud of), that on occasions when working late, if Genie had left her work heels under her desk for the night, Tom had picked them up, and ended up licking and sniffing them while he masturbated. It was something that felt so raw and powerful to him, but also wrong since he had so much respect for Genie. Sometimes he just couldn’t help himself.

As Genie sat in Tom’s chair she said “I just thought I’d run those numbers for you Tom, you seem distracted today”… I told you she was an absolute legend.

He thanked her and sat down next to her to check things over. He was close enough now that he could see her perfect feet, one still clad in the worn converse shoe, the other hanging over the floor as if to entice him purposefully. Tom could also pick up the faint scent of her feet from where he was sat, and had clearly drifted off in a trance once again as Genie remarked… “Oi, you stop staring at my dirty shoes and check these numbers for me will you”. Tom felt so busted, and maybe felt compelled to explain himself. He tried, but was stopped in his tracks when Genie said cheekily “It’s ok, I know you’re kind of into feet, and of course mine are very pretty”.

Tom was totally taken aback and embarrassed. He didn’t know what to say or do, so just pretended like he had heard nothing and started to check over the numbers Genie had laid out for him.

Staring at his screen and nothing going in, just thinking about what Genie had just said to him, Tom could think of nothing other than how Genie knew he had a thing for feet.

Chapter 2 — The secret is out

It was around midday now, and it was warm inside and out. As Tom stared aimlessly at his screen Genie got up and went to the bathroom. As she left she kicked off her other shoe underneath Tom’s desk remarking “it’s too warm for those today, I should have dressed better shouldn’t I”.

As Genie made it to the bathroom Tom just stared at the shoes on the floor in front of him. Never would he have experienced them so fresh from Genie’s feet, but she was just in the other room, he had to be rational. Before he knew it though Tom had reached down and grabbed the shoe that Genie had just taken off and brought it up to his face, deeply inhaling what felt like a cocktail of the most incredible scents to him. He was lost. This was such an overwhelming experience, his heart was racing, his trousers starting to bulge, he had no idea that Genie had already made it back and was staring at him holding her shoe up to his face.

“What the fuck Tom?!”, she said softly but sternly.

Tom was absolutely mortified. He’d let his desire get in the way of a really good thing, this was certainly going to completely fuck up their personal and professional relationships. He threw the shoe down to the floor before standing up, walking away and apologising profusely, not being able to look Genie in the eye.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck Genie, I’m so sorry…” said Tom over and over. Genie, walked towards Tom and put her hand on his shoulder and said very tenderly to him; “Tom it’s ok, we’re all human, and I know it’s not the first time you’ve done it, I kind of set you up this morning if I’m being completely Kurtköy Escort honest with you”. The look in Genie’s eyes as she said this was simultaneously the most innocent and filthy expression you can imagine rolled into one.

Everything in Tom’s world just stopped for a moment. He thought “So, she knows I’m into feet, and she purposefully dressed like this today and left me the shoes, what else does she know… WTF!?”. While Tom was lost in his thoughts, Genie had gone and collected her shoes and sat on the sofa next to where Tom was standing. She looked up at him naughtily and said “Please Tom, show me what you like to do with my shoes, I really want to see”. Holding out her shoes to him, Genie leant back against the arm of the sofa, her skirt slightly hitched up. Tom noticed that she wasn’t wearing underwear underneath her tights and he could see her pussy pressed up against the thin and mostly transparent material. In truth he’d imagined her pussy before whenever he’d cum with her shoes and how he would have loved to been able to inhale her most intimate scent but to see it in front of him, with Genie gesturing that she might play a little if Tom gave in to her demand, this was a new level of anticipation.

Tom seized the moment realising this could be his only chance to play out something he’d thought of time and time again, grabbed Genie’s shoe from her, and also one of her feet, bringing them close together in front of his face, he plunged his nose right in between Genie’s foot and shoe, making her gasp with surprise.

The scent was spectacular. Genie’s foot was still warm and slightly clammy, even through her tights. Tom was instantly made rock hard and couldn’t resist rubbing his cock outside of his trousers while he slipped deeper into Genie’s aroma.

Genie was totally surprised by how Tom had switched from being so apologetic into something far more animalistic. This is the exact effect that feet and the sweet sweaty scent of a woman had on Tom, this was now out of even his control.

Genie whispered to Tom; “More, show me more” while her hand was now rubbing her pussy softly through her tights. Tom didn’t hesitate and without thinking twice, ripped open the foot of Genie’s tights to expose her perfectly pedicured red toes and a sole that Tom would have died for. With Genie’s bare foot now in front of him his tongue now made its way from her heel all the way to her toes before Tom took Genie’s toes in his mouth, gathering every last ounce of sweat there was on them. This sent Genie wild, her hand plunged inside her tights now, two of her fingers penetrating her pussy which Tom could see was so wet.

Tom’s cock was now so tight in his trousers as he continued to caress himself in front of Genie, she was staring at it intensely as if she was lusting after it with just her eyes. By now, Tom knew exactly what this look was telling him, and he gestured down to his trousers without saying a word… Genie in return, nodded slowly at him and simply said… “I want it Tom, show me!”

Chapter 3 — There’s no going back now

Both Tom & Genie knew what was about to happen, yet neither of them stopped to say anything, somehow they just knew that it was fine and there was a complete comfort in this silence that seemed to create a freedom about how this was about to play out.

Tom knew he had nothing to worry about in showing himself to Genie, he was never the biggest in the locker room, but had never felt shy about his dick either. As he pulled it from his underwear, Genie winced, took her hand from her soaking wet tights and wrapped it around Tom’s girth, covering him in her juices in the process. Genie then proceeded to peel off her ripped tights in front of Tom exposing her long toned legs, both feet and all of her swollen pussy.

She Pendik Escort scrunched them up, handing them to Tom, and before grabbing his cock in her hand, said to Tom “Taste all of me”.

Tom took Genie’s tights and buried his face into them. It was so overwhelming, the incredible mixture of her sweat, feet, pussy and ass all together, he had to try really hard not to cum right there and then in Genie’s hand. She started working along the length of his shaft while her other hand was back inside herself.

Genie felt her first orgasm building. She knelt down and took the end of Tom’s cock on her tongue and made Tom grab her hair to pull her into him. As Tom fucked Genie’s mouth a little harder with every thrust genie was moaning and fucking herself faster and faster until her grip of Tom’s dick tightened and she gushed cum all over the sofa beneath her, soaking it and her feet below. Tom could not believe what he’d just seen. Genie fell back onto the sofa, breathing like she’d just sprinted a whole marathon, her pussy twitching while Tom’s hard cock, completely soaked with her spit stood there right in front of her.

No sooner the initial moment ecstasy had passed for Genie, she gestured to Tom that she wanted more. Her feet were covered in her sticky cum and Tom fucking knew it. Genie held both glistening feet up in front of Tom and said “Please fuck me Tom, I’ve wanted you to fuck me for such a long time”.

Tom knelt down, Genie’s legs in the air, her ass soaked with her recent orgasm and he got close enough to her pussy that he could make out every detail of her still swollen clit. Tom plunged his tongue inside Genie, she let out a little, concealed scream of pleasure, his hands gently caressing both Genie’s clit and asshole. He was frantic, not knowing what to do, he just wanted all of Genie and he wanted it now.

Tom stood up, Genie still laid, legs up on the sofa and placed his cock at the opening of her pussy and her wet, sticky feet rested on his chest. They looked at one another and exchanged a knowing smile. It was sweet, but it was also deeply physically driven. Genie was still so wet that with the slightest of force, Tom’s cock plunged all the way in. They both moaned so deeply with the satisfaction of the connection and with how good it felt.

Genie began rocking back and forth in to Tom, pushing him as deep as she was able to take, she forced one of her feet in to his face. Tom pushed back bringing them together with such force that it felt impossible they could be any closer.

Tom was now fucking Genie as hard as he could, Genie was moaning with every thrust, brining them each closer and closer to climax together. As he felt his orgasm build and Genie was also rubbing herself to another one Tom lifted Genie up and turned her over, taking in the view of his dick deep inside her just below her tight asshole. The view was just too much for Tom, he pulled out of Genie allowing her to fill herself again with her fingers, grabbed her messy hair from behind and let loose an intense and explosive orgasm. Cum reached from Genie’s ass cheeks all the way to her neck, over her shoulders covering nearly every exposed area.

Genie reached back, taking a handful of Tom’s hot cum and delivering it straight to her mouth as she begged for Tom’s cock back inside her.

Tom obliged, still hard from before. Somehow he felt bigger this time as Genie’s pussy tightened and clenched around him for her second, this time much deeper orgasm. Shouting Tom’s name as she came all over his cock this time.

Chapter 4 — Aftermath

Genie fell away from Tom like a rag doll, slumped on the sofa, the pair of them breathing fast and heavy both taking in the levels of pleasure that they’d just brought one another to.

Tom leant over, gave Genie a very Tender yet physically driven deep kiss, smiled and said “don’t be late again”. They both laughed, and eventually after both having another cheeky orgasm together that afternoon they did some work and called it a day.

This was Tom and Genie’s first encounter, but was it their last?