The Queen Anne Theater and the Wife


The Queen Anne Theater and the WifeWe had made many trips to the Queen Anne Theatre, but our last two trips were the most memorable, that is until our latest trip. As was our custom, I had my wife dress very briefly, her blouse was the sheer black see through blouse, with no bra underneath. She wore a black wrap around skirt and under that a purple silk and lace garterbelt with black seamed stockings. As we drove down Route 80 toward the Theatre she opened her blouse exposing her breasts, she reclined her seat all the way back. She then pushed the flap on her wrap around skirt to the side so that her freshly shaved pussy was exposed. She began stroking her pussy as I drove down the road. With her left hand busy strumming her clit, she began playing with her nipples with her right hand. Each time we passed a truck, or bus she would arch her back so that her pussy was raised almost level the passenger window in our car, thus insuring that drivers and passengers get a good look at her playing with her pussy. However, instead of driving directly to the theatre I pulled off Route 80 at at the Denville exit and drove south to Route 10. I went east on Route 10 for two miles to the Denville adult bookstore. She was still playing with her pussy as I parked car in the parking lot. She quickly buttoned her blouse and pulled the flap on her skirt closed. We got out of the car and walked to the entrance, I opened the door, my wife stepped inside and I quickly followed. They were several men browsing through the books, magazines, and videos. All of them stopped and turned to look at my lovely wife whose beautiful breasts were clearly visible through her blouse. I said to her in a voice loud enough for most of them to hear, I want to get you a toy to play with in the car on the way to the Queen Anne Theatre. I led her over to wall that had dozens and dozens of different types of vibrators and dildos hanging from it. I asked her if she saw any she liked, it appeared that for once she was at a loss for words. I asked her if I should pick one for her and she said yes. I looked them over and found a very large black dildo, so large that I wondered whether or not she would be able to fit it inside of her. I pulled it down off of the wall and handed it to her to examine. The men in the store were slowly moving towards her so that they could get a better look at her lovely, lovely breasts. I asked her, again loud enough for everyone to hear whether she thought that she could handle a dildo that large. She responded by saying she didn’t know, but that she would love to give it a try. To the disappointment of the men in the store I led her toward the elevated counter next to the door. I placed the dildo on the counter, reached over and picked up a dozen condoms and some lubricant placed them down on the counter with the dildo. The cashier rang up our purchases, I gave him a $50 bill, and he gave me a bag with our purchases and 9 dollars and some change. We then left bookstore and headed for the car. Once in the car I took everything out of the bag. I ripped apart the package containing the dildo, opened the box of condoms and took one out. I handed them both to my wife and told her to put the condom which was lubricated, on the dildo. She opened the foil pack and rolled the condom down over the length of the dildo. I then handed her the bottle of lube and told her to use it to coat the dildo and to wet her pussy lips. When she had done this she lay back in the seat and placed her left foot on the hump between the driver and passenger areas of the front seat she put her right foot on top of the dashboard so that her pussy was spread wide open. I took the dildo and began rubbing it up and down against her pretty pink pussy lips. After rubbing it for a minute or so I began to gently insert the head of the dildo which was about six for seven inches around,into her pretty pussy. After another minute or so of gently opening her pussy, just pushing in the first inch or so of the dildo in and out she seemed to be able to take a bit more, so I began working the second inch into her. This is where the dildo was largest around, I kept gently working it in and out and in out until I felt the head make it past her sphincter muscles. While I was doing this I didn’t notice but, apparently several of the men who had been in the store had come outside and were standing in front of our car watching me work this giant black dildo inch by inch into her hot waiting cunt. The dildo as I said was about six to seven inches around, and it was about 11 inches long. However about two inches of the 11 were the balls. So gently I continued to work the rest of the big black giant into her greedy pussy. Inch by inch I continued gently stroking in out, but tiny bit more on each stroke until she finally engulfed the entire dildo right up to the balls. It took her right hand and placed it on the dildo and told her to continue working it in and out, I leaned over and began to lick her hard little clit. I licked and sucked at her clit for a minute or two then took her left-hand and placed it over her clit and began to move her hand up and down over it. Then I sat up, and as I went to put my key in the ignition tuzla escort I realized that we had had an audience watching us all the while. I started the car and began to back out of the space, I told her to look out the window and wave to her audience. She quickly sat upright and looked out the window and saw several men waving at her. When she sat up she had totally engulfed the dildo and her left hand began to move at hyper-speed as she got herself off while smiling and waving back at her audience. She groaned, and she whimpered, as she bounced up and down driving the dildo into her pussy as far as it could go. She was still quivering and whimpering as I turned out of the parking lot and on to route 10. As we continued East on Route 10, I told her to lay back and opened her blouse again. We continued to route 287 and went north a couple of miles and we turned back onto route 80. We drove the last 30 miles to the Theatre with her feet on the dashboard while she played with her clit, as she rammed the black giant in and out of her pussy providing quite a show for the truckers traveling down the highway in the fading daylight hours. Upon arriving at the Queen Anne I parked the car in the usual place, behind the Mobil Gas Station across the street. My wife was still lazily pumping the big dildo in and out of her pussy as she stroked her clitoris with her left hand. I pushed her left hand away and leaned over and began to lick and suck her little pink clit. As I licked and sucked on her little clit for a few minutes she came for what must have been the umpteenth time. I gently took the dildo from her and placed it back into the bag from the bookstore and placed it on the floor of the car. I leaned over and kissed her full on the lips with my face and mouth covered with her juices. I asked her if she liked the taste of her pussy, and she said “yes, very much”. I then said you’re all warmed up and streched out now, would you like to try for some of the real thing? She just smiled at me and opened the car door and got out. I followed her to the box office of the Queen Anne where the same older woman who had on past occasions had given my wife dirty looks and made snide commaents about my wifes choice of outfits when we had arrived at, and also when we were leaving the theater on our previous visits. I gave the woman ten dollars and she gave me two dollars change as she continually stared at my wife’s breasts. As we left the box office the woman said “honey you really should leave something to the immagination”, my wife replied “honey I’ll leave it to your immagination i’m going to experience it for myself”, and we entered the theater. The old Queen Anne was one of the few theaters where people were still permitted to smoke but only in the right hand section of the theater. As we usually did we moved to the right side of the theater since we were both smokers, We waited in the rear area for our eyes to adjust to the darkness of the theater. Once our eyes had adjusted to the darkness we moved down the right asile until we came to the center asile which ran from side to side and divided the theated in half, we selected seats one row behind the center asile about midway down the row of seats and sat down. On the screen, much larger than life was a woman who now would be called air tight. She had a dick in her pussy, a dick in her ass, and one in her mouth. I asked my wife if she would like to try that tonight, she gave me a funny look and made a little squeeking sound ( we had tried anal sex before but always complained that it hurt too much). I put my left arm around her shoulder and began to play with her left nipple through her blouse. Within a minute a man wearing glasses sat down in front of me and while trying to look as though he was watching the movie, he was really turned around enough so that he could watch me play with her nipple. To his and her delight I unbuttoned her blouse all the way to her waist and pushed it aside baring her left breast giving him a great view and giving me skin to skin contact with her left breast. I played with her nipple and stroked and massaged her breast for several minutes before her black friend from last week showed up. He came and sat down right next to her on her left side. He looked at me and I looked at him and told him he was welcome to touch her breast. He began to rub and caress my wife’s left breast with his left hand as he unzipped and pulled his cock out with his right hand. While he was doing this I pulled her blouse open the rest of the way and exposed her right breast. Our friend with the glasses was no longer trying to pretend he was looking at the movie on the screen, he had turned in his seat and was openly stroking his cock for anyone walking by to see. I pushed her black skirt open, showing both men her purple lace garter belt, black seamed stockings and her most beautiful shaved moist pussy. I pushed her her thighs wide apart. With her thighs wide apart, she slouched down in her seat bringing her pussy to within inches of the face of the man wearing the glasses. The man reached over the back of the seat and began to massage her clit with his thumb. With his other hand sancaktepe escort he reached over and inserted first one finger into her pussy, as he continued rubbing her clit with his thumb he was quickly pushing his ••••• finger in and out of her pussy. After just a few seconds he inserted his second finger and continued rapidly thrusting his fingers in and out of her pussy. Having been thoroughly stretched by the huge black dildo her pussy was opening rapidly and in just a minute or two the stranger now had all four of his fingers stuffed into her hot snatch. The black man on her left stood up and turned toward my lovely wife. With his right hand he continued to stroke his dick brushing it across her lips with every stroke. He began to lean forward and work his big black dick into her hot waiting mouth. It was amazing me how far we progressed in just a few weeks. A few weeks ago were watching another couple do what we were now doing. My BEAUTIFUL wife is now the center of attention again at an X-rated Movie Theater. Wifey is scrunched down in her seat with her legs spread wide while the stranger with glasses has his whole right hand inside her pussy, and while the black man with a very large prick is fucking her in the mouth. The man with the glasses now completely turns around and kneels on his seat while keeping his right hand buried to the wrist in her pussy. He then leans forward and begins to lick her clit. It is obvious that having her pussy stuffed and her mouth stuffed while her clit is being licked is getting her extremely hot, so hot that she grabs the Black Dick out of her mouth and begins to stroke it. She looks up at our black friend and says ” I want your come, I want to taste your come, fuck my mouth, fill my mouth”, she continues to jerk him off into her face, she then says ” come on baby! Fuck my mouth now, fuck it!” she urged as she popped his big dick back into her mouth. She continued to stroke his cock into her mouth with both hands urging the sperm from his black balls. Faster and faster she stroked that black dick into her mouth. With the tongue strumming on her clit and the black dick pumping in and out of her mouth, she was ready to climax. I looked around and saw that there were at least 10 to 12 men who had moved in close around us and all them had their dicks in their hands stroking them, as they tried to get closer to my very hot hot wife. She had no idea that they were all there, all she knew was that she is going to get off and soon. She began to moan,and the moans turned to shrieks of ” I’m coming, I’m coming, oh God, oh God, I’m coming. As she began to move she put her right leg around the back of the head of the man with the glasses and pulled his lips in tight against her clit. The start of her orgasm triggered the black man and he began to shoot is load in her mouth. He pulled his dick out of her mouth and stroked his dick and shot the remainder of his load all over her face and in her open waiting mouth. The cum dripped out of her mouth and over her chin , dripping onto her exposed, beautiful breasts. The man with glasses asked my wife if she had enjoyed his attentions, she replied that she had enjoyed them but that now she needed to be fucked. The man took that as an invitation, he stepped over the back of the seat, and dropped his pants to his ankles, stuck his dick in her pussy, and began to pump away, fucking her the way she said she needed to be fucked. Our black friend moved over a few seats and some of the others who were standing around watching and stroking themselves moved in to replace him. Two men moved to her left side she began to suck on the one closest to her head and she reached out and began stroking the one farthest from her head. The man she was sucking had a slightly larger than average dick but not nearly as large as the black man she had just finished sucking. She began to suck very deeply into her mouth almost all the way to his balls. By now the man with glasses is groaning and saying that he is ready to come, just a few more strokes and he pulled his dick out of her steaming pussy and shot his load all over her belly, chest, even shooting far enough that she caught a few new globs of sperm on her lips. By this time I was ready to either, come or explode. I grabbed her and turned her over and placed her pussy directly over my dick. She sank slowly down on my dick with her head resting on my left shoulder she allowed the cock she had been sucking to fuck her mouth. Now she has my dick going in and out of her pussy and another stranger’s dick going in and out of her mouth again. The man that she had been stroking with her left hand had moved behind her and was rubbing his dick on her ass. I saw him there and invited him to join me in doing a double penetration on her. I assumed that he would put his dick in her ass but instead he managed to get it into her still stretched pussy along with my dick. It was very strange sensation feeling my dick being squeezed and rubbed while it was inside my wife’s very hot pussy. She was in ecstasy, her pussy easily accommodating both of our cocks at the same time, one going in and the other going out. I think that the üsküdar escort mental aspect of having 2 dicks stuffing her cunt at the same time suddenly hit her and she began to come over and over and over. It seemed like she came for four or five minutes straight, a truly mind blowing orgasm, I blew my load first and her pussy became very sloppy and wet her new friend blew his load within a few seconds of my starting and when we were done the come was just flowing out of her cunt. Hearing everyone else coming the man with his dick in her mouth also shot his load. When we were all done she just kind of rolled off me and collapsed into the seat on my left. There were about 10 or 12 men who had watched the goings on. Only five or so had actually participated. Wifey said she was too sore to continue sucking and fucking. My lovely wife did not want anyone to go home with blue balls so she invited the rest over to her and proceeded to direct them to have a circle jerk. Now maybe I’m just a little prejudiced but I truly believe that she is a good looking woman with an outstanding feminine body. She lay there placed her feet over the backs of the seats in front of her she proceeded to take her left hand and rub her clit while her right hand played with the cum, on her chest, on her face, and in her hair. As she entertained the seven or eight men they stood around her beating their meat. She told them to cum on her when they were ready. They were stroking and stroking their cocks while watching her getting herself off. She got hot all over again watching them getting ready to come all over her. In just a few minutes the first one began to come shoting his load on her face and her chest and when he came it started an avalanche of come flying at her from all directions and by the time all of their cum stopped flying, her face was white, her mouth was full, and her tits, belly, thighs, and cunt were just covered with sperm. She continued to stroke her pussy with her left hand and with her right hand she scooped up cum from her tits, her belly, and her thighs and brought her right hand to her mouth and began to lick the cum from her hands. As she tasted the output of all those cocks, she began to come again herself. It was quite an orgasm, it seemed to last for two or three minutes, her hand was moving very quickly up and down between those beautiful pink pussy lips. Her left hand continued to strum her clit as wave after wave of her orgasm swept over her. When her orgasm subsided she reached down into her purse and pulled out a small package of tissues and began to clean herself off. As she cleaned herself off she said to her admirers ” thanks for all your contributions, I really enjoyed my snack, I think I will be back for another snack next week, I hope you’ll all be back next week to feed me all the cock I can fuck and suck, that is if my husband will bring me back here next week “. My wife then began to put her clothes back on, and when she was finished, we got up and walked out of the theater. We crossed the street, walked behind the Mobil station and headed for our car. As we approached the car we noticed our big black friend leaning on the passenger door to the car. When we got to the door he introduced himself as Leroy. The three of us made a little small talk for a few minutes. Leroy then told the wife that he thought that she was a beautiful woman, he also told her that she gave him the best blowjob he had ever had. My wife told Leroy that he had been her first black cock and the biggest cock that she had ever had. She also said that his big black cock was beautiful, and that she hoped that he would be back next weekend for a return engagement. Leroy said he’d be back for sure. Leroy began hinting about leaving with us and continuing to play for the rest of the night. My wife told him that we really had to leave now, but that we would be back. Leroy suggested that he had several black friends who would love to pleasure a beautiful white woman like my wife. He said he would only need to make a few phone calls to get his friends together. My wife seemed intrigued by the idea. She began to ask him questions about his friends. Were they gentleman? How big were their cocks? Where were they from? It was obvious that she was receptive to the idea. I suggested that if she was really serious that perhaps we could meet Leroy and his friends on neutral ground. The three of us agreed that this was a good idea. Leroy said that we could meet at his friends apartment in the Allwood section of Clifton. New Jersey. I suggested that we should meet in the bar of the Ramada Inn on Route 3 in Clifton. Leroy said that would be great, when should we meet? My wife immediately said how about tomorrow, it’s Saturday, and we will have all day Sunday to recover. We decided to meet in the bar at 4:00 p.m. We said our goodbyes, my wife kissed Leroy running her tongue down his throat and rubbing his dick with her left hand. We got in our car, I started the engine and backed out of the parking space. As I was backing out my wife was taking her clothes off and rolling down the window of the passenger door. I turned left out the parking lot and as I drove slowly past the front of the theater my wife kneeled on the passenger’s seat and put her head and naked chest out the window and waved to the men who were leaving the theater, and to the lady in the box office. We continued in silence driving home along Rte. 80 wondering what tomorrow would bring.