The Institute of Technology and Science Pt. 12 – The Ag Lab


“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”?

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It was a normal day at the Agricultural Research Building at The Institute of Technology and Science, an obscure but well-regarded research University. I am part of a team trying to develop faster growing grain. You know. wheat, corn, rice and so on. To help feed the starving planet. If we could get more crops a year it would go a long way to solving world hunger.

Professor Builtup is our lead, And, yes, we all made fun of her name behind her back. Because she really was ‘built up’ Stacked begins to describe her. But enough about her.

I’m one of the Junior team members. And by that I mean I’m a Junior at The Institute of Technology and Science. One more year and I’d have a chance to make a real living for one of the large ag companies that were funding our research.

So to get to the point: Professor B had spent years to come up with a method to irradiate the seed of various grains in hopes of accelerating their germination process and force them to sprout faster than normal. Or that’s what she claimed. None of the tests that we had done had had any effect that we could find.

So she was getting pissy. Professor Builtup did not take failure well. She got snappy, and would glare at who ever was giving her the latest bad news. And it was my turn today.

I put it off as long as I could before I approached her at the lab bench where she was calibrating the latest version of her device.

“Professor, I’m afraid that the latest test results still show no real effect,” I started in my most apologetic manner. I was hoping that she wouldn’t blame the messenger!

“WHAT!” she yelled. Everyone in the lab looked up to see what was going on. And what was going on was my getting a first class dressing down from Professor B!

I waited until she started to run down.

“I’m sorry, but it’s true. I wasn’t even on the team! I’m just the guy they asked to tell you. Here’s the report,” I tried to hand her the 53 page summary of the tests and results.

“I don’t give a fuck about the report,” she snarled and slapped it out of my hand. It flew across the table, hit her cherished device and bounced onto the floor.

The device reacted in the worst possible way! It powered up with a whine, the ray emitter flashed on and it bathed me in its light! I was frozen in place while the multi-spectrum lights washed over me.

At first Professor B didn’t notice what was happening as she continued to express her displeasure. She was pounding on the lab bench with both hands!

“Oh FUCK!” she screamed as she finally noticed what had happened. She rushed around the table and turned off the device.

“Are you all right?” she asked with genuine concern. She started to approach me.

“I’m, uh, I’m …” I started to stutter. Then I fell over!

As I started to lose consciousness I was treated to the sight of Professor Builtup leaning over me. Her blouse gaping oven to display that impressive cleavage. She really did look like a capital B from my vantage point.

And that was what I saw when I first opened my eyes. I was still staring down Professor’s blouse, into a cavernous cleavage. Everyone in the lab knew that Prof. B was stacked. I was getting a really good look at just how well stacked she was!

And I had a blinding headache and and ached all over!

“He’s fine,” she announced. I then saw that almost everyone in the lab was standing around me looking at me lying on the floor. “Get back to work. I’ll take care of Mr. Risto.”

She helped me to my feet during which I felt those impressive breasts mashed against my side. She sat me on a stool and left her hand on my shoulder.

“Are you okay?” she asked. “How do you feel?” She was peering intently into my eyes.

“I have a headache and I’m sore all over,” I told her.

“You probably hit your head when you fell,” she reassured me. “Why don’t you take tomorrow off and see how you feel. No need to go the dispensary.”

It was as I was on my way home that it occurred to me that she didn’t want another incident on her record. People did seem to fall over in her lab on a regular basis!

But I went home, told my girlfriend I wasn’t feeling well and went to bed.

I woke up fifteen hours later. I felt fine. In fact, I felt terrific! No headache and everything else was great. Well, okay, I was horny. But that wasn’t unusual.

I went out to the kitchen to find Marjorie, my live-in girlfriend, making a big pot of chili.

“You’ve been asleep for so long, I thought you’d be hungry! So I made you something to eat!”

“Just another reason I love you,” I told her melodramatically. “You take such good care of me!”

“Well, you owe me! I had to sleep on the couch you were snoring so loudly!”

“I’ll make it up to you,” I promised as I tucked into the bowl of chili she had put in front of me.

Later that night she collected on canlı bahis the IOU. As we were getting ready for bed she made a point of snuggling up to me and licking my ear. This was her usual prelude to sex. She knows that my ears are one of my erogenous zones. I think she felt sorry for me. We had had sex just a couple of nights before and this was a little sooner than she would have ordinarily made a sexual advance.

We’ve been together for a while and our sex has become somewhat routine. But not this time! We were both really into it! I was really energetic and she was really responsive. In fact, she had an orgasm really quickly. Usually it took some effort for us to get her to climax. Not this time!

After it was all over, she rolled over to snuggle and whispered in my ear: “That was amazing! You were SO good!” before we both went to sleep.

I lazed around the house and went back to work the following day. Professor B made a point of tracking me down when I came in to see how I was doing. I told her everything was okay and she asked me to let her know if that were to change. Which was nice of her. She didn’t have a reputation as a ‘people person’ and it was nice she was making the effort. I appreciated it!

“Well, let me know if anything changes,” she told me before charging off to write another grant proposal.

Life went on. A couple of days later I snuggled up to Marjorie on the couch as she was watching some rerun on TV. I was feeling amorous and she was willing to let me have my way with her. I spent some time appreciating her perky B-cup titties and taking the time to get her juices flowing before I started to get to the main event.

As I said earlier, our love-making had become a bit pedestrian. And this time I made an effort to go above and beyond. And I was successful! During the course of almost an hours love making Marj achieved two orgasms! This was quite unusual. But she really enjoyed what I was doing and made that clear to me. She even went so far as to clean my dick with her mouth after I had ejaculated! She knew I liked that but she didn’t do it very often. She made sounds of enjoyment as she worked. I took it as a good sign!

I got a good night’s sleep I can tell you!

The next morning, a Saturday, I woke up to find Marj giving me a blow-job!

This had never happened before! Ever! Yet here she was, tucked between my legs and sucking on my dick! Rising and falling, using her first three fingers to stroke and hold my cock. She had a habit of holding her pinkie finger out as if she was drinking tea at some posh cafe. Anyway, I wake up and there she is. And it feels great! She’s doing an outstanding job.

Now, normally, she could be a little tentative, as if she was uncertain about what she was doing. Not now! She’s providing a great bj! First thing in the morning and without me asking! Usually she would have to get a little tipsy to suck my cock! But I wasn’t going to interrupt her.

And when I came I guess it took her by surprise. Her eyes snapped wide open as the first jet of cum hit the back of her mouth. And the second one helped fill her mouth.

She made a muffled sound of pleasure and swallowed it down! Something that she had NEVER done before! She would spit my sperm into her hand or a facial tissue or whatever but this time she took it all! She kept the last mouthful and it looked like she rolled it around her mouth before swallowing it down while making yummy sounds! Totally out of character! I had no idea what was happening but I wasn’t going to fight about it!

She cuddled up next to me, one hand still on my semi-rigid penis, and dropped off to sleep. And I did the same.

Later that morning she asked me a strange question.

“Honey, have you changed your diet?”

“Um, no. I don’t think so. Why?”

“Well I gave you a blow-job this morning, remember?”

“I sure DO!” I answered enthusiastically.

“Well, you tasted different. You tasted good. In fact, you tasted wonderful! And that never happened before. What ever you’re doing, keep on doing it!”

“I’ll try,” I responded. I’d no idea what might have changed. But I made a mental note to keep track of what I ate and drank, just in case.

I did start to keep track of my diet. And I noticed some things that were changing.

The biggest change was our sex life! For one thing, blow-jobs, which had been a once in a while event, became a standard part of our love making. Not always to cum in her mouth but often as a warm-up. And when she did suck me off, Marj always swallowed with obvious enjoyment.

Our sex life was getting better! We had never been what I would call prolific but now we were making love a couple of times a week. And it was not always me initiating the sex.

The other thing that changed over the next little bit kind of snuck up on me. It was Marjorie that noticed the change.

One night after an incredible blow-job she kept on stroking me.

“Lance, are you, um, I mean, look! Your cock, bahis siteleri is it getting, um, bigger?”

“What? What do you mean? Bigger?”

“Yeah, I can just barely touch thumb and finger around your dick. You didn’t use to be that thick. And I think you’re a little longer, too. Let me measure…” She was gone in a flash but was back with a cloth measuring tape in a moment.

“Now, hold still while I get you back up!” she instructed me. She stroked and licked and played with my cock and balls until I was quivering with excitement. Now that she had mentioned it, I did think that I stood a little prouder than I had before. I knew, from measuring when I was a teen, that I was about five and a half inches long.

“Six and one quarter,” Marj announced. looking up at me.

“Really? Six and a quarter? I guess I’ve put on some weight.”

Actually, I’d lost weight over the past several weeks. Nothing major, about a pound every seven days. But still…

Later that day, after Marjorie had used her oral skills and reduced my erection to limp and useless, I noted the new information in my iPad.

Weight: 223

Height: 6 1/4

Girth: 6

The next week I was a little larger still. Marj measured me at 7 1/2 inches long and 6 1/4 girth. And now I weighed 221!

Whether it was because I had grown or if it was the improvement in the taste and texture of my cum Marj was continuing to give me more oral attention than she had in the past. She repeatedly told me that I tasted better and that she enjoyed the act of oral sex more than she had in the past. I was fine with it, I can tell you!

“I like the new you,” she remarked one night after we had made love again. “You feel better, you are bigger, you fill me more than you used to. I like it!” She had once again achieved more than one orgasm as we had made love. She attributed it to my increase in heft.

At the end of the next week Marjorie complained about the fit of her brassieres. She went to Victoria’s Secret and found out that she needed a C-cup bra now! She greeted the news with enthusiasm.

“I’ve always been a little jealous of the girls with bigger breasts, Lance. Now, at last, I’m starting to catch up. I wouldn’t mind if I gained a little more weight, you know, on top.” She plumped her titties with both hands as she spoke.

Of course eventually it dawned on me that there may be some connection between my growth, Marjorie’s changes and the “incident” at the lab.

Professor Builtup was still asking me if I was okay, were there any repercussions from the exposure to her pet machine. And I kept saying that there were not. Even though I was beginning to have my doubts.

Marj kept track of her developments. And I kept track of mine. At the end of the second month we seemed to have settled down. Marj had topped out at 36-D, an increase of two cup sizes from her prior 36-B. And I had plateaued at just over 8 inches long with a concomitant growth of my testicles.

Our sex life was better than either of us could recall. I sprouted an erection when Marj pranced thru the apartment in her underwear, showing off her larger dimensions. And she had continued to initiate sex which she had usually left to me.

She had bought some new clothes. What she called her “teasing” outfits. Tight tops, short skirts, push-up bras. She didn’t wear them outside of the house but she would wear them at home and prance around showing off her new curves.

She would sit next to me while I was watching TV. Sometimes her hand would find its way into my lap, caressing my thighs and dick. When she had gotten me hard she would extract my cock from my pants and stroke my dick while cooing endearments.

With out hesitation she would lower her mouth onto my organ and using her tongue, lips and hands would tease me to eruption. Her lips had become a bit more puffy and, I thought, her tongue was longer, more limber! In any case, oral sex was now at the top of the list for Marj!

We also fucked a lot! But it was always preceded (and often followed) by blow jobs with lots of tongue action and her swallowing my copious offerings.

Yes, my now somewhat enlarged balls were able to produce a LOT of semen. And Marj took it all with enjoyment!

“I love the way your big cock fills my hungry little pussy, Lance! I didn’t think size mattered but, tell you the truth, the fucking is better now than it was in the past. You push deeper, I can feel you hitting spots that were never hit before! And your bigger dick stretches my cunt lips farther apart. It feels great!”

But I was still wondering what had started all this.

I started to snoop around. I paid more attention to what was happening around me when I was at work.

I soon noticed that there was a three-drawer file cabinet behind Professor B’s desk that she never used. It was in a prime location, was always locked and she never opened it. Given that we didn’t really have a whole lot of extra room in the lab this struck me as unusual, bahis şirketleri too.

Long story short, when I jimmied open the file cabinet I found that Professor Builtup’s pet project had, at one time, been a rogue project that she and her former fiancé had developed. There were detailed notes, photographs and other documentation. I copied almost everything and took it home to study.

Professor B might not have been the warmest person in the world but she was, apparently, a world class horn-dog! According to her hand-written notes she liked her men on the hefty side and had worked to achieve this!

Some years ago, when she had been an assistant in the lab she had come up with a mechanism that she hoped would provide her and her boyfriend with a more fulfilling sex life. The gizmo that she was now working with had been designed to spur the development of the male sexual organs!

And it worked! It might not be causing seeds to germinate faster but it did cause her boyfriend’s dick to expand!

Before he left her to become a porn star in Nevada, Cliff had grown from almost seven inches to just under one foot! There were pictures to prove it!

Apparently an unexpected side-effect was the improvement in taste and texture of the subject’s sperm. And the sperm also had some effects on his partner, Professor Builtup.

Among the documented effects were an increase in Professor Builtup’s bust size, increased sensitivity of her nipples and enjoyment of breast play. From what I read Professor B also noted that her lips had become somewhat puffy and she found a marked increase in enjoyment of oral sex.

Her notes didn’t say much about the lip thing. But in the course of several months Professor Builtup had gone from a 32-B cup to her current 34-FF!

The effect of the “growth ray” faded after a few weeks but could be replicated if the subject was reintroduced to the emanations from the machine. Cliff had sat in the rays of the machine several times.

I showed what I had found to Marjorie. She read thru all the notes and examined all the pictures.

That night, as she was slowly stroking my cock she broached the subject.

“I think it would be neat if you took another dose of the rays. I really like your new, ah, improvements! And it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if I were to expand my bust a little more. You know, to an E or even F cup breasts. These feel so good and I love the attention that you and other guys show me when I wear my little teasing outfits.”

She clinched the discussion by drawing two loads of cum from me before riding me like a cowgirl! She made sure to dangle her D-cup tits over me and slap my face with those soft pillows. She came several times as well!

The next day I stayed after work and sat under the growth ray for another two minutes. That was about how long I figured I had been exposed the first time.

And over the weeks that followed we both increased our dimensions. I ended up at a VERY solid ten inch dong. And Marjorie blew up even a little more than she had planned. She now was the proud owner of a magnificent 36-G bust line. Her 43-26-38 figure was a true knock out! She told me that she had seen one of her admirers trip over a curb and knock himself unconscious when he hit his head on a parked car!

“Both unfortunate and hysterical” she told me with a laugh!

I noticed some other changes as well. To both of us. I became more sculpted, my abs, shoulders, arms and legs all more muscular and defined. I was still losing weight, too!

I weighed in at 202, my dick was a massive 9 3/4″ long and 6 1/2″ in girth. Marj loved it! She was excited at the increase in size. And she made no attempt to hide how much she enjoyed my enlarging cock and balls.

“Deeper, honey, deeper! Fuck me from behind! I think you go deeper when we do it doggie style!” she exulted one night. “I can’t get over how much better it feels when your big dick forces it’s way into my puss-puss. Ten inches long! You’re almost twice as big as you were before! So big, so masculine! Give me all of it, darling, don’t hold back!

“And play with my huge tits! I love to feel you hands on my boobs and my nipples while we fuck! Suck ’em, honey, suck my big boobs!” She piled them up on her chest and pulled my face to her massive 43 inch tits for me to play.

Along with her physical changes her attitude continued to evolve. Marj, who had always been a little shy, became much more outgoing in both her looks and attitude. She was wearing makeup more often and playing with her hair. She wore lipstick almost every day. Even when she was just going to work. Mascara and eye shadow appeared from time to time.

Marjorie went to the hair stylist and had her hair dyed a deep russet red. Her lips were now distinctly plump pillows and seemed to always be pursed to kiss something.

Another physical manifestation was the change in her lingual endowment. Her tongue was now longer and more mobile than before. She was now almost able to touch her tongue to the tip of her nose She enjoyed licking and tonguing my dick when she was giving me a blow-job. She would make it all pointy and tease my urethra. And she loved to lick and excite my gonads with her tongue.