The Hotel Pt. 02


She lay spread-eagled, naked and totally satiated on the hotel room bed as she pondered the events of the evening. What had got into her? Bringing a stranger to her hotel room? It was so out of character but boy, what a surprise. What a pleasure. She smiled to herself. You only live once, right? Rolling over onto her back, she stared at the ceiling until the wetness of the sheet under her ass prompted her to get up. She rang reception and asked if they would deliver a new sheet to the door, citing that she had messed cold drink onto the present sheet. She giggled at her deliberate omission of the facts and felt delightfully naughty. A few minutes later, a knock at the door delivered up a patron with the new sheet. Thanking her, she closed the door and proceeded to make the bed. Walking into the bathroom, she ran a bath. A soak now would be heavenly. Her muscles were a little sore and after two vigorous lovemaking sessions, a bath was definitely in order. Pouring some bubble bath into the water, she sat on the edge watching the bubbles rise to the top of the water.

Climbing in, the hot water closing around her aching muscles, she stirred the water and ran her hand in abandon over her skin. Feeling naughty, she looked behind her to make sure no-one was watching and proceeded to cup her breasts in her hands. The water made them slick and shiny and the nipples peeped just over the bubbles. They were slightly taut and looking down at her soft wet globes, she took the nipples between her thumb and forefinger and rubbed them till they were hard and erect. She heard herself moan at the feeling and imagined her strange lover doing the same. Her eyes were half closed as she continued enjoying the feel of rubbing, the abandonment she felt, the freedom. A thought flickered in her mind that she had never been so uninhibited and it delighted her. She giggled a little and let her hand wander down to her warm centre. Her clit was still slightly swollen and she could feel the slickness of the earlier lovemaking. Her pussy was sensitive but it didn’t deter her.

Dipping her fingers into her lips, she began stroking from just inside, upwards to her g-spot and to her clit. She succumbed to the slow invasion, the water now lapping over the side of the bath, dipping between her thighs and running over her ample breasts. Without being aware, she moaned at every assault of her fingers, her pussy wet and wanting. Flicking her clit now and then, it gave her immense satisfaction and although she had had two mind blowing orgasms earlier, she knew that this one would be just as swift and just as powerful. She was so lost in the intense feelings of erotic abyss, she had no idea the stranger had come back from the lobby and stood leaning against the door frame, watching the pale haired beauty pleasure herself. He had been still semi hard as he had ridden the elevator but as soon as he had witnessed her exploration, he had become rock hard, so much so, that he could feel precum leaking onto the front his briefs. Her moans lighted a fire within him and he wanted to drag her out the bath, wet and wanting, and shove himself inside her.

At the same time, he had never had the pleasure of ever being witness to such a beautiful sight so he refrained from disturbing her. He watched as she bucked to every intrusion, every delightful stroke. He knew that no matter how much pleasure he could give her, it would never take away the gratification she derived from self-exploration. It was empowering and the self-confidence it gave a woman was incredible. He watched as she arched into her fingers and gave herself over to her orgasm. In his wisdom, he knew this was a private moment and hastily beat a retreat to the bed. A few minutes later, she walked out with a towel wrapped around her delectable body, her face pink from both her orgasm and the hot water.

“Hi,” she whispered almost shyly.

“Hey,” he answered. He couldn’t take his eyes güvenilir bahis off her, thinking back to her session in the bathroom. He knew as long as he lived, he would treasure that memory. He felt honoured to have witnessed it.

She sat on the edge of the bed and he handed her the water he bought from the lobby.

“Thank you,” she said.

“My pleasure.”

A silence descended over the room. Not an uncomfortable one. He again, was surprised at the relaxed atmosphere between them.

“I think I am going to take a shower,” he mentioned as he stood up. A cold one definitely. Her intoxicating smell and her wet body beneath the towel made his hands itch to ravish her all over again. He felt his cock straining against his tight light blue jeans.

He switched on the shower and undressing, he neatly placed his clothes in a bundle on the floor. He noted with a grin, how wet the front of his briefs had become. How had a beautiful stranger coaxed the beast within him?

Stepping into the shower, he began to close the door, when he felt it give him slight resistance. Looking back to see what the problem was, he looked into a pair of green brown eyes. She stood absolutely naked before him and he couldn’t help but let his eyes wander over every luscious curve. He took a further step backwards into the shower and put his hand out to invite her in. She took his hand but tripped and fell into his arms. She looked up, surprised, embarrassed and grateful.

“Thank you,” she mumbled.

He smiled at her and realised she had not moved from his grip. Their bodies still up against each other, he cupped her face and kissed her. A soft, appreciative kiss. He felt her supple body lean into his as a sigh escaped her lips. She moved backwards and he watched hungrily as her tongue licked her bottom lip and bit it. She had done that downstairs earlier in the pub and the gesture set his loins alight. He wasn’t aware that he gave a growl deep within his throat. Her eyes flew up to meet his and with one look he conveyed that he wanted her again. She never moved her eyes away from his. The air was charged with want and unspoken need and it felt like time stood still. Without warning, he felt her small hands encircle his hard cock. He almost lurched into her palms at the feel of her soft skin, as she began jerking him off. Every now and then he saw her head dip downwards but she brought her eyes back up to his, lust and power emanating from her as she revelled in his primal reaction to her. Her nimble hands stroked from the tip of his cock to the base and back upwards. Slow deliberate strokes, alternating between a firm hold to a delicate one. She was teasing him, the little minx. She stopped abruptly and proceeded to cup his balls in her hands. She squeezed them, played and rolled them in her palms and another groan escaped his lips. He had his shoulders pinned against the wall, his hands clenched to his side but his hips were angled and pressing towards her as he craved more. As if she read his mind, she wrapped one hand around his length and with the other hand, she rubbed her thumb across the wet tip. This time he heard her moan.

“You, Sir, are a beautiful specimen,” she gasped out.

Her words both humbled him but also fired him up. He watched her through half closed eyes, as she went down on her knees in front of him. His mind vaguely registered that this beautiful woman, was going to give him a blowjob. She looked at him for a second, maybe more, before taking the tip of him between her pink lips. She rubbed his cock over them, once, twice, maybe more until she sucked him into her mouth. Her tongue flicked out and ran down the length of his cock, her lips closing on his balls. His breath came in quick gasps as she continued licking and sucking him. Her small well-manicured hands moved up and down the length of his shaft. He felt his legs quivering and to steady himself he buried his hands in türkçe bahis her hair, guiding her, feeling the movement as her head bopped against his balls and scrotum. He heard his distant moans, coupled with a few of her own. Lifting her wet delectable mouth, she took him into the sweet deepest part of it and gagging slightly, proceeded to give him the best blowjob of his life. Her mouth was warm and she continued to lick and suck as she jerked off his swollen cock. He felt his orgasm approaching and he mumbled something to her and all he heard her say was “cum baby”. With her permission, he came hard in her mouth and holding her tight against his hips, he jerked against her, emptying his balls.

For what felt like an eternity, neither of them moved. He bent down and lifted her up. She smiled at him and all he could say was “wow”. She reached behind him, got the loofah and shower gel, and began washing him. Stunned at the display of affection once again, he let her bathe him, moving and lifting his arms as she instructed. Her touch was gentle, no rush in her movements. She actually hummed to herself. She rinsed him off and then stepped out of the shower. He switched the faucet off and stepped onto the bath mat. She reached behind her, grabbed a towel, and proceeded to dry him off. Again, it was done with precision but so gently, so affectionately. He took the towel from her, and dried her body off. As he did, his cock stood at attention still. Her skin was magnificent. She stood innocently, with her hands at her side. He knew his touch was more seductive, his movements more deliberate. She sighed with pleasure as she felt his fingertips touch her skin. He dropped the towel to the floor and scooped her into his arms. She yelped in surprise and entwined her arms around his neck. As he got to the recently made bed, he threw her onto it and she giggled like a naughty child.

“God, you are beautiful,” he breathed reverently.

She smiled innocently at him, a soft blush appearing on her cheekbones.

“Come here,” she whispered, with her arms outstretched.

He laid partly over her and for a while just stared at her face. He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. As he moved his hand, hers came up and covered his. She laid them against her face and then brought his palm to her lips. She placed soft kisses into his palm, her eyes flickering closed. Something tugged at his heart strings and it was an unsettling feeling. Dismissing the thought, his mouth closed on one of her nipples. She arched into him as his hot wet tongue sucked and lathed the already taut nipple. It peaked in his mouth so he took it between his teeth and bit gently. Her eyes flew open, a soft gasp escaped her lips. Surprise, pain and pleasure settled on her face but she never moved from him. He decided to continue the assault on the other breast and this time she grabbed his shoulders and urged him to do it again.

“Don’t stop. Please.” She mumbled.

He loved every inch of her breasts. Nipples hard, erect and wet from his mouth, he blew softly on them, which made them pucker even more. Moving his hand downwards he felt for her soft warm epicentre and almost gasped as he felt how wet she was. His watched waves of pleasure wash over her face as he found her clit, now swollen, and began to slowly rub it, flick it, caress it between his fingers. She writhed and pressed against his fingers, moans escaping her mouth, now and then biting the bottom lip. She had no idea how that turned him on and his cock twitched again and again.

Unexpectedly, he found himself on his back. She had wiggled out from under him, and straddled him with one strong nimble move. She straddled him and put his hands above his head. And what a vision it was. Her above him, hair hanging dishevelled around her shoulders, her breasts leaning on his chest, her eyes wildly aroused. She threw her head back and laughed.

“Didn’t expect that now did you güvenilir bahis siteleri Sir?” she laughingly teased.

He shook his head because he had no words. She was the epitome of sexy, innocent, surprising, seductive and beautiful. She had literally taken his breath and his voice away.

They both became aware that she was seated on him, his cock laying conveniently at her opening. He felt her wetness, the heat and his cock stiffened some more. Her hands explored the breadth of his shoulders, over his pecks, to his ribcage, to his stomach. She licked her index fingers and twirled them over his nipples. She leaned forward and placed her small hands against his upturned palms above his head. She smiled headily at the power she was yielding. She had always considered herself a submissive but this felt genuinely dominant. Pushing her head back over her shoulders, she kissed his forehead, the space between his brows, the tip of his nose, first his left eyelid, then his right, down his cheekbone, along his jaw, to the cleft in his chin, upwards towards his ears. She nibbled slightly on it and then ran her hand through his damp hair. Her heard her sigh and opened his eyes to see her staring at him. She bent and kissed his mouth. She coaxed her tongue between his lips and he yielded to it, letting his tongue slide over hers. She tasted so good.

She pulled away from him and sat up. Her hands moved downwards and he felt them encircle his hard cock. She stroked him a few times and placing him in the centre of her mound, she began to languidly ride his tip. Her head was thrown back as she continued her slow hypnotic gyrating of her hips against his pelvis. His hands first caressed her beautiful breasts and as she rode him a little faster, his hands cupped either side of her hips. She abruptly stopped, lifted herself off him, took his hard cock into her hand and slowly lowered herself down onto him. Her moan was long and dreamy, as she settled every inch of him into her wet waiting pussy. She placed her flat palms against his chest to steady herself and began to ride him. She lifted herself just enough that he wasn’t fully out of her and then sat hard on him again, pushing herself into his pelvis as she took him deep into her pussy. Every now and then, she held him inside her, squeezing her muscles around him, then released him to start the same cycle again. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Where had this woman been all his life?

As she rode him, her breaths became shorter. The sound of their skin as it slapped against each other, echoed in the room. Their moans mingled in crescendo’s. Her nails raked up and down his chest and abdomen. Her juices had mixed with his and slid down her thighs and his. Her legs clamped and released against his as she rode him. Her hair had started to dry and wayward tendrils had settled over her breasts. Her breasts bounced with every movement. Without warning, he slapped her ass. She cried out and begged him for some more. He happily obliged.

“Please don’t stop,” she begged him, her voice hoarse.

He knew she was about to orgasm as her legs clutched even harder, as her pussy squeezed his cock inside her. This time, this beautiful woman on top of him, didn’t hold back. Her scream was loud as the orgasm tore through her. Her body trembled and quivered and rocked as wave after wave hit her. He grabbed her hips and in one movement, pushed her onto her back on the bed and began fucking her hard. Holding her hips in his hands, her ass slightly off the bed, he pounded himself into her tight, slick pussy and as his orgasm rose within him, he gave a guttural cry, threw back his head and came. He pushed deep into her as he once again emptied his cum into her. He didn’t want to move and as he looked down, he see his fingers had left bruising marks on her skin. He leaned down, pushed the hair off her temples and kissed them.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked worriedly.

“No. Not at all,” she murmured, still in the throes of her ecstasy.

Relief flooded him as he rolled to the side of her. He dragged her body against him and within seconds both of them fell into a deep, satiated, relaxed sleep.