The Girl Next Door Ch. 01


Special thanks to Livi for the translation. Without her my story would be nearly unenjoyable.


Author’s Note: This is the begining of a lesbian story at all, but this chapter is based on hetero sex. If you’ve got problem with any of them, this isn’t a story to you.

To the others, I hope, you will enjoy it.


A cacophony woke me up from my dream. As it usually happened I had no idea where I was. Where I was, who I was, how did I get here and when? However, the picture became clear in my mind after a few seconds. I was lying on my bed, my blanket was creased, covering me from my waist to my shoulder. And one of my legs was hanging down from under it with my big toe nearly touching the ground. I didn’t remember to last night… Though this was not true. I remembered even if vaguely, but I didn’t want to. But this was not important now. What could be this maddening noise?

I got out from my bed with difficulty and pulled the curtain away from the window to take a look outside. I stumbled back for a moment as the sunshine shone at my face. It wasn’t strong or hurting anyway, though it disturbed me. Especially at times like this, in the morning of a school-day. I hate spring.

When my glance got use to the sunshine I looked down on the street to finally get to know the source of that cacophony. A big track parked in front of the flat with different kinds of people around it. Most of them were roustabouts dressed in dirty uniforms, carrying huge boxes and furniture through the widened door. I saw an armchair and also a drawer that was carried by two or three men. When the drawer slipped out of one of them’s hands exactly onto his foot, a great blasphemy and shouting started. This might had woken me, however I honestly was glad that this had happened, because knowing myself I knew that without this I could had sleep until I had to rush to avoid being late from University.

But I wasn’t thinking about this now. I was rather interested in the movers. Not as if any of them were a handsome guy. Most of them were pot-gutted, scruffy and moustached, and the ones who weren’t like this were weedy and big-nosed. Even if I would get money for being around them I could not bear it for long. But then, however I realized that there was a bright spot amongst them. The handsome man was shining there in the middle of the street of Budapest and was explaining vehemently something to the workers who were loitering around him and nodding heavily.

He could be the new resident. However, whether new or old I didn’t care. I’m not antisocial but I merely knew more than one or two tenants in the whole prefab. If someone grinned at me on the street or in the stairway I smiled back at them and answered politely to the question that “how I’ve been doing” and pretending some occupation I rush away. And I was doing all this with the lack of knowledge that who I’d been talking to. I couldn’t even answer if someone would point a pistol to my head. However this man grabbed my attention… which didn’t mean of course that I wouldn’t look at him blankly that who the hell could he was in a few days.

Wide shoulders, good-looking face which always had a little smile on it even when it showed that he couldn’t make himself understood with the movers. He seemed to be a determined person. To be one who knows what he wants and what to do to gain it. And of course he does it. This type has always made a great impression on me. However, I could easily realize that he wasn’t amongst those with who I could imagine myself rolling about in that bed, which I had just woken up from. Even if he was a peculiarity of men, he was too old for me.

I silently laughed at this. Though, the object of my attention wasn’t that careless (or thought to be careless) youth as I was, but as they say: age only does good to men. I know girls who don’t even treat men under the age of thirty as real men. Till then they should be considered as little boys. If it would depend on them, the age thirty would take the place of the age eighteen. However, nowadays it is pretty rare to find a man who hadn’t had any sexual experience under the age of sixteen… Never mind! What is important that the pearl of males here was really that ageless man who his fellows thought they were. Despite of this it showed that he wasn’t that careless man anymore. I estimated him at about the age of fourty, which wouldn’t mean any kind of problem, but to these men at this age belonged someone who…

I couldn’t even think it through when a woman that wore a springtime dress appeared from behind the track. She wasn’t paying any attention to the roustabouts around her and their whistling, she stepped beside the man, leaned to him and kissed him gently.

Well, yes, the woman. Man like this are rarely single, and I would never risk of ruining their marriage just to feel an experienced dick between my legs. Whatever are the gossips about me, I’m not like that.

So I didn’t pay any attention to them. It would be useless anyway. I dressed up quickly and ate my breakfast fast, gathered my stuff canlı bahis şirketleri that I needed for today. But my thoughts were still around the morning. Not because of the shouting and the thump of the boxes and furniture, or the loud and open blasphemy that were still hearable.

Where would this couple move in? I could think about the occupants that lived in the prefab but to do this I really should knew at least something about them. And I didn’t even have any idea about how many flat were included.

The question was answered when I heard the not unexpected blasphemy again, but not from under. I heard it from really near, to be exact from the direction of my front door.

“What the hell?” I thought when I stepped to my door. I wasn’t mistaken. There really were roustabouts in dirty uniforms, spanning through the corridor, carrying huge boxes and furniture to the flat that was next to mine. After a few seconds the handsome man appeared and smiled at me kindly and then disappeared from my sight as he walked into his new home. And now the workers were whistling to me as well.

So I got new neighbours. Not that I had any problem with my old ones. I didn’t even know that they existed. Or rather that they weren’t there, because I didn’t see them moving out not now or the past days. I vaguely remembered that there was an old woman who had tried to take me under her wings, me the poor little girl alone in the big city. She had always asked me how I had been, how the school had been. She had also given me cookies and even offered to cook to me if I needed. She was a kind old woman but I didn’t pay too much attention to her. I didn’t even know when she stopped asking me or giving me cookies, etc. I hope she’s doing well.

But this didn’t matter now. From now on this couple would live next door. And not only the two of them would, as I realized that the woman was coming towards their new flat with two children. She guided one of them by holding his hand and the smaller one was sitting on her arm. Their flat would be noisy, that was for sure, but I didn’t really care about that. I’m used to the sounds of downtown. The movers wouldn’t even disturb me either if they hadn’t been working right under my flat.

After a few more praiseful whistles (as much as a whistle can be praiseful that comes from the roustabout that stares you shamelessly) I decided to ignore them. I rather adjusted the clothes that I was wearing and made sure that I had everything with me that I would need and stepped out of my place.

I always had to step out of the way of the movers that were carrying the big sized boxes upwards and the man and his wife rushed by me a few times also when I finally made it to the ground floor. I thought that I had already seen everything and nothing would surprise me now. In my heart I had already prepared myself for the noisy traffic and for enduring my boring lessons, hoping that I would have the chance to admire a few good-looking guys or pretty girls while I was on my way. But it had already started without any effort for it and with a profound surprise.

I stepped to the big gate and gathered my strength to not be mad about the whistles and maybe the obscene comments that waited for me outside by those workers. But when I finally opened the gate I found myself facing with something entirely different.

A pretty girl smiled at me from the other side of the gate. She had an oval face but still a bit round, skin that was like marble, and long black hair that she tied back, but she still had some curl that hung freely, and she had sparkling brown eyes. For a moment I had no idea who she could be. My mind was racing about whether I had seen this girl before but I was sure that if I had, I would remember to her. Then I glanced at the box she was holding in her hands and the picture became clear. She was with the new ones. From one point I was so happy that a beautiful girl like she would live next door, but it wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t started to think about the situation. Who could this girl be? Because it was sure that she was with the new tenants, she wouldn’t carry that cardboard box if she wasn’t. She wasn’t a worker that was even more obvious. She was too young and too gorgeous for that. (Not if the measure was this.) The problem was solved by life itself, as the moment was broken by the husband that rushed by us and said something to the girl. However, I didn’t think that this moment was too long to an outside-viewer, or neither to her. And I didn’t understand exactly what the man said, because I was too deep in my thoughts and into her face. But I heard the answer clearly.

“I’m coming, Dad!” the girl answered as she glanced after the man, then she finally gave me a quick smile and passed by to continue her way.

So she was his daughter. I whistled admirably, but only silently, as I didn’t want to act like the roustabouts that were all around us. Not if the whistle was addressed to the beauty of the girl… or to be exact it was, but I didn’t mean that. At first I addressed it to her father for being this fresh and youthful and also having canlı kaçak iddaa this heartbreaker daughter. “How old could she be?” I glanced after her. The slender figure rushed up on the stairs and I watched it with rejoice. Her butt was swaying under the tight jeans that was turned up at her naked shins. Her relatively short and thin figure made you think she was a teenager. But her body… it was like a body of a model’s. This was highlighted wonderfully by the turned up jeans and by the little denim jacket she wore.

I was staring her until she disappeared at the flight of stairs. This whole thing took about five seconds, but it seemed pleasantly long to me. This gave me the start that I could enjoy the view and it also wasn’t obvious to anybody my standing at the gate, because I already stepped out of it. The whistles of the roustabouts were still with me as I made my way towards the University. The latter one excited me the less, because all my thoughts were filled about the girl rushing upwards on the stairs, the girlish smile, the swaying hips and the round butt.

Maybe spring was not that bad as I thought.


The day was long and tiring. It was like I spent a thousand years at that desk, listening to older and even older professors explaining abstract and more abstract ideas. Not if I wasn’t interested, basically I’m into the topic, and abstract ideas like this were what really grabbed my attention, but now I wasn’t fascinated by them. Only by those sparkling eyes. I couldn’t think of anything else for some reason. And this way all the lessons became agony.

Sometimes I felt bad that that an interesting lesson was over in only a fast one and a half hour, but now even this felt like a torture that seemed to last for an eternity. Not to mention that I had a three hour long seminar today, which in my current mood seemed to be a punishment even if I had a fifteen minutes long break at halftime. To all this contributed to my sometimes masochistic perfectionism. I like to think about it as I rather go to a one and a half an hour (or sometimes three hours) long boring seminar. During those hours I couldn’t be doing anything but paying attention with all my effort. I rather did this than figuring out at home from my books the curriculum, when I could do more exciting things than this. But this meat that I felt the constant urge to write every single data down that I think would be useful. You can imagine what a torture it was when I couldn’t think of anything else but that pretty face, and I couldn’t keep up with the presenter. I lost my attention in every ten minutes and I could only hope that I would understand soon what the presentation was about.

I glanced at my watch in every minute, making myself madder. Only fifteen minutes went by. Only twenty minutes. Only half an hour. How much time was still left from the three hours? I would hit my head into the desk in agony by choice.

I delightfully started up from my seat when the fifteen minutes break came, to rush up to the top of the building for some fresh air. It was an advantage of spring that I wasn’t frozen at the moment as I stepped out of the door.

I inhaled deep the fresh air, trying to empty my overly packed mind as I looked around the top. There weren’t too much people up here. They might not felt spring weather as much as to go outside. Or they needed time to get used to it. A group of girls were standing at the railing and were smoking at the other side of the building about a dozen meters away from me. They waved when they saw me.

I smiled back constrainedly and waved back spiritlessly. I recognized some pretty girls amongst them, that I would enjoy having in my bed. And I also made them know it, however I only told them in a vogue way to not make it too obvious.

Some people think that I can’t get enough of men and women, but the truth is that I’m a little shy in the inside. But this is not quite the best word to describe it. Let’s say that I can really hardly endure when I tell about my feelings and I get rejection. Especially in a girl’s case when she says no because of she does not want to be with a girl. I’m careful because of this. But this is not hard to me for I like to play cat and mouse games. I like to stalk my prey, to extend my web around her, and only letting her know about the situation when I can make sure that she is unable to rejection. By this time I recognize if a no is forming inside her and I can easily back out from the situation without rushing into any walls.

But in the case of these girls this was no danger. As they were waving to me happily and turned over the railing, they might not even minded if I grabbed their asses firmly as greeting them. I would gladly go to them to flirt a bit and to make the basics of a plentiful bed-sheet acrobatics even with all of them at once, but I had no spirit for that now. I was too nervous. All my thoughts were occupied by that girl. The girl from next door. I tried to think of something else, but as I thought of the girls and the little dalliance little with them, her face appeared in front of me. So I rather canlı kaçak bahis turned my head and made it unmistakable to them that I didn’t want to chat. The waving girls realized this immediately and turned back to smoking and giggling between themselves.

I walked to the verge of the top, only a reach from the railing and put my hands inside my pockets and closed my eyes, letting the mild wind touch my face.

“What’s up? You came out to take the air?” My heart thudded so big from fright that I thought it would jump out from its place. I turned towards the source of the sound with widened eyes that broke the silence, to see Erik standing against the convector-station (or what the hell were these huge boxes on the top) about two meters from the railings.

“You scared the hell out of me, you jerk!” I hissed at him.

“Having a bad conscience?” he laughed at me in response, but I only huffed and turned towards the railing again. I stood one-sided so I could see him from the corner of my eyes without turning my head.

“And what are you doing here?” I threw away.

“Why? Are you trying to rule where I can go now? I don’t have any lesson right now, and it would have been a sin not to come out here in this nice time. I’m sun-bathing.”

“You don’t have any lessons, do you?” I looked at him but I still puckered up my lips. “If I think about your ideas of lessons, that doesn’t mean too much. You don’t have any, or you’ve been too lazy to sit in?”

“Only you are so masochistic to sit in to every kind of shit,” he snapped back, so in response I huffed again.

“Shut up!” I muttered and turned towards the railing again.

“What’s wrong? You’re even ruder and spiritless than usual.

“There’s nothing.” I looked towards the girls that were laughing on the other side of the top. Erik followed my glance as well, and looked at me questioningly.

“I would like to have a cigarette as well,” I said. I knew that I couldn’t avoid of telling him something, so I prevented his guesses.

“But you don’t smoke,” marveled Erik.

“I know. And I won’t start it… Especially not now.”

“Come on! Tell me what’s eating you!”

“Nothing is eating me,” I glanced at him, trying to make an innocent face.

“Come on little girl,” he grinned. “I know you, and you know it. I won’t let you go until you told me what’s wrong.”

This sounded funny as I watched him stretching in the sunshine. He would probably not prevent me from going away from here if I wanted to. Not physically. But he knew well that it would be enough if he kept pushing me gently with words until I lost all my resistance against him.

“New tenants moved in next door,” I blurted out wryly finally.

“Oh, wow,” his eyes kindled. “A handsome guy? … Or a pretty chick?”

“Both of them.” I didn’t want to answer but the words came out of my mouth effortlessly. This was the curse of my relationship with Erik. In the right circumstances I even answered for a question from him automatically that I didn’t want to reply. I murmured silently and gave in. I decided to let the temptation of talking win.

“Oh, wow,” repeated Erik with a wider grin. “Come here! Sit by me and tell me everything about them in detail.”

“Here?” I glanced towards the girls near us. I knew that Erik wouldn’t even be curious about the everyday things of my neighbours if I indeed knew about them. He wasn’t curious about their names, their professions, what food they liked, what they liked to do for fun. He was interested in something entirely else… and I was too eventually.

“Come on! They won’t hear it if you won’t make a big noise,” calmed me Erik. “You sit here next to me and they won’t even see you. And if they will, who cares?”

He was right but I still didn’t feel like talking with him. Especially not about this topic. But I couldn’t left him just liked that because of this. I glanced at my watch. I had ten minutes from the break, so I sight theatrically and sat by him, hiding under the shadow of the transformer (or what the hell was that) to avoid the sun burning me.

“So?” Erik glanced at me with a curiosity of a child. “I want to know everything.”

I didn’t have any resistance left, so I just closed my eyes, blew out the air an imagined the morning scene.

“The man is a typical early-forty, who’s age is already shown but he is till handsome, well-muscled, good-looking, and the little wrinkles and common larkspurs only make his face more peculiar,” I started and glanced at Erik who was leaning on his elbow that was closer to me and he looked at me with a curios glance. I sighed and I imagined the new neighbour again. “Tall, fairish-brown hair, and an always smiling face. And his body…” I started to enjoy this too. Erik always did this to me. His presence, his talk, his reflection… Though I only saw the man for a few seconds and from far, now I saw him in front of me in his very reality, as if he were standing only reach away from me. His image probably mingled with the stereotype I had in mind about men like him, but I didn’t care. “Tall, well-muscled. He wore loose pants and a jacket, and under that a simple T-Shirt and…” I imagined the well-built muscles of his upper body under the cloth. Though the hell knew whether he really looked like this, but I could imagine it and now this was the only important thing.