The Getaway Pt. 02


He woke up today quite alive. His cock was hard as a rock. He told his wife he was going in early and she rolled over to go back to sleep. He kept running the night before thru his head, and was so horny again. He couldn’t wait to see how far he could push her today, but he would have fun trying.

After dressing, he snuck a new porn DVD into his laptop bag and left the house. As he drove, he still had the hard on, and it was almost painful since he didn’t relieve it. He didn’t even take his morning piss. He just wanted to get back to her.

When he got there, he saw her car. He used the key, and let himself in the room. When he walked in, there she was, spread eagle naked on the bed. She had a vibrator on her clit and was moaning. Her other hand was mashing her nipple, and squeezing her breast. He wasn’t even sure she heard him come in. He quietly stripped naked and watched for a few minutes. He saw her stop before cumming, and asked her why. She jumped from being startled. He walked over to the bed, his hard on bouncing with him. She turned off the vibrator, but he told her to put it back on. He wanted to watch her make herself cum. He also told her to lay the other way on the bed so she was hanging off almost.

She moved, and he stood behind her head- stroking his cock just out of reach of her. He watched as she turned the vibrator on and worked it in circles. Her belly was shaking as she did and he knew she was gone in ecstasy. He stepped forward and canlı bahis şirketleri laid his balls on her nose and underside of his cock across her lips. He also leaned down and grabbed handfuls of tit. She cried in approval and opened her mouth wide enough for him to go in. He positioned her so she was hanging off the side of the bed, and he could use her mouth as his fuck toy. She was busy holding the vibrator, so she couldn’t use her hands. At this angle, he went all the way down till her nose was almost at his ass crack. He smacked her tits and pinched the nipples as he increased his speed and thrust. She tensed up, and he leaned forward to jam her fingers deep inside of her self as she came. He knew she couldn’t breathe, but also knew she didn’t care. He stood up, his hard cock still in her mouth, and told her to turn around and suck him right.

She laid on her side and cupped his balls in her hand. She licked his length up and down and blew a cool stream of air on him. She knew she had him now, and slowly started devouring him- inch by inch. She kissed, nibbled and sucked till her nose was at the base of his cock. She reached behind him and squeezed his ass to bring him deeper in her mouth. She took him all the way out and went back down. She couldn’t believe how hard he was.

He then asked her if she thought his cock was wet. She asked why, and he pulled her hair and asked again. She said yes it was. He said good, and told her to turn around and canlı kaçak iddaa bend over the bed. She did, and he entered her wet pussy doggy style. It felt so good. But just as he was building a rhythm, he told her to reach back and spread her ass cheeks. She did, and felt him stick a finger up to her rosebud ass. She always wanted to try this, but hadn’t. He asked her what she wanted. She told him to fuck her ass.

With that, he pulled out of her pussy and put the head to his cock on her puckered hole. He told her there were 2 ways to do this- kinda like a band aid- Slow and a little pain spread out over a long time, or rip it off with intense pain for a second and then feel good. She was more of an intense person.

With that, he thrust forward and rip her ass open. She screamed with pain and pleasure all at once. He let it sit inside her for a minute before moving. Once she let up the pressure, he slowly moved back and forth. It felt like his cock was in a vice grip. Eventually she un-clenched and he was able to get a good stroke going. He told her to play with her clit, and she did. He felt her thrust back to him, and knew she was easing up. He stood up and grabbed onto her ass for traction. He couldn’t hold on much longer, and he felt her tensing again for an orgasm, so he buried his cock in her and let her milk his cock. Soon he was shooting hot jizz deep inside her.

After collapsing on her for a few minutes, they rolled over and decided they needed canlı kaçak bahis a shower after that. She told him it did hurt, but after a few seconds it felt really good. They kissed and writhed around before getting up. They decided to shower together. And when they got into the hot water, she immediately started to clean his cock with soap in her hands. When he felt the hot water, he was suddenly reminded of what he didn’t do that morning. Once he was clean, but still limp, he told her to inspect it closer to make sure he was clean. He turned away the shower head, and she knelt in front of him.

As she was kissing his cock, he told her he had to piss, and wanted her to receive it. He also said he wondered what it was like pissing as his cock was played with. Instead of moving away, she gently squeezed his balls, and opened her mouth. He let loose a powerful stream of piss. She let it flow into her mouth, over her shoulders, in her face, and over her tits. She even wiggled it to shake the last bits out. They were both covered in it, and she leaned forward to suck the last drops out. She then had him help her stand up and he soaped her up to wash. After the shower, she got him hard again with the towel.

He took her back to the bed and told her this was going to have to hold her for a while. With that he mounted her and began to slam into her. He fucked her so hard the bed was almost breaking. After a few minutes, he tensed up, and came inside her again. Just the thought of his cum in her made her cum again too. Their juices flowed onto the mattress, until he rolled off her and they just laid next to each other catching their breath.

Finally he looked over to her and said…”Wait till next week!”