The After party intro..


The After party intro..I remember It was Saturday morning 27/12 and i woke up still pissed from my birthday party last night ..I look over to my younger Sister whos 13 years old,brushing her hair in the mirror.My cock is throbbing and I have To get up and go to the toilet. My sister is watching me in the mirror , as I rush in to flick my rock hard 7.7″inch cock out of my bathers full of alcohol and start pissing .What a relief !!.We moved into a new two story house about 3 years ago and the renovations weren’t fully finished. There are still no doors except for the front and back door and no blinds except for in the kitchen .”In the toilet bowl bro”Do I have to tell you every day!!…I hear my sister yell..I just stand there watching the thick stream of piss spraying all over the toilet and floor….my sister screams out (“you PIG”) yelling out for MUM….Within about 10 seconds mum walks into our bedroom upstairs,only wearing üsküdar escort a white lacy floral see through g-sting with no bra on, and scares the shit out of me, while I’m standing there pissing infront of Rebecca who was sitting there in her white training bra and pink g-sting,pointing the hair brush at me …saying (look mum what a drunk pig…)she’s so immature.!Besides mum & dad said I was Allowed to have a drink on my 15th birthday with my friends as long as we stayed in the house and were in bed by 12:30am..I looked over at them and felt so embarrassed of what happened last night with my mates as I shack the last few drops from my penis…Mum speaks to me and says (“at least its not vomit, I thought you would be throwing up..I was awake all night thinking about you and your school friends getting drunk,luckily your father wasn’t here and had to work last night,now get into tuzla escort the shower, you’ll feel better “)..I pulled my bathers down ( with both mum and Rebbecca whispering to each other how I still had a erection and how big my cock looked as I hop into the shower.. the rest of my clothes are on the floor next to my little sisters bed..Mum walks over to give her youngest budding daughter Rebecca a hug as there bodies embrace I realize how small and sexy our mother is, compared with my little sister only 13,who is just starting to develop small breasts,my mother is nearly the same size as her with a full figure and shaved cunt from what I can see, the whole family have thick jet black hair.. Chloe my older sister too.She sleeps in the bedroom opposite us,with our beautiful joining bathroom in the middle.Daddy took Chloe away this weekend on his work trip..she loves eating at the pendik escort best restaurants and room service by the pool.They won’t be home until Sunday night ,so I’m alone with mum and Rebbecca..I couldn’t help myself,and without even realizing it I had put soap up and down the shaft my cock and was slowly masturbating while i was looking at mum and Rebecca hugging in the bedroom…They could see me in the shower and started touching each other’s bums and g-stings,I couldn’t believe it…Mum started telling me off about what me and friends did last night and what a muck we were running and how they stayed up all night and went home this morning about a hour before I woke up…I couldn’t control myself,and starting cumming in my hand while listening to mum.The water felt soo good and hot and the soapy,oily,lubricate on my senitive alcohol fuelled massive hard-on like I’ve never had before…Mum stopped talking as her and Rebecca were shocked watching streams of hot cum shot out of my cock and onto the floor infront of the shower… I turned off the water in the shower and was so hungover just grabbed a towel and layed it on my bed and went straight back to sleep. …Please subcribe to read the next chapter happens when i wake up……..