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A Friends MomA couple of months ago I went to visit the parents of one of my old school friends to see how he was doing as I haven’t spoken to him for a long time and neither have our other friends from the school. When I got round his dad answered the door and invited me in so we sat down and talked for a little while. After about 10 minutes my friends mother came back home from doing some errands and we all continued to sit talking in the living room. This brought back a lot of memories as I used to go round and play computer games with him and try to watch for his mother coming home from work. She worked as an accounts manager in one of the local hospitals so frequently wore skirt suits and pantyhose for the office. When she came home from work I would see what she was wearing and if she was in one of my favourite outfits (a navy skirt suit with knee-length skirt, navy pantyhose and pumps) I would excuse myself and go down to talk to her. While talking to her I would be admiring her legs and wishing I was knelt near her gently caressing them. If she wasn’t in then I would excuse myself to go to the toilet and quickly anadolu yakası escort nip into his parents bedroom and get some of his mothers pantyhose out of her drawer. I’d done it so often that I could go straight to the drawer without having to root around for them. She had a drawer full of various pairs of pantyhose in navy, black, cream, green (with a small pattern), nude and also a black pair with a pattern on the ankle that looked like a flower with a fake pearl in it. I used to take a couple of pairs of her pantyhose and shove them down my trousers then go to the toilet and back into him playing on the computer. A couple of times I managed to quickly get them from the drawer so I went into the toilet and put a pair on, with the others between my penis and the pantyhose, and then I went back into the room. My times of going round and playing games with him, as well as the actual friendship, stopped though when he caught me going through his mothers pantyhose drawer.When I went round this time to talk to them I asked if it would be possible for me to use the toilet and so I pendik escort went up and slowly into their room and grabbed a couple of pairs of navy pantyhose from her drawer. I then went to the toilet and put the pantyhose in my pocket before going downstairs and commenting how they’d made the room look bigger by knocking between the toilet and bathroom.After a short while my friends mother said that she needed to go to the store and get some money from the bank, as it was coming up to my friends birthday and he lived abroad so she needed to get the currency and mail it to him. She also said that she would give me a lift home when she went out. I said goodbye to my friends dad and then got into the car beside my friends mother. She was going to drop me off but I said that I would go to the bank with her and stay in the car while she went in so that she could park in a no-parking area for the short amount of time she was going to be. We got to the bank and she left to go in and get the currency, which left me alone in the car with her pantyhose in my pocket. I immediately put my hand into my pocket tuzla escort and started to feel the pantyhose. When I saw her coming back I withdrew my hand from my pocket after making sure the pantyhose weren’t near the opening. When she got back into the car she thanked me for waiting and also offering to go with her to the bank. We carried on talking for a short while she drove me back to my house. For some strange reason, and I am not sure why, I brought up about her son and why I hadn’t been around for a while. I told her all about him finding me going through her drawer and then the two of us stopping our friendship then. I was completely honest with her and told her about my interest in her pantyhose and how I loved to watch her come home from work in her skirt suits and admiring her legs encased in the nylon. She thanked me for being honest and said that her son hadn’t said anything about me doing that or why we’d stopped being friends so he must have respected our friendship.After I got into my parents house I went immediately to the upstairs bathroom and removed my trousers.  I then put my hand into one of the pantyhose legs and started to masturbate with the pantyhose I’d just come home with, wishing that she was wearing them and rubbing her nylon clad feet all over my cock and legs.  Before cumming I removed the pantyhose from my hand so that I didn’t get any over the nylon and spoil them.