Saga of the Sex Genie Ch. 04


Content Advisory: This story contains elements of mature, incest, transgender sex and cum sharing. All characters are over 18 years old and all events are fictional…

I stood under the flow of the hot water in the shower, letting it wash the sweat and cum off of me. I was leaning against the shower wall, one hand pressed above me against the wall, the other roaming languidly around my body. As I caressed my breasts and ran my fingers gently over my pussy it was really one part washing myself to two parts feeling myself up at this point.

I had just had sex with my friend… boyfriend… friend, whatever, Tommy, So thoroughly that we’d reached a point where he could barely move, and then some. After which my own dad had fucked my ass like a madman. And with his muscles and the size of his cock he was twice the man I was even when I hadn’t been transformed into a voluptuous brown haired girl. I think I might have some permanent issues after all this is over but… Mmmm… my body always seems to tingle so good after a nice fuck.

My hand roamed over the swell of my very generous breasts, gently grazing my nipples, then sliding down my smooth stomach, one finger making circles around my belly button. I was exhausted, thoroughly used and abused in the best way, but I was never really completely satisfied in this form.

I felt the urge to play with myself more seriously, but as my hand drifted down to my clit, I could feel the change coming on again. It was a subtle feeling until you got used to it, but under my hand I could feel my clit start to grew, swelling at first, then lengthening until finally it had changed back into my cock. Before my eyes my breasts shrank until my chest was flat as a twelve year old boy again. Which was still disappointing considering that I’m a 22 year old man. Admittedly one that still lives with his parents.

In a dozen little ways from the subtle to the extreme my body changed until I was myself again. As much as I could still define myself as being Chris, instead of Chrissi.

The feeling really was subtle. It’s no wonder I didn’t notice it the first time. At least not until it was to late.


Here I was sitting on the pavement in some alleyway a few blocks from my neighborhood. Naked. And A Girl! Lets not forget THAT for a second.

Not to mention I just had sex with some Mexican wannabe gangster. Or I was raped by him. It was honestly hard to say which it was. Even though I didn’t want to have sex with this guy, or any guy since I’m a straight man! for Christ sake, this female body wanted it badly, and I was so taken by surprise I didn’t even try to fight it. It’s kinda a matter of perspective at this point.

So here I am, with my breasts heaving. An ass on me that I would probably be starring at in any other situation, sitting on the cold pavement. And I swear to god, I think there was a ROCK up my butt. I had just lost my virginity to the wrong fucking gender, as the wrong fucking gender, and I’m pretty sure I enjoyed it, traumatic as that is. The fact is, though, that the lust is still pounding so hard through my body that I’m pretty sure I’m about to go again with the first guys two friends.

Both guys were trying to undo there pants. One was kind of skinny and had a pinched, irritated looking face. The other was fat, and had a dumb look on his face. I crawled on my hands and knees up to them, and smiled up at the dumb fat one. I reached into his boxers and took out his cock. I ran my tongue around the head then, squeezing the base, I sucked the tip into my mouth. I began bobbing my head forward slowly, still looking up at his fat head.

His skinny friend stepped up next to him, and I switched hands, so I could grab him and start to jerk him off. Not too fast, I didn’t want him to go off before I got my treat.

Looking up at the two of them, I felt myself come down from my horny high a little. My head cleared just enough Kurtköy Fetiş Escort that the thought of what was happening, what was about to happen, managed to get through. That started up a list of possible scenarios involving me and these three guys. Whatever part of me was making me do this was incredibly turned on by that list, but that fact almost more then the list itself terrified me.

That whole train of thought sent me into a panic. Enough to at least gain a little volition again. I saw my pants out of the corner of my eye. I edged my hand over to them and, without looking where I was going I hooked a couple fingers behind my belt, sprang to my feet and started running. Fat guys cock popped out of my mouth as I sprang up. It literally popped out, it made that sound like a lollipop or something coming out of my mouth. Both guys started protesting loudly, but they both had managed to get their pants down around their ankles, so when I started to run neither one was ready to chase me.

One of them tried running after me anyway, and wound up on his face on the ground inside of two steps. The other just hopped around trying to get his pants up. And the third guy, who’d already had his fun, just laughed at their struggles.

I was out of the alleyway in seconds, my pants streaming behind me as I ran. I had never been any kind of athlete but fear made me fast despite the fact that I was barefoot. Luckily for me there weren’t any people out in this part of town right now. But sprinting down the sidewalk nude, with my breasts swinging around wildly, I knew a ‘girl’ like me wouldn’t go unnoticed for long. Not to mention that sooner or later the guys from the alley would probably show up. I needed to get out of sight, and fast.

I saw a wall low enough that I thought I could climb it and I jumped for it. I managed to grab the top and started to pull myself up for a second. But my boobs got in the way, hitting the slight jut on top of the wall. I didn’t have a lot of upper body strength to begin with, and less now, but I scrambled with my feet for purchase and managed to get my bust line over the wall. With my breasts lying on top of the wall like they were on display I got my first view of the other side.

I stopped trying to get over the wall and just hung there shocked for a second, my breasts laying in the rough brick surface. It was someones backyard on the other side, and it looked like a child’s birthday party was going on. Everyone was focused on the kid in the party hat blowing out the candles on the cake and no one had noticed me yet. But as I lingered for a moment one old man sitting across the yard in the shade took notice. He got a huge grin on his face and was starring straight at me. And who could blame him, with my big tits sitting on top of the wall like that, practically pointing straight at him. I would have stared too.

My face turned bright red and I lurched back off the wall, stumbling into the street for a second. I caught my balance and then a few moments later my breath. Then I saw a car turn the corner and, without waiting to see if they had noticed me, I started running again. Only about fifteen feet this time, to a spot on the wall I thought would let out into the yard of the next house over.

Not waiting to see what was on the other side, I just dragged myself over the wall as fast as I could, fueled by adrenaline and my pants still trailing behind me. I landed on the other side facing the wall, took one step back while pivoting around… and plunged over the edge into a pool.

I panicked for a second, flailing everywhere, the chlorine hurting my eyes when I tried to look where I was. After a moment I thought I knew which way was up and I swam as hard as I could. After a few strokes I smacked my face into the bottom of the pool. The impact made me gasp, releasing what little air was left in my lungs and I nearly inhaled before I could stop myself. Kurtköy Gecelik Escort Feeling truly afraid for the first time today, I pressed against the bottom with my hands, shifting my body until my feet hit the bottom. Fear for your life trumps most other kinds once it really sinks in as a reality. I launched myself towards the surface as hard as I could. I rose up and started kicking and stroking toward the surface. It could only have been moments, but it felt like forever. An eternity of milliseconds swept by until finally I broke the surface and took a breathe again. Air and relief filled me in equal measure

I floated there panting for a minute until I could catch my breathe. When my heart finally slowed down a little I looked around until I saw my pants floating nearby. I got a hold of them and started stroking towards the edge of the pool. Once there I heaved my self up and unto my back, then proceeded to pull my pants on without even getting up. I’d had enough of being naked. It took me a few seconds after looking down at myself to realize, my breasts were gone. A quick inventory showed that my manhood was back as well. Oh thank god!

I was so relieved to feel it back that I just lay there, reveling in the whole ‘Not A Girl’ thing for I don’t know how long.


I stepped out of the shower, dried myself off and threw on a robe. Exhausted I made my staggering way to my bedroom. Collapsing on my bed, I slipped into unconsciousness almost immediately.

My dreams were chaotic, and sexually charged. One minute I was back in high school, staring down the blouse of my favorite teacher, miss Mardok, while she leaned over my desk lecturing me on proper fellatio procedure. Then I was lying over my aunt Glinda’s lap, naked while she spanked me. She was wearing a halter top, and daisy dukes, and my cock was pressed firmly between her thighs, so that every time she slapped my ass, I would involuntarily thrust between her legs. A troop of twenty year old girl scouts, still wearing uniforms sized for seven year olds asked me to help them get there anal badge. I accepted graciously.

I woke slowly to the feeling of something warm and wet around my cock. I cracked opened my eyes, but in the dark all I could see was a silhouette bobbing up and down over my crotch. Luxuriating in the sensation, I reached down to tangle my hands in the hair of my anonymous benefactor. It felt so good. I hardly ever got to use my own natural genitalia these days. The hair was long and soft, and the lips compressed around my manhood tenderly.

I could feel the persons tongue running up and down my shaft, occasionally stopping to caress the sensitive head of my cock. After only a few minutes of this I erupted into the unknown mouth, pulling at the bed sheets as I came.

The figure rose slowly from their position over my cock, and started crawling over me toward my face. I could see the outline of breasts hanging down, and I could see now that the silhouette had the smooth curves of a woman to it. When their privates aligned with mine, I could feel the heat radiating from them and my dick began to stir anew. Leaning down into me, my mystery lover pressed their lips against mine in a kiss. Forcing their tongue into my mouth, I felt a flood of my own cum flow into my mouth. Reveling in the taste and texture, I grabbed her hips, and forced her down hard onto my newly raging erection. I felt her shudder as I forced my way in, and she moaned into my mouth, as I greedily sucked on her tongue.


Lying on the deck next to some strangers pool, I lost track of time. Just trying to make sense of what had happened. That is until I saw a face appear in my field of vision. An elderly woman was standing over me, looking down. After my ordeal, I was so out of it that it took me a full three seconds to register what this could mean.

“Oh! I’m sorry… Uh Mam…Uh..” I stuttered, scrambling Kurtköy Genç Escort to my feet.

I continued to babble incoherent apologies until she interrupted me.

“Was there a reason you were apparently swimming in my pool.” She glanced down at my legs. “With your pants on?”

My mind went blank for a minute. Then, after an absurdly long awkward pause, I decided that a version of the truth might be best.

“Uhhm… There were these three guys chasing me. They were dressed like gangsters, and had pulled me into an alley. I… uh.. jumped over your wall there” I pointed, as if she didn’t know which wall bordered the street. ” And I accidentally fell into your pool. I’m really sorry, I’ll get out of here right away.”

The old lady smile fondly and patted my arm. “It’s OK young man. Here let me get you something to dry off with.” She said before turning and making her slow way back into the house. I dragged my feet, thinking that maybe I should just go. But I was soaking wet, and it wasn’t so warm out that I really appreciated it.

After about ten minutes I thought maybe the old lady had forgotten about me when I started to feel a little odd. A tingling went through my body, different from the small shivers I was already experiencing. But I was distracted by the sound of the sliding glass door opening again.

An old man walked out. Skinny and irritated looking, wrinkled with just a fringe of gray hair circling his head, he came towards me looking down at the towel in his hands.

“I don’t know what my wife is thinking. Punk kids hopping into our yard. I should call the co…” The old man trailed off, the towel dropping along with his jaw. I looked down and saw a bulge forming in the old mans pants. Seeing it getting bigger gave me a quiver in my… God Dammit!!! I’m a girl again!

I reached up to cover my exposed breasts, my pants barely staying up above my round hips and ass.

“I can explain.” I said in a panic, though what explanation I could give I had no idea. For some reason I took a couple steps toward him, my hands pleading. On the third step, my foot stepped on my pant leg and I fell forward, my pants half falling down my legs.

The old man moved to catch me, but I was too far down already. I ended up catching myself around his waist, until his khaki shorts started to slide down. I wound up on my hands and knees, mostly naked again. When I looked up I was staring straight into five inches of elderly cock and a set off wrinkly old balls.

A part of me wanted to worship that shriveled cock with my mouth. I started to lean forward, my tongue hanging out in anticipation. But I managed to restrain myself and pulled back a little. Which was good. It proved I could restrain the impulses I got when I was like this.

Then the old man thrust forward into my open mouth. I was too stunned to move. I could feel his old cock resting on my tongue. I was aware of every vein and ridge along the underside of it. I could feel the tip tickling my tonsils. It was just this long, surreal moment where I wonder at the fact that I didn’t seem to have any gag reflex at all.

The moment ended as the old man pulled back and thrust in again, and again, building up a rhythm. On the fourth inward stroke I closed my mouth tight around his dick and started sucking like I expected a treat to come out if I sucked hard enough. I think some part of me did. It only took a few more strokes before he grunted, and I felt a small bit of cum dribble out onto my tongue.

The old man pulled out, stumbling backward. Though with my lips compressed hard around him and a strong suction going, he almost couldn’t disengage. When he won his freedom from my greedy lips he was panting hard enough that I was just a little concerned that I’d given him a heart attack. He quickly drew his shorts back on over his now limp cock and kicked the towel at me before stumbling back into the house. He locked the door and closed the blinds behind him.

I picked up the towel and wrapped it around myself to cover up.

“What, no tip?” I muttered sarcastically as I pulled up my pants and proceeded to climb another wall into yet another strange back yard… ingrate!

To be continued…