My First Encounter Part 1

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My First Encounter Part 1I’d been waiting for this day for a very long time, but now that it was here I was not sure I wanted it to be. I’d met Master David almost two years earlier, and I’d finally plucked up the courage to let him take me for his own. My stomach was riddled with butterflies: nervesand excitement consumed me. I’d been ready hours earlier. My attire consisting of nothing but white cotton panties. I was trying desperately not to make them wet as Iknew punishment would follow.Having left the door unlocked, I now knelt in my living room,with my back facing the door way. I heard the door open.And close soon after. My heart pounded in my chest, my skin prickled in anticipation. I heard his footsteps cross my wooden floor. Felt the cold leather as he placed the collar around my neck, fastening it so that it wasn’t too tight. And then the blindfold came; blackness invaded me. He stood me up gently. Giving me a quick slap on my tits as I did.”What do you say?” he barked. “Thank you” I mustered. I heard him circle me,I stood for what felt like hours as istanbul escort he stroked my skin, pinched my now erect nipples and shackled my hands behind my back.”What a good little slut you’re going to make” He laughed as he said this.. Making me slightly uneasy. “I’m going to bend you over this chair now slut, I want you to spread your legs wide as you can OK?””Yes sir” I replied obedientlyI did was he asked, spreading my legs wide as he bent me over. I heard him walk away, and return a few minutes later. He ran his fingers over my panties..”You’re wet slut, and you were told not to be. For that I’m going give you 10 cracks of my whip. It’s going to hurt, but you’re going to learn to love it.”I bit my lip as he said this and braced myself for the pain that I was going to endure.The first crack hit my body like a bolt of lightening, pain sered through me. I felt my skin burn, and I cried out. “I told you it would hurt, that’s what happens if you choose to disobey me you little slut” He landed the second avcılar escort crack as he said this. Weirdly though, I found it quite arousing, the pain was there, but so was the pleasure. The third,fourth and fifth crack came soon after. My knee’s buckled as the pain washed over me. “Spread your arse cheeks whore” he order.I stood, my body red with my arse cheeks as wide as I could get them. This time the pain more intense and the leather licked my skin. My body was letting me down, I could feel my self getting wetter with each crack. One last one I thought as I braced myself. I cried out as the last one hit. Aimed right between my arse cheeks. I wanted cover myself up, to writhe in pain.But I wouldn’t let him see me surrender. He put the whip down and came to me. I felt his breath on my neck, he brushed my hair out of the way, and kissed me hard.”What do you say?””Thank you” I replied almost robotic “Good girl” He soothed.”Next time, you’ll think twice about disobeying me, next time I won’t be so kind”I nodded.He took me by the hand şirinevler escort to the sofa. He spread my legs wide and pulled off my panties. His fingers ran down my body. It felt odd, not being able to see made all my other senses work overtime. His touch felt amazing. His touch drove me wild. “Would you like me to make you cum slut?” He askedI nodded. “Beg slut, beg Master to make you cum””Please Master” I pleaded “Please, make your dirty little slut cum. I’ll do anything, Please..”He placed a finger inside me, teasing my clit with his thumb. I wanted to to cum there and then but I knew I had to ride it out. I bucked my hips as he added another finger,and another. Thrusting his fingers deep inside me. He reached up and pawed my breasts with his hands, rubbing and pinching my nipples. I groaned loudly. “Please Master, please can I cum” He quickened his pace. “Yes slut, cum all over master fingers you dirty little whore!”His words were all I needed to take me over the edge. My orgasm flooded through me and my body shook with pleasure. “Thank you” I panted “You’re learning slut” He replied”Now clean your juices off my fingers, show me some of your oral skills.” I moved forward a little as he placed his fingers into my mouth, and I cleaned them eagerly. I felt him reach and take off my blindfold. My eyes stung a little as they adjusted to the light..TO BE CONTINUED….