Danny, Lucy & a Stranger


Danny, Lucy & a StrangerDanny and Lucy were 24 and 22. They had known each other since school. They fell in love and got married at 18 and settled into a boring life as man and wife. Neither wanted to have c***dren but still spent most of their time fucking each other sensless.The problem was that they were still young and horny but were getting bored of each other. They had done it every which way they could and needed something else to spice things up. The excitment had gone, so Danny suggested the internet for new ideas. Lucy had always had this thing about being watched.So His idea was to set up a webcam. But Lucy was worried someone might be able to screen capture the picture so they eventually settled on the idea that someone would come around to watch in person.They chose carfully. For starters he couldn’t be someone they didn’t think Danny could handle. If they decided he had to leave he had to be able to eject him easily. No smelly scruffy guys, no one who looked like a axe murderer or anything like anadolu yakası escort that.Eventually they settled on Frank. He was 52 and quite small so Danny thought he would be ok if he stepped out of line. He also looked like a normal everyday joe and when they spoke on the phone (several times beforehand to make sure) he seemed ok.The night he arrived started like a dinner date. They introduced each other, had a coffee, had a short chat and eyed each other up for about 20 minutes before Lucy eventually gave Danny the nod that she felt relaxed enough to take things further.They went upstairs to the bedroom. Frank had to strip and sit by the bed. he wasn’t allowed to touch or move from that chair but he was allowed to encourage things along vocaly and jack himself off. They had a TV and DVD in the bedroom so Danny put on some porn lowered the lights and things started to hot up.They didn’t try to pretend the guy wasn’t there. That was the whole point, Lucy was turned pendik escort on by the fact that a stranger was watching and she could practicly hear him breathing he was so close.Within seconds Danny had her naked on the bed with her legs open and his head buried between. Frank was hard before he even sat down so was trying to jack himself off in the corner slowly and carefully, he didn’t wanna shoot his load before things had even started.Then Danny stripped off completly and eventually straddled Lucy’s face, slowly lowering his hard cock into her mouth.Lucy stuck her fingers into her wet pussy as he fucked her head. Her legs opened as wide as she could so that Frank got the best view. He could see Dannys balls resting on her chin from time to time as she took the whole of his cock down her throat.After a while he slid his erection down to her now wet and dribbling pussy. Seconds later he was pumping, Slowly at first then faster and faster. All that Frank could see now from the chair tuzla escort he was sitting on was Danny asshole pumping up and down. It was a great sight seeing his cock dissapear into Lucy but he couldn’t actually see much more of her. He was now on the verge of exploding himself so he did the one thing he had been told not to do. He got up off his chair and moved closer to get a better view.Lucy screamed out “no stay there” and signaled Danny to do something. But it was too late, Danny was in mid flow and wild horses couldn’t have stopped him from finishing off. He was fucking like a dog on heat. Pumping like a piston, Harder and faster. Lucy was moaning and trying to signal to stop at the same time. Frank was now standing over both of them and jacking furiously to the point of no return.She climaxed at the same time as Frank, but he was splattering her tits and some of Dannys shoulder with his cum. Danny eventauly pulled out and exploded all over her tits and one side of her face. This wasn’t all in the plan but it was to late.They both stood over Lucy with cocks dribbling left over cum and she lay on her back sweating and cover from head to tits in spunk.Frank was never invited back. He had broken the golden rule.Besides. They had had him. She wanted to try a black guy next time…..