More Black Adventures With Lisa, My Wife

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More Black Adventures With Lisa, My WifeMore Black Adventures With Lisa, My Wife This is another chapter with Lisa, my beautiful blond wife who was just introduced into the world of black men. Lisa and I have been married a number of years and I had always fantasized about her and black men. She had never had a black man until we had discussed our fantasies and I had put a suggestion in her mind about having sex with a black man. She ended up having sex with two handsome young black men for her first time and it was heaven for both of us. It was awesome for her and for me too because I ran the video camera and captured all the action. You may want to read my first story of Lisa and her first experience in my story: My Wife’s First Black Experience.Anyway, this is the next chapter of what went on after the first time.After that first time, Lisa was captivated with black men. She had taken on two young studs for her first time and they had fucked her brains out and she loved every second of it. She liked them young and good looking. Lisa was quite a looker herself, her long pale legs, blond hair, her blond pussy hair (she is a real blond), blue eyes and a perfect round ass. Her titties are small, but round and firm with her pink nipples erect all the time, she was quite sexy. Whenever we went looking for some handsome black studs for her to fuck, she really turned heads. It wasn’t difficult for her to get attention. We had called Andrew and Jason a couple of times (the two studs she had for her first time), and she had fucked them again, but now she wanted a new adventure. She said she wanted something different.Andrew had told me how he and Jason loved fucking Lisa.“Man, how can you just watch all the time, while me and Jason fuck your woman like that?”“Well, Andrew, I’m allot older than she is and Lisa is still a young attractive woman, she’s afraid of getting older and not having the adventures she wants to have. I can’t keep up with her as much anymore and she loves fucking you guys, so I just want to make her happy because I love her so much”.“Man, you sure do love her, to let other men, especially us black ones, cause we love blond headed white girls. But I guess that’s ok, cause me and Jason sure do love to fuck her, no offense, I mean, of course”.“None Taken”.“Andrew, what don’t we do a little something different. I mean, like surprise her with some added guests?”.“You mean, you want to have her fuck a bunch of black boys all at once?”“Yes, but not let her know, it would be a big surprise”.Andrew smiled a big smile, he knew what I was talking about.“You know another thing that would be great , it if you guys all wanted to gang bang her, I mean not hurt her, of course, but give her a big surprise”.“So, let me get this straight, you want me and Jason to set up an act, get some more black brothers to fuck your woman while you watch?”“Yes, that’s exactly what I mean”.“How many men do you want?”.“I don’t know, maybe 6 or 8?”“Wow, man, you really want her to be fucked good, don’t you?”Andrew and I talked a long time over the details. He would arrange getting all the black men and I would not tell Lisa any of the details. I thought it would be really hot.Andrew called me at my office later that week and he had all the guys ready, he had already got 6 lined up and asked if I thought Lisa could take on about 10. I said, the more the merrier. I was to get a place for the weekend and tell Lisa that she and I just had to get away for a quite weekend by ourselves. Little did she know what was in store for her. I rented a cabin for the weekend on the lake and went up earlier and setup a video camera in a hiding place where I could capture all the action. Everything was set.The wild/wet weekend came and me and Lisa went up to the cabin for a quite weekend alone, yeah, really. She was going to get the fucking she had dreamed about by all of those black studs, I couldn’t wait. Andrew and I had agreed that it was best to wait till Saturday night and that way, it would give us more time. Lisa and I spent Friday night there with no problems, we made love and had a very good time. Saturday night came and anadolu yakası escort me and Lisa smoked a little pot and she had taken a bath. She was stoned good now and she was something to look at. She had on her black thong panties on and no bra, just a little short T-shirt with her belly showing, and her ever erect nipples sticking out, man she was hot!At the designated time, I heard a noise outside.“What’s that?”, Lisa asked.“I don’t know”.I went to the door to investigate and at that moment, the door burst open and in ran 4 big black guys, their heads covered with black ski masks.“Don’t move, asshole, this is a robbery”.I could tell he had a black toy gun, but it looked real enough, when you are stoned.He pushed me down on the couch, and they all started to look around the cabin like they were looking for something.“Where’s the money, asshole”, he asked.“We don’t have any money here, just a little in my purse”, Lisa cried out.I could tell she was scared, her voice shaken a bit.“That’s ok, baby, we don’t need money, now that we see how lovely you are”.The black man went over and started rubbing Lisa’s beautiful blond hair. She was frightened I could tell, she was shaking a little. He continued to rub her hair and then he reached down and started to squeeze her titties. I thought that I should at least try to act like I was mad and I jumped up and went to try to help her.“Take your hands off my wife”, I yelled.The guy was big and strong and pushed me down on the couch with no effort at all.“You stay there, white boy, and don’t move”.“You sure have one fine looking woman here, she is a pretty little white bitch”.I made another feeble attempt to fight, but he just pushed me down again.“Tie up this white boy, so he can’t cause anymore trouble”.One of his buddies tied me to a chair in the kitchen, but I was at a good angle to see all the action that I was certain to come. I had also set the video camera at an angle where I knew the action would take place and had instructed Andrew so he knew where to keep everyone in the right place.“Now, we are going to have some fun with this little milk white slut”.He took out his half hard member from his pants and put it in Lisa’s mouth.“Suck on this love rod, my little white whore”.I could tell that Lisa was still a little scared but she started sucking hard on his tool, I knew the pot had her real horny and once she had tasted his black cock, she didn’t act very frightened. The remaining 3 men had already gotten naked with the exception of their ski masks.While Lisa’s head was going back and forward on the one man’s prick, I saw 6 more men enter the room and start to take off their clothes. They all kept their ski masks on, but now there were 10 naked black men in our cabin, waiting to ravage my sweet little angel.Lisa was still going to town on the ever growing dick in her mouth, the rest of the men swarmed her like bees on honey. One guy had taken off her thong and T-shirt and was eating out her pussy. Another one was eating her asshole out and the others were just watching for now. Lisa was really getting hot, she sucked harder and harder on the black monster in her mouth and she started to moan with pleasure as her clit was licked and her asshole was sucked out.Now Lisa stopped sucking the one man, and got down on her knees surrounded by all those big black monster dicks. She went from one to the other, sucking and sucking as many as she could. There was a maze of black cocks surrounding her and she loved the sight of all those huge rods, she was so stoned, and that made her even more horny.She started her journey into the world of pleasure as one man entered her pussy, another was in her asshole and she was trying to suck off as many as she could.I thought I would cum right there in that chair, watching my beautiful young wife with all those great black giant cocks ravaging her. It was a lovely site to see her ivory skin sandwiched by those black bodies. The dick in her pussy was so big, he had her pussy lips stretched out and it was something to see as the mighty monster went in and out of her little sweet pendik escort hole, and the big prick up her ass also disappeared in and out. Their black swollen balls bounded up and down as they penetrated her tight little orifices. The dick in her pussy began to jerk and he shot a hot load off in the womb, as he unloaded, he guy in her asshole pulled out and shot a massive load of cum up her back and on her asshole.“Oh, God, you are killing me, I love your black dicks”, Lisa screamed out.“Get the white boy over here”, I heard the big guy yell out.“You are going to clean her up for us”, he told me.He picked up Lisa’s little body with no effort at all and sat her pretty little round ass, all dripping with hot cum, down on my face. I licked and sucked out her asshole and tasted the salty cum as it dripped off her ass. Then he made me eat her pussy, she was still pouring out cum as I licked her swollen little bud. He pushed my face hard down into her love tunnel, all dripping with hot black cum and made me eat her and lick all the cum out of her. I could taste the salty tasting sperm as I cleaned her pussy with my tongue. I licked and sucked her clit till she screamed out an orgasm and her body shook and the sweat poured out of her.I had eaten her out nice and clean so they could fill her up again, I was in lust over how much cum was in her now and how much more she was going to have shot in her before the evening was over.“Ok, tie him back up, he’s cleaned her up for us now”.Another black monster was inserted in my little sweetheart’s pussy and he started to fuck her hard and fast. He didn’t last long at all, and shot his load in her almost immediately. Poor little Lisa had hot cum running out of her tight pussy again, when another one picked up and sat her down on his erect tool. She was facing me now, and I could see the lust on her face, she smiled at me as the big black snake pumped her up and down.She was getting fucked really good and she loved every minute of it, I knew she didn’t want it to end.While she bounced up and down on the mighty black python, two others had their erect cocks aimed at her pretty face. They both beat their black cocks until they came at the same time and shot their hot loads on her face. That was a lovely site, they shot a gallon of hot black cum right in her face. She had cum running down her face and she sucked their dicks dry of the sticky paste. Their dicks went limp in her mouth after she had drained them of their last drops, and she wiped her face with her fingers and licked off the cum on her fingers.The black python finally shot his load in her pussy, he pulled out of her and a gallon of cum ran out of her, down her legs and onto the couch. I think that was Jason, it looked like his big dick and he would look around every now and then to see if I was watching.Immediately, she was picked up and sat on another hugh black tool, this one was the biggest, he must have been 11 inches long and he inserted his love tool in my little angel’s honey hole. I knew this one was Andrew, I could tell from the size of his big monster. She moaned a little as he entered her, she had her ass to me now as she faced him while he pumped her but good. Her little pussy lips were really stretched this time as Andrew’s big tool was hard as a rock as he pumped her like a wild man.“I love all your big black monster cocks in me, I want you all, I love for you to fuck me, I love to drink your hot cum”, she yelled out.“You love these big black cocks in you, don’t you, you little white bitch?”“Yes, fuck me, my big black stud, fuck me with your big dick, I love you inside of me, shoot me full of your sperm”, Lisa screamed out.At that moment, he shot his load in her and she screamed out as all of his steamy load hit her womb. He pulled her off his big tool and I never saw such a dick come out of a woman, I thought he would have torn her open, he was so hugh. The cum poured out of her, and she was weak from the fucking.As soon as he had finished with her, another one entered her asshole and started his grinding of my little angel. His dick was almost as big as Andrew’s tuzla escort and he pumped hard and fast. He had Lisa’s little ivory body bouncing up and down like a puppet on a string. His giant tool was going in and out of her asshole and I thought she would past out from all the fucking she was receiving. “Oh, God, fuck me, you black stud, fuck my little asshole good”, Lisa yelled.“I’m going to cum a gallon, you little white slut, you like all this cum in you, don’t you?”“Yes, I love all your black cum, flood me with all that wonderful black cum”.Just as the big guy was going to shoot his load, Lisa pulled off his granite tool and dropped down to receive his load.“Oh, God, yes, my little white bitch, I’ve got a load for you”, he screamed out.Lisa was on his dick now, sucking like crazy, his big swollen balls began to tighten up and I knew he was going to explode. He shot off a load in her little mouth and she just about gagged on it, there was so much of the thick sticky stuff coming out of him. Lisa managed to keep on sucking and she swallowed it all down. The big guy went limp in her mouth and she knew she had finished him off good too.She was again attacked from the front, with the remaining two men. Their cocks were loaded and ready for her. She started to suck them both with a vengeance. They were big too, must have been at least 9 inches long or longer. They were hard as stone and she went from one to the other sucking till her jaws were sore.Lisa sucked their dicks and then she would suck their big swollen balls, she sucked their big balls till they were at the point of cumming. I knew they wouldn’t last long as her mouth clamped down on their balls.Lisa was exhausted, but she was determined to finish off her last two men.“Oh, God, I’m going to cum”, one yelled out.He shot his load in Lisa’s little mouth as she continued to suck him, he came and came and Lisa sucked and swallowed his pasty load. She drank down all the salty tasting cum and sucked him till he was limp.“Oh, man, you sure can suck a dick, baby, I loved to cum in your little white mouth”.The last man started to cum before Lisa could get him in her mouth, she quickly inserted his shooting dick in her mouth and she greedily drank down his sperm as he continued to unload his sticky cum. She sucked him dry as well and he fell over exhausted from the action.“Oh, God, you are something else, bitch, I love to cum in your pretty little white mouth”.The man who had started it all, finally said they were leaving and if we tried to call the police, they would be back and finish us off. He gathered up all of the men and they got ready to leave.“We don’t want your money, man, we got what we wanted”, he said to me as he was ready to go. He whispered in my ear, “We loved this, man, we will be available again if you need us”.With that, they were gone. Lisa lay exhausted on the floor of the cabin, and she finally made her way up to me and untied me. She noticed that the rope was not tied very tight.“Did you set this up for me, John?”, she asked.“I don’t know what you are talking about, my love, we may have been killed”.“I don’t think so, they didn’t steal anything, and that looked like a toy gun to me”.“Let’s just say that I wanted something for you, and I wanted to make you happy”.“My pussy and asshole will be so sore tomorrow”, and I have a tummy full of black cum, it was so wicked to have all those black men fuck me, are you sure you can still love me after this?”“Yes, I will always love you, my little angel, I don’t care how many black men you fuck or how much cum you drink, I will always love you forever”.“I am so happy, John, you are so good to me, I love you so very much for staging all of this for me, and you know that you are the only man I will ever love. I think I owe you a little something for what all you have done for me tonight”.Lisa kissed me a long hot passionate kiss, I could taste the salty cum in her mouth, but I didn’t care, I loved her so. Her little head went down and she started to suck on my hard cock. I didn’t last long after watching her in action, I was pretty horny myself.I shot my load almost immediately in her sweet mouth and she gladly swallowed my small load.We went on to bed and as we laid there wrapped in each other’s arms, I knew I was so lucky to have her. I love her so much, I don’t care if she fucks black men and she drinks their cum, I love her and that’s all that matters to me.