Fun with Kevin


Fun with KevinKevin and I walk out to my car. I ask him where he is parked and he had shown me this large 4×4 truck. It’s at least 4 foot off the ground. I told him that I will leave my car here and we can ride in his truck.Of course I’m not able to lift my leg that high, so Kevin offers to help me up. He grabs mey waist and heaves me up. As I’m getting in the seat, I turn to Kevin with my legs spread apart, and tell him thank you. He then takes his hands and runs them up my thigh, all the way to my wet panties.Kevin told me, I need to get those off and let my pussy air out some. So, I lift up enough to slide my panties off and have my ass to the door. My pussy and ass out where anyone walking by got a nice shot of me. Kevin smiled and closed the door.Once Kevin got in the truck, I got in the middle and actually I was very close to him, that I was almost in his lap. I had my left hand on his crotch and my right was in my pussy. Feeling his cock grow harder in his pants my pussy got wetter. Kevin took his hand and reached to my pussy and felt how wet I was.He then un buttoned his pants,I unzipped them and his cock sprung out like a jack in the box. He has a nice curve to reach my g spot. I leaned over to suck on him, while he drove back to his apartment. I sucked on him hard enough that I got a mouthful of precum. Kevin is moaning that my tongue feels awesome.We get to his place and Kevin has lifted my chin up to his lips and plants a big kiss on me. His tongue flickering mine with passion. His hands are inside my shirt and is feeling my erect nipples. The more his tugs on them, the harder they get. I want to take my shirt off right here, but Kevin stops me.Kevin gets out of his truck and comes to my door to help me out. Again my legs are spread, but this time he reaches up to rub my clit. I spread my legs a bit further and Kevin puts a finger in my pussy. He pulls it out and sucks on it, telling me that my pussy juice tastes good.Helping me out of the truck, my skirt is up around my waist with my pussy and ass are exposed. I pull it down and adjust my clothes to walk in. Kevin takes my hand and leads me to his door. We walk in to find his roommate and his gay friend fucking on the kitchen table.They look up, say Hi and continue fucking. We tuzla escort walk to his room and close the door. I tell Kevin I need to use the restroom, he points to the door and I go in. I look in the mirror, plump my hair a bit and go pee. I am wiping my pussy when Kevin walks in and offers to help me. I smile and say sure.I spread my legs to have Kevin wipe my clit and to my surprise, he gets on his knees to lick my pussy clean. Not only is Kevin’s lips and tongue are in my pussy, but so is his fingers. I lean over the counter for better access. Kevin is licking me and fingering my clit and ass.I moan loudly with each stroke of his fingers. Kevin, stands up to put his dick in my pussy. Not a smooth entry, but a hard rough poke. OOOH I scream!!! “Yes, Fuck Me!!, Fuck me harder, I’m moving my hips and pushing my ass into his pelvic area. Kevin holds on to my hips and rams his cock deep in me.My cum is spewing and dripping off his dick. I have him pull out of me and I get on my knees to suck my juices off him. This time it’s Kevin moaning. He grabs my head and holds me still while he fucks my face. His balls are slapping my chin with each thrust. I have spit dripping from my mouth and down my chin.Kevin proceeds to tell me he’s ready to shoot his wad. I suck him til he’s ready. I open my mouth as he cums and swallow every drop, showing him I have a clesn tongue. I suck on him some more, the get up to go to the kitchen. I’m thirsty I tell him. He tells me, that if his friends are still in there to get my drink and come back in the room.I look out the door and see them sucking each others cock. I look at them and giggle. I get a bottle of water from the fridge, walk over to them and squat with my pussy showing from under my skirt. The roommate, lifts his hand to feel my clit and slides it up and down a bit. His boyfriend is upset with that and stops sucking his cock.I get up and walk back to the room. I close the door, to see Kevin is laying on his bed relaxing. I set the bottle down, begin to unbutton my shirt and remove my skirt. I told Kevin what happened with the other guys and he laughed. He said that the boyfriend is very gay and he’s not into pussy’s. We just laughed and said that he has no idea on what he’s missing.I sancaktepe escort lay on the bed next to Kevin, cuddled in his arms. My head on his fuzzy chest and my hands roaming his front side. I start to stroke his cock and begin to suck on him some more, but Kevin stops me and says that I need to be sucked for a while.Kevin has me sit on his head board, spreads my legs and begins to kiss my thighs onto my pussy. He doesn’t spread my lips, but licks on the outside and slowly works his tongue in the slit. He feels my throbbing nub and spreads my lips to get a good tonguing on it. I’m pulling his head in closer. I grab his hair and pump his face like he did mine.I tell Kevin to rub my clit as he licks. I take his hand and make it move harder and faster. I’m moving a lot and tell him i’m ready to cum and not to quit with the rubbing. He’s never had a girl squirt before, and I was his first. I pulled his hand away and it looked like I was pissin everywhere. Kevin was in lala land.My pussy is sliky and is waiting for him to fuck me again. His cock is hard. He helps me off the headboard and lays me down. I spread my legs, let him enter my silky pussy. This time he enters me nice and slow. Soft thrusts in and out, kissing me passionately, holding my hair from my face and kissing my face and ears.I’m moaning with pleasure as Kevin says that the rest of the night will be all love making and No mention of fucking. e told me, that his girlfriend always wants to fuck and thats it. He said by looking at me last night, he knew he wanted to make love to my pussy.I kissed him with my tongue on his lips and sucked gently. With that Kevin, held onto me and layed on his side to love my pussy, deeper. I lifted my leg as he pumped my pussy with his manhood. I grab his hands and have him carress my nipples. I feel like I’m in heaven.What seemed like all night, was just a few hours. Kevin got off in my pussy and got up to pee. His roommate walked in and seen the cum oozing from my pussy. He bent down and crawled on the bed inbetween my legs. He then began to lick Kevins cum from me. Kevin came out of the bathroom and just smiled at me.His roommate not only licked the cum, but he also made love with his tongue. I held my tits and üsküdar escort tugged on my nipples. Kevin came over to me, layed down and let his roomy suck his dick. We are both being pleasured by another man. We both fell asleep and woke to his room mate snoring loud. I got up, got dressed and said good night to Kevin. He asked how I was going to get back to my car, and got up to take me back. The love making was soo good, that I had forgot about my car.When Kevin dropped me off, I got into my car and drove off. I got home and went to my bedroom. I undressed and went to sleep. I had good dreams the rest of the night.I slept in the next morning, I didn’t have to work til later that night. Daddy came to my room and asked if I had been having fun the past few nights. I told him about the party, my new job and all about last night at the shop and the love making I got from Kevin. Daddy carressed my arm and smiled. He said that he will love his little girl, one day soon. He got up and left for his day at work. I rolled over, to text Brian and tell him to call when he could. Instead of calling, he had come down the basement steps and crawled in bed with me. Daddy must have let him in or left the door unlocked.Brian layed on his side and nuzzled his dick in between my legs. His arms wrapped around me and his hands on my breasts. He kissed my neck and said that he loved me very much and wants to show me, how much.His cock is hard and he slides it in my already damp pussy. Slow thrusts, making sure that I’m enjoying his cock as I cum. His fingers slide in my clit, then into my mouth. I suck on his fingers sensually. He rolls me on my back and makes slow love to me, just like Kevin did the night before. The only difference is that Brian went down on me and sucked my pussy and my ass. He had me roll to my stomach as he entered my asshole. I pulled my cheeks apart as he slowly entered me. Again, long slow thrusts, along with his fingers rubbing my clit. I tell him that his cock feels soo nice and that I love him.Brian is getting off, filling my ass with his cum. He lays on top of me, squeezing every drop from is cock. We lay in bed for a bit more, then go take a shower. The hot water felt good on my sweaty body. Brians hands felt good rubbing my tits clean. I had to bend down to suck on him for a bit. I love the way his cock feels in my mouth.Brian got dressed and left for work. I layed back in my bed and went back to sleep for another evening at work. I guess I will tell him what happened last night, some other time.