Picked up in Bar – Fucked By Mom & Daughter –


Picked up in Bar – Fucked By Mom & Daughter -I leaned back and swung the pool cue forward. The white ball moved fast across the green felt and slammed into the 8 ball. The 8 ball rolled into the side pocket and I won another game. I was getting lucky all night at pool. I had won about $40 dollars and a couple rounds of drinks in this dive of a bar. It was a couple of blocks from my house next to the beach. During the day I take people fishing in the Florida Keys for Marlin or Sword Fish. Most of the time they just want to get away from the office and sport fish all day. Today the group of tourist caught a few fish. I decided after fishing all day to go get a drink.The “Crow’s Nest” has many old time sailors and fisherman. A few tourist stop in but the smoke and the biker type atmosphere they usually leave. I was sitting close to the back wall and just finishing my sixth drink of the night. I had to only walk home so I was not concerned about drinking to much. The rest of the night went by fairly quick and before to long it was about an hour before closing time. I went back up to the bar to get a drink. One Eye was pouring me a Rum and Coke when I heard “is this seat taken?” a women voice said. I did not turn but said “no, go ahead and sit down.” “Thank you. Bartender can I have a Green Apple Martini?” she said. “Lady, beer or hard liquor no god damn fruity drinks. I can’t make that drink” said One Eye. “One Eye get the lady what she wants. Here – move out of the way!!” I said. I walked around the bar and pushed One Eye to the side.I still did not look up to see the women at the bar but I reached down and took out a shaker and vodka and some green schnapps. I poured them together and shook them. I poured into a beer glass. I placed it in front of her and I saw her for the first time. She was about 5ft 5 with long blonde hair down her back. She had on a white blouse that hugged her great big pair of tits. She had on tight low cut blue jeans that flowed over her big ass. She wore black 4 inch high heels and her jeans stopped about mid calf to show her 2 roses tattoos. I licked my lips and smiled. She took a sip with her great big pair of lips from the beer mug. “Wow, that is a really good Martini. Where you a bartender before?” she said. “No, I just love making drinks for such beautiful women.” I said. She blushed and let me see her big smile.I poured myself a beer. I walked around the bar. As I was walking back to my stool I stopped and stared at her great big ass hanging off her bar stool. Her jeans sat low and I could see her white thong ride high on her hips. She arched her back and I could get a better view of her big juggs under her blouse. I smiled as a sat down next to her. She turned and put her hand on my elbow to steady herself at the bar. “Looks like just a few people left for the night. Is this your favorite hangout or bar.” she said. “It’s ok, old One Eye lets me behind the bar. He gives me a few free drinks. The pool table nice.” I said. “That’s cool. I just moved her about 3 months ago from Texas. I lost my job and have been staying with my Mom. She divorced my Dad and moved her about 5 years ago. She’s in her Fifties but looks much younger. She had been bugging me to go out and meet people. She actually picked out my clothes to wear tonight.” she said.”I think you look very beautiful. I really like you tattoos and those high heels really accent your body.” I smiled and nodded yes with her. “My name Tina. What’s yours?” she said. “My friends call me Captain Buck. I run a sport fishing business down at the docks. Do you like the water Tina?” I said. “I like swimming but I have never gone boating. Maybe you could take me sometime.” she said. “Last call !!!!!” said One Eye. Tina quickly finished her drink and got 2 beers for us. We both drank them quickly and she kept giggling and smiling at me.”Are you getting tired. I know a great place would could have a few more drinks if you like.” said Tina “No, diffidently no tired. I don’t have any charters tomorrow. So where are we going?” I said. She smiled and paid for our drinks. She picked up her black leather purse off the bar. I waved to One Eye and followed Tina out the bar. She had a small sport car that was kinda of cramp for my six foot three frame. She gigged as I wedged my self into her car. She got in and leaned over and gave me a big istanbul escort wet kiss. “My Mom is probably asleep. We have to be a little quite when we come into her house.” she said. I leaned over and Frenched kissed her for about 2 minutes before she put the keys in the ignition.About 20 minutes later we pulled passed some Palm trees into a large grove and parked her car. We got out of her car and I held the door open. I watched as Tina dragged her big ass across the leather front seat and out of the car. Her big juggs hit my stomach when she hugged me and gave me anther kiss. Her lips tasted of strawberry lip balm. Her glittering eye shadow sparkled under the moon light as we walked up the side of her Mom one story house. There was a light on above the front door. I could her the frogs and bugs from the swamp out back of her house. I stood behind her and rubbed her lower back as she inserted the key in the door.The door opened and we both kinda of fell forward into the hallway. I kicked of my sandals and they hit the front door. Tina smiled and held my hand. I could here the Tv and see the light in the living room was on. I followed behind her and she said “Hi Mom, aren’t we up late tonight!!” “We’ll yes Tina!!! Did you have fun tonight? Did you meet anybody or what?” said Tina Mom. “Mom I like you to meet Buck. Buck this is my Mom Gina!!”. “Hello nice to meet!” I said. “Well, Well Tina I see you found a real looker here. He must be 10 years younger than you. How old are you son?” said Gina. “Twenty Two. I have my own business. I’m a charter boat captain down at the docks.” I said.Tina walked pass her Mom who was sitting in a big black recliner. She kept walking toward the kitchen. Gina pointed to the couch and I sat down. I looked over at Tina Mom who was cracking open a beer next to her chair. She drank from the can I could see as she brought her beer to her lips that her robe was falling open. Gina was about 5ft 4 with short brunette hair. She had a couple of gold hoop earrings on. Her right wrist had two large gold bracelet that clang on her beer can as she drank. Gina wore heavy makeup and had these big puffy yellow high heel. She crossed her legs and I could see she was wearing nothing under her yellow robe. I could just make out her big hairy muff. The hair came just below her stomach. I smiled and shifted my posture on the couch to hide my growing erection.Tina came out about 5 minutes later with some Rum and Cokes. I watched as both Mom and daughter looked at each other with there eyes. Gina moved in her seat and recrossed her legs showing me a quick glance of her bush again, Tina moved her hand down my shoulder to my fore arm. She smiled at me and played with her blonde hair. She was curling her hair in her fingers and biting her upper lip. I smiled back. We both turned are heads and watched what Gina had on the Tv. She had on a reality show where people in a taxi cab were confessing different things. We all laughed and joked about the people. As the show was ending Tina got up from the couch. “I will be right back, I have to go use the little girls room. Giggle! Giggle!!” Tina said.As Tina walked down the hall and disappeared around the corner I saw Gina in her chair move her legs to the floor. Gina downed the rest of her beer and looked at me on the couch. Gina stood up and walked over to the couch. “God damn your cute!! Mind if I sit next to young man?” she said. I shook my head yes. Gina sat down next to me on my right hand side. “Do you find my daughter to be cute? (I nodded yes) Do you think I am cute? (I nodded yes) Hmm you have such strong muscles. Let me see your hands.” Gina said. She massaged my upper arm. Then she started to run her hands all over my hands. Squeezing them hard. I turned my head to watch her.Gina moved my hand to her mouth and started to suck my middle finger. She bit down on my finger tip. We both smiled. She then open her robe and her huge breast fell out and landed in my lap. “Who has bigger tits me or my daughter? You like big tits don’t you? Fucking lick them young man!!” she said. With that she forced my head down to her cleavage with her hands on the back of my neck. I mumbled “Yes” as I sucked her big juggs. I licked her huge nipple causing to get hard. “My daughter wears a size 40G bra but avcılar escort I wear a size 48 GG you mother fucker!!!!! Yeah lick those nipples. Suck my juggs! Yes! Yes!! That a good young man!!!! Mama likes, Mama likes!!” Gina said.Gina fell to the floor to her knees. She looked up into my eyes. She reached up with her left hand and unzipped my jeans. She forcefully pulled down my jeans and left them around my ankles. She then pulled down my white boxer briefs to my ankles. Her eyes got big. Her mouth dropped open. “Oh my god, that what I am talking about. I love big young cock. Come here baby!!!” Gina said. She sucked off my pre-cum and ran her tongue down my shaft. She sucked on my cock head. She played with my big balls in her hand. I watched as she closed her eyes and fucking sucked real hard on my cock. Her cheek expanded as my cock felt the inside of her mouth. She was sucking me real good. Gina brought her big tits off my feet and placed them on my thighs. I looked down and she placed my cock in her big cleavage. “MOM!!!! What are you doing. Not again you whore!!!” said Tina. I froze for a second. I had forgot about Tina until I heard her yell at her mother. Gina kept deep throating my cock. She pulled off my cock and spit a big thing of saliva on the side of my shaft. “Tina relax and shut the fuck up!! Who’s idea what it for you to pick up a strange guy at a bar. Do you see the size of the cock. Do you!! There is a enough to go around. He is already better than the last guy. He fucking ran when I made my move.” said Gina. “But Mom, Buck is different. I like him. I want this to work out between him and I. Please!!!” said Tina.Gina brought her breast together engulfing my cock. Her huge breast were so warm and soft. “Tina come here!!” said Gina. Tina got on one knee next to her mom. Gina was licking my cock head as it peeked thought her cleavage. I felt another tongue hit my cock. “That’s it my slut daughter. Suck your new friend young hard cock.” I looked down and both women were sucking my cock. I watched Gina let go and her daughter took over sucking my cock. Gina leaned back. She pulled Tina shirt over her head. Gina then took off Tina big white belt. Gina then pulled down Tina jeans to Tina ankles. Gina stood up and took 3 steps toward the couch. Gina was now back on my left side again. She brought her big juggs up to my mouth. I was sucking her big juggs. I looked down and grunted twice before Tina let my dick out of her mouth. Gina leaned into my ear and whispered “Show us your load baby. Cumm all over my daughter face!! Yeah!! Fuck Yeah!!” she said. Tina screamed. I closed my right eye and with my left I watched stream after stream off hot cumm splatter on Tina face. Tina smiled. It was perhaps the biggest load I had ever had. Tina face was covered from her chin to her forehead in sperm. Gina reached down and jacked my cock onto her daughter face. I watched as the cumm dripped off her face onto her big 42GG. Gina leaned down and sucked my cock. Tina scoped up my load and licked it off her fingers. In a matter of a few minutes Gina sucked my cock back to life. Gina whipped her legs around my waist. She sat down on my cock. Her big hairy pussy engulfed my cock causing a big suction noise. I reached up and started to play with her big breast. Tina leaned in and started to suck my balls. Tine tongued my cock as it came out of her Mom pussy. I reached down and spread Gina big ass with my hands. Tina leaned up and stuck her tongue in her Mom’s ass. Gina screamed and came on my cock. Her juices dripped down my cock and inner thigh. Tina licked her Mom’s juices off my thigh and cock.Gina released my cock from her pussy. She got on her knees at the end of the couch. “Fuck my ass with that big cock. Come here young man!!” Gina said. I spit on my cock. I jacked my big dick a couple of times. I then put my cock head at the entrance of her ass crack. Her brown sphincter open slightly and I jammed my big cock head into her ass. “Fuck your huge!! Yes! Yes! Keep fucking my ass young man. Do me!! Do me harder!! Yes! That is baby!! Fuck, Fuck, mother fucker!! yes!!” said Gina. She came again and squirted her juice on my balls. My balls were slapping her big ass just above her pussy. I reached up with my hands and gripped her hips. I was holding on and fucking her harder şirinevler escort and harder. I could now feel Tina had crawled on her knees and was running her breast down my back. “Fuck my Mom real good. She is such a old whore. All she does is smoke, drink and fuck all my boy friends. My god Mom his dick is so huge in your ass.” said Tina. Gina came again after hearing her daughter. “Fucking cumm in my ass young man. Shoot your warm goo in my ass. Yeah baby.” said Gina. With that I arched my back feeling Tina boobs slide down to my ass and Tina looked over my shoulder. Gina rammed her ass back on my dick. “Fuck! Here it comes bitches!!!! Arrghhhh!!! I came so hard and powerful that both girls screamed. I empty everything I had into Gina big ass causing most to leak out the side of her ass. I felt the warm sperm come back up the side of my shaft and back out her big brown hole. I fell off Gina and onto the floor. I looked up and Tina had spread her Mom big ass and was eating out my load.Tina was really making a pig of her self with her Mom’s big ass. She was licking her Mom’s ass and sliding two fingers into her Mom’s hairy gash. My dick was limp against my leg. Tina turned her head. Her chin had my cumm and her Mom’s ass on it. Gina turned her head and looked back at her daughter. Gina got up followed by Tina. They were standing facing each other. Gina open her mouth followed my Tina and they started to kiss. They were passing my cumm back and forth between there lips. Both girls were feeling each other Tits and Ass.Gina reached down and grabbed my hand. They pulled me up off the floor. I followed them down the hall stopping to kiss and fondle them against the front door. Gina opened her room and they through me on the big king size bed. I laid on my side. Tina laid on her back. Gina crawled over to her daughter on the bed. They quickly got into a sixty nine positron. I watched as Daughter ate Mom hairy pussy and Mom ate daughter shaved pussy. I watched for about 30 minutes before my dick started to get hard. I felt Tina hand first then her Mom’s start playing with my cock.I got on my knees facing Tina. She reached down and inserted my hard cock into her pussy. I watched Gina roll over to her night stand. She opened the top drawer. I watched as she pulled out a big black strap on cock. Gina climbed through the harness and lube up the big black cock. Gina got on her knees and got behind her daughter. I saw Tina eye get big and Tina grunted. I then felt the big strap on press down on my cock. Gina was fucking Tina pussy with her big fake cock. Her daughter was now taking to big cocks in her pussy. Tina orgamsed. Her pussy clamped down on my cock causing me to bite my upper lip. I then felt the fake cock leave Tina pussy. I could hear Gina was slapping her daughter ass with the great big black fake cock. I reached down and pulled Tina ass cheeks apart. Gina inserted the fake cock head into her daughter ass crack. Tina grunted and I felt the fake cock push against the wall off her ass onto my cock in Tina pussy. We both fucked Tina for another twenty minutes. I lost count how many times each girl orgasmed before I fell onto the pillows behind me on the bed. Tina turned around and start to suck my cock while her Mom kept fucking her daughter ass. I watched as Gina big juggs flopped around on her daughter ass and back. I reached down and pulled Tina Boobs causing her to suck harder on my cock. I erupted in Tina mouth. Some cumm dripped out the sides of Tina mouth onto the top sheet. Gina pulled out of Tina pussy with the fake cock. Gina was standing next to Tina with the fake cock in her hand. She brought it up to her daughter face. Tina licked her juices off the fake cock. Both girls laid next to me on the bed. It was close to noon when I woke up. I could not see but I felt Gina heart beat on my face. Her big juggs were smothering my face. I push them off my face before I suffocated under the weight of her big 48GG. I sucked her nipple and her eyes open. She crawled back on my cock. Her big juggs hung in face as she fucked me for 10 minutes before her daughter woke up. Tina got up covered in dry semen and sweat. Gina made her go to the kitchen and make us breakfast as we continued to fuck. I empty another load inside Gina pussy.It’s been about two weeks now since I got picked up at the “Crow’s Nest.” I am thinking about actually going to work today. I have two new crew mates for the boat. I have a big client from Japan who like for me to bring on strippers and hold a private party for him. I think the girls will work out just perfect. Plus after the fishing charter – its Thursday night and it’s lady night at the bar.Buckxoox