First streetwalker escort Middlesbrough


First streetwalker escort MiddlesbroughAround 20 years ago, I was back home in Middlesbrough after working away. I had some money so I wanted to see an escort, I went to local pub with sport newspaper and looked in classifieds section not as many listed as normal, phoned all the ones that were and no one seemed to be answering. as only few listed I presumed they were all busy. So I thought I would walk around union street as I had heard that that was were all prostitutes hung around, I had never picked one up on street before as that’s how you get caught by police. But I was young and horny and desperate. I should point out it was middle of the day, I did not really fancy my chances of finding one but you never know. After walking back and forth on road for about the 4th time I was giving up, I went to walk back to town centre to go in pub again see if any of my m8’s were in. but as I got half way along road a woman came out of a side street, she had the look of a d**ggy, she was wearing a black t shirt and a mini skirt, she said you fancy a date as she lifted her skirt right up showing me she had no knickers on and had a unshaven pussy which was the norm back then. I asked how much bursa escort she said £15 for sex (cheap even for them days), I asked if she had a house or flat near by, she said yes, I followed her to a house just off union street talking to her the whole time, asked her name she said it was kylie I told her my name was joe, she said that was her boyfriends name too. I asked her age she said 22, She went in house first said to wait outside, then she came back out and let me in house she said we have tobe quiet as it’s a friends house, took me upstairs to what looked like a k**s bedroom, she asked for money & took her clothes off after I paid, she said to take my clothes off too and I did she laughed when she saw I was already rock hard, she said I don’t need to suck you hard, she lent backwards on bed with her feet wide on floor told me to fuck her, I asked for a condom she laughed again and said who the fuck users one of them, just fuck me bareback if I get pregnant its ok I can claim c***d benefit. I was in shock and did not know what to do, didn’t know if she had anything and fact that she looked like a d**ggy too, so I asked if I could take photos of her and I would wank bursa escort bayan myself off afterwards I even offered an extra £5 she said sure if that’s what you want. I always carry a camera with my now after I saw a model escort who let me take photos. So I took a ton of photos, I even took photos of her holding/stroking my cock and balls, I asked her to spread her pussy and ass told her what positions I wanted her in she refused nothing, after using all my film I asked if I could cum on her she said no you can cum in my pussy or on floor, I decided to cum on floor, I wank so fast as I looked at her face she was watching me wank , she had a big grin on her face I shot a huge load and she laughed, she said I cant believe you would rather wank then cum in my pussy its not like I am gonna name you as father if I get pregnant, I asked if she had a some tissues to wipe my cock on, she said no but use this she past me a k**s pyjama top off the floor. I asked if I could show my m8s the photos she said do what you want with them, and if they wanted to fuck her she is always around Union Street. She said to get dressed and be quiet as we leave and not to talk till we get outside. escort bursa So we snook out of house and started to walk to town, she said hope you enjoyed your wank safety boy, and she laughed and went down another side street as I walked to pub. I sent film to be developed as was not gonna put these in at snappy snaps or what ever company was called back then, I sent to place in back of adult magazine they even put them on a disc for me. few years later I showed one of my m8’s who also see escorts the photos and he laughed and said you don’t know who she is do you, I said no why, she has been in local paper a few times she is notorious for ripping people off, mugging, attacking, blackmailing them and has been in prison loads of times. He said I was fucking lucky she did not do any like that to me. I lived to tell the tale and I even got a load of photos as a memento. Which I may post when I have some time.I have loads more stories of this place but will maybe tell them at later date.Whenever I am between girlfriends I see escorts. Can’t even guess how many I have seen over the years.Hope you like the story, was never any good at school, my spelling is terrible and forget about grammar.Take story as is.I know I go on a bit but I like to give as much detail as possible.If you want to hear some more of my adventures let me know I have tons like this. I change the names of escorts I have seen for there privacy.