Belated Christmas

Belated ChristmasBelated ChristmasDale was a tall handsome black man, the type by his size, looks, his dress and presence drew your attention. He seemed to naturally emit the sense of toughness and authority. He also had the reputation as a ‘ladies man’. I had my fantasies about Dale. He was, at the time, also my wife’s employee. Seeing him in my wife’s office or at social events had always sent my mind off and fantasising about and picturing me or my wife as his bitch. I remember one Xmas party they had; I didn’t attend but that night heard a ruckus outside our house. Looking out I saw a bunch of happy tipsy people singing Xmas carols in our driveway. Dale was standing beside my wife with his arm around her and straightaway I pictured him fucking her. Being my wife’s employee however I felt I could never express my feelings or my fantasies to him or her. I just kept the images in my head whenever I masturbated … which was often.Dale left the company in the New Year and the thought of him faded. Then one night after sex with my wife (we were still having sex then) he crossed my mind again.Laying there I asked her if she remembered Dale. “Well of course I do,” she said. Asking if they had ever done anything drew an empathic, “No”.She went on to tell me he had flirted, even hinted at going further but he had never crossed the line with her … then “Well, maybe just once”. She went on to explain the night of that same Xmas party he had ran his hand over her ass as they sang and later had given her a very passionate Xmas kiss. My dick was growing hard again at the thought. I asked if she ever thought of Dale fucking her. “No, not then, never” I persisted, pendik escort “but now?”She confessed, “Yes, maybe I have thought about it.” By this stage in our marriage my wife had been fucked by a number of men but all of them white, none of them Black. I told her I had fantasized a long time about Dale fucking her, “Yes even the night of that Xmas party and seeing him with his arm around you.”We were about to cross over a line in our relationship, one with no going back once crossed, of her becoming a black cock whore; me accepting my role as the sissy cuck boi.*******The seed was planted and we were both very excited at the thought of Dale fucking her. We still had his old e-mail address and it was decided I’d be the one to try to arrange it. I sent him a message. I told him Lauren and I had been talking and, “… she mentioned you and I was wondering how you were.”He replied saying he was surprised to see my message in his in-box but was glad to hear from me. He went on to say that he was fine and then asked about Lauren. He joked saying whatever Lauren had said about him to me, he hoped it was good!I replied she was also fine and she had mentioned that Xmas party and the drunken group carolling in our driveway. I told him that I did remember that night and seeing them together made me wonder about the two of them at times.He replied questioning what I would wonder about, she was his boss and he has always considered me a friend. He then said that it might be more comfortable chatting on Messenger so he gave me his messenger address and suggested we chat there.On messenger he wanted to know why Lauren had brought up the Xmas party, what escort pendik Lauren had said of that night; Why I had bought it up and what I had wondered about them.I told him, “She told me you had kissed her and felt her ass.”He came back with, “Everyone was a little drunk and it was just a Xmas kiss.”I asked if he had ever tried to seduce her or thought of fucking her. “Oh hell yes” he replied, “she’s very attractive and I thought about it as I’m sure a lot of men have but she was always so prim and proper at work.” He went on telling me she could be a real bitch for a boss. I had to laugh at that last part; I knew all too well that she could be a real bitch at times. I replied back, “She’s not so prim and proper now, less a bitch and much more receptive to a man’s hand on her ass now”.His reply changed the whole tone of our conversation, “Has she cuckolded you?””Yes””More than one man?””Yes”.I could feel myself morphing back into the submissive cuck as I replied to his string of questions. His next question put him totally in charge and made me feel the complete and total cuck. “You want me to fuck her don’t you?”I desperately wanted to tell him that actually I wanted him to fuck me; put me on my knees to worship his black cock; to make me his bitch boi but I didn’t, I just said, ” Lauren wants you to fuck her”. He gave me a ‘lol’ and told me I was a good cuck for setting other men up to fuck my wife. In that short time I had gone from ‘Robert the husband’ to ‘Robert the cuck’; from a friend to the cuck pimping out his wife to a Blackman. I would never again be on equal terms with Dale. He knew his power over me and would show such from then on. pendik escort bayan I had to tell him about the first man I watched fuck Lauren; what he did with her; how I felt; what I had to do; if I was humiliated, shamed; if I had regrets. I told him how the first time although exciting left me kind of flat. I told him I just watched, feeling like I wasn’t really there. He asked if he humiliated me in any ways.I said, “No, I just watched him fuck her and then I left.” “Pity,” he said, “you cucks need that don’t you!! I didn’t admit it but, yes, I did need it but I left that unsaid.I went on and told him about the others and what they had me do. Told him what I liked having them do to me. That, yes, it was humiliating having to fluff and/or clean them in front of my wife. He asked what Lauren thought of her husband being a cuck; sucking a man’s cock. By that time his questioning had me feeling humiliated and feeling in my place.Then he came back with, “you want me to fuck Lauren, don’t you cuck!!” He didn’t need my answer we both knew I did but I answered “Yes Sir”. “She wants my big black cock in her cunt doesn’t she cuck!!””Yes sir”.Then he told me was going to fuck her; fuck her married cunt; that he has wanted to fuck the bitch for a long time and that I was to set it up like the obedient cuck I was and get back to him. Then I was dismissed.********Dale is coming over again tonight. Nothing really surprising about that, he is here most evenings but I must make sure everything is neat and tidy before he gets here and that there is nothing that might cause him to be displeased. I shall run a bath so that it will be waiting for Lauren when she gets in from work. Our dinner is simmering nicely on the hob and I have picked out some nice frilly underwear for me to change into after we have eaten.Everything seems to be in place ready for just like most times he has her.