Alessandra Autobiography 1: Awakening


Alessandra Autobiography 1: AwakeningAlessandra’s awakening arousalAlessandra first ever erotic memory goes back some twenty years. Back then, her best girlfriend and Alex were almost always together to play and have fun. Linda looks like Alessandra, the difference is brunette and blonde. They love to be outside. With wet weather, they are more often at Linda’s, a lively and very tolerant bunch. Alessandra is fond of Linda, because she dares to do about everything! Following her example, Alessandra climbs up with her to the top of a wooden climbing construction at their favourite playground, in the provincial capital they both grow up. In answer to one of my many questions, about her past passions, I asked Alessa for her first erotic experience. She confessed to me one of her first trustworthy truths. Which proved to be very hard to come by in many cases. See below.”We sat on top of it. Both our legs at either side of the thick round pole. I felt so proud and excited. Sometimes I think back at it. It seems, if I can still feel the pressure on my pussy, with my legs spread so wide.” —————————————————————————————————————————————————Intermezzo bursa escort for our dear readers #1: The way we workTime to tell how this true series of soft sex stories started. Alessandra and I know each others from here – later also at other social sites – since some six years. I like a lot to write with my female friends. I prefer private messages, as I hope they will be more honest, than in public posts at each others profile’s walls. Alessandra soon becomes my champion, in number of mutual messages. In short: I do the writing, often with fresh questions. She answers either by smileys or mono-syllabic, and at the best by a short line. Rarely two or more. Nevertheless, I soon notice that she is often hiding the truth, beating around the bush. So, slowly I start to come back to the same subjects, or interesting and intriguing intimities, in my tries to get closer to the truth.Slowly I start to understand why it is so hard for Alessandra to confess. What really happened to her, in some sexy situations. For a few reasons. Not only because some of them were weird indeed. Mostly bad memories, of being used as a relatively naive teen. Also her mental disposition and social situation are quite unusual.Intermezzo for bursa escort bayan our dear readers #2: What to expect erotically?Alessandra’s autobiography is an erotic experiment. We will provide photos, pictures, possibly solo-sex videos at some stage. We do not intend to offer any hard-core sex scenes in our series. We take the trouble to try to paint a psychological portrait of a pretty princess. Who has to learn to love her lonely life, despite having a hard handicap. True tales in which a lot of female readers will recognize many memorable lessons in love and life. My male followers can expect an expose on a yummy young woman, who tries to live and love life, sufforing some serious setbacks. We hope – with many women – that men might take time to think and realize women can be complicated creatures. To state it simply: Even the best ‘babes’ can be complexed, what they hardly can help.—————————————————————————————————————————————————Alessandra has a happy yummy youthAlessandra and I do not talk often about her earliest years. Apparently, yummy young years. At home, she has to be quiet. Her mom has hang-ups. So she escort bursa adapts, although she doesn’t have a clue, what might be wrong. She likes her elder big bro better than the eldest sibling, her only sister. One of the several subjects we rarily get back to. As almost all of our themes come to the table on my initiative. My main intimate interests focus on her first years as a teen, which suddenly turned to be much less lovely life than her first decennium on Earth.Alessandra is still an enigma to my dear readers, after only one intriguing installment. In several respects, she is still a rare riddle to me. I mention main one. I know much more now, about her own mental and social problems, despite having a bright brain. However, she quit me as her friend here a few times. Hence my biography with her help has still many blank spots. Some stuff she still hides. Alex is no Saint. All humans have hang-ups. Especially about erotic and sexual secrets!————————————————————————————————————————————————–Alessandra will show off herself, also on photo – step by step – in our next, much more intimate installments. Provided readers do not drown us in a sea of – always anonymous, cowards, aren’t they – ‘thumbs down’… We both warmly welcome your comments and every ‘thumb up’!All RIGHTS at Prof. Poet-PETER, ‘Experimental Erotics International Institute’, Amstedam, Tue 12-06-18