Honeymoon vacation part one


Honeymoon vacation part oneThis is a fictional story how a couple encountered into group sex with other couple and his friend.I am Preethi aged 27 working in a call center at Vizag our family is from the north but stayed in the south for so many years.We are from decent family so I got an arranged marriage with Gaurav who is working at Accenture in Hyderabad. He is 29 years old we just had normal chat before marriage and just saw each other in photos so we have never seen each other.One pleasant day Gaurav family came to meet us at Vizag then I saw him he is 5’11’’ tall fair looking and with good body. As I am 5’7’’ tall white tone skin and I got some perky tits and my shape is 36C-26-38 and we just hugged I feel his body and he smells good.After 10 days we got married but we don’t have our first night due to some problems so he went for a business trip to the USA while I am going to my job as well so we didn’t saw each other for 6 months while we communicated through the phone.One day I got a call from my mom she said the wait is over I got excited to see him so I called him and said we can meet finally. He came to our home and said we are going to honeymoon to Germany I feel happy and kissed him in front of our both families I just like his lips we kissed like there is no one around us after we saw around us and we felt shy.So we packed our luggage and headed to Hyderabad as our flight was an evening so I wore normal saree and both of our families reached there as I went for shopping to buy some sexy clothes for a honeymoon.At last of my shopping was over we reached the airport and I changed my clothes I wore a blue saree and black blouse with pink inners. When I stepped out of the car all men started looking at me as their fuck toy. As when I saw Gaurav he is talking with his friends after seeing me he didn’t take his eyes upon me and his friends are also staring at me. While he travels more so we both got business class to travel. We say goodbye to all and started our journey as we are the last passengers on the plane as we went to our class there are so many empty seats so we got into our seats.As we sat I hold Guarav hands and started kissing each other while our plane took off I asked Gaurav to show his dick he laughed at me and stood in front of me.“I would do anything for my princess” and removed his pants he is got 8inches dick and got massive balls.“so you are preserved so much semen for your princess “started rubbing his dick he is so huge got a black dick and kissing his tip.While he removed my blouse and started rubbing my boobs I started to suck his dick pulling his balls. He got so much turned and make me to stand and removed my petticoat and my panty I was shaved clean he started to fingering my pussy and make me to lick his fingers I got so much juice. He started licking my pussy he said let we go to the bathroom. We both rushed bursa escort in bathroom and h put a blanket on the floor and we are in 69 positions and he is licking my pussy slapping my butt I was sucking his dick at next level.“Preethi I want to fuck you”“Go on my prince it’s waiting for you”He started rubbing his dick over my pussy and pushed inside with one thrust I moaned loudly he started kissing me.“I love you Preethi I missed u a lot”“I too love u, my love, I missed u so much”He is getting hornier and the movement of his dick was too fast I was having more fun and I had a couple orgasms he fucked me in the different position for 5 minutes.“I am ready to cum”“Let me drink it”He stood and I kneel over and sucking his dick kissing the balls while he pressing my boobs and he released the load of cum in my mouth I drink it in one and cleaned his dick with my lips.“It tastes good honey” while licking his dick.We both washed up and changed our clothes and we are so much tried due to so much traveling and we both slept.At morning we just landed in Ruegen island and we were in pajamas got a taxi and went into the hotel as we reached our hotel it was very confusing every house looks same as hotel service took into our room and we both got bathed as Gaurav ordered us breakfast we ate went out for roaming.I am wearing a black t-shirt and some tight jeans and also wearing see-through inners we gave the key to the hotel reception and went to the beach.As I am a daily beach person at home so I like the breeze. We both sat at a table looking at the sea. While Gaurav puts his hand inside my shirt grabbed my boobs kissing me deep we forgot all I got hornier I asked Gaurav wait until night I got a surprise for you.We roamed around and went to bar where all male persons at the bar looking at me like to fuck me. Some of the male persons grabbed me from the back while Gaurav was not looking I got a bit horny and crazy we took some couple drinks and came to the hotel.As I am not mentioned every room in the hotel got attached door so they can enter into other room.As we reached hotel Gaurav went to a reception for the key they said they lost the key of ours so they gave another key but we don’t know that it can open any room in the hotel. As we started walking back to the room all rooms look same at night.As we thought that we can enter only in our room so we tried one of the room which was dark by keeping the card it was opened we directly went inside the bedroom and we turned the light we got into wrong room but we didn’t notice that as Gaurav was horny to see me naked so I pushed him on the bed I started kissing him and removed his shirt I came back and removed my dress he saw my see-through inners. He hugged me and kissing me pressing my boobs and pushed me on the bed he started kissing from lips and kissing everybody part removed my inners he is a good bursa escort bayan kisser.He started sucking my boobs like c***d rubbing my pussy and fingering it. He is getting hornier by seeing me naked biting my nipples came down to lick me as he started licking I moaned slowly.“Baby ohh yes’’ I got hornier I started pressing my boobs.“missed my tongue inside you” he helped me with pressing my boobs.He pushed me up to lick my ass “I am cumming” moaned loudly he drank all juices licked cleanly came near and kissed me I feel my cum taste on his lips I make him to sleep and removed his pants he is fully erected as I am started biting his nipples stroking his dick.I started to lick his dick head as he is rubbing my ass and slapping it. I started sucking his dick he asked to eat my pussy so we went in 69 position.As I am giving boob job to him he is fingering my ass and pussy we continued this for 10 minutes.“I am going to cum” both grunted.I drink his cum and licking his dick he drank my juice and we kissed passionately we went into the shower to wash ourselves.In sudden 1 couple came to their room where we are in tier bathroom we heard some giggles so we covered our bodies with the towel and went to see what is happening.As we saw the husband and his friend were enjoying themselves we were watching this by hiding.As I got to know their namesHusband name is Jacob who is 5’9” and his dick was 7” white.Wife name is Margot she is 5’7’’ tall and her sizes was 32E-26-34 she is white too.His friend name Paul he is 5’10’’ his dick was cured with 7.5’’ brown.They all from France came to vacation.His wife was giving blowjob to both alternatively and stroking it while they sat on the couch.It makes Guarav hard while he is fingering my pussy I am controlling my moan but its hard to control his fingers in my pussy I moaned slowly but Jacob heard that they talked slowly and in a sudden Jacob entered in the bedroom he saw us both he smiled.“who are you guys what are you doing” Jacob asked.So Gaurav said all to him how they enter their room while I am watching Margot sucking Paul he saw me and asked could you join us. I saw at Gaurav he smiled at me its good let we join them. And all of us are naked in a fraction.So we all came into the bedroom while Jacob and Paul came near me Gaurav went near Margot. I kneel down and sucking their dicks and stroking it. While I saw Gaurav sucking her pussy she is stroking his dick. So they both took over the bed while Jacob sat in middle Paul started licking my pussy and fingering it I am sucking Jacob’s dick Gaurav got Margot near us. We both sucking his dick while Gaurav licking her pussy. I and Margot gave a lips massage to his dick also we exchanged some kisses.I am feeling very horny I am seeing my husband with another girl while I am with another man. Jacob was cummed on our faces we exchanged the cum and kissed each escort bursa other. While Paul started rubbing his dick on my pussy ten I saw Gaurav he smiled at me while he started fucking Margot, Paul pushed his dick inside me his dick was crossed it was very painful for some time but I like it while Margot kissed me deeply.“He is very huge” licking all cum over the face.I saw Gaurav was enjoying himself as well I am too enjoying Jacob came near me and sucking my boobs while Paul slapping my ass I am enjoying this moment so much.“Yess fuck me hard uhhhh”.Jacob was hard again while he pulled me on the bed and made me to ride his dick while Paul went to Margot to suck his dick. We all are moaning loudly. Jacob grabbed my breasts he is fucking me at other level Paul came upon me make his dick to suck in downward I am never done this before I am on cloud9. While we exchanged positions Paul was fucking Margot and Gaurav came near asked me to fuck my ass while he is turned so much.He widened my ass poured his saliva in it fingering it while I am sucking Jacob.Gaurav slapped my ass and pushed his dick inside me in one push it’s a lot of pain while Jacob pressed my head on to his dick to choke on it. Paul fucking Margot hard her moans make me crazy. While Gaurav pushed his dick easily and started fucking me hard as he missed me it pains my ass but it makes me feel happy I am ass virgin that my baby takes my virginity. While they fucked us for10 minutes.“I am cumming” all guys grunted we kneel down they stroking tier dicks on our faces and cummed on our faces it’s a mixture of cum on our faces and breasts we licked each other and sucked their dicks clean.I and Margot went to wash ourselves guys settle in hall and drinking. While I and Margot are having a nice time after we came out guys are ready for another round.All came near us we exchanged kisses now Paul and Jacob took me while Gaurav was with Margot they asked me to have a dp I said yes by stroking their dicks while Jacob takes my pussy Paul had my ass I near had a dp before but it turned me more while Gaurav fucking Margot in the ass. They are fucking me hard Jacob sucking my nipples Paul pulling my hair we all are moaning hard.“Yess fuck me hard”.“Take it bitch”.“Ohhh god yes”.They fucked us hard for 10 minutes and exchanged the positions while Jacob fucking Margot’s pussy Paul took her ass while my baby is fucking my pussy.Margot enjoys that pleasure while they are fucking hard Gaurav was fucking my pussy and kissing me while Jacob kissing his wife I made Paul lick my fingers.They fucked us for more 10 minutes and cummed inside us while me and Margot licked the cum from our holes we had some food with them naked, Jacob said you can sleep here for night its 2:30 we all adjusted in one bed, slept in middle on his left Margot on right I slept Jacob slept beside me Paul slept beside Margot.All night we have been touched by so many hands and at morning we had one more sex session as they are leaving at evening we said goodbye to them. And came back to the hotel.Give me your feedback at btechproductions8@gmail.com