House Party Pt. 01

Big Dicks

Adam checked his inbox and found an email that simply said ‘party invite’. “You have been specially selected to attend a gentleman’s party night on Saturday. Suggested uniform: leather or rubber accessories – whatever shows you off best. Street and house number will be sent on the day – come prepared”. Adam was unsure how many people would be there but it turned him on just thinking about it.

Saturday came around quickly. Sure enough, at 5pm, Adam’s phone pinged with an email came from Ross, a FWB who was acting as organiser and host giving him the details and asking him to arrive sometime after 8pm. He packed a bag with a few potential outfits while downing a few drinks to get a buzz for the party and before he knew it, he found himself ordering a taxi.?

When he arrived at the place, he noticed how big the house was and felt the thud of his heartbeat in anticipation of what’s to come. As he walked towards the door, a sudden nervousness came over him before he rang the doorbell. A voice came over an intercom. “Hey, you must be Adam. I’ll buzz you in then head into the door on your left to get ready. You’ll find a box with your name on it, dump your stuff in there. Someone will come get you in a few minutes.” A loud buzz sounded and Adam made his way inside to the ready room.?

He found many boxes filled with bags and clothes along with a few mirrors, hearing the muffled sound of upbeat music coming from elsewhere in the house. After a bit of searching, he found his box and stripped off, unzipping his bag and grabbing some tight rubber shorts. He struggled to pull them over his well-developed thighs and adjusted his cock and balls before turning round to see the nicely padded globes of his ass perfectly framed by shining black rubber. He grabbed a small chest harness from his bag before putting all his things away in the box. He put on the harness and shifted it to lie against his lightly muscled pecs. He looked at his 6’0 frame in the mirror and messed with his hair until he was happy. He traced a hand down his front, feeling his pecs and every toned ab muscle, smirking.?

The door to the hallway opened and a man of about 5’7 with a tight gymnast’s build appeared. His brown hair was styled into spikes and he was dressed in flattering spandex boxer briefs. He just stood there leaning against the doorpost grinning at Adam. “Well, well, well. Ross has excelled himself. I think you’re going to fit in just fine.” He lightly licked his lips before introducing himself as Etienne and beckoning him to come and join the party. “People are anxious to meet you.”?

Adam couldn’t help but watch Etienne’s ass bounce from side to side as they made their way down the corridor. They headed through a doorway as their eyes adjusted to the dimmed light. Adam followed Etienne into a large room before being presented with a strong, punch-like drink. Groups of guys of varying levels of fitness and body types were scattered around the room; on couches and seats with a few standing or lying on the floor. He could see a variety of different outfits ranging from the skimpiest black underwear through to ass-less rubber chaps. As he entered, he could see a few heads turn and check him up and down, with many nodding heads of approval, smiles and whispers. Etienne announced to the room that Adam is the last to arrive and said, “Enjoy yourself, I’ll see you later”. Before he could answer, Etienne izmir escort was gone.?

His friend Ross bounded over dressed in only a small rubber pouch and hugged him. Ross was 5’9, brown haired and had a lean muscled dancer’s body. In his sexy Scottish lilt he said, “So glad you could make it and great choice on the outfit. Do you like mine?” He twirled around and presented his small bubble butt to Adam. After a bit of nervous hesitation, Adam nodded his head quickly. Ross pointed around the room naming a lot of people but way too many for Adam to take in. He gave a cheeky smile before adding, “You’ll soon get to know some of them a lot better, I’m sure. I know a few people who couldn’t wait to see who I’d invited.” A voice from the back of the room called out for Ross so he smirked, shrugged and walked away, his ass jiggling irresistibly as he went.?

Adam downed the rest of his drink before grabbing another from the minibar they had set up. A tall Latino guy wearing tight Lycra boxers sidled up behind him and introduced himself as Ricky. He slightly towered over Adam at 6’2 and had a bit extra muscle and chub around the middle but he was still pretty toned. He began to make some small talk. “I haven’t seen you around before. Are you from out of town?” Adam replied, “I live nearby but I don’t really come into the city much. Looks like I’ve been missing out,” as he lustily scanned Ricky’s body. Ricky laughed and looked away for a moment. Adam couldn’t stop his eyes going south to stare at the front of Ricky’s underwear, barely keeping everything contained. Ricky quickly turned back round as Adam had that sudden jerk of movement that says ‘I’ve been rumbled’. Ricky leaned slightly closer and hooked a finger into a ring on Adam’s harness and said, “I love this, it looks so good on you”. With that, Ricky closed his eyes as he pulled Adam towards him into a kiss, moving one hand down his back. Adam was taken aback at how forceful Ricky was at first but as the shock subsided, he felt tingles racing down his body and his cock immediately making itself known and pressing into Ricky’s also rapidly-expanding crotch.?

After a few moments, they opened their eyes and Ricky released his grip on Adam’s waist. He moved his hand to Adam’s chin, pushing it up slightly, looking straight into his eyes and saying, “Tonight’s gonna be so much fun. Are you ready?” Adam nodded and looked past Ricky into the rest of the room. He began to see a few other people shifting around, making out and teasing each other. Over the music, he could hear a hum of light moans, sighs and the sounds of several couples making out.?

A chubbier man of about 5’9 appeared at the bar who Adam recognised as Dom, one of Ross’s friends. If he was wearing something when he arrived, he has already managed to lose it. He had a kind of cuddly, hairy bear kind of build with black spiked hair. Dom waved and made pleasantries before he looked down Ricky’s body and asked, “Do you want some help with that?” As soon as he began to see a nod, he cupped Ricky’s cock and balls with a gentle squeeze as his lips found a home on Ricky’s neck. He made a trail down Ricky’s pecs and abs down to his package. Ricky looked down with his mouth slightly agape before slowly opening the pouch holding his junk and letting his thick Latino cock break free. Dom gasped, looked up at Ricky and mouthed ‘wow’ before taking alsancak escort the cock before him in his hand. “I definitely came to the right party”?.

As Dom began to work on Ricky’s cock, Ross came up behind Adam and begins whispering some dirty talk, quickly removing his jockstrap and playing with his ass. He suddenly felt Ross’s mouth at his asshole and his hands on his ass cheeks, his tongue delving deeper and deeper, opening him up and relaxing his hole. Ricky grabbed Adam’s harness again and began making out with him more passionately, lightly pinching his nipples which made his hair stand on end.?

A guy came over and greeted Ross with a kiss on the cheek. Ross introduced him as Pav, an Eastern European guy with jet-black hair and a slim build but he definitely spent time in the gym, with his abs just about showing. He turned around to show off his ass. Ross was shocked to find a butt plug sticking out of it, having known Pav only as a top in the past. Ross tapped the end of it and watched as Pav shuddered with delight. “Well, this is a surprise, but a welcome one. How does it feel?” Pav looked kind of embarrassed at first but then a smile flickered across his face. “It feels so good!” Ross pulled him into a tight hug, placed his lips at Pav’s ear and whispered, “How about I make it even better?”

With that, he dragged Pav over to one of the couches, showing off his buttplugged ass to the guys on the other side. He made a trail of kisses down Pav’s back, lightly pulling on the plug and teasing him before removing it. Ross grabbed the nearest bottle of lube and liberally applied it to his cock before holding it out straight. Pav backed up slowly until he could feel the slippery head of the cock at his hole. He took a deep breath as Ross took a firm hold of his waist and started pushing in. Pav began to moan as inch after inch of 6.5″ cock disappeared inside him. Ross gasped at the tightness engulfing him before pulling out, giving Pav a breather before pushing forward again.

They suddenly noticed many pairs of eyes watching as Ross began to work on the nice bubble butt in front of him with slow, ever-deepening strokes. Before long, Pav felt a slight prickle of hairs graze his ass cheeks, telling him Ross had bottomed out inside him. “That feels better right?” Pav went to answer but simply moaned into the couch cushion. “I’m not gonna last long. How do you want your first load of the night?” Before Pav even nodded, Ross sped up his strokes and began a low growl. His back started to gleam with a light sweat as he pounded away.

Without warning, Ross pressed his body weight down and put a strong arm round Pav’s neck, pushing as deep as he could go. He felt his cock throbbing, emptying spurt after spurt of cum into Pav’s ass. Ross pumped a few more times before collapsing on top of him, panting hard. After a minute or so, he felt his cock begin to shrink and stood up off the couch, looking down at his handiwork with a grin. Pav closed his eyes and a satisfied smile crept across his face. ?

Meanwhile, Adam had disappeared in search of Etienne, the hot gymnast from before. His eyes scanned the room but he was nowhere to be found. Adam took a tour round the main room, passing several hot scenes; a twink leaning against a wall being pounded by a black, older man, a cub sucking off a trio of muscled guys and two bears making out buca escort in the back corner. He made his way from the main room to the sun room where he found Etienne sprawled ass-up across a recliner with his eyes closed. Adam scanned his body, taking in the beautiful body in front of him, muttering “damn, he is hot!”

Etienne’s eyes flickered open and he sleepily smirked at Adam before beckoning him over with a finger and proffering for a hand to help him up. In one swift movement, Adam brought him up into an embrace and began kissing his lips softly. His hands began to wonder and soon found themselves massaging Etienne’s smooth, perfect little ass. As they started to use tongue, Adam pressed a finger against Etienne’s hole. Surprisingly, it slid in with ease as he felt a mix of what he assumed was saliva and lube. No wonder he was looking so relaxed in here! After a while, Etienne slowly licked a trail down Adam’s body, ending at the tip of his cock. Taking Adam’s cock into his mouth, he worked the head with his tongue, moving his hands around to Adam’s ass to start taking him in further. Soon, he was bobbing up and down at a pace as Adam began to groan. It took all he had not to cum right there from Etienne’s ministrations. As he felt himself get close, he pushed Etienne’s head away and took some deep breaths. “You’re too good at that. I don’t want to peak too early.”?

Dom suddenly appeared at the doorway and watched as they kissed and hands caressed bodies. Adam clocked him and gave a slight head nod to bring him over. Etienne looked down to see Dom’s 6″ thick cock sticking straight out from his body, looking so enticing. In a flash, he was down on his knees giving it the same pleasurable treatment. Adam sat down on the recliner and pressed the button so he could lie back, stroking his 7″ cock slowly. Before long, Dom gritted his teeth, “Fuck, I’m gonna come already!” As Etienne removed his mouth, ropes of cum shot over his face which he raced to clean up with his tongue. When he had got most of it, Dom brought him to his feet and made out with him, taking some of it into his mouth. Dom caressed his cheek with a quick thanks and walked back to the main room. Etienne wiped his face and made his way back over to the couch. “Where were we?”?

Adam raised his eyebrows, gesturing towards his hard cock. As if suddenly remembering, Etienne straddled Adam’s torso, brushing his ass against the hard cock beneath him. Finding a small bottle of lube nearby, Etienne began to work Adam’s cock with it, getting it nice and slick before placing it at his entrance. Etienne sat down, feeling as Adam’s cock snaked its way inside him. It didn’t take him long to sit down fully, making cute little noises as he worked the cock with his ass. Adam’s hands found the crook of his hips and pushed him down in a steady rhythm. It was obviously hitting the spot as Etienne’s eyes rolled back in his head, occasionally squeezing his ass muscles to an audible gasp.

Strokes quickly became more fervent and intense. Etienne held Adam close and showed off his skills as a power bottom. After a few minutes of sliding gracefully up and down his cock, Etienne could hear Adam’s breathing start to labour and he knew he was close. As if possessed by some primal spirit, Adam suddenly took charge and pulled Etienne down while slamming his hips upwards. With a deep growl, Adam’s entire body tensed in a powerful orgasm. Etienne’s jaw dropped from the fullness and thickness inside him and his own cock began spurting cum onto their chests. After milking his cock with a few strokes, Etienne slid off his body onto the couch, breathing deeply. Adam held him close and they fell asleep.