Hot Times in a Cold Cabin


Jim and his wife, Bonnie invited my wife and me to their cabin for the weekend and we all were looking forward to getting away from the daily drudge for a while. Both the wives had to work Friday but we men were off, so the plan was for Jim and I to go up Friday and then Bonnie and Donna would come up together late Friday night.

I was stunned by the beauty that surrounded the cabin, nestled in a tree-filled glen high in the mountains and everything covered in snow. We quickly got our supplies inside and made sure the wood holder was filled for the evening, then it was time to relax. After lunch, we went for a hike taking snowshoes that he kept there. It was an exhausting as we followed the trail ever higher up the mountainside but the vista at the top was breath taking and the panorama looked to take in a hundred miles. By the time we returned to the cabin, I was spent and ready for a nap, I told Jim I was going to lie down for a while.

I awoke to the sound of wind buffeting the trees and rattling the shutters on the windows. I got up and went in to find Jim watching porn; I startled him when I said,

“Hey, my favorite kind of movie, can I join you?”

“Sure, OK, just don’t tell Bonnie she thinks pornos will be the end of civilization as we know it.”

I laughed and said Donna was the same way and I had to keep my collection stashed in the garage. I grabbed a beer, sat down next to him, and took in the scene before me izmir escort of a black man fucking a blonde hard and deep as she was screaming in ecstasy.

“Let me start this over, you have to see the beginning, besides I want to see it again.”

The disk started, looking down on the pretty young blonde appearing so innocent and vulnerable on her knees. Her eyes grew large and as the camera backs away, you see the reason as before her stands a black man holding his cock to her lips. Her look is part fear, part admiration for the man’s cock is huge, and you could tell she is wondering if it will even fit in her mouth. With a smile on her face, she only says, “Oh my god,” and then she first kisses the end lovingly then opens her mouth to take just the tip, and then Jim hit the pause,

“Hold on a second Bobby I gotta take a leak.”

He then gets up and goes to the john and I sit there staring at this man’s monster as it fills the whole screen.

When he came back he said it looked like a blizzard was coming in and he was worried about our wives. He called Bonnie, mentioned the fast approaching storm, and suggested they maybe should wait until morning to come up. She agreed, saying she and Donna would spend the night together and they’d see us in the morning. The whole time he is talking, I’m still starring at this man’s cock posed in her lips as she kneels in anticipation of worship. alsancak escort

When Jim got off the phone, he picked up the remote ready to start the video again.

“God Bobby you see that look on her face I swear it looks like she might cum from just kissing that monster.”

“Believe me Jim, that’s not a look I ever see, most of the time it’s ‘is that all there is’ for comments.”

“Are you small too? Bonnie keeps asking me ‘is it in yet’ just to tease me. Let’s see who’s the smallest, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

I told him you’re on, then stood up, and let my pants drop to the floor. I was shocked as Jim reached over, grasped my penis and then he began to rub the sensitive part under the head. I was already erect and I stood there passively allowing him to play with me. He asked me if I wanted him to stop, I looked at him,

“No please don’t stop that feels so good, Donna can’t seem to find that spot, oh yes, right there.”

Nevertheless, he did stop, saying it was his turn; I got on my knees like the blonde in on the screen. I reached over and unfastened his pants and when I pulled them down his erection sprang out from his boxers, I glanced to the screen and tried to pose just as our porno queen. I looked up into his eyes then puckered up and kissed the tip and when I pulled back, there was a string of pre cum from his cock to my lips. He put his buca escort hands to my head and pulled me on him and I greedily swallowed him down to his pubes. I held his balls sucking faster, letting him face fuck me and as his balls tightened, I knew he was ready to give me my first taste of another man’s sperm since college. He splurged down my throat with a moan and I held his balls until they stopped shooting their creamy issue into my mouth.

“Wow Bob, that was unbelievable, that couldn’t have been your first blow job.”

“Yeah, well in college my roommate and I messed around some but that was the first since then and I tell you what I liked it.”

“When I was a kid I use to make my little brother suck me off and after I’d jack him off until he came. He said he hated it but he always came, so I know he was lying. You want to pretend you’re my brother?”

He started rubbing me again and before long, I was cumming in his hand like a racehorse. He stuck his finger in my issue then put it to my lips,

“I always made my brother eat his cum, for some reason it turned me on.”

I picked up his hand and licked it clean to show my submission. Later that night he took me analy, as I knew he would and when he shot his cum deep in my rectum I knew that it was what I’d been missing in my life. It’s like I found a sensation I didn’t realize was possible but once Jim and I were together I knew I had to have him again.

When the girls came up Saturday morning it was as if the night before didn’t even happen. Yet that night was just the first of many times that Jim and I found a reason to be together without our wives. Don’t get me wrong I still love my Donna and I still enjoy our sex life but when I’m with Jim I can’t seem to get enough of him.