Don’t Worry Cupid Has a Plan


Yumi’s Story Yumi felt so guilty. She had to thank her neighbor Wendy for introducing her to the pleasures of a vibrator after her divorce, but wasn’t this wrong? Picturing the chiseled form of young Rob in her mind as she pushed the seven-inch silicone monster into her petite Asian body was just not right. Young Rob was Wendy’s son and Yumi had helped tutor him in math when he was sixteen until he was eighteen. This past summer when he had turned nineteen she had even helped him get his first summer college internship at her company. As a thirty-five year old divorcee and “damaged goods” she felt she had no business picturing innocent young Rob in her mind as she was plunging a thick humming vibrator into her tingling throbbing wet pussy? It was just so terribly wrong no matter how handsome he was! Yumi groaned a high-pitched feminine groan intermixed with whimpers as she turned up the level on the vibrator. She bit down hard on her lower lip as she approached her impending explosion. Her left hand moved to the almost non-existent small mound that constituted her tiny breast. She self-consciously tweaked her erect little nipple with a firm pinch and felt amazing sensations zap through her body. It made her blush in embarrassment to touch her self like that, but she couldn’t help it. Her breasts may be tiny, but they were incredibly sensitive and demanded to be touched. She finally dismissed her misgivings about the morality of fantasizing about her friend’s hard-body son. It was “only a fantasy” she rationalized as she let the orgasm sweep over her petite Japanese body. Yumi let her hand drive the softly humming vibrator deeper and deeper as she imagined muscular young Rob thrusting himself deeper and deeper into her tight petite Asian pussy. The sensations overwhelmed her and it became too much and she let loose the cries that accompanied the shuddering climax that shook her tiny Japanese body. “Aaarrrggghhhhh…..oooohhhhh!!!!!!!” Her groans and high-pitched screams were pretty loud and she blushed a brighter red. She hoped the walls had good sound insulation. She would be mortified if a neighbor were to walk by and hear her. Yumi thrust her hips up and wanted to reach down and touch her clit, but she was too shy. She knew her orgasm would be even more intense if her clit was being touched, but she had never touched it herself and so she always hesitated. She brought her hand down to her soft silky tufts of pussy hair, but just couldn’t move it any further. In conservative Japanese society “good girls” just didn’t do things like that? She hesitated too long and the orgasm began to fade before she had a chance to touch her clit. She sighed a deep sigh and felt satisfied enough to finally fall asleep. For Yumi her “American Dream” had not worked out as planned. Instead it had turned into an “American nightmare”. Yumi had married a rich American lawyer who had traveled to Tokyo on business. It had been a whirlwind romance, or at least Yumi had thought so. To her husband John apparently she was just expected to be his dutiful “trophy Asian wife” while he was free to fuck around as much as he wanted. They had married and a young star-struck Yumi had moved from Tokyo, away from all her family and friends, to San Francisco and a whole new world in the United States. All of that hoped-for happiness seemed a lifetime ago. The “man of her dreams” had turned out to be crude, insensitive and a serial philanderer. Instead of “Prince Charming” it turned out she had married a version of the “Prince of Darkness”. She had always wondered about why her husband’s secretaries and assistants were always such pretty young women, but she had trusted him completely. He was her husband and she would do her best to be a perfect wife. Yumi always dressed nicely, had a nice meal ready when he got home. She did her hair and nails regularly and she kept her body firm and trim by going to the gym. Yumi thought it strange that her husband rarely wanted to make love to her, but since she was too shy to discuss sex with other women she had no idea what was “normal” for a couple. Anyways she trusted John completely and never doubted their marriage. It seems the young Japanese wife was far too naïve about the ways of America and American men. It had turned out that her husband had been having sex with all of his sexy young female assistants for years. Yumi’s entire marriage had been a complete sham. Yumi was just there for the decoration, a beautiful young sophisticated Asian wife that John could show off at business functions. The divorce had hit Yumi hard, really hard. For her conservative Japanese family and from her conservative culture this was nothing less than a disaster. In the Japanese culture Yumi was now a ruined woman. She was at her sexual peak at the age of thirty-five and yet she had no man, no children and she was a discarded and “secondhand” woman who no real man would ever want. What prospects and what hope could she have? Sometimes to be honest Yumi would cry uncontrollably at night and wallow in despair and self-pity. What hopes or dreams could remain for a woman in her position she wondered? None it seemed! Yes it was true some men still showed interest in her. That creep Larry at work was always putting his hands on her ass and touching her in inappropriate ways. One time he even whispered in her ear that he wanted to have sex with her. Yuck! He was married and looked disgusting. After what had happened to her Yumi just would not get involved with married men. She just felt that was so wrong. She wanted a real man, a man who was true in his heart, but she knew now this would never happen for her. Perhaps it only really happened in romance novels? She was too embarrassed to return to Tokyo as a divorcee from a foreigner and yet she was stuck in limbo here in America. Where could she turn for happiness? She had no idea. Yumi had been raised with a very sheltered upbringing in an upper middleclass neighborhood of Tokyo. Her parents had doted on her. In return she had been an adoring princess of a daughter. She had done very well at a private girl’s school and excelled at ballet, jazz dance and piano as well as being one of the most accomplished in her class in drawing still forms. At university she had done a degree in math, but every weekend had gone dancing at clubs with her girl friends. Yumi had loved music and dance, but had given all of that up during her marriage since her husband did not share these interests and claimed he did not know how to dance. Yumi had got some parts of her life back on track since the divorce, but just not the most important parts, not the part where you had a loving partner and someone to hold onto in the middle of the night. Not the part where you had passion, romance and fulfillment from a special man. Speaking and writing Japanese it had been easy to find a job in the Bay Area. With her innate intelligence, her math degree and her common sense she had advanced fast in her company. The more responsibility the company gave her the more she excelled. Now she managed the whole quality control department at her company and supervised quite a few staff of her own. With the divorce settlement she had the house, she had enough money and she now had a good job with nice colleagues. What she didn’t have was a special man. Yumi’s self-confidence was gone and she felt she was not the kind of woman American men desired sexually. She had almost no breasts and she stood only five-foot four-inches and weighed barely a hundred pounds. She was a petite Japanese and at thirty-five she felt very much “over the hill” and unattractive to the opposite sex. Even though as an Asian girl with perfect skin she looked much younger than her age (sometimes being mistaken for early twenties) she still felt old, discarded and worthless. American men wanted big-boobs, wide hips, a nice round ass and long blond hair. They wanted the confident, perky and bouncy “cheerleader-type” like her best friend and neighbor Wendy with her 36C firm beauties, trim waist and rounded ass that Yumi was so jealous of. Yumi was, if anything, the exact opposite of her sexy vivacious out-going friend next door. Wendy had a husband who fucked her almost every night. She and her husband shared interests and travelled together. Wendy had a handsome and intelligent son who was doing very well at university. More than this Wendy had passion and love and wild sex in her marriage in ways that conservatively raised Yumi couldn’t even imagine. Yumi knew she couldn’t be like Wendy, but she envied Wendy’s happy marriage so much. When compared to Wendy’s life her own life was pathetic. She was now desperately single. She was divorced. She had no children. She got no sex. She had no passion in her life unless you counted the vibrator sessions as passion. Most depressingly she sat home most nights watching Japanese romance shows or reading trashy Japanese romance novels about dreams of love and happiness that would never come true for her. While her neighbor Wendy had the American dream she had nothing. Sometimes when they had coffee or went shopping together her neighbor Wendy downloaded just a bit too much information for the conservatively raised Yumi to handle. Like informing her how large her husband Bill’s cock was and that her son Rob’s was “even bigger”. Yumi had blushed furiously that time. Was that what caused her to fantasize even more about young Rob? Wendy had also let her know that the reason she and Bill were going to Vegas for the Valentine’s Day holiday break was to add some “spark” to their sex life and give their marriage a “kick-start”. Even without Yumi enquiring further Wendy had grinned and added that the “spark” involved couples swapping and various kinky parties they had planned. Wendy’s face had lit up as she explained to her petite Japanese friend that one of the men she planned to have sex with on the Vegas getaway “is almost as young as my son.” That admission by Wendy had the effect of causing Yumi to ponder what it was like for a woman her age to have sex with a young man that age? Wendy was even older than her she thought to her self. Was it even possible? As Yumi pondered the idea şişli escort of sex with a young man she let images form in her brain. To be honest she couldn’t stop them popping up. A young man she thought to her self? Like whom she wondered to her self her brain being teased by the very idea of sex with a new young man? Well, like Rob for instance? Why did her friend’s son’s image pop into her brain? She tried to push it away, but she just found it impossible. Wendy had even jokingly asked Yumi to come along to Vegas with them. “C’mon Yumi! You need to get laid badly. How long has it been since you’ve been truly ‘taken’ by a man?” Wendy had implored her divorced friend to join her and Bill knowing how lonely she was. To which Yumi had blushed a furious shade of bright red and had very awkwardly declined the offer. Wild sex? Vegas? Her? Wendy had looked at her friend with the soft eyes of a sympathetic woman and had given Yumi’s hand a reassuring squeeze. “Don’t worry Yumi. Cupid has a plan for you.” Yumi smiled sadly in response but she had no idea who this “Cupid” was that Wendy was talking about. Her friend had continued talking and the conversation had strayed to Wendy’s son Rob. They both agreed what a wonderful young man he was turning out to be. But then Wendy revealed her motherly worries. “I just wish Rob could find a nice woman. He never stays with a girl for long. I don’t know why? A man his age needs lots of good sex from a loving partner. What do you think Yumi? Is Rob just not that attractive? Maybe as a mother I’m just too prejudiced to see his flaws?” Yumi blushed again thinking of how she fantasized about Rob while using the vibrator. “No Wendy, Rob is such a nice young man.” Wendy looked back at her friend unconvinced. “Well I don’t know Yumi. It’s Valentine’s Day coming up and it’s not right for a young man like that not to have a sweet heart.” Wendy grinned a devilish grin. “Or at least he should have a girl who loves to fuck.” Yumi and Wendy talked more about Rob. Yumi asked about Bill. “Well how did Bill know you were the right girl?” Wendy laughed a hearty laugh. “Oh Bill is completely different from his son. He knew I was the right one as soon as he saw my ass and my tits. Rob is a total romantic. Not like Bill at all.” They talked some more and Wendy cajoled her friend to join an Internet dating site or to do something so she could have a date for Valentine’s Day. Yumi deflected the conversation to a new topic and soon her lack of a man was forgotten. The whole topic of “Valentine’s Day” had turned Yumi’s mood darker. During her whole marriage of ten years Yumi’s ex-husband John had never taken her out on Valentine’s Day. In fact her divorce lawyer had discovered that every Valentine’s Day when her husband said he was “working” or “traveling on business” he had in fact been spending Valentines Day with one of his sexy young lovers committing adultery. This realization had devastated poor Yumi who had thought she was doing her best to be a perfect wife. Had she ever denied him sex? Wasn’t she pretty enough? Wasn’t she sexually attractive to men? So many doubts and insecurities clouded her mind. Growing up in Japan Yumi had little understanding of what exactly “Valentines Day” was, but she did know that if a man had special feelings for a woman he was supposed to make an effort on this day to show his love. Why had her husband spent every Valentines Day with another woman? Why had he spent this special romantic day in another woman’s arms with his hard cock in her younger pussy? What was wrong with her as a wife? What was wrong with her as a woman? Was she too old and ugly now? These thoughts tormented her and her heart was seared with deep pain. Why had he married her in the first place and ruined her life? Unfortunately due to her ex husband’s betrayal Yumi associated Valentine’s Day not with love and passion, but rather with pain, loss and feelings of vast emotional emptiness that were impossible to fill. She realized tomorrow was Valentines Day, but she just wished it would disappear from the calendar all together. If she could she would program the calendar on her phone to skip Valentines Day altogether. Even the number “fourteen” just seemed like bad luck to her, a bad omen. Nothing good could ever come on such a bad luck day as far as she was concerned. Yumi was glad young Rob had asked her to spend the day with him. Her friend Wendy had explained that her son wanted to thank her for getting him the summer internship job. She had been surprised by Rob’s request, but now she was glad. Young Rob was so polite and nice; it would be good to have a distraction from thinking about all the betrayals that had happened on this very day over the past ten years. The fact that Rob was incredibly handsome also entered her mind and a devilish smile crossed her face as she blushed slightly. Stop thinking like that Yumi admonished herself; he’s your best friend’s son. Besides he’d never be interested in an old, discarded, divorced woman like me she reminded her self. I’m “used goods” and he’s handsome, young, smart and so attractive in so many ways. Young ladies must be lined up to compete for his attention notwithstanding what his mother had said. Yumi put her lustful feelings for young Rob aside as completely unrealistic. She sighed a sigh of resignation realizing that she would never have a man as wonderful as Rob to share her bed and make her feel wonderful. At least she had the vibrator and could fantasize about him she giggled softly to her self. Yumi slumbered off to sleep looking forward to at least part of tomorrow’s Valentines Day, the part she would spend with Rob. Rob’s Story Next door to Yumi in his own bedroom young Rob was laying on his king size bed with his extremely hard almost nine-inch cock in his hand. His eyes were tightly shut and he was stroking his iron-like manhood slowly and teasingly as visions of his delicately beautiful Asian divorcee neighbor Yumi danced in his head. He imagined her in all sorts of outfits and sets of variously colored lingerie and the tingles in his hard cock became more intense. He groaned a lustful guttural groan and wrapped the towel more tightly around his cock as he imagined penetrating her hot sexy tight Japanese pussy and grabbing her slim hips as he drove into her. He raised his hand that gripped the lavender lace panties he had stolen from her laundry basket to his nose and inhaled her sex scent deeply. “Agghhhhh…..urrrhhhhhh…..aggghhhh!!!!!!!” Gobs of his whitish sticky cream shot out of his big thick cock as Yumi’s beautiful face played in his brain, his body wracked by a shuddering orgasm. He imagined his lips on hers, their kiss tender, intense and passionate, their tongues tangling in playful desire. Could his dream ever come true? He doubted a woman as classy and perfect as Yumi would ever be interested in a guy as young and inexperienced as himself, but he had to at least try. Rob had been fantasizing about his neighbor since he had turned sixteen-years-old, but he never had the courage to do anything about it until now. In the past when Yumi had helped him with his school math projects he had smelled her perfume, felt her petite sexy body near him and his cock had been hard the whole time they were together. Rob had secretly glanced at her long black hair; her sexy slanted Japanese eyes and her tiny breasts and had lusted for her night after night. For almost every night since his sixteenth birthday Rob had masturbated to the sexy petite image of Yumi. How many sexual scenarios and role-plays had he imagined in his brain? How many times had he imagined her seducing him? How many times had he imagined him seducing her? How many different sexy outfits had he pictured in his young horny brain? Too many to count, but simply put he was infatuated with her in every way. Yumi was his dream girl and the more he knew her the more he loved and lusted for her. Rob had been secretly gleeful on hearing the news of his hot sexy neighbor’s divorce. Rob had always hated her husband and had been intensely jealous of him. More than this he never thought he had a chance of being with the woman of his dreams since she was married and seemingly unattainable. Now his chance had come. He knew that Yumi had been deeply wounded, had been devastated in fact by her husband’s serial infidelities with a parade of gorgeous young women. He knew she must feel terrible, but Rob wanted to show her that a man could treat her right, could treat her like the princess that she was. If he was given a chance Rob felt certain he could make Yumi happy. If only she would give him the chance? Rob was a bigger man in every way than his father. He was taller by two inches at six-foot-two; a broader chest, a bigger cock and most importantly he had a bigger heart. Where his father viewed sex as a recreational sport, Rob viewed it as something special to be shared with a woman you had a deep connection with. While Rob’s friends were “hooking up” and sleeping around with any willing tart they could find, Rob was patiently waiting for the woman of his dreams. Yes that meant a lot of nights of wanking off, but Rob didn’t mind since he was focused. One thing he had learned in life was that if you wanted something of value you needed to work hard and focus and be patient. Rob had set all these skills and aspects of his character forward in his secret pursuit of the woman next door. Rob chuckled reflecting on his strategies to get closer to Yumi. The way he had pretended to struggle at math so his mother would get her to come over to help him and sit next to him, her leg touching his. How he had offered time and time again to help Yumi move things and cleanup her house or mow her lawn. It had been during one of these sessions working in her house that he had first succumbed to the desire to steal a pair of her panties from her laundry basket. The lavender lace panties had an intoxicating aroma of the woman he loved and he guiltily hid them from his mother under his mattress. Luckily Rob lived in an almost detached separate wing of the house and his mother was not too intrusive so the panties had remained his secret escort şişli these past weeks. Now all his plans, all his strategies, everything he had done to get close to sexy Yumi would culminate in their day together tomorrow. It was no mistake that Rob had selected Valentines Day for his D-Day assault on the woman of his dreams. It was a throw of the dice and he needed all the help he could get to win the woman his heart was pining for. If Saint Valentine could help, then why not try? Rob had concocted some bogus story to his mom about how he wanted to “thank Yumi for getting me the summer intern job” and his mom had done the rest. It had been especially convenient that his parents would be out of town in Vegas on a little “get-away”. He grinned thinking he would be spending the day with an unsuspecting Yumi with the house all to him self. Claudius II had executed Saint Valentine for marrying soldiers who were forbidden to marry by law. By conducting the marriages he had committed a taboo in Roman society and under Roman law. Rob felt in many ways his love for Yumi was just as “forbidden” and disapproved by society. She was older, he was younger; she was Asian, he was Caucasian; she was a divorcee and he was just starting his life; they were from different societies, different up-bringing’s and different eras, he was tall and she was short; in spite of all these differences Rob just knew in his heart that she was the perfect woman for him. If he was to be happy she needed to be happy and they needed to be together. He had needed to make a lot of secret preparations for tomorrow, but he was pretty sure he was ready. He was just so terrified that Yumi would reject him and that it would all turn out to be a total disaster. Then what would he do? His life would be ruined and all his dreams of happiness would be nothing. Pulling the towel off his sticky cock Rob climbed off his bed and went to the bathroom to cleanup. He then returned to his bed to try to get to sleep. It was a big day tomorrow and he better get some rest. He was a bit too nervous to fall asleep, even after masturbating so it was a while before he actually slumbered off. His mind was racing with every possible scenario and he worried about every particular aspect of his plans. What would she think? How would she react? Just thinking about it made Rob’s palms sweat in anxiety. It’s hard being a young guy who really loves a woman and she has no clue. He just wished “tomorrow” could be over and that he could finally be in bed with Yumi in his arms. If it worked out Valentine’s Day would be the happiest day of his life and of Yumi’s too. A smile crossed his face as he slipped off to sleep. Valentine’s Day Yumi spent the morning doing some on-line training modules. The CEO wanted her to apply for the director level position in a few months and she needed to complete her training. The modules were pretty straightforward and simple and at least they kept her mind off all of the terrible memories that this day represented in her failed marriage. She looked at the time on the computer. She smiled counting how many hours until Rob would come over. Why she wondered was she looking forward so much to a little outing with this young man. It was surely nothing? Rob woke up early and saw it was a beautiful sunny day, cold and crisp. Perfect! He was still nervous and wound-up so he went for an early run to get rid of some nerves. He knew that putting a few miles behind him wouldn’t make his nerves totally go away, but at least it would help. He needed to distract him self until three o’clock when he was scheduled to go over and see Yumi. He had butterflies in his tummy as he set out on his run. As he turned left onto the sidewalk and began pounding the pavement his sexy neighbor looked up from her training module and glanced out her window. Through the trees she saw the handsome dark haired young man begin running down the road past her house and she felt her heart race a little. Finally the time was coming near. Why was she so nervous Yumi pondered as she cast another garment to the side as inappropriate? She was so frustrated. What should she wear? Okay it was getting late she needed to decide. He was younger than her so don’t wear anything too old she reminded her self. She considered her options one final time looking at the mess of garments spread across her bed. Yumi put on her tight bleached skinny jeans that she thought made her look younger and casual, not too formal. Several girlfriends had told her that “your ass looks amazing” in these jeans so she decided they were a good choice. She paired these with high black high heel boots that made her look taller and quite sexy. On top she slipped on a tight white stretchy top that hugged her slim body. She chooses a slightly padded bra to give her body some extra shape. Yumi brushed her hair and refreshed her make-up. She added simple earrings and only a small burst of perfume since this was a daytime outing. She turned her hip and struck a pose to check her self in the floor length mirror. Still uncertain and dissatisfied she realized it was too late to change her choices now. She picked up a black hair with clip with rhinestones and added it to her hair. Yes she decided the hair clip made her look younger. She nervously paced the room and picked up the short tailored jacket she had selected. Okay I must look “passable” she reassured herself. Anyways, why am I acting like a teenage girl? This isn’t a “date” he just wants to thank me for getting him the job. Rob was going through an equally painful process of dressing. All his nervousness and insecurities were coming to the surface again. She’d probably laugh at him he decided. He was soon to turn twenty, but he was still fifteen years younger than her. Well it’s not like she looked anywhere near that old, but what if she laughed at him? He looked at the slacks and blue cotton shirt he had selected and wondered if they made him look more mature? He didn’t want to look like a university “kid” and have her brush him off. Rob needed Yumi to take him seriously. The image that reflected back out of the mirror pained him. He wished more than anything that he at least he could “look” older? Oh well, there was nothing to be done now. He checked his watch with a quick glance. Too late to change again he realized. Yumi heard the doorbell ring and her heart skipped nervously. When she opened the door she wondered if Rob noticed her face. Her eyes must have widened. He just looked so handsome today and so much more mature than she remembered him? If he affected her it had to be said that she equally affected him. His eyes roamed up and down her body and her beauty stunned him. A bit nervous at the whole situation Yumi tried to deal with his gaze that seemed to be consuming her. “Rob I know what your mom said, but there’s no need for you to give me any gift. Really I was just….” Rob reached out confidently and took her hand, not letting her finish the sentence. He knew if he didn’t act confidently he’d chicken-out. “I’ve been planning this for some time Yumi. Just follow my lead. I hope you’ll enjoy the day.” Soon enough they were in the car. Rob looked even more mature driving his father’s Mercedes and Yumi couldn’t help glancing sideways at him. She kept glancing his direction nervously and he did the same to her. They were like two nervous teenagers on a first date even though they had known each other for years. Seeing the grin on Rob’s face she wondered what he was thinking? Why was he grinning like that? Did he know that she fantasized about him as she plunged a vibrator deep into her pussy? Her cheeks blushed and she felt her face warm as the naughty thought crossed her mind. Why am I so nervous she wondered? After some time the nervousness dissipated and the conversation became easier. At the mall Rob led her around looking at shops and they had a latte. At some point they were walking and Rob stopped in front of a very elegant shop that specialized in clothes for petite women. Rob was smiling again and Yumi was curious. Rob looked at her with his big hazel eyes. She truly wanted to melt, but thought that would look silly in the middle of a shopping mall. “Yumi let’s go in here. I’ve put something aside for you to try on.” She looked at the shop and it looked pretty expensive so she tried to dissuade him. “But Rob….” She looked at the shop window and then at his smiling face. “Rob the shop looks pretty expensive….and….” Rob reached down and took her tiny hand in his big hand leading her towards the shop. Yumi almost jumped she was so shocked at the feeling of having a man take her hand again. “No arguments Yumi. You’ve helped me so much. Just try it on. We don’t need to buy it if you don’t like it.” After making a few more attempts to dissuade him she finally acquiesced and entered the shop with Rob still holding her hand. The pretty young shop assistant seemed to remember him and was very friendly in greeting. “Hi Rob. You’re back for the dress. So is this the special young woman you were so excited about the last time you were here?” Yumi saw Rob blush at the sales girl’s comment. He stumbled over his words as he tried to explain. Yumi couldn’t help giggling and grabbed his arm and squeezed it in reassurance. Me a young girl that he is excited about? What is the sales girl talking about she wondered? Rob turned to her. “Well I don’t know what you like, but I saw this dress and thought it would look beautiful on you. Can you try it on? You’ll need it for tonight.” Yumi looked at handsome young son of her best friend with a bewildered look on her face. “But….Oh well…..Yes I can try it on.” She did not want to make Rob feel uncomfortable by making a fuss and refusing any further. She reached out to take the garment bag from the sales girl. She turned back to Rob. “But why will I need it for tonight?” Rob grinned his biggest smile so far. “Because we are going to an expensive Japanese restaurant and then I’m taking you dancing. I know you love dancing; I’ve seen all your pictures from when you were young. There is a Valentine’s Day dance at one of our favorite clubs and my friends are going. I mecidiyeköy bought tickets for you and me. Will you come with me?” Rob was looking at her with an eager and hopeful look on his face. He looked so cute and so nervous. There was no way Yumi could even consider ruining this young man’s plans. On the one hand the words “Valentine’s Day” made her stomach churn in disgust. And yet, the thought of going dancing with Rob made her giddy and she forgot her disgust. How long had it been since she had gone dancing? Years, for sure several years and Yumi decided it would be fun to finally hit the dance floor again. “Okay, but let me try it on first. I mean I can wear one of my dresses at home? We don’t need to spend….” Rob looked at her sternly and ushered her towards the changing rooms telling her to just try it on and stop arguing. The sales girl took her along with the key. The sales assistant took her to the back towards the changing rooms to try on the dress. As they walked side by side the young sales girl turned to her. “Wow your boyfriend is really hot! He’s so handsome and so patient while you are shopping. You’re so lucky.” Yumi looked back over her shoulder and saw Rob fingering some other dresses calmly as he waited for her. She was struck by how very handsome he really did look. It made her giddy and proud to think she looked young enough to be his girlfriend. “Oh he’s not…..” Yumi didn’t finish her sentence as her voice trailed off. She realized that deep inside she would love to have a man as wonderful as young Rob as her boyfriend. She turned to the sales girl. It was a dream that could never come true, but just having the sales girl say it made her smile and blush with pride. “He is pretty handsome isn’t he?” The sales girl nodded in agreement, both of them admiring young Rob from a distance as he wandered along the racks of dresses oblivious to their female ogling of his ruggedly handsome body. Yumi looked back at the cute young blond sales girl. She was probably Rob’s age and rightly should have been dating him tonight instead of a divorcee like her self. She left her thoughts unfinished. It made her body tingle in naughty ways to have heard Rob described as her “boyfriend”. He’s so much younger than her? Her brain was spinning in confusion. The day was not working out as she had planned at all. The sales girl opened the garment bag and pulled out a beautiful spaghetti strap little black dress. She held it up for Yumi to look at. The dress was certainly beautiful and elegant, but it was so short and sexy. Yumi wondered if she could really wear such a dress? She looked at the cute blond sales assistant to ask her opinion. “Do you really think I can wear it? I mean wouldn’t it look too young on me?” The sales girl turned her vivacious face and examined Yumi head to toe with a critical eye that only a girl can turn on another girl. “No it’s perfect for you. Try it on. I mean I’m nineteen and sure I’d love a dress like this if I had a boyfriend who’d buy it for me.” She giggled. “But it will look totally hot on you too. I mean twenty-five is not too old for this dress. You’re like what? Twenty-three? Twenty-five? Here try it on. You totally have the perfect body for this dress.” The sales girl had a curious look on her face. She seemed to be considering something before adding a further comment. Finally she spoke to Yumi. “Look you may already have a set for tonight. It’s just. Well I saw the look on your boyfriend’s face. He’s totally into you and I know the two of you will want to do something special tonight.” She paused trying to gauge Yumi’s reaction. “I mean it being Valentine’s Day and all? Well here are some heels and a really sexy set of black lingerie I picked out just in case. For sure you’ll need a strapless bra to go with that dress.” Yumi looked at the sales girl trying to take in everything she had just said. “He’s totally into you?” Did she think Rob? Could he she wondered? She looked at the tiny black lace bra and panties, so delicate and beautiful and the black high heels. She looked back over her shoulder for a final time. The sight of handsome young Rob waiting for her patiently tipped the scales. What the hell she decided, maybe he does like me? It won’t hurt to dress up will it? She grabbed the lingerie and heels and turned. Yumi took the dress, the lingerie and the heels and entered the cubicle. Okay I’ll just try it on, but I won’t make Rob pay for it she thought to her self. Yumi took her time getting into the lingerie and the dress. The little black dress was so tight she had a hard time zipping it up. When it was all finally on she slipped on the heels. She looked in the mirror in the cubicle, but the mirror was too close to really get a good look at her self. She brushed her hair back and steeled her nerve to face Rob. What if he didn’t like it? She didn’t want to disappoint him. With her stomach a little bundle of nerves she slowly opened the cubicle door and emerged in her new outfit. Rob saw her from the distance and approached slowly. “Rob why are you looking at me like that?” She blushed and dipped her eyes nervously. He was staring at her so blatantly. How long had it been since a man stared at her like this. A look of pride, of amazement, of male interest, of curiosity, but more than this a look of young male lust lacking the least pretense of any camouflage. In short there was an obvious burning sexual hunger in Rob’s eyes that almost scared her. Yumi fidgeted with her hands and did a little pirouette so Rob could get a better look at the dress. “Do you like it? Or does it look too young for me?” She asked nervously, the hesitation giving her voice a tiny tremor. Rob’s eyes said it all and the sales girl laughed. “Look at his face!” The sales girl exclaimed. The two women started to laugh and Rob began to blush furiously. He stumbled on his words. “Uh it’s that obvious I guess.” He blurted out. Rob laughed to ease his nervousness. Then more calmly he pressed ahead with his real feelings. “Wow Yumi you look so beautiful! You look absolutely gorgeous.” Now it was her turn to blush and giggle. She turned to look at the sales girl. “Well I guess that means we’re buying it. But I want to pay for it, okay?” Yumi moved back into the cubicle to take the dress off. She returned to the cashier and handed the garments to the sales girl. She wandered around in the shop waiting for them to be wrapped up in a box. When Yumi returned to the cashier Rob was still standing there and she pulled her credit card out of her small clutch bag. “Okay let me pay now.” The sales girl smiled and glanced at Rob. “I’m sorry, but it’s already been paid for by your boyfriend.” Yumi shyly turned to Rob. There she goes again calling him my boyfriend. She looked up and saw the young man grinning back at her with his face covered by a look of complete pride. She knew she couldn’t burst his bubble at this point. Leaning in she took his large hand in hers and stood on her tippy toes. Her eyes were dancing with happiness. Why was he doing all of this for her she wondered? Yumi leaned in and kissed Rob gently on the cheek. She put her lips near his ear. “Thank you for the lovely gift. You’re so sweet.” The next few hours were a blur. She returned home and had a bath and changed into her new outfit. Rob likewise had a shower and changed. For some reason this outing with Rob was making her so nervous. She curled her hair and added a headband and she re-did her make-up. Before finishing she added a splash of perfume behind her ears and on her neck. Looking into the mirror and debating what exactly Rob was up to she decided to add a final dab of perfume between her cleavage such as it was. She almost blushed at the naughty thoughts that were in her mind. Their meal at the Japanese restaurant was lovely and Rob was so attentive. She found it wonderful that he was so curious about her culture and her cuisine. Her ex-husband had never shown such interest. Rob kept asking her if the food was authentic and did she like it. She was really surprised at how easy their conversation was and how happy she felt with him. “Well Rob if you want real authentic Japanese food then I need to take you to Tokyo.” She hadn’t really realized what she was saying before it came out of her mouth. She hadn’t meant it the way it came out. She hadn’t really been thinking. His eyes lit up and he reached across the table and took her hand in his larger hand. “I’d love to go to Japan with you one day.” When Yumi saw the look of adoration in his eyes as he looked deeply into hers she could have melted. She couldn’t recall any man ever looking that deeply into her eyes. She hadn’t meant it like that, but then again? She thought of bringing Rob to Japan, of introducing him to her friends from university, of him meeting her parents. Her mind was wandering into strange new areas. Is this all some strange dream she wondered? Could he really love her? What would people think if she had a younger man? She blushed at her naughty thoughts. Rob noticed. He seemed to notice so much about her. “Why are you blushing?” He asked with a look of concern clouding his face. She giggled nervously. “Oh nothing…” Yumi left her response vague and averted her eyes from his penetrating gaze. How could she tell him she was imagining the two of them together, the two of them as a couple, the two of them as? Yes, say it she admonished her self. The two of them as lovers! He squeezed her hand and smiled. He seemed to make a decision. “Are you embarrassed to be with me? Do you think I’m just a kid? Too young……” Rob’s voice trailed off and she could sense the pain in his voice. She squeezed his hand back. She was confused, but she knew she loved being together with this man. What should she do? Would her best friend get mad at her? Would her other girl friends think she had gone crazy? She didn’t care about any of that, she just didn’t want him to be in pain. She had growing feelings in her heart and she wanted to protect him. She brought her eyes back to his with a new steadiness. “No Rob, it’s not like that at all……Well…..” She paused. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a man. A long time since….well….since anyone has really cared about me. I just need to get used to it.” She smiled and her face glowed with a new light. A woman in love is like that; she glows in so many ways. Rob smiled back at her with a confident smile. “Well don’t worry about any of that tonight Yumi.