Airgasms Induce Orgasms

Big Dick

This is a sequel to Airgasms Between Orgasms and you will miss much if you haven’t read that. As he turf-surfs at high speed a mere few inches above the ground under his parachute, he looks so graceful and confident that I suddenly see him as the master of the sky that he is. He hits the ground running and slows to a stop right next to me. “Hotdog.” “Don’t try this at home. We’re what you call, professionals.” I laugh, “Yeah, join him next weekend on Assbusters.” “Hey, that was pretty swift.” I honestly can’t remember how long it’s been since I laughed as much as I’ve laughed this weekend. I’m sorry to see it ending. I ask Karl to drive on the way back to the city. Workland we call it. I guess the weekends are spent in Playland and I like the sound of that. As I program my phone number into his phone and his number into mine, Karl explains the “jump credit” that he and the other instructors work for at the school. I shudder to think about the tax implications if they could ever even sort it out. I paid a lot of money for my jumps and the instructors earned jump credit by jumping with me so they could jump free on their formation jumps. My cash went to pilots, fuel, planes, rent, gear, etc. Karl also gets jump credit for teaching the Accelerated Freefall class and editing the student videos. I’m sure the ski bums worked similar arrangements with the slopes, but they never went back to Workland for five days between their two play days. I text a quick message to Toni. “Lunch tomorrow? Much to tell.” Her response is quick. “Sure. I can’t wait.” I ask Karl about his hockey helmet preferences and order one for him online. “It should be delivered Thursday.” “You didn’t need to do that, Randi.” “That’s your brain in that bucket. It controls your tongue.” “Oh. Hehe.” I drop him off at his apartment after running him past my apartment so he knows where to find me on Wednesday. When I get back into my apartment, I pet Bootsie and start writing to-do lists for being prepared for next weekend. I can’t believe how good I feel after two days of good sex and two days of adrenaline rushes. I somehow manage not to diddle myself that night, mainly because I crash without it. At work the next morning, I’m wrecked. I can’t get a thing done, but I let the word out that I’ve got a new BF and that I went skydiving on the weekend. The guys I work with want to talk about the skydiving. The women want to hear about the new BF. My boss is a woman, so I get some tolerance for being distracted. I sit in the cafe and look around, noticing people. I handsome man comes up and asks if he can join me for lunch. I notice the tan line on his ring finger. A cheater. Ordinarily I would be upset, but I just laugh and say, “No, thanks anyway. My sister is joining me and your wife probably wouldn’t like to hear about this, so it’s better if I don’t learn your name.” He turns a strange shade of tan and walks away mumbling. Life’s definitely different for me now that I have a fella. “Details, Randi. What’s all this about being a skygoddess? and how was your jump?” Six jumps, well five really. I was only freight on the first one.” “What? That must have cost a fortune.” “It was worth it. Got a humble man out of the deal.” “What? Karl?” “Yep, I met him. He sort of flew into my life on my first jump. You were right. He’s a dreamboat.” “Wait a minute. You’re just too happy. Did you guys bump uglies?” “Nothing ugly about it. He’s a good guy if I can keep him. And not just because he saved my life.” “Oh my god, Randi. Start from the beginning.” I’d been having fun dropping bombs on her, but since I had to thank her for her part in my good fortune, I gave her details. Well, not all the details, but the sister-to-sister stuff. “And this is how you’re going to spend your weekends now?” “When the weather cooperates.” “Good for you. It’s good to see you alive again, Randi.” “Thanks, Toni, for all you did for me.” I can barely keep my mind on my work or my classes for the next few days. I keep replaying jumps and time spent with Karl. My toys help me get to sleep at night, to thoughts of him flying up and landing next to me, then taking me on the ground. On Wednesday night, he shows up only a half hour late, but he’s got pizza and the edited videos from my jumps. We watch the videos as we eat and he’s set them to music, dropping the volume just in time to hear me shout, “That was fuckin’ awesome!” on my tandem jump. The videos made by Dew Drop are much smoother and more serene than Skybox and Sensei’s. I laugh as I see Racer X fall off on my first AFF. I wish I had video from my first freefall attempt. I’m curious about the leg. I want to believe that I could have stopped the şişli escort spin if I knew what the problem was and countered the problem. “You can’t beat yourself up over that, Chess Nut. I don’t think I could have countered an asymmetry that big, not without going fetal and that would get me to 180 miles per hour and I’d probably still spin. I don’t even want to think about opening a square at that speed. It could explode. It might even break bones.” “Really? Wow.” “Yeah, this was a new one for the school. Brian’s checking out all the other suits and sewing or tossing all the suspects. He’s put the word out to other schools. It seems simple but nobody’s seen a spinnaker spin before. You’re gonna be a legend. The girl who kept jumping after almost bouncing on her first solo freefall.” “Oh, god. Really? You’re the one who deserves the legend label.” “Yeah, well. It’s hard to be humble when you’re me.” “I’ll bet.” The thing is, I know he’s partially embarrassed about the reputation he has. I’ve seen so many people come up and ask for his advice and I can tell Brian relies heavily on him. And now he’s mine and when I think about that, it just rocks me. It’s like dating a prince or something. I could get lost in his shadow and be fine with it, but I feel like I’m being spotlighted and that’s something I would have to live up to. “Hey. You got quiet. What are you thinking, Randi?” I smile. “I’m just wondering if you had the foresight to bring clothes for tomorrow.” “Um, yeah. They’re in my car. I remember how you like to wake up in the morning. Nothing could be finer.” “You might want to go get them, now. Then you won’t have to streak down to get them later.” “I like streaking.” He’s walking out the door as he talks. “But I don’t want my neighbors to see how lucky I am.” I leave the door ajar and run off to my bedroom. ——————————————————————————————- I’m glad that Randi’s feeling lucky to know me. I think that many women initially find a skydiving guy to be sexually interesting, but the allure wears off quickly for the women who don’t jump. It’s a focused activity and it takes up weekends and it’s a culture of self-exiles. I feel lucky to have found someone who so far likes the sport enough to stay involved, but I know that the real test of our relationship will come later. If she makes it to the 50 jump mark, then even if she quits, she might stick with me and just accept me for what I am, but it would be one important thing that we no longer share. If she makes it to the 200 jump mark and she’s still with me, I’ll start to think I might have found a true soulmate for life. Anywhere between 50 and 200 is where she’ll either give up on me or not. That’s where the real strain from all the attention other guys pay her will come. In the meantime, I just have to keep her safe and interested without being too protective. I think about all this as I take the elevator down to the parking garage and retrieve my go-bag. I’m a bit delayed in catching the elevator back, so I take the stairs up 5 flights. I’m not a big fan of these beehive apartment buildings, but it’s clean and seems safe for a woman like her. I push into her door and close it behind me. There’s a single candle lit in the front room and I see the flicker of light coming through the open door of another room. I blow out the candle in the living room. No point in lighting where we won’t be. My heart is racing a bit, because this brings back memories of Layla. Good memories of how she could be sexy when she wasn’t being wanty or pouty. I walk up to the door. “Whoa! I wasn’t expecting that.” “Do you like my surprise.” “Oh fuck, Randi, my cock is trying to rip right out through my jeans. You are so sexy.” She’s spread-eagled naked on the bed with faux restraints holding her wrists to the corners of her large bed. She likes to sleep — and fuck — in luxury. She has a spreader bar keeping her ankles apart. There are candles on the furniture around the bed and the level of light is enough to show her beauty, but so sensually that it wakes up a primal, predatory desire in me. There’s a box beside her on the bed. I remove my shirt and slip off my shoes, thinking that a slow reveal might drag out the pleasure for her. I go to the bed and remove the lid from the box. It’s got sex toys in it. I guess that she would have removed any that she didn’t want me to use and I’m a bit surprised to see nipple clamps. I’m not really into causing pain, but I know how to use them. I lift them and test the spring tension, which is minimal, and I watch her eyes as they follow my hands. She can easily slip her hands out of the loops that she şişli escort bayan has wrapped around her wrists, but she doesn’t, so I clip the clamps onto her nipples, which draws a small gasp from her. These are the only things I would consider torture devices, although there is a third that I could clip to her clit, but it’s early for that. I pull each toy out in front of her, testing each for suitability and develop a plan. Then I notice that she has a sleep mask looped over the handle of the drawer on her nightstand. “Ah, this looks useful.” I put it over her eyes and she tenses. She wasn’t counting on this, but she keeps her hands in the loops. I remove one clamp and wait for ten seconds before placing it back on. Her reaction is minimal. With a loud noise, I pop the top on a tube of lubricant and put some on a buttplug. I grab the spreader bar and pull her legs up over her head. I can actually hook it over the headboard, so I do that and leave her there. It’s not a comfortable position, but it raises her ass nicely for the insertion of the plug. I ease it into her and she grunts as it pops into place. I tongue fuck her pussy and she’s very wet. Then I lick her clit and lower the spreader bar back down. I loudly unzip my pants and strip the rest of the way, my hard cock swinging around as I move. I remove the other nipple clamp and she moans as the circulation restores briefly before I reclamp it. She’s writhing in anticipation now so I kiss her. Her lips and tongue are greedy for the pussy juices I share with her. “Would my little floozie like something to suck on?” “Yes, Skygod.” “Good little floozie. Suck on this.” I slip the head of my cock into her mouth and she sucks and licks it, until I take it back away. I pull the nipple clamps off and suck one nipple while pressing a vibrator down on the other. As the circulation comes back, her writhing intensifies. “Oh Skygod, this is torture.” “No little floozie, this is torture.” I put the clamps back on her nipples and she moans and begins humping air with her pussy. I spank her mound gently with my hand and her plaintive, “Anh!?!” begs me for more. I kiss her again and and her tongue tries to dive down my throat. I slide a dildo into her pussy and fuck her with it as I rub her clit with the vibrator. She screams with joy and comes, rolling and bucking her hips to ride the toys. When her humping decreases in intensity, I pull the nipple clamps back off and continue working her clit with the vibe. Her orgasm intensifies as her nipples fill again. She clamps down hard on the dildo as I slide it in and out while pressing the vibrator hard on her clit. Her body is twitching now and I can’t wait any longer. I raise the bar and remove the buttplug, stuffing my hard cock into her gaping asshole. I begin to ram it in over and over as I pull the sleep mask up and look into her eyes. They’re rolling around deliriously as she comes again. I feel her spasms gripping hard on my cock as I spill my cum into her tight ass. Her ring milks me dry as I continue working the dildo in her pussy. I pull it out and lick it and then put it to her lips. She sucks it in as she has another small orgasm. “That was incredible Karl.” “Hmmm. You can surprise me like this any time, Randi.” ———————————————————————– I ask him, “Where did you learn to do that with nipples?” “Um.” “Layla?” “She was educational in the bedroom. Our problems were in the rest of the world.” “Well I could definitely thank her for that.” “You won’t see her. She got run off the DZ. She went after a married man. We froze her out.” “Not him.” “He was the first to freeze her out. She wouldn’t take no for an answer. We got behind him. She left.” “Good to know.” “What about you? Did Ski Bum have any pluses?” “None you haven’t already surpassed.” “Good to know.” We sleep well, have a nice morning romp, and for the first time in a long time, I go to work with that marvelous fresh-fucked feeling that makes the whole day seem better. On Friday afternoon, I pick up Karl and a ton of gear and we head to the DZ as quick as we can. Karl surprises me by telling me that if we have eight jumpers to make a load, Brian can fly us before dark. When we get there, Faceplant is already putting the load together and we get the load filled when Racer X and Dew Drop show up. I give Sensei his new helmet and he gives me his backup rig. “I rigged a virgin pud on it. You’ll be the first to pull it.” “I can’t wait. Do I need to pack it?” “The reserve is up to date. I packed the main. We have time if you want me to show you how it’s done.” “I can wait. Anything I need to know about flying it?” “It will mecidiyeköy escort drop faster than the school’s rigs but slower when you put the breaks on, so you’ve got more control on landing, but try not to need it. Haul down hard at the very last second and you could be backing up when you touch. We have two four-mans in the plane with me as base for the second one with Sensei, Dew Drop, and Racer X. The first four are all single guys, Skybox is divorced and Stinky, Faceplant and Bill are students from Sensei’s University. “No skyname for Bill?” “Bill is his skyname. His real name is Jason, but he looks so bland, that people call him Bill.” “Oh my god. That’s funny.” We’re in the plane in the ascent box, an area of airspace a little ways from the airport where the jump planes climb to altitude with a series of turns before their jump runs. Sensei’s altimeter is reading 9000′. Suddenly the engine noise level drops a lot. The engine on the door side of the plane is quiet. We hear, “Shit! Fuck me!” from the cockpit, then Brian yells, “Everybody out! Now!” Racer X and Dewdrop finish their wedding ring ritual and smile while I’m thinking about the plane coming apart. Bill is the first guy to the door and opens the cargo net that blocks it during climbs. I hear Stinky shout “Eight man star!” and the other jumpers shout variations of, “Fuck yeah!” Skybox is base, but Bill goes out first as the ‘dive floater’. Skybox and Stinky go out together, then Faceplant, me and Sensei together, Racer X, and Dew Drop. I’m not really sure what’s going on, but Sensei stays connected on my right and Racer X suddenly appears and grabs my jumpsuit at my left wrist. Suddenly we’re turning and flying down to the specks in the distance that are the first four guys. Dew Drop flies past with her arms swept back like the wings of a jet plane. ‘Tracking’ it’s called, and she looks beautiful as she joins the 3-man of Skybox, Stinky and Faceplant. Racer X and Sensei fly me into the formation just as Bill joins from the other side. We expand out into a circle, all facing each other and smiling. The guys on the other side start rocking their heads like headbangers and then Skybox shakes his hands and everybody splits up. Now I’m not sure what to do because I’m really supposed to be the base of a four man, but Skybox sticks his arms out and backs away with a wave as Sensei looks around and gives me the pull signal. I pull, check my new canopy, pump the slider down and find Sensei flying beside me. All eight canopies are open and Skybox is lowest. Racer X shouts, “Skybox, got a wind line?” It hadn’t occured to me that landing out in the crops would deprive us of a wind speed and direction indicator. Skybox shouts, “Hayfield! Follow me.” and we do. He lands first, quickly throws some grass in the air and lies down on the ground with his arms out in a ‘t’ configuration about 10 degrees offset from the line he landed on. Sensei says, “Feet to head, Chess Nut.” but I’ve already figured that out. A human wind direction indicator, what an idea. I line up on Skybox and land my new canopy about 100′ past him, falling to my knees and adding some grass stains, but completely jazzed from the novelty of the whole experience. We gather up our canopies as we laugh and whoop it up. We’re walking toward the road when a minivan and a pickup truck with a crew cab drive down the road flashing their headlights. Brian’s wife Lily is in the minivan and Wyld child is in the pickup. They help us get all stuffed into the vehicles and make sure we don’t close the doors on lines, canopies or pilot chutes. We get back to the DZ and Brian and a mechanic already have the cowling open on the left engine of the plane. Brian’s got a cell phone to his ear and he’s gesturing wildly, despite the fact that the guy on the other end can’t see him. We’re picking our spots in the packing area when Wyld Child shouts, “Dinner’s gonna be a little late on account of y’all not having the good sense to land in that perfectly good airplane.” We laugh, even Brian, and then Sensei teaches me how to pack his chute. During the bonfire I arrange with Dew Drop to make the first morning dive together, taking Sensei up on his advice to pay for half her dive in exchange for flying lessons. In the morning, I’m very comfortable in the air with Dew Drop and complete my first freefall backflips and barrel rolls and track and stop twice. As we get to the packing area, I see Sensei coming in from an AFF jump from our same load. I wait for him and that puts us in an area very close to the observation area where the whuffos are supposed to stay behind a sign and a low fence. Sensei has warned me that people who pack here sometimes get questions, but that doesn’t bother me. I’m so new to the sport that I haven’t had time to get as jaded about whuffos as some of the other divers. I’m straightening lines and flaking cells when I see three girls looking at me.