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“YOU’RE MOTHER’S A DYKE!”I was onlt ten when my parents divorced. I went to live with my mother and seldom saw my father and saw less and less of him as the years progressed. My mother still quite young and very beautiful. There was a period of depression just following the divorce. We lived for a long time in a tiny apartment with one bedroom. I was given the bedroom and my mother slept on a sofa bed in the livingroom. Even at that age I she was lonely and had no social life, dragging herself home from work.She became friends with another woman in the building. Her name was Angela and was a little older than mom. Even in my innocence I knew that there was something different about this new friend. She looked like and acted like a man in her walk and they way she talked. Mom became very fond of her.Some times Angela stayed over the night and slept in the same bed as my mother. I could hear them whispering and giggling together in the other room but I could not figure out what they were doing. My sexual education was on a need-to-know basis and did not include lesbianism.Their “friendship” lasted several months. I grew more curious about the two of them and crept out of my room and spied on them. All I could were two forms tumbling under the beedsheets. I could only hear their mindled moans and sighs in the darkness.My curiousity was spurred on by what I had seen (or rather, what I could see) manisa escort and heard on those few nights when I spied the two of them.As te years went on mom had many friends like Angela. Some were around for a while and others were gone before I could remember their names. They all seemed to have that similar “mannish” quality about them. I would realize that mom preferred these types of women. But for the moment my head was swimming with questions that I dare not ask.”We’re just friends,” was a standard response to any probing question I did attempt to ask. As I got older mom could leave me home alone and she could go out with her friends. Some I met personally and others I only heard about afterwards. Some nights she came home late with a friend, laughing as they opened the sofa bed and undressing each other aand kissing. One woman mom brought home was a rather large woman whose back and arms were covered with tattoos. Mom was always careful to check to make sure I asleep. Sometimes she didn’t I peeked out at them kissing on the sofa bed. The Big Woman looked like she could swallow my petite mother whole.I crouched there and watched the two of them slowly peeling off one article of clothing after another until they were both naked. With the lights on I could see EVERYTHING. I watched them stick their fingers up each other’s pussy and saw the response it provoked in the women escort manisa and how it got louder as they shoved them in quicker and quicker. Mom kept trying to shush the Big Woman but she seemed to be in aanother world. I watched as mom kissed the Big Woman over her breasts, down over her large belly, and them put her face between the Big Woman’s very fleshy thighs. The Big Woman groaned like an a****l and her whole body lifted violently up off the sofa bed. Mom continued to kiss her pussy. I was not so clueless that I did not at least have a rudimentary knowledge of the biological difference between men and women. I’ve played “doctor” a few times in my life. It was the details that were murky to me. I could only observe the apparent physical actions of the two women. Their bodies shimmered with sweat. The Big Woman buried her face between mom’s legs next. Mom responded in a more subdued manner but her whole body shook and twisted . After a while I was getting sleepy and quickly slipped back into the room, but could still the two of them for some time until I finally fell asleep.Several days later I had to tell someone of what I saw. My best friend Jonathan was couple years younger then me but was much more knowledable then me. This was probably because he had two older brothers whom he could ask questions and get a no bullshit answer like you might if you asked a parent. I told manisa escort bayan him him everything that I saw that night. He listened patiently, but I could see that he was ready to bust.”You’re mom’s a dyke!” Jonathan exclaimed.I was prepared to hit him if he did not tell me what a ‘dyke” was. He had an older sister who was a “dyke” for a little but it didn’t take and she went back to men. Jonathan explained that a dyke was a lesbain, or a woman who preferred to have sex with other women rather than men. He had me describe the entire scene in the most complete details. He listened intently. I could not help but notice the bulge in his pants. It as Jonathan who showed me how to masturbate. We both jerked off in his room imagining the two women’s sweaty bodies rolling around in bed together. I pumped my cock quickly–my technique was still clumsy and usually if I jerked off too much my cock became red and sore. I observed he slow steady stroke of Jonathan’s hand over his own cock and tried to replicate it. He kept a jar of vaseline in his dresser drawer and rubbed some on his cock to make it slippery “like a woman’s pussy” he would say to me. I usally came first, squirting my jism onto a pice of newspaper. Jonathan knew how to make it last. By the time time I had cleaned myself off and hitched up my pants Jonathan let fly his stream of come. I was envious of his pleasure. I seemed to struggle to come.”You’re so fucking lucky to have a mom who is a dyke, he said to me as he cleaned his cock off and pulled on his pants.”Maybe we should try to get your mom and my sister together. That’d be so fucking hot.””Yeah, I guess it would be,” I said.