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Another day at Foster Academy. My spirits lift a little since I convinced my friends, Charlotte, Richard, Emily, and William, to go hiking in the woods on the school’s property. Well, the word friends isn’t really accurate, as they really only tolerate me because my uncle is Headmaster.You see, my parents died in a car accident a year ago and I was sent to live with my only other living relative, Uncle Thomas. He just happens to be Headmaster at this prestigious school. Unfortunately, he thought I needed what he calls a proper education and discipline, so … here I am.I am seventeen years old and the students live in dormitories on the grounds. My parents were simpler folk, so I don’t really fit in with these privileged yuppies. I was raised on a modest farm where I helped my father care for the land and our animals. Nature is really the only place I am at peace. I am grateful there are woods on the school property. Nature saves my sanity and I hope to be able to come enjoy its peace and tranquility often. Uncle Thomas and I don’t exactly get along. I can’t tell you how many times my ass has felt his cane since I have been here. Nothing I do seems to be right. This is my first hike in the woods as they are rumored to be haunted. While classmates still sneak away to fuck there, many prefer to avoid them. I have been told of many strange occurrences of mischief, where branches supposedly swipe at students or roots rise to trip them. I don’t believe this nonsense and think my uncle himself might have spread the rumors just to keep the students from venturing here. Catherine and I sit on the ground underneath a tree for a rest, while the others hike ahead. She is a prissy girl, but more tolerable than the others. Suddenly, movement behind a tree catches my eye. Leaning forward for a better glimpse, I see a beautiful face peering back at me. Long ringlets of golden locks adorn her angelic face. “Angelic” is the only word for her – translucent, flawless skin, large sky-blue eyes, and rose-colored lips. The thick tree hides her body. Rising, I move towards her saying, “Hello there.”Charlotte turns around and then turns back, eyeing me curiously, “Aiden, who are you talking to?”“Her,” I say, pointing to the unknown miss who captured my attention.“Who?” she asks with her head darting around.“Don’t you see her? She’s right there.” It’s then I notice the mischievous smile spread across her gorgeous face. Something is amiss here.William, Richard, and Emily come back wanting to know what the fuss is about. “Aiden has an imaginary friend,” she scoffs.”Oh, maybe it is the ghost in the woods. Oooooooooooo,” teases Emily, wiggling her fingers in the air.Pointing again, I repeat, “She’s right there? You have to see her! Behind the tree! Right there!”They all follow my finger with blank looks on their faces. The girl behind the tree giggles, seemingly enjoying the scene.”Dude…” Williams mutters, shaking his head.“God, you are a real fuck-a-doodle,” Emily spews. The avcılar escort bayan pack walks away and I follow after taking one more glance back at the tree. Damn, my mystery girl is gone.ooOooLast night’s dreams were filled with the captivating girl from the woods. As soon as my last class is over, I race to the woods to try to find her again. Hoping and praying she was not just a figment of my imagination. Seeing her was the first real feeling of joy I have felt since coming here.”Hello?” I call out, trekking through the trees. She appears. Not just peeking behind a tree, but in full form right before my eyes. And … and … she is naked. “Hi … its … ummm … me again. I am … Aiden,” I sputter.”You can really see me, can you not?””Yes, I am seeing you – all of you.”She makes no move to cover her nakedness. I shift my legs in discomfort as my cock has sprung in my too-tight uniform pants. She is the most gorgeous girl I have ever laid eyes upon. Her long hair cascades over her shoulders, covering her breasts, but I see the rest of her. It curves to a tiny waist before widening to lovely shaped hips, narrowing again to slender legs. As hard as I try to keep my eyes on her eyes, they drift down to the blonde curly hair covering her mound. “You’re naked.””Yes. Why would I not be? I am at my home.”We stand in silence, sizing each other up, I guess. “How come no one else could see you yesterday?” I blurt out. “My friends … they think I’m crazy. I think I’m crazy.””Only someone with a pure heart and love for God’s creations can see me. You are the first of your kind to see me,” she says, taking a tentative step forward. “I am Willow.””What are you, Willow?” I push.”I am me … Willow,” she answers, looking confused.”No, I mean … oh, nevermind.” I decide to end this line of questioning for now.She continues to survey me, up and down, and I try desperately to not stare at her furry, delicious crotch.”You be naked too,” she says.”Ummm … you want me to take off my clothes?””Yes, you be naked too.”Okay, this is a first for me. But, getting naked does sound good as my dick is killing me trapped in these pants. I am not usually uncomfortable in the buff, as my body is pretty good, thanks to all my work on the farm. However, I can’t look at her as I shed my clothes. She unnerves me for sure. As lovely as she is, her somewhat bizarre behavior rattles me.She doesn’t wait long to come to me, her hands reaching out and stroking my hair, then traveling down my neck. Fingertips caress my skin making goosebumps pop up everywhere. Something else pops back up as well. Oh, God.”What is that?” she exclaims, pointing to my lengthening cock.”Ummm, my cock,” I try to say nonchalantly.”It is like a tree, growing, with a very thick trunk,” she says giving it a hard yank without warning.”Ow!” I yell, pulling back. She jumps at my exclamation, and I grab her hand reassuring her. “It’s okay. Just be careful with that, please. It’s the beylikdüzü escort bayan only one I have and I need it.””And what are these dangling berries?” she squeals, giggling as she juggles my balls in her tiny hands.”Oh, ummm, well, first of all, they are not berries. Bigger than berries, right? Those are my balls and are even more sensitive than my cock.”As she continues her exploration of my body, squeezing my shoulders and arms, I ask, “So, have you seen a boy before?””Yes, some come to the woods. But I have not seen one naked.””Ummm…” her touches cut off my train of thought.”I like how hard you are … like the sturdy live oak,” she says giggling, poking my bicep with her slender finger. “Yes, you definitely remind me of a live oak, Aiden.””Ummm, okay,” I mutter, not sure if she is complimenting me or not. Everything about this girl captivates me. She truly takes my breath away and is like no other girl I have ever met before. Innocent. Sweet. Soft. I feel an instant connection and I hope she feels what I feel. Taking a leap, I say, “Willow, I would love nothing more than to kiss you.” I smile as her blue eyes widen. “May I … kiss you?””But … I do not know how. I have watched others in these woods speak of kissing, but I have not been kissed.” She lowers her chin as if ashamed.I raise it back up with my thumb. “I will show you.” Cupping her face within my palms, I lean in planting a soft kiss on each cheek. “How was that, Willow?”She beams, “It felt nice.””Now you try,” I say, lifting her hands to cup my face. Her fingertips trace my jawline and she rises on her tippy-toes. Gently, she leans in to kiss each cheek. “Did I do it right?” she asks, her voice quivering.”Yes, Willow.” She has the softest lips. “Now, close your eyes and don’t move.”She obeys. My God, she is gorgeous! Her perfectly-curved lips instinctively pucker in anticipation. Bowing my head, I gently kiss her lips with mine and hold them there until I feel her lips move. Soon our lips move harmoniously. My cock just about explodes when melodic coos sound from deep within her. Breaking away, I look back at her face for her reaction.”More,” she says, brazenly rising up to claim my lips again. She breaks our kiss this time and takes off skipping, calling, “Catch me,” over her shoulder.I run after her, loving the way her bum shakes as she moves. She looks over her shoulder again just in time to see me trip over an exposed tree root. As I am on my way down to face plant in the ground, a bunch of leaves swirl before me and pile on the ground, softening my fall. I lift my head, “What the…”She swirls her hands again and another group of leaves twirls in a circle above me before free-falling on my head. I hear her mischievous giggles as I dust the leaves out of my hair and stand back up.”How did you do that?””It’s easy. You can do it too. The woods obey anyone who truly loves and respects them. I will teach you.”This is when I know for sure Willow esenyurt escort is a magical creature. I am not sure what kind of magical creature and to tell you the truth, it doesn’t matter.ooOooI visit the eccentric Willow every day after classes this week. And every day we get to know one another while naked. Kissing. Snuggling. Talking. And every evening when I head back to the dorm my balls are blue. Once in my room, you can bet the first thing I do is wack off. Damn, I find her so desirable – everything about her draws me in. But, she is not just a typical virgin, every interaction with me is a first for her. No matter how painful, I will show her the respect and care she deserves and not move things along before she is ready. When we are together, she shows me the wonders of her world. On the farm, I felt a connection to the animals, but nothing like what she shows me. Wildflowers bloom at her bidding. Trees come to life with a swoosh of her fingers. Even the birds come when she sings their songs with her musical voice. She is truly one with nature. The more time I spend with her the more I feel in touch with my surroundings as well. Magical is the best word to describe Willow. And I know I am falling in love with her.Late one afternoon, she had been teasing me about something silly, when she bends over to pick up an acorn. I laugh envisioning a branch on the tree behind her swatting her sumptuous bottom. And then it does!”Oweeeee!” she squeals. She looks behind her then back to me, smiling. “You are a naughty boy.” Shaking her finger at the tree she fusses, “And you! You are supposed to be my friend.”I laugh and move forward pulling her into my arms, lowering a hand to rub her stinging bottom, while exclaiming, “I did it! The tree obeyed me!””Maybe I teach you too well, Aiden,” she giggles, snuggling within my arms.”I gave you a spank,” I say. “In case you haven’t seen that yet. It’s when you strike the bum of a naughty person as a punishment … or pleasure for some.””Then you shall get some spanks as well, naughty Aiden!” And with those words, the tree behind me comes to life swishing its slim branches against my backside. “Ouch! Damn! Ouch!” I jump around, trying, yet failing, to escape the stinging strikes.Well, two can play this game. I call upon the branches to whip her bum again. We both yelp and laugh watching the other dance. “Enough!” she squeals, rubbing her reddening cheeks.We call off the spanking limbs and spin around laughing, showing each other our rosy bums. Then, her laughter stops and she runs and tackles me, sending us both flying to the ground. The leaves are quick to respond and we experience a soft landing. Her lips mash against mine in a passion I have never felt before from her as she grinds her pelvis against mine. She is aroused! The spanking fucking aroused her! My hand maneuvers between us to find the warmth between her legs. My cock springs to life again as my fingers discover her sticky mess between her legs. Damn, she is so wet! Grunting in my ear, she is all over me like a wild animal. I want to fuck her but can’t have this be her first time. It needs to be special, not some hard, frenzied fuck. But, I can get her off – introduce her to more pleasures she has been missing.