Wife Pleases – IV


Wife Pleases – IVMy deployment was nearing an end. The last several days would consist of a field exercise and I would not have any contact with the home “fires.” But, as I would find out after my return, they were burning warm and cozy for my wife and our mutual friend, whose wife seemed to be out of town most of the time.Finally, as we were about to depart, I was able to talk to her for a few minutes, advise her of when to expect our arrival, and where to meet me. After all the mental stimulation, I was ready for some relief! We arrived in a military convoy and after all the necessary debriefings, etc., I made it to our meeting place and lo and behold was I ever suprised. Not only was she and the c***dren there, but also our mutual friend and his wife, too. Quite an interesting set of reactions to see the guy who had been feasting on her love juice while I participated in far away military exercises. Actually, it was kind of stimulating istanbul escort as I looked him over and was reminded of her description of his equipment.Turned out that the friend and his wife were on the way to the airport as she was again going on one of her frequent business trips. Later, I would learn that my wife, prior to learning of my homecoming time, had scheduled a session with her now frequent lover for that night after the c***dren were in bed. She told me of the plans and suggested that it would be good for us both if she kept the date. I could stay in the opposite end of the house while they took care of their “business” in the master bedroom. Then, I would be able to enjoy first hand the “fruits” of their “labor!” Although I was really horny, my imagination got the best of me and I agreed, provided she would allow me to reverse the baby monitors so I could listen avcılar escort to their activities. She hesitated and then made me promise that whatever I heard, I was not to interrupt the liason. I promised and was almost panting like a dog who had just chased a rabbit into a hole!She told me she was still nursing the baby and that given the pleasure she was able to give our friend with her wet breasts, she planned to continue the nursing for some time and that she hoped I would enjoy a special sip from time to time…I assured her I had thought about it and was very much ready…but this night I would be third on the list of drinkers: baby, lover, me…but there would be some left!She nursed the baby in our bed, when she was through I took him to the c***dren’s area and she made ready for her lover…she allowed me to see her clothing arrangament…silk top, no panties…hot…I heard his car pull around to the şirinevler escort back of the house and he entered by a door directly into the bedroom.The sounds from the bedroom over the audio system were so erotic…kissing, purring, sucking, he asked about me and she said: “Don’t worry, it’s all under control, just give me your best shot!” I could hear her gasp as he entered her and then the sounds of the regular thrusting and the bed squeaking from the intensity of the fucking. In a little while I heard the sounds of her orgasm, followed shortly by his moans as he injected his full load into her pussy…she said: “Keep on, don’t stop!” One of her greatest thrills was to get her lovers to “double up”…I could do it occasionally, but when I did she was really pleased. The bed action sounds continued and so did her repeated orgasms which were finally followed by his second load..just WOW!The afterglow period included a lot of love talk…sounded like he had her number pretty well. She invited him to spend the night, but he declined saying his wife was scheduled to call him at home in a little while.I heard his car leave and as she obviously leaned close to the monitor, invited me to come in and see the results of what I liked so well.My turn next….