What to Eat tonight


What to Eat tonightTwo Saturday night`s ago, it happened.But first I will set the scene. One of Brad`s clients was having a dinner party/birthday celebration and we were invited to attend this seemingly boring formal night. As it was one of Brad`s many new clients I was expecting another dull (but necessary for business) night of minor chit chat and head nodding and was unenthused and barely interested, after a busy week working on a major court case in town. However the one small spark of interest came when I found out Brad`s best mate Mark and his wife Lorraine were attending. At least a laugh with Mark and some serious wine drinking with Lainy were now on the menu!Introductions were made and seats arranged (and place cards swapped so Mark and Lainy were seated next to us) and we started the evening as expected, with wealthy people acting aloof and barely engaging with us or each other. Us four on the other hand, had the waiter bringing us bottles of wine, not just glasses and replaced the fluids as necessary as it was still quite warm in our part of the country. Getting tipsy after consuming copious amounts of alcohol and staying just tipsy (takes many years of practice folks) is one of my many talents, although gaziemir escort fair to say Mark, Lainy and Brad were getting louder and more obnoxious in there behavior!A little drunk, a lot bored and seriously horny, I decided to have a little fun. With a glass of delicious Pinot Grigio in my left hand and maintaining a conversation across the table with the seemingly brain dead Brittany (she is a trophy wife after all) I reached under the table to gently feel for Mark`s package, and what a delightful package was found. Now get this straight guys, WE women do check out what your bulge/package/equipment in your pants offers us ladies for any future clit rubbing and or affair having, you might offer, WE just don`t make it obvious when WE perve. And so it was no surprise to find Mark well equipped.Mark didn`t respond at all to my caress and maintained his conversation to Brad about big fast cars, however when I grabbed fully at his crotch and got a handful of really impressive cock he did stutter in his conversation. Amusing to me, he reached for his neck and said how stiff and sore he was from some recent work (please note, cock was stiff and neck story a lie).Mark broke off his gaziemir escort bayan conversation with Brad and faced ahead, his left hand now under the table and on my exposed stockinged thigh, no garters, just stay ups………….he took the hint as my legs spread ever so slightly and went for my Kitty, thick fingers feeling warm and naughty. Now I prefer G-strings, and was wearing one and a loose fitting one this night, so access was easy and Mark was two fingers inside me easily while Brad and Lainy got into a Deep and MeaningfullSeriously how could Brittany not hear the slurping sounds of my WET vag as Mark somehow, almost in a backhanded fashion drilled me with his fingers, my legs now splayed and me biting down on my wine glass rim as he worked me over, him staring straight ahead, poker faced while inane conversations continued around us. Brad and Lainy had swapped seats while Mark was giving me a Wide On, Brad wanting to impress his new clients wife (or maybe press his always hard cock into her). Unbelievably as I glanced down to make sure the table cloth was covering our bit of fun, I could see Lainy`s hand on Marks lap so near his erect cock taught in his pants, and engaged escort gaziemir in conversation face to face with him as he continued to spread my lips with two fingers and flick my clit with a third. Oh dear……this is was now becoming a great night.Now finger fucking someone under a table at a dinner party is difficult to maintain so Mark wisely (a bit longer and I would have squirted a little) and slowly withdrew his fingers from my well used and loved pussy, rubbing/drying his fingers on my dress as he brought his hand back up to the the table. Turns out Mark is a naughty fucker though too (he is Brad`s best friend, so why surprised) and with a seamless move, raised his still moist and glistening fingers, shining with fresh pussy nectar, to his lips and licked them, no I swear he nibbled on them and enjoyed my aromas and tastes of an engorged clit and soaked kitty……………and not only did he enjoy his own finger lick, Mark was wise enough to know the napkin I had just placed on the table was the one I`d just used to mop my WET pussy (and adjust my clothes) and he grabbed it and put it on his own lap. Lainy was still babbling away to Mark as he stood and excused himself for a toilet break, my damp napkin covering his cock bulge. as he pushed his chair in he lent down and kissed Lainy, yes with my still wet fresh musky aroma on his lips, and told her how hot she looked. Yes he kissed his wife with another woman`s taste and tang still hot on his breath………wow, we have great friends!