The Testament


Vijay Kumar was a miserable old man who had alienated his whole family, one by one. Even his only sister Nirmala, who lived in Canada, had been a victim of his wrath over some trivial misunderstanding. Consequently when he died she did not expect to be included in the will . However, she was shocked to find that her son Vijay was. It was probably just because his name was also Vijay; he’d never met her son, and it was ironic that the name should play any part in it because he was not named after her brother but after their father. However there was one condition – Vijay must live in the house for at least five years and retain the housekeeper’s services for that period of time. To say that Vijay was excited about the new life before him would be an understatement and he was on the next plane out of Toronto heading for Bangalore. Once he landed in Bangalore, he took a cab to the village of Abalavadi and his Uncle’s – or rather his – house. It turned out to be an old manor with a beautiful garden and a mature house keeper. Valliammal Durai, or Valli, as she preferred to be called was black and a homely mature woman. She greeted bahçesehir escort him at the door with a big smile, a little hug. She was big and buxom. Everything about her was big: boobs buttocks, lips, teeth. He was certain his uncle had been fucking her. No man would have left a pussy like that free. Taking one of his cases, she led the way to the master bedroom, her big round fleshy buttocks moving in a sway under her tightly wrapped white cotton saree. The sight of a big fleshy buttocks as Valli climbed big oak staircase gave Vijay a massive erection. Throwing open the door to a large paneled room with a huge four poster bed, she informed him that this bedroom was his from now. Vijay unpacked his things, strolled round the garden and generally wasted away the rest of the day until Valli called him for dinner. “Your uncle was a good man. He was very kind to me,” she remarked, looking him up and down. “I will be honest with you, before you hear this from anyone else, I was his woman. You understand, we were both alone and…” Vijay nodded, saying nothing. She smiled, sliding into her chair next to beylikdüzü bayan escort him. “He was a very fit man for his age,” she added. “He always worked out a lot.” Vijay thought he would like to work out with her naked under him and use her ample body to burn some calories. He wanted to fuck her. He kept a straight face. She started to remove the covers from the dishes and tempt him with some of her culinary creations. After their meal, they retired to the drawing room and sipped on a coffee. Vijay felt like a Lord and Valli did everything to encourage that by waiting on him hand and foot. He wanted so much to bed this plump woman. Valli disappeared for a few minutes and returned carrying a couple of his uncle’s suits. “Let’s see how you look in these.” She smiled, draping them over the back of the sofa and bidding him to stand up. Vijay saw his opportunity. He had nothing to lose. So quickly, he undid his belt and shed his pants. Valli smiled shyly. She picked up a pair of the pants from the sofa and was about to hand them to him when her eyes fell on the big jutting bulge in his escort beylikdüzü briefs. Her cheeks reddened at the sight of his maleness displayed and conveying his desire for mating. Valli took a deep breath and dropped the pants. Then she looked into his eyes. Vijay returned her stare. Then, Valli came up very close to him and, putting her arms around his waist, she slowly lowered herself down to her knees and looked up at him with her big beautiful eyes. Vijay’s legs began to feel weak as she slid them down ever so slowly and then gently fondled his balls with both hands. Her eyes widened at the sight of the big black cock with a big bulbous head that sprang out of his brief. She sighed and pressed the big shaft to her cheeks, breathing deeply. He closed his eyes as she continued to run her fingers around his groin and then suddenly, without warning, she took his cock between her full lips and slid it as far as it would go into her mouth. Vijay almost came. Valli just held it in the same position for what seemed like minutes. He had this tremendous urge to cum in her mouth right there and then but he kept still, holding back with tremendous effort. With one hand on the base of his cock and the other massaging his big heavy balls, she began to move the thick shaft in and out of her mouth, her teeth scrapping the meaty flesh, occasionally stopping and then continuing by taking it into her throat as far as it would go.