The Naive Newlyweds

Fat Pussy

Bent over at the waist, her short mini-skirt bunched up around her waist and legs spread wide, Erika, wondered how it had gone this far. She gripped the cherry oak desk, her knuckles stiff and aching as her boss continued driving his 8″ cock as deep as he could into her tight and almost virginal pussy. “Uhhh…Uhhh…Jerry…Uhhh…take…it…easy!” she pleaded in time with the rhythmic pounding, her 36D breasts pulled out of there full cups bouncing up and down vigorously.

“Soooooo tight!” Jerry whispered into her ear, “No one’s ever given it to you this deep before…I’m goin’ where your husband will never be!” The excitement in his voice growing in a crescendo with each word he murmured.

Erika and Robert Thompson, both employees of Goldberg Enterprises, the makers of some of the obscure computer parts no one ever thinks about, were married on Erika’s 22nd birthday. Both graduates of a respectable southern university, they dated and were committed to each other all through college and had decided to remain virgins until their wedding day.

“I love you so much, Erika,” Robert cooed the first night of their honeymoon. Propped up on one arm he looked down at his lovely bride stretched out before him. Unblemished and radiant her long flowing golden hair outlined an angelic face with full pouty lips and bright sparkling jade eyes. His eyes traveled further down the length of her body. Erika’s breasts were amazing, so abundant and full, yet firm and youthful to the touch. Her stomach was taut and muscular from the religious workout routine that she maintained and insisted would continue throughout their marriage. A very slim 23 inch waist line made her 34 inch hips look more shapely than they otherwise would. His eyes finally made there way along her long slim legs completing the entire length of her 5′-10-inch body.

“I love you too, Honey,” Erika replied, a mixed feeling of warmth and pleasure filling her up as she repeated her new name over and over again in her head, “Erika Thompson…Erika Thompson…” She looked up at the man she had said “I do” to, only a few hours before. Robert wasn’t very out-going, but he was steady and dependable. His accounting degree would allow them to rise slowly in the corporate world and fulfill their dreams of two to three kids, a dog, and a four-bedroom house. There was nothing particularly noteworthy about Robert’s appearance; curly brown hair, brown eyes, and an average build at 6 feet tall. Erika hoped she could convince him to begin working out with her. All of his studying in college had resulted in a sedentary lifestyle and she could make out the beginnings of a small pooch around his midsection.

Robert and Erika were both elated about the job opportunities they had taken right out of school. Goldberg enterprises employed about 1,000 employees in a small campus type setting with numerous buildings scattered across 50 acres. They were like little kids, giggling and teasing one another as they picked out their first apartment together and mixed and matched their college furniture until they could afford a few more things. Erika had actually received a better job offer with her marketing background in another state, but she knew it was only right that she follow her husband to the position that was best for him. In a few years, four or five with the $50,000 combined income they were making, she would be able to stay home and raise the children they were looking forward to having. For now they decided she would go on the pill so their plans wouldn’t be interrupted.

Erika ended up located in the marketing and design building at Goldberg Enterprises, while Robert was over in accounting and human resources. Only 100 or so yards from each other, they were easily able to meet for lunch at the cafeteria in between each day at noon. In the after-glow of their honeymoon in the Canadian Rockies, they were out of money and eager to start establishing their careers. The two weeks of exploring each other’s bodies had been more than they had hoped for. Both had been looking to the day they would lose their virginity to one another after 4 years of brewing from a slow simmer of kissing, to prolonged making out and then heavy petting. Robert had been very embarrassed three months prior to their wedding when he had orgasmed in his pants

during one particular petting session. “Oh my!” he remembered Erika saying, “What’s that?” He fumbled through an excuse and got her back to the dorm as quickly as he could. Erika had been getting eager as well, wondering what the stiff penis in his pants, she always felt pressed up against her stomach, was going to look like. She enjoyed getting to know it on their honeymoon and enjoyed the fact that losing her virginity hadn’t hurt as much as her roommate had told her it was going to. Robert’s penis reminded her of the hotdogs she bought at the grocery store, although they came eight to a pack. She guessed it was four or five inches long, skinny and felt embarrassed thinking how it bahis firmaları would fit nicely in a hotdog bun. Robert kept commenting to her on how tight she felt when he tried to penetrate her. He said it felt great and he hoped, with practice, he would get used to it because he was orgasming so quickly after entering her.

Reviewing the latest new employee sheet, Jerry Goldberg’s one eyebrow suddenly raised. “Patty!” He shouted into his intercom, “Come in here!”

Executive secretary, Patricia Lane, still couldn’t get used to being called Patty. She had been Jerry’s secretary for 12 months now and looked much worse for the wear. Dark hair and deep brown eyes that had lost some of their luster, complimented her bright red dress and matching nails. She hustled into the President’s office and closed the door behind her.

“Up on the desk,” Jerry barked, as he walked around the desk to take his daily position between her spread legs. Patty sat with her ass half hanging off the desk, leaning back on her elbows, legs bent and spread wide. She wasn’t wearing any underwear, which was part of Jerry’s “uniform” that he had assigned her. Jerry unbuckled his pants and let them drop around his ankles, his stiff cock jutting proudly up in the air. He looked down at the neatly trimmed brown bush between Patty’s legs and thought back to the first time he had fucked her. ‘So innocent and tight,’ he thought, ‘now look at her.’ Patty’s once snug cunt was spongy and lifeless. There had been many men over the last 12 months, not just Jerry. The frequent encounters, many times with multiple men caused her cunt lips to be permanently spread open. He pushed in all the way with no resistance at all, barely feeling either side of her gaping hole.

“Wrap your legs around me bitch, give me something to fuck!” Jerry directed, and with that he grabbed her thighs pulling her into him while he hammered in the other way, walloping her as hard as he could for one last fuck. When he was finished he pulled out, feeling like a conquering warrior as he watched the sperm ooze out of her worn-out and beaten pussy. Jerry knew he needed some fresh meat.

“I want you to get me all the information you can on this new employee…Erika Thompson,” he said. “And I want it by this afternoon.”

Later that afternoon, Jerry smiled half chuckling to himself, ‘this will be easier than I thought,’ as he reviewed the file on Erika. ***Married four weeks ago to Robert Thompson, newly employed accountant for Goldberg Enterprises, marketing degree 3.85 GPA from the University of North Carolina, hobbies include; aerobics, cycling, and weight-training, runner-up Miss North Carolina 1998. Goals: to earn enough money over the next 4 to 5 years in her field of marketing to be able to start a family.***

“Patty!” Jerry yelled for the second time that day over the intercom. “Schedule Mrs. Thompson for a personal introduction to Goldberg Enterprises with me tomorrow at 10:00 am. Let her know today before she leaves.” Patty sighed knowing all too well what the personal interview was about. “Oh! And Patty, schedule her husband for one o’clock as well.”

“Yes sir!” responded Patty while thinking, ‘well, that’s a new one on me.’

“What do you think it’s all about?” Erika asked her husband on the drive home.

“I think it’s just standard procedure honey, I got a message today to meet with Mr. Goldberg tomorrow at one o’clock as well”

The next morning, Erika took a deep breath as she opened the glass doorway to the President’s reception area. Patty gave her the once over with somewhat of a forced smile, “Erika Thompson?”

“Yes, that’s me,” the stunning blonde responded, glancing about the spacious room.

‘Naive, nervous, and gorgeous’ what a combination for Jerry, the receptionist thought smiling mischievously to herself. ‘I hope he gives it to her in the ass, right off the bat!’ “You can wait over there.”

“Mr. Goldberg will see you now,” The receptionist announced. Erika jumped up like she was being given a command from a marine drill sergeant. “Oh! O.K. …uhh…thank you.” She said as she pulled her skirt down modestly and made her way through the open door.

Jerry Goldberg ogled the goddess coming through his doorway and thought he had died and gone to heaven. So innocent looking, yet her well-stacked tits confined to her clinging top, looked like they were screaming to be unleashed and set free. At one time he had thought Patty was the best he would ever have. ‘I’m going to have to find out who made this hire and give them a bonus,’ he thought while trying to hide his obvious pleasure.

“Good morning Miss Thompson,” he said, “please have a seat.”

Erika sat down on the leather couch-like seat in front of the President’s imposing desk. She felt herself sink, causing her knees to rise higher than she would have liked. Her light pink suit, while professional, was still cut short in a fashionable way and provided Jerry with a pleasant view up her tanned thighs. kaçak iddaa His eyes rose up to the opening in her jacket, so he could continue to view her large supple breasts unable to hide in the tight silky tank that covered them. He noticed she was having a hard time maintaining eye contact with him. ‘Perfect start,’ he thought, ‘she’s intimidated and wanting to please.’

He cleared his throat, “Miss Thompson, I want to welcome you to Goldberg Enterprises. I’m Jerry Goldberg and I’ve already heard great things about you from your department.”

“Thank you sir, and it…it’s Mrs. Thompson…Mrs. Erika Thompson…I was married about four weeks ago.”

“Ahhhhh…so Robert Thompson is your husband, I’ve heard great things about him as well. What a coincidence!”

Erika thought, ‘this is great, new employees and they were already being recognized for good work. Maybe they’re considering us for the faster track.’

“I know it’s very sudden,” the President began again, “but I’ve had a key position in our organization vacated unexpectedly that needs to be replaced. I’ve looked over your credentials and think you would be perfect for the position.”

“What position is that?” Erika asked, shifting in her seat, totally taken by surprise.

“It’s one of the key positions in our firm, requiring responsibility, good communication and people skills, with very high visibility both within and outside the company. It’s my real second in command…my Executive Assistant.”

“Wow! Mr. Goldberg”

“Jerry,” he cut in quickly.

“Jerry…I appreciate your confidence in me after only a short time here, but wouldn’t that take me outside of my marketing field?”

“Actually my dear, this position requires the consummate marketeer. My Executive Assistant has critical interaction with our partnering companies and potential clients.”

“Mmmmmmm,” Erika thought as she considered what this might mean.

“Oh! I forgot to mention,” Jerry cut her thoughts off, “your current $20,000 a year salary would double to $40,000 and you would get a leased BMW and a clothing allowance. And although I hate to spoil surprises, your husband, Robert is coming in this afternoon and I’m planning to increase his responsibilities and double his pay as well, from $30,000 to $60,000.”

Erika couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Doubling there total take home pay from $50,000 to $100,000 would mean they could save more than twice as much and allow them to start their family sooner, maybe in only two years. “Well…Mr. Gol…I mean Jerry…this is a deal that’s almost too good to be true,” she hesitated then continued, “It sounds great and everything, but what would my duties be?”

“You would report directly to me,” Jerry said while rising up out of his plush chair. “I would put you in charge of special projects, you would greet and give tours to all VIPs, and I won’t deceive you, there will be some travel involved since we have a number of partnerships and buyers that we have to visit occasionally.”

Erika didn’t hesitate, except to think about the celebration she was going to have with her husband tonight. She wished she could be present to see him get his salary doubled after only two weeks! “I accept,” she said gleefully, “now what?”

Jerry walked around the imposing desk and leaned back against it facing Erika who was still seated a few feet in front of him. “First things first,” he said, “we need to get you the right wardrobe.”

“What’s wrong with what I have on?” she said sheepishly.

“Oh! Nothing,” Jerry said, trying to sound nonchalant, “I just want my Executive Secretary to look sexy and intimidating all at the same time. It gives us an advantage over the competition.” Jerry looked deep into her bright green eyes. “Stand up, I’ve got something here for you to try on,” as he reached behind his desk to pull out a package.

Erika wondered how he could have known her size and that she would accept the position. “Where’s the changing room?” she asked.

“Right here is fine,” he replied smoothly without a trace of hesitation or uneasiness at the suggestion.

“Jerry, really…I’m a married woman and…” he waived her off with his hand.

“Erika, you’re a bright girl, I saw your GPA, do you really think you’d double your salary in two weeks plus perks without some strings attached?” He stopped briefly to watch her reaction. She started to speak but he added one more sentence before she could utter a word, “…and have your husband double his salary as well?”

Erika hesitated to consider his point. It made sense in a weird sort of way. No one would offer to do what he was suggesting without wanting something in return. That something just happened to be her. Caught between what she knew was right, loyalty to her husband and marriage, and wrong, an affair with the President of the company, Erika began to justify her decision.

The shrewd President knew exactly what was going through the young girl’s mind; the trade-off kaçak bahis of sex for quick money.

Erika’s thoughts raced around in her mind, ‘we could have our dreams so much sooner…Robert would never have to know…he would be so proud to get this promotion and feel like he’s providing for us…a car and clothing allowance…wait until I call my sorority sisters, they’ll be so jealous of our quick rise to the top.’ She had made her decision a long time ago, but her mind had to catch up and slip in bed with her heart.

She looked up into the late 40s early 50s looking President and thought he didn’t really look that bad. He was rather distinguished looking with the gray hair that lined both sides of his otherwise black curly hair. Standing about 6′-2″, Jerry also looked to be in great shape. The deep golden tan he was sporting from the life of a vacationing CEO seemed to wear well on him. She dropped the package into the chair she was sitting in, took off her jacket and confirming her decision, slowly pulled her blouse up over her head.

Trying to maintain his poker face, Jerry could not believe his good fortune. Her breasts were just like he liked them, big, round, and firm. As her skirt dropped to the ground, Jerry’s cock started swelling in earnest, creating a large bulge in the front of his pants. “Take it all off and put on what’s in the bag,” Jerry instructed.

Erika pulled out the expensive silky undergarments, replacing her cotton panties and bra with a matching white set of thong bikini underwear and a bra with large triangles cut out in the front. “What type of bra is this?” Erika questioned while rolling her eyes.

“I like hard nipples showing through my assistants clothes…it disarms buyers and makes men do things they normally wouldn’t.” Erika’s firm breasts were capped with large puffy brown aureoles that had inch long nipples slightly darker protruding further out. The tight silky blouse left little to one’s imagination. Last she pulled up the tight fitting skirt that barely hung a few inches below her bubble cupped ass and slipped on the white high heels that put her almost looking eye to eye with Jerry.

“Stunning… absolutely stunning…now get on your knees and unzip my pants.”

Erika had a feeling it was coming to this and having committed to stay the course she dropped to her knees, eyes level with the large bulge in Jerry’s pants. She pulled the zipper down and then fumbled with his buckle until he had to help her. “Come on lets go!” he urged.

Standing only in his boxers, his pride and joy, eight-incher was making quite a tent in Erika’s face, just inches from her glossy pink lips. Erika pulled his boxers down and Jerry smiled wide as he saw the shocked look on her face. “It’s so big!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t know they could be so huge.”

“It’s called a cock,” Jerry said, “what does your husband have? You’ve had sex together haven’t you?”

“Of course we have, we just got back off our honeymoon. But yours…your cock…looks to be almost twice as big and…and…a lot thicker.”

Jerry beamed, “Well there’s more to enjoy…start sucking!”

Erika reached out one hand and grabbed around his shaft. ‘There were still four inches showing. With her husband she would have covered the whole thing,’ She thought. With the other hand she reached up and gently caressed his large sack and balls. Just like the rest of him, they were much larger than her husbands. Erika opened her mouth wide, looking up at Jerry’s returning stare, and then closed her mouth around the first three inches. She had only tried this once with Robert and it had been easy getting all of him in her mouth. Jerry’s was going to be a challenge for her.

“Yessssss….that’s it….suck my big dick…use your tongue…swirl it around!” Jerry coached

Erika began to enjoy the power she had over the big President and alternated between licking up and down the length of his shaft and sucking hard as he fucked his cock in and out of her face. “Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, “I love your big, hard, cock!”

Jerry decided that was enough. He didn’t want to waist a load in her mouth. “Get up, face the desk and spread your legs!” he barked, catching her off guard. Erika jumped up mindlessly, did as she was told while Jerry took up position behind her and pushed her forward and down by her shoulder blades. “Arch your back and stick that tiny ass of your out,” he softened.

Erika complied knowing how great her ass looked from all the weight training and biking she did. Jerry lifted the short skirt, and looked at the firm round cheeks with the sliver of white from the thong logged in her crack. He cupped one moldable cheek while reaching around in front of her and slipping his hand down into her pussy hair. He quickly found her clit and started rubbing gently while the hand rubbing her ass moved down until it was at the opening of her pussy. “Ooooooooo….yeeeeaaaahhh….that feels sooooo good, Jerry, please don’t stop.” Jerry wasn’t about to as the undersexed almost virginal beauty pushed her ass out further trying to get his finger into her hole. He continued rubbing, feeling her sopping juices coat his fingers as he pushed his index finger up and in.