The Meeting


There was a knock on her hotel room door. Morgan went to answer it wearing nothing but her sheer black robe, her long dark hair piled on her head. When she opened the door there was a man standing there, and she gasped in shock as she realized he was the same man who haunted all her dreams.

He said nothing – just walked in and took her in his arms. He pressed his body close to hers and she could feel his hardness between her thighs. A sigh of pleasure escaped her. This was just like the dream she had last night. He pressed his mouth to hers and his tongue slipped between her lips. His teeth nibbled her lower lip; his tongue danced playfully with hers. Slowly, passionately, he made love to her mouth while his hands began to wander over her supple body.

His hands, moving softly. Like a feather, traced the curve of her hips, her smooth stomach; he moved his hands over every inch of her body as if he were memorizing every curve and the way her soft skin felt against his rougher fingertips. He lifted his hands, sliding them over the swell of her breasts to her nipples. His fingers brushed lightly over the buds, and then traced the outline of her breasts. Once more he came back to her nipples. He took one between his fingers and began to pinch and roll it, awakening every nerve in her body. She moaned with pleasure into his mouth.

He broke their kiss. He looked deeply into her golden illegal bahis eyes, and then his mouth followed the trail his fingers took down her body, licking every inch of her, memorizing her sweet musky taste. He kissed over the tops of her breasts down to where his fingers still teased her swollen nipple, catching it between his teeth and gently nibbling. Her pulse quickened, her breath caught in her throat. He was awakening a deep desire in her. Sounds of pleasure escaped her lips.

Her hands lifted up to his thick white hair, tightening her fingers in it and pulling him in closer to her breast. At his bidding, they were stumbling across the floor, until she felt the coolness of the wall on her burning skin. She brought her leg up around his hips and he pushed his body against hers. When, finally, he pulled his mouth away from hers, she could see the animalistic need in his eyes. He pulled away from her and sank to his knees in front of her.

Parting her robe with his hand, he leaned forward and drew lazy circles on her skin with his tongue, setting her whole body aflame with need and lust. His mouth moved over her, tracing those slow, wide circles over her skin. Her nerves were seared everywhere he touched. Then he slowly moved down over her swollen clitoris – his tongue lightly flicking at her, grazing the wet bud with his teeth, pulling it into his hot greedy mouth – she threw illegal bahis siteleri her head back. Desire swept through her like an unleashed beast; loud moans of pleasure ripped from her throat. She could feel her legs trembling wildly.

He slid a hand round behind her, cupping her buttocks, pressing her closer to the mouth devouring her pussy. His fingers began to trace her tight puckered anus. His mouth pulled away from her clitoris, to start kissing his way along her moistened, swollen lips. As his mouth found her sweet wet opening, he teased her with his tongue, making her desperate moans fill the room. He licked all around, tasting her sweet wetness.

His other hand pressed at tight anus. In the same moment as he pressed his tongue into her sweet pussy, his finger penetrated her anal opening. She screamed with pleasure. His tongue stroked in and out of her to move in and out of her; his fingers flexed in and out of her. He made love to her, building a steady rhythm with each scream of pleasure she emitted. She felt her whole body begin to convulse as he took her closer and closer to the edge. His tongue moved faster and faster; his fingers filled her anus.

She screamed and writhed as her orgasm overtook her, grinding her body down on his face and fingers. She was still convulsing as he abruptly broke away from her, standing, pulling her against him. She wrapped canlı bahis siteleri her legs around him as he reached down and fumbled his thick hard manhood from his pants. He pushed in even close and impaled her on his cock. She screamed.

Her fingers dug into his back, leaving red trails as he forced his length into her. He held her hips and worked her body on his, pulling her up and down, driving into her, pushing himself in deeper with each thrust. He rocked her back and forth, his hands guiding her up and down, as he pounded in and out of her. She screamed against the side of his face, her body tensing. Her soft wet skin gripped him as she climaxed again and again.

He forced her to open her eyes, making her stare into his as they plunged over the edge together. Their eyes were locked on each other as he covered her mouth with is. She tasted her own muskiness on him. He plunges his tongue into her hot, wet mouth, and she knew he wanted her to taste all he had tasted, wanted her to know just how sweet she is.

They orgasmed together. He gathered her body to him, kissing all over her beautiful face. He carried her trembling body over to the bed, and lay her down on the cool satin sheets. He kissed her deeply again.

With one last look into her eyes, he turned and moved to the door. He glanced back once more, framed in the doorway, as she lay on the bed, so content. Then he was gone, and she was left with only the smell of their encounter and the yearning for more. She realized she had never even learned his name, but the memory of him was still so fresh. Smiling, she closed her eyes, only wanting to catch her breath.