The Massage Ch. 02


This is the continuation of my previous story MASSAGE CH 1: THE BUILD UP. Thanks for your comments for my first story. I really like to write more for my readers. I have really crazy ideas for fantasies. I would like to have more responses from you people, too. Thank you.

Ch 02-The animal

Was that the end?

I thought so, but realized a bit late that it was just the beginning. After a few long seconds, as the orgasmic wave diminished, she lifted herself up from the cot. She was sweating over her oily skin and her breathing was still heavy. That wasn’t what surprised me. It was her eyes. She stared right into my face and her stare was that of a predator looking at a prey with the hungriest eyes I’d ever seen.

Oh. What have I done? I wondered.

“Alice…I am…”

She didn’t let me complete my apology. She jumped from the bed onto me like a cat. If she was even one kilogram heavier I would have fallen down, but I could just balance myself from falling. Her legs were wrapped around my waist and her hands around my neck. Even though I was wearing clothes, I could feel that she was hot, burning hot. Her breasts were heaving against my chest and her pussy was leaking juices onto my shirt. Her eyes stared into mine and then her mouth started devouring my lips.

Now I wasn’t in control of the situation, she was. There was nothing that could prevent her from getting what she wanted. The music was still blaring hard and I could feel her tongue fighting with mine inside my mouth. She wasn’t that heavy, but her force was too much. I just kept moving backwards and fell on a sofa in the waiting room. She moved from my tongue and started licking my entire face and cheek only to come back to my mouth, playing with my tongue.

She loosened her hold against my neck and started licking it. All these events were causing my organ to harden to the max. My bare hands tried rubbing her back, but that did nothing to stop her hunger. She lifted herself and tore my shirt open as the buttons simply popped off. She was really strong. As she moved back, she hit my hard cock with her back. Her face brightened up. She lifted herself and sat on my hardness. To be exact, she placed her wet burning pussy on my cock.

Even though, there were my shorts as well as my underwear as obstacles. The heat and wetness travelled through the layers onto my cock. The feeling was just too much and I was enjoying it to the maximum. She ground her pussy on my cock and I followed her motions. She lowered herself to lick my chest. My chest was less hairy and she started biting my nipples lightly. I lied back and enjoyed each canlı bahis and every sensation that she inflicted.

She kept licking me. She was better at it than any dog I had ever seen. Her licking caused tickling sensations throughout my body. After making my entire body wet, she turned to remove my underpants. I helped her do it. She gasped and kept admiring my cock for some time. I lifted myself to see what disturbed the momentum.

“I am a virgin and this is the first cock I have ever seen. It looks….looks…um…beautiful.” She gripped the bottom of my cock and a shock swept through me.

“Me, too,” No girl had ever touched my hard cock before.

“You are kidding!” Alice replied.

“Lots of girls come here, but I am very selective.” I replied

“You mean…you haven’t had sex staying here in Hawaii?” I could tell that she had a hard time believing me.

“Nope…not even kissed before, it was my first time with you.”

She turned back, “So you don’t massage everyone?”

“I do massage, but I don’t use the same techniques. It’s done only to people who matter to you the most. I fell in love with you the moment you stepped into this room, Alice. And it didn’t matter to me who you were. I wanted to give the best massage experience you ever had or would ever have.”

She put up the most beautiful smile I have ever seen and again I fell for her.

“It was the first and the best I ever had and I must thank you for it.”

With that sentence she dived to gulp my cock halfway down. The sensation can’t be explained in words. Her hot tongue was caressing my cock like a feather. And her hot breath gave a sensation of an oven. She tasted it like an ice cream and pulled it out of her mouth with a plop sound and again she dived onto it. She did this many times and I could feel the liquid movement in my balls and the tension building up. This was surely better than masturbation. In one of the movements, she almost took my entire cock in her mouth and choked. It felt like she was a pro in cock sucking. I moaned. She stopped licking. I opened my eyes to see her lifting herself from my stomach were she was placed earlier.

Oh no, this is not how it should end. My cock was in its peak hardness and cum was waiting to flow. How could she just move out, separate herself from me? I needed her. The song changed to the one that suited the wildness of the environment. And I saw her coming back to me. She made few swift strokes with her tongue and gave some time to my balls. I closed my eyes waiting for her to gulp it again. But in few seconds, I felt something much hotter and much softer that engulfed bahis siteleri my cock entirely. It was definitely not her mouth. I opened my eyes to see her sitting on my cock, smiling at me. I saw my cock entering the wonder of her body slowly, but steadily.

“You said you were a virgin!” I was curious as to why she was doing this.

“Yes, I am, but I do horse riding. My hymen broke when I was young. That’s why the passage is much smoother,” and she continued pushing my cock into her really tight pussy.

Her pussy held my cock very tight, about 10 times stronger than I could ever hold with my hands. It was a pleasant feeling when my cock felt much warmer than the rest of my body. My God! My entire cock was a part of her body as it was completely engulfed.

She stayed in that position for a few long seconds. I am sure she was also enjoying giving shelter to my cock. She moved up slowly and my cock came out with a pop. She then pulled it in again. It was an amazing sight how the pussy lips opened for my cock. This time she was fast and moved until the end, until my balls hit her ass. It was a beautiful feeling. Up and down she went riding on my cock. Her blossoms bounced on her body as she jumped with joy.

She pulled herself out again, moved out and placed herself above my face. She pushed my head to lick her pussy

“Lick baby…lick, lick my pussy, lick my cum that you love so much…” and yes I licked like an obedient child.

It tasted great as she was pressing my mouth all over her pussy. I delved as deep as my tongue could go, exploring her inner depths. She tasted as sweet as she was. It also smelled great with her excitement. I sucked on her fluffy lips and nibbled on her clit until she had another loud orgasm. I really loved it.

She abruptly took herself away and lifted me up to an upright position. I sat up and started kissing her breasts. She placed herself on my cock and started pressing my head on her breasts. I wanted to be in control this time, so I lifted myself to a standing position with her on me and started banging my cock in and out of her. She just hugged me tightly as I pushed into her. I started breathing hard. She got down and started kissing me, taking my breath into her. She then lowered down to lick my cock again. Engulfing it to my balls and then she slapped it with her hands. She spat a heavy lump of saliva on my bulb and jumped onto the massage bed keeping her legs wide open for me to enter.

I didn’t wait for another invitation. I just jumped and started rubbing my cock with saliva all over her lips. She squirmed. I pushed it again into her, bahis şirketleri harder and faster every stroke. I kept my free hands on her boobs and squeezed hard. She moaned and her legs started pushing me further into her being. Her orgasm was building up fast. At one point, she raised herself and screamed beyond mercy. I was shocked. I was worried someone would have heard her. But, I was at the point of no return and there was no chance of me stopping.

So I kept banging into her as her orgasm subsided from the peak. She looked at me as if she too, wanted me to continue. Her legs confirmed that. But my orgasm was also building up and I couldn’t extend it anymore. She sensed the difference.

“Cum in my pussy, I want to feel you cum inside me! Go on! Finish what you started!” she smiled at me teasingly.

I smiled back and banged harder into her. “I am going to cum, sweetie!” I announced.

She bucked up to get all of it. And finally I reached the highest point and blasted hot jets, stream after stream of cum into her womanhood. It felt wonderful, like I was in a wonderful place that I had never seen before. I kept pumping into her, cum after cum. I have never produced this much semen before through masturbation. I was wondering when it would stop, but I really did not want it to. I wasn’t sure if it would happen again. Hope she enjoyed this, too. I slowly came down from my wave of orgasm.

I fell on her softly, hugged her and lifted her on top of me. I looked at her beautiful, serene face that lay on top of my chest. My cock still hadn’t come out of her and I felt a kind of connection with her body that was inseparable for life. But, I needed to come back to reality. She was just another tourist who had come to this resort. Tourists visit places, they don’t stay in one. Maybe we were not meant to be.

“M.K., thank you…Thank you so much!”

“No, it’s me who must be grateful to you. As a masseuse in Hawaii, I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life. It felt like heaven. It was eternal. I just don’t want it to end…ever.”

“Me either…”

I felt into a pleasant sleep with someone to care and love on top of me. Thank you, God…

There was a knock at my door.

“Wait a min!”

“Bloody customers,” I thought to myself. It looked like we had slept for two hours solid. And I just fucked the woman of my dreams today. My God!! I am very lucky today!

Alice hurried to dress herself and I joined her. The moment she was done, she looked at me with her beautiful eyes, “You are the most kind, caring and lovable person I have ever met in my life. We will surely find a way to continue our relationship. I am glad to have met you….I…love you!”

With that she kissed me hard on my lips.


I did not care to respond to that…I have got what I want.