The Mannequin


It was late Saturday afternoon having nothing better to do, I went to the mall. While I was wandering around, I happened to notice the display window of the Naughty Nighty Boutique. What caught my eye was the extreme detailing on the life like mannequins. Their perky breasts the tips of their nipples even their pussy mounds and the cracks between the cheeks of their sharply asses were clearly defined and outlined under the thin material of the skimpy garments they were posed in leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Naturally I went over to the window to get a better look at the sexy dummies. While I was admiring them, I noticed one that was almost hidden in the back of the display. The reason it caught my eye was because it looked so out of place with the other much younger looking dolls.

It was obvious that it was supposed to be a mature woman. The thing had long black hair that cascaded down over its milky white shoulders. And it was dressed in an old fashion white satin nightgown unlike the sheer negligees of the other much younger looking dummies.

There was something vaguely familiar about this one that I couldn’t quite place. I just stood there staring at it for a moment trying to figure out what it was. While I was looking it over, I noticed that the nightgown had a deep V shaped front that barely covered its ample breasts and went down to its navel. As I searched my mind. The old collection of VHS tapes my parents kept hidden in their bedroom closet came to mind.

Then it hit me. The thing reminded me of that old time porn star, Kay Parker from those classic Taboo movies. Kay was a heavy chested raven haired beauty. She had a thick mat of black pubic hair that not only covered her mound of Venus and womanhood. She also had a wide trail of fine black hairs on the insides of her thighs that tapered off as they ran down towards her knees. She was my all-time favorite mature woman to fantasize about as I jerked-off in my teens.

While I was admiring that doll, one of the best sex scenes I ever saw with Kay Parker started coming back to me. She was in bed tossing and turning having one of those frustrating wet dreams. In her dream, Kay was sucking off some guy with a big cock then in the next instant the guy was on top of her grunting as he plunged his dick in and out her making her and groan, “Aah,” with every inward thrust of his pecker.

Kay, in turn was rolling her head and lifting her hips, with every stroke taking him deeper into the depths of her womanhood. But before she could get off. The guy pulled his cock out of her and stroked it as he shot his endless stream of sperm on her belly and between her tits.

I closed my eyes and drew in my breath as my cock twitched and hardened in my jeans. Then I let the rest of that erotic scene unfolded in my mind. Kay was still half asleep and breathing heavily as she rolled her head and played with her big beautiful boobs. Then she desperately yanked the covers off reached down and pulled up the hem of her nightgown and spread her legs revealing that mouth watering treasure between her thighs.

Oh my God, the sight of her black hairy gash always took my breath away and made my cock throb and ooze pre-cum.

Then she began frantically playing with herself trying to get the sexual relief she so desperately needed. But it was a fruitless endeavor. Because what Kay needed only a man could give her and she knew it.

She slid out of bed and began pacing the hallway peering longingly into her son’s bedroom. Of course he was completely naked and sound asleep. His arms out stretched across the bed and his legs were spread apart with his huge limp dick resting lifelessly on his abdomen.

Kay finally stepped into his room and just stood there staring at his cock as she pondered her thoughts with an undeniable look of lust on her face.

She obviously knew what she was about to do was wrong. But Kay was in such a lust crazed state of arousal she couldn’t help herself and finally gave in to that burning yearning need between her thighs and went over and sat on the edge of his bed.

Kay drew in her breath and sighed as she let go of the last of her self-restrain and took his limp dick in her hands and lifted it up. Then she closed her eyes and lovingly rubbed her cheek against the head of her son’s penis.

Then Kay, kissed the tip of his lifeless dick and licked it down to his scrotum and sucked his hairy balls one at a time. After that she gave him a sloppy wet blow job that any normal red blooded man would die for.

In the next instant she was on top of him guiding his now fully erect penis between her thighs rubbing it up and down over her crotch until she got it nestled between her pussy lips pressing against her opening.

Then she drew in her breath and sighed a long drawn out, “Ooh,” as she slowly slid down on his big stiff dick and filled herself up with it.

Holy shit! That wonderfully erotic look on her face as she impaled herself on her son’s canlı bahis dick always brought me to the brink of orgasm.

Listening to her moaning and groaning was like music to my young horny perverted ears as she rode him to an intense mind blowing body shaking orgasm. While I rapidly stoked my cock to a mind blowing sperm spurting orgasm.

After that it was almost anti-climactic watching her big tits flopping around as her son, plunged his cock in and out of her sloppy wet cunt until Kay fianlly grimaced and groaned, “Aah,” as she arched her back in yet another orgasm. That gave my spent dick another minor twitch.

The scene finally ended with her son tittie fucking her and shooting his load of sperm in her wide open mouth, on her face and in her hair.

My sexual fantasies of Kay Parker remain with me to this very day.

I had a brief fling with this plump redhead I went to I high school with. Just by chance I happen to meet her again in a bar one night. I honestly don’t remember much about that night, because I already had few too many drinks when she came in. But what I do remember is the next morning when I met her mother. They looked nothing alike.

Her mother’s name was Kitty and she reminded me so much of Kay Parker I almost asked for her autograph and I instantly got an erection.

However Kitty let me know that I met her the night before and I made some inappropriate sexual comments to her.

I quickly found out she loved putting me on the spot and breaking my balls. She thought nothing of grabbing my dick and telling me to take it out. It was obvious that she liked being talked dirty to and treated like an old whore. So I’d ask her, “if she wanted to suck it.”

She’d reply, “maybe,” as she’d seductively lick her puffy red lips lift her eyebrows and rub her hand over my cock and squeeze it.

That’s usually when Eva would yell, “Stop it, you two, you’re embarressing me.”

But I’d always end up blushing with a huge erection and Kitty would be enjoying herself at my expense.

As the ill-conceived relationship between me and Eva went downhill. I found that the only way I could get off when I was having sex with her was to fantasize about her mother.

As soon as I’d close my eyes and visualize Kitty laying on her back with her legs spread, my cock would spring to life and get so hard it hurt. Then I’d lose control of myself and squeeze the huge mushy cheeks of Eva’s plump ass and pound myself into her as hard and fast as I could.

Eva was a loud foul mouthed slut that liked it rough. The rougher the better and she didn’t care who heard her. So she’d yell, “Oh God, that’s it, don’t stop, fuck me harder, you big prick.”

Her passionate demands coupled with the image of her mother in my mind would inspire me. So I’d slam myself into her. I’d ram her so hard and fast that the headboard would be banging against the wall and the bed springs would be squeaking.

Eva didn’t care about the noise as long as she was getting what she wanted and that was to be fucked, hard and deep.

As soon as I’d start ramming my cock in and out her and grinding my hips against hers when I bottemed out in her. Eva would close her eyes, lift her knees up by my sides groaning, “Aah, aah, that’s it, just like that, don’t stop.”

Her body would quickly begin to tremble and her legs would start to shake while I rammed into the depths of her sopping wet cunt. It wouldn’t take long until she’d wrap her arms around my back and screech, “Oh God, don’t stop you fucking son of a bitch, I’m gonna cum.”

As soon Eva reached her climax, the muscles in her cunt would begin fluttering around my pulsing pecker like a bunch of butterflies.

Then I’d shove my cock as far into her as I could get it and squeeze the cheeks of my ass together and let myself go flooding her cunt with my semen.

But sadly and as wrong as it may seem all the while I was having wild sex with Eva, I’d be pretending that I was having sex with her mother and I think she knew it. Anyway to make a long story short we ended up parting ways as friends.

As I walked away from the display window. I heard someone call out, “Hey, Sonny Boy, wait a minute. I’ve got something I want to talk to you about.”

I knew from the sound of that horrible raspy voice it was Kitty. I also knew she was going to bust my nuts. As I turned around I spotted her coming towards me through the crowd.

Despite her irritating voice she looked awesome and took my breath away as she always does. Her long straight black hair was hanging down over her shoulders. Her big mouthwatering tits were bobbing up and down under her pink sweater as she approached me. The black leggings she had on were so tight you could clearly see her camel toe. Kitty was also wearing a pair of those high black boots. If I didn’t know better. I’d swear that woman was in her twenties, not in her early to mid-forties.

When Kitty was finally face to face with me. She tapped my chest with the bahis siteleri tip of her long pink fingernail and stated, “I understand you and my daughter have parted ways. Is that correct?”

“Yeah,” I replied. “It’s over between us.”

“Good, I always knew you two weren’t right for each other.”

I knew she was right. So I all I said was, “Yeah.”

Then Kitty glanced down at the bulge in the front of my jeans and the corners of her lips curled up as she said with a chuckle in her irritating voice, “Are you happy to see me, Junior, or do you have a stick of peperoni in your pocket?” Then she burst out laughing at her little joke.

I felt my face flush as I mumbled something or other to her, but I don’t remember just what I said.

Kitty was still giggling as she brazenly reached out and rubbed her hand over the hard lump in the front of jeans and asked, “Well Stud, now that you’re free. Do you still wanna fuck my brains out?”

“Huh What…? Oh hell yeah… sure I do.” I replied expecting another wisecrack. But before she could come back with another one of her patented putdowns, I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her against my side as if to lead her away.

When I wrapped my arm around her, Kitty stopped dead in her tracks and said seriously, “Not so fucking fast Sonny Boy. I’m not some backseat bimbo you picked up on street corner. Maybe, just maybe if you treat me like a lady. You know, with a little respect for a change and take me someplace nice for dinner. Then I just might consider going to a motel with you afterwards.”

I figured she was just busting my balls like she usually does. But it was Saturday night and I was hungry and I didn’t have any plans. So I figured ‘What the hell’ and reached down and grabbed the cheek of her firm ass and blew in her ear as I whispered, “Where do you wanna go Grandma, McDonalds or Burger King?”

She got wide eyed wrinkling her forehead as she said indignantly, “Fuck you, Junior! And get your hand off my ass.”

With that being said. I playfully patted her butt and gave it another squeeze as I asked,” You wanna go to The Outback?”

Kitty answered in a rush of words “Huh, you mean that steakhouse across the street? Okay that sounds good.”

Then she grabbed my ass, and said, “Turn-about is fair play, Sonny Boy,” and started giggling again.

When we got off the elevator Kitty snuggled next to me and said, “You know what, Junior? I’m not wearing any panties. Does that excite you?”

“Oh Hell Yeah,” I replied as I rubbed my hand over her ass to find out if she was telling the truth.

When we reached my car. Kitty turned and put her arms around my neck. As her tits pressed against my chest she said, “You know you turn me on, don’t you?”

“Oh, yeah,” I replied as I bumped my hips against hers and ground them around letting her feel just how hard my cock was.

As my dick brushed against her, Kitty groaned, “Oh, God, Sonny Boy, you have no fucking idea how horny I am.”

Then she nipped my lower lip and ran the tip of her tongue across it as she grinded her hips back against mine and said, “Just thinking about the things I’m going to do you tonight is getting me wet.”

I didn’t know what else to do, so I mashed my lips against hers and forced my tongue between her lips into her mouth.

As our tongues collided and began to play, we started dry humping each other like a couple of sex crazed teenager after a Saturday night date.

Kitty suddenly pulled her mouth off mine and gasped, “Do you wanna feel how wet you’re getting me?” Then she took one of my hands off her ass and slipped it under the front of her leggings.

I obediently did what she asked and pushed my hand down until I got it between her thighs covering her snatch. As I ran the tip of my middle finger between her moist pussy lips, Kitty sighed, “Go ahead, Sonny Boy, stick your finger in me. I know you want to.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice.

As I pushed my finger into her, Kitty groaned, “Ooh Fuck, that feels soo good.”

I was shocked by how tight she was and she must have sensed it because she asked sounding quite pleased with herself, “I’m really tight ain’t I, for an old lady?”

I resonded by asking, “Do you like being finger fucked, Granny? “

For a response Kitty contracted her pussy muscles around my finger and asked, “What do you think?”

Then she tightened her arms around my neck and brushed her lips across mine.

While we were rubbing our lips across each other’s and playing with the tips of our tongues, I slipped another finger into her. Then I rubbed them over that rough bumpy spot on the front wall of her vagina while I rubbed the end of my thumb around and over her little bundle of nerves.

Kitty suddenly pulled her mouth away from mine and asked breathlessly, “Where did you learn that trick, Junior?”

“Do you like it grandma?” I teased.

“Yeah, but you better stop it or you’ll make me cum.”

Instead of stopping. bahis şirketleri I raped her mouth with my tongue. While I was playing with her twat, Kitty pulled her mouth off mine again and pleaded, “Oh, God, Junior, that’s it right there don’t stop.”

Then she rested her head on my shoulder panting and groaning incoherently in my ear, “Aah, aah, aah. Oh God yes, yes, I’m… cumming” Then she nipped my neck and started sucking as the tremors of her orgasm passed through warm her body.

After the waves of her orgasm finally subsided she reached down and rubbed her hand over the hard lump in the front of my pants and asked, “Do you want me to suck it, Sonny?”

“Oh, hell yeah,” I gasped breathlessly.

Then she said playfully, “I can’t hear you. Tell me what you want me to do?”

Before I could answer her, Kitty had expertly unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. As she pulled down my zipper, she slipped to her knees on the hard concrete floor of the garage. Then she yanked my pants and undershorts down to my ankles.

As she tugged my jeans down my dick sprang up hitting her under her chin. When my cock hit her. Kitty’s eyes got wide and she said, “Oh, my God. You really are hung like a horse.”

Before I could respond to her latest comment, she had my balls in one hand and my cock in her other. Then she began caressing my nuts and stroking my pecker as she looked up into my eyes and said, “Oh, my,God, Junior, you’re so big and hard. Tell me what you want me to do with this ole thing of yours.”

Then she went to work on my dick with her lips tongue and finally her mouth. While Kitty was kissing and licking the side of my dick and gently caressing my nuts she asked in her sultry voice, “Tell me what you want?”

Before I could answer, she spit on the head of my pecker and began rubbing her saliva over it. Then she playfully squeezed my nuts as she stuck out her tongue and swirled it around head of my cock sending shivers of pleasure up and down my spine.

Kitty grinned up at me as she puckered her lips and kissed the tip of my dick deliberately making a loud smacking sound. Then she stated in her raspy voice, “You didn’t answer me, Junior. Do you want me to suck it or not?”

I closed my eyes and pleaded, “Oh, God, yes, Granny, suck it, suck it good, you old whore.”

Then Kitty engulfed the head of my cock in her mouth and wrapped one hand around the shaft and cupped my nuts in her other. She winked at me as began sucking and caressing my nuts.

Oh, God, It felt so freaking good. I wanted to savor the oral pleasure Kitty was giving me forever. But my balls soon betrayed me and I needed to get off. But she wouldn’t let me cum. She kept torturing me and bringing me to the brink of orgasm but she wouldn’t let me reach it.

I had to get off so bad. I couldn’t help myself and put my hands on the back of her head and pulled her face against my groin driving the head of my dick down her throat, causing her to choke, gag and drool on my cock even more than she already was.

Surprisingly Kitty didn’t resist! Instead of fighting me, she circled her fingertip around my anus and willingly let me face fuck her. The next thing I knew my nuts felt like they were exploding as I began cumming shooting my load of cum down her throat.

But once again Kitty didn’t resist. Instead of pulling her head off my sperm spurting pecker, she pushed her finger into my anus and swriled it around as she sucked me dry.

The next thing I knew I was sitting opposite her on the dirty concrete floor of the parking garage panting like a dog on a hot summer’s day. When I finally regained my breath and opened my eyes, I noticed that Kitty’s eyes were red and watery and that her makeup was smeared all over her face.

Then she asked sarcastically, “Are you still going to take me to that steak house?”

“Not looking like that,” I replied trying not to laugh and repressing a grin.

“Fuck you, Sonny Boy. Take me to the restrooms so I can fix my makeup, ” was all she said and I did.

I have to admit Kitty was always fun to be with and I loved being with her. As soon as we were seated she reached under the table and rubbed her hand up the inside of my thigh and squeezed my dick as she asked, “Well, Junior, do you want me to crawl under the table and suck your dick again?”

I groaned something or other as I glanced around the room to see if anybody was watching us. But nobody was paying any attention to us. Kitty’s eyes were sparkling as she rubbed her hand over the length of my dick and squeezed it as she asked, “Don’t you wanna stick this big thing of yours in me… Or, or are you just a finger man?” She asked trying to repress a laugh.

I couldn’t stop her even if I wanted. I just sat there shaking my head while she rubbed the lump in the front of jeans. Then I said under my breath, “Screw you. I’m gonna to shove my cock so fucking far into you that your eyes are gonna cross.”

Then I mumbled, “And, and I’m gonna fuck you like… like you’ve never been fucked before.” That caused her to burst out laughing.

When the waiter brought our meal, she let go of my dick and sat back. We ate quietly without any further to do.