The Mailman Always Comes Twice


I’ve been a mailman for ten years. I work in a big city and deliver the mail on foot. I’d heard the stories. Stories of casual sex with women on the route. Maybe you’ve heard them. Some horny gal invites the letter carrier in for a cold drink and nature takes it’s course. Being a relatively young man and horny all the time, I always wondered if I would ever have such an experience.

My mail route is in an affluent neighborhood near the lake in a large Midwestern city. A neighborhood full of young women. These women are mostly young singles out on their own for the first time or young marrieds, many with newborns. You would think, with all that talent, if the stories were true, I would get lucky eventually. After years of walking I was beginning to have my doubts.

I was working a warm sunny day and was about half way through my route. On a shady tree lined street I turned into a walkway that brought me to the side entrance of a newly built mini-mansion. This entrance was on the side of the big home and quite a bit away from the street. The door had a mail slot with a hinged brass door at about the height of a dog’s head. I know this because I’ve had dogs pull the mail out of my hand when I pushed it through. This day, for some reason, I was having trouble getting the mail to go through the slot.

When I couldn’t push the mail through, I knelt down and lifted the mail door to see what was blocking it. Talk about a shock! Staring me in the face was the sweetest looking pussy I had ever seen. It wasn’t there for long but I’ll never forget it. It had puffy labia and not a hint of hair. I pushed the mail through and knelt there for a while hoping I would get another look. When I didn’t, I got up and continued canlı bahis on with my route. That night I jagged off thinking about that pussy and during the following days it was never far from my thoughts. After a week of mail delivery, I was beginning to think I would never see it again. I approached the door of the big house like I had been approaching it for the past week, with excitement, hope, and wonder. I lifted the mail slot door and pushed the mail in. It met an obstruction. Yes! I quickly knelt down and looked in. I could see her panty covered pussy and watched her back away from the door. Mrs. Hunter was beautiful. Of course I already knew her name. It was just a name on a letter until that first day. Laura Hunter stood in her foyer about 20 feet from the door in her bra and panties. She appeared to be in her early twenties. A striking blond, Laura looked to be about 5 foot 8 inches and about 115 pounds. She was gorgeous and she was busty. In fact, from my viewpoint, on my knees peeking through her door, she looked just about perfect.

As I watched, she slid her panties down and stepped out of them. Her beautiful pussy appeared wet and swollen. She must have been playing with it before I arrived. I watched her lick a slender finger and run it up and down her slit. I didn’t worry about being seen peeking through her door because I was around the side of the house in a dark shady area away from the street. She played with herself, all the while looking me straight in the eye. I watched her convulse in orgasm and then run up the stairs to the second floor. I got a great shot of her ass as she ran away and it was a spectacular ass. I was hot for her and rang her bell but she never came to the door. I left the bahis siteleri mail and walked on.

The next two days, the mail slid right in but I peeked anyway. I didn’t see anything. I drove past her house every night hoping to get a glimpse of her but saw no one. Laura became an obsession. My every waking thought seemed to be of her. Her eyes and the look she had given me, her beautiful body, and most of all, her lovely pussy.

As I walked around the side of her house to deliver the mail, my heart raced. Would this be the day she would play with me. I knelt on one knee and lifted the mail door. Before sliding the mail I looked in. Her beautiful pussy, appearing flushed and moist was on the other side of the door, just out of reach. She wanted to play with the mailman again. I heard her voice for the first time. Laura softly, almost a whisper, said, “Slip your cock through the slot.” I had heard her plainly and wasted no time. I had to kneel down on both knees and lean tight to the door. I have an honest eight inch cock and I estimate I got about six inches on the other side of the door. I could feel her soft hands as she hefted and played with my dick. She masturbated me for a short time before taking my cock in the warmest wettest mouth in the world. It was like my dick had just died and gone to heaven. I could sense her horniness as she sucked my cock like it was food and she was starving. She didn’t just suck on it, she ravished it. When she wasn’t sucking it she was licking it. My dick felt like it was totally coated with her saliva. I could feel her rub my prick all over her face before going back to sucking. I’ve had many blow jobs in my life but never one this good. If the door wasn’t in the way, I guarantee bahis şirketleri she would have taken my cock down her throat. There I was, in my postal uniform, keeling at someone’s door with my cock in the mail slot and I never gave a thought to getting caught. She milked my dick with her sweet mouth until I exploded with what felt like a torrent of come. I guarantee that not a single drop hit the foyer floor.

I started to withdraw my member when she grabbed it in her hand and asked, “what about me?” Mrs. Hunter began to suck me again and I never really got soft. She did things to me with her tongue and lips that I had never experienced. At one point, she just flattened out her tongue and slid it back and forth sideways under the head of my dick. My knees were aching from kneeling on her front concrete step but I would have knelt on broken glass at that moment. When I was as hard as I had ever been in my life, Laura stopped mouthing me and began to push her pussy onto my cock.

I couldn’t see what she was doing on the other side of her front door, but I could sense it. She must have gotten down on all fours and backed up onto my dick. As good as her mouth had felt, I was not prepared for that pussy. Her pussy was so wet and so tight that every nerve ending in my dick was alive with pleasure. She began to bounce back on it until her ass hit the front door. Damm that front door! I had more cock to give her but I had no choice in the matter and I must admit it was pretty kinky, fucking like that. Mrs. Hunter began to go nuts, pounding back on my dick. She was bouncing off the door so hard that the door knocker was making a racket. She fucked herself into an orgasm even though I hadn’t thrust at all. When I came it felt like my insides were exploding out the head of my cock.

I withdrew from the door slot and peeked in. Laura Hunter lay on her cool tile floor smiling at me. She got up and walked up stairs without a word.