Strangers in the Night Ch. 01


I see you look at me from across the crowded room, people moving around in front of us like a busy hive. My attention is pulled away back to the meeting that I’m in requires my attention. after a few minutes I look back and you’re gone, my heart drops and I feel the disappointment in my gut.

Later that evening as I’m walking I round a corner and I notice you in front of me. Walking slowly. I walk up behind you and say hello in a deep sexy voice to match the growing heat that I feel in my stomach and between my legs. You jump a little, but you don’t turn around. You respond with a sexy flirtatious flip of your hair and a sizzling look back from the corner of your eye. I compliment you on your dress, your eyes, your mouth.

You stop and I can’t stop and bump into you, my hardness rubbing against you before I quickly back off and apologize. I have a difficult time keeping my legs straight and my keep my voice from cracking, you felt so good pressing against me for that split second. I know that you felt how interested I am in you, and you don’t shy away. I feel myself stiffen and press again my zipper, the mixture of how good that feels and the pain of the zipper is a feeling that I wish would never go away. I ask if you would like to join me for a drink in the lounge so that we can talk and get to know each other, and you agree.

We sit and talk, I find that the room is very hot, or is that just me? Having you just across the table. I move my knee to the side and I find that you leg is there, so I stop. I can feel you with my calf, it’s very distracting. The aroma of your hair drifts across the table as I look and dream about your lips. I see you lick your lips as you talk, and it drives me crazy. I find that it is very uncomfortable sitting with the pressure and heat that is emanating from my crotch. Every time I move my hardness rubs on my pants, I start to move my leg and to rub on yours and I find that you don’t object. Your eyes, I could just lose myself in your eyes. I find it very difficult to keep myself from looking down, exploring your body, seeing muğla escort what wonders there are, and my imagination as to what I would like to do. I lean into the table and I find that you do the same. I reach across the space between us and feel your hair, the nape of your neck and I pull you closer and kiss those lips that I’ve been dreaming about. My tongue darts and explores the contact. A little at first, just to taste and your are exquisite. I tilt my head and kiss you deeper, with the need that I feel building in my body. My other hand touches your cheek, your temple, your shoulder. I hold your shoulder and pull you in closer, and I feel the heat, the softness that I so want to experience. I feel your tongue touch mine, softly and the electricity shoots through me. I thought that I was as hard as I could be, but I was wrong. I feel a surge of desire and want. My tongue has a mind of it’s own and pushes into your mouth, touching, feeling, tasting, exploring you and finding what it wants. You taste and feel so good I never want it to end.

We are interrupted by someone clearing their throat and standing over us. We break apart unwillingly to see that we are being prompted to order something. I look into your eyes, and I order for us. Never taking my hand off your neck and your cheek. Not letting you look anywhere else other than my eyes. We chat lightly as my legs rub and caress your and we wait for our meal to arrive, the heat between us seems to spark, and I wonder why no one has noticed. Our plate arrive and you try to turn, but I stop you, taking my hand I keep you facing me. my hand caressing your face lightly. My fingers touching your jaw line, touching your lips. I lock eyes with you and pickup a fork and pickup a strawberry, taking it a lightly touching your lips. you open your mouth and I touch your tongue in your mouth, but as you close I withdraw and kiss you instead. we smirk, and we try again. I hold it just outside your mouth, you extend your reach and extend your tongue to touch the beautifully red fruit, ordu escort you bite into the strawberry and juice trickles over your lips and down your chin. I catch my breath, lean over and kiss your chin with little sucking noises as I clean the invader from your delicious skin. You lean forward and capture the morsel of food still staring into my eyes. I continue to feed you, and between bites I feed myself quickly. I occasionally take the glass of blush wine that I ordered for the meal, and we thoroughly enjoy our meal.

We find ourselves walking after our meal and we decide to take a stroll down a park trail, the sun is just above the horizon, the sky is turning a shade of pink that I haven’t seen very often. We hold hands as we walk through an archway of trees, flower pedals are falling as a light wind brushes past us, I can feel your skirt rustling around your body lightly and it once again stirs a deep desire in me. As we are walking I guide you closer to the edge of the path, a trees grow in their grandeur along the path, and I find myself push you up against one such tree. I hear a light “oh my” escape from your lips as I press against your body. My hardness grinding into your body as I kiss you, I feel a hunger that our meal did satisfy, perhaps it was increased while we watched each other, while we touched…. I feel you respond to my pushing into you, I feel your hard nipples through my shirt and I feel the electricity that is passing from your into me. My hand is in your hair, and I can smell you, the delicious aroma that is you! My other hand I am surprised to find sliding up your body, moving to your breast as I feel you tense, unsure about what I am doing. I feel daring, you haven’t said no, or to stop. I cup you breast and it feel wonderful, my fingers find your nipple through the cloth and I pinch lightly, you inhale as I move myself to your neck. kissing, licking, sucking lightly…. I find your ear, and I suck on your earlobe, I lick, lightly nibble with my teeth and I feel you melt in my arms.

I find osmaniye escort myself kissing your neck, hungry for what is you! licking, kissing, sucking at your ear, then inhale of your essence and your scent drives me wild with desire. My fingers move to the buttons of your blouse and I begin to unbutton them slowly, with each button my hands move up to your neck and slowly down again. I want to feel your skin and my hands move down your body, with each button a little lower. I finally feel the fabric of your bra and I move your blouse aside as I start to move down and kiss your neck. ever lower, slowly, my fingers continue to unbutton as I move down. I unbutton your bra and I feel you release to the evening air. I slowly move, down feeling your body ache with desire as I lick down the top part of your breast, the scent is sustenance for a starving man… I flick my tongue across your nipple as you gasp and I feel your fingers touch me and I groan with desire, your hand cups me between my legs and strokes up, pressing my hardness into me and I feel like my legs are going to collapse, for a moment I forget everything else around me.

I quickly remember, your scent is what grounds me in my desires to touch you. My mouth surrounds your nipple and I suck, my tongue hungry moving around your nipple, not quite touching it as it makes circles, ever smaller. I stop my tongue and make a long slow lick, pressing the full width of my hungry mouth and tongue across your nipple. I feel the heat, the hardness as I lick, I hear you groan in pleasure, I want to take you hear and now. I hear someone clearing their throat behind me, and a light shines from behind me. I freeze and I hear a deep voice ask “Are you alright ma’am?”. I feel you tense and you open your eyes. you hands come up and close your blouse as I straighten and help you button yourself up. You answer with a shaking voice “yes, I’m sorry officer”. I release you and the police look to make sure you are in fact alright, my heart pounds with the desire to take you home and with the excitement of being caught!!! We are questioned for a few more minutes and everyone is satisfied that everyone is safe, and consenting. We are warned to take it home and not a public park. We agree and thank the officers, and start walking back to our vehicles, smiling giggling like little kids. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.