Somali Queen In Ottawa Ch. 06


Tuesday night is here at last. Since my lady Yasmin Hussein and I have been going through a rough patch lately, partly due to her unconventional bedroom antics, I thought a night out would do us some good. That’s why I got us tickets to see the new horror flick Annabelle at the Silver City movie theater in the east end of Ottawa, Ontario. I’m Steve Salomon, a big and tall Haitian brother who’s almost at his wits end with the craziness of his sexy but at times difficult Somali Canadian girlfriend. Read the story and see for yourselves.

I don’t understand why these days things are dicey between Yasmin Hussein and myself, folks. When we first met, it was lust and love at first sight. I was working on the overnight security detail for a government building downtown and Yasmin Hussein, who was studying at Algonquin College at the time, worked as a cleaner at night. The tall, busty and curvaceous, brown-skinned and Hijab-wearing Somali cutie with the thick ass took my breath away. I decided right then and there that I had to have her.

Yasmin and I flirted and talked a bit, but never went further than that, until one night, passion overrode reason and the Somali goddess and I got our freak on in some Canadian lady’s office…and got caught. Long story short? I got removed from that building’s security detail, and the security company put me in another building nearby. It’s a good thing they didn’t can my ass because I’m paying for my studies at Carleton University using my security job. As for Yasmin, the lovely Somali gal kept her job. We continued seeing each other, and eventually, we moved in together. Things were just fine, until Yasmin and Zonguldak Escort I fell into a rut.

There we were, sitting together in the movie theater, and Yasmin hadn’t even said a word of thanks. What the fuck? I took this broad to the movie theater, paid for our tickets, got her a pizza and a Pepsi, and all I got to show for it was more of her stank attitude. Not to disparage sisters in general but they really do seem incapable of appreciating brothers like me who treat them well. I ducked out of the showroom while the previews were still showing and went to the washroom to take a piss.

When I came out, while walking back to the theater, I saw this chubby white dude with his arm around a tall, fine-looking Jamaican chick with a big ass. Miss Jamaica was all smiles with Mr. Whitey and I shook my head. Black women always give an attitude to brothers but behave like angels when they’re out with white guys. Oh, come on. I’m not the only black man out there who’s noticed this shit. The Jamaican sister with the white dude saw me looking at them and flashed me a triumphant smile. Whatever, I said in a low voice, and shrugged before getting back into the theater.

I plopped down on my seat, next to my frosty date, Yasmin Hussein. I looked at the screen, where an idyllic white couple in a haunted house for some reason refused to get rid of the demonic doll at the center of their troubles, and a matronly black woman had to come to their rescue. Sorry to spoil the damn movie for you if you haven’t seen it but I don’t give a damn. I didn’t pay attention to the flick, which I found boring and trite. I prefer the Insidious movie Zonguldak Escort Bayan series to this piece of crap.

Yasmin Hussein sat next to me, keeping her golden brown eyes fixed on the screen. I reached for her hand, but she shrugged and batted my hand away. Feeling quite angry, I shook my head and resumed watching the movie. We had reached the part when the old Hispanic priest gets attacked by the demon on the church steps when Yasmin Hussein got up and walked out. Oh, and before she did, she put her empty pizza container on my damn lap, and scoffed before hastily exiting.

I sat there, feeling quite pissed. At some point, I noticed there was a piece of paper in the pizza wrapper, and I read it using my cell phone as a light. The skinny white dude sitting further down the row with his Chinese girlfriend cleared his throat loudly. I shot him a look and he went back to staring at the screen. When I finished reading the handwritten note left by Yasmin Hussein, my heart skipped a beat. Grinning, I left the showroom and went to the family washroom located nearby.

I knocked three times, as per the handwritten note’s instructions, and the door swung open, revealing a smiling Yasmin. Grinning, my sexy Somali Canadian goddess grinned and hiked up her traditional skirt, revealing the fact that she had no panties on. Oh my Gosh. I just got flashed, up skirt style, by a Hijab-wearing Somali chick. Many a man’s fantasy, I tell you. And I’m fortunate enough that it’s my reality. Winking, Yasmin gestured for me to come to her, as if a horny brother like me needed any encouragement. Unzipping my jeans, I freed my long Escort Zonguldak and thick, uncircumcised dick. Yasmin licked her lips and reached for my manhood.

Yup, my lady and I got our freak on in the family washroom of the Silver City movie theater that Tuesday night. I leaned against the wall and Yasmin got on her hands and knees, sucking my dick with gusto and massaging my balls. Guys, Hijabi blowjobs are simply the best. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. In no time, Yasmin got me hard as a rock. When I warned my sexy lady that I was about to cum, Yasmin winked at me and kept on sucking my Johnson. Unable to resist any longer, I came, rather loudly, and Yasmin amazed me by swallowing every last drop of my cum.

Yasmin Hussein wiped her mouth with the back of her hand after sucking me off, and smiled at me. I helped my lady to her feet and we shared a passionate kiss. Without another word, we continued with our fun. I sat on the toilet seat and Yasmin climbed on top of me, impaling her hairy, wet pussy on my dick. Fuck me silly, Yasmin whispered into my ear as she straddled me. I put my hands on her hips and thrust into her pussy. Yasmin squealed in delight and I began fucking her with gusto. You see, we hadn’t gotten our freak on like this in a while.

Yasmin Hussein and I were still fucking when I heard several loud knocks on the door. Grinning, I called for whoever was at the door to wait, and Yasmin giggled as she readjusted her clothes. When we exited the family washroom together, we were greeted by a tall, chubby and bearded, dark-haired older white male security guard. The dude just gaped at us, his mouth forming a little O, and he said nothing. Laughing, Yasmin Hussein and I left the movie theater. People stared but we didn’t care. We didn’t make it home till an hour later, though. We fucked in the theater parking lot. Passion has no limits, and Yasmin and I just rekindled ours. Life is good!