Soccer Mom’s 470RX


The plane landed in beautiful Florida. I was going to meet you the woman I had fantasized about for months. I knew you drove a Lexus SUV, I knew you loved younger men and I knew you loved your pussy filled.

We had one conversation on e-mail if I recall right. And never spoke again until you honked the horn at the arrival terminal. We drove off with me in the passenger seat when you said, “I need to make one stop to drop off lunch to my daughters.” While I was waiting in the parking lot I started wondering if you would do what I wanted to do right now.

Wondering if I could put the seats down in your Lexus and lay your body across the leather and slide off all the material that is attached to your skin. Wondering if I could caress your neck down behind your ears to your breasts as I do a spiral around your rosy nipples. Just before leaving for your tummy taking a feisty lil pinch to get your blood rushing.

I can hear your breathing getting deeper as your fingers gripped with anticipation onto the leather. I run my hands down your sides to your hips and pull you closer. Sliding over your hips to the inside of your thighs. Firmly I press your legs apart to see your swelling lips glisten with your nectar.

Slowly I run both my thumbs up your slit until I reach the hood to your Zonguldak Escort electrifying switch plucking it with a snap, you convulse into a rhythm. I lower my head and take a long enduring taste of your warm sticky honey and need another taste. As I take another wonder full draw with my tongue I plunge it with force into your awaiting pussy and feel you contract around it. Your bush tickles my nose as it bumps your trigger with each motion of my tongue pumping in and out as you writhe with pleasure.

Your hands suddenly grip the back of my head and pull my face harder into your pussy. Your folds are smearing me with all your wonderful juices. I run my long middle finger into your snatch and use your fluids to lubricate your ass. A quiver runs through your spine as your starfish puckers with anticipation. Relaxing, as much as possible, it opens just enough for my finger to slide in.

Curling it toward me it rubs your inner walls and compounds the effects of your overpowering orgasm. Your hips bucking, sweat dribbling down your chin, screams perpetuating through your lips in vulgar statements of “EAT MY SOAKING PUSSY” “”LET ME SUCK YOUR COCK” “GIVE ME YOUR PROTEIN” “LET ME FEEL YOU IN ME” All with such vigor that all I can do is taste river after flowing river Zonguldak Escort Bayan of your orgasm.

Cum is soaking into the leather… staining my mind with flavors I can only dream of. Causing stains only husbands can wish they could cause. I know now you want all of me badly.

Your eyes are on fire, glazed over with anticipation of what you are going to receive next. What kind of punishment can your pussy take from a cock shaped like a banana eight inches long?

What will it do inside your mouth touching the top of your throat, for that matter what would it do to your vaginal walls when they would be contracting from the sides though feeling very full of sparkles on the underside of your clit.

You pull yourself from the sticky leather and adjust your hands to hold the front seats holding firmly knowing what your in for.

I can see your ass pucker, your pussy pulse with juices dribbling down your legs. Turning back and looking at me you start easing back awaiting the sensation of my cock to touch against your pussy. Shivers are running through your spine, anticipation that was knocked to oblivion when I thrust straight…deep…into your pussy. Juices, splattering to the floor, with each mashing stroke deep into your hole.

The smooth Escort Zonguldak ride you were promised from the car company was readily changing with each stroke of my cock. It was fun watching you from my angle…

Now just one of your hands holding a seat and the other flicking your clit as you started chewing the leather trying not to scream to loudly. I had to admit it became the biggest struggle of my life to hold out for one more of your groundbreaking orgasms.

Bucking hard against my body, my balls slapping your ass with every quickening push. Finally feeling your pussy walls clamping down hard. Hard enough to nearly pinch me out. Not before I plunged my thumb deep in your ass one last time. This along with the final thrust of my cock, to take you way over the edge.

Collapsing to the floor shaking in convulsions of total utter fantasy. Your mouth opened panting dry whispers that I could only decipher as give me your cock. I pulled it from your stretched pussy and gave you a taste of yourself. You were more than honored to get any sort of liquid into your mouth. Grubbing it down like the little dirty debutant you are.

Sucking the tip straight down to my balls. From that point I knew. There is nothing like an experienced 47-year-old cock whore. God you were good. No I take that back you fuckin blew my mind. No I take that back, I blew your mind via the back of your throat. You took it with ease, every last drop. No dripping no drooling just protein. All I could say was thanks for the ride in your 470RX. It has a very comfortable feel, but nothing compared to you.