Sleepless Affair


May had just finished her sophomore year of college and she was so excited because she had the whole summer ahead of her to spend with Doug, the guy she’d been dating.

In the past Doug was so busy that the only time he made for her was in the library or in bed. May would go back to her dorm every day and complain to her friend Adam about how inattentive Doug was. But now, Doug and May were both going to be in Boston, and she would get to see him every day.

After school ended Doug went home for a week and May stuck around for a week to clean dorms for some extra cash. Adam stayed too, so she knew they would have a lot of fun.

Adam had been one of her best friends for two years. They would tell each other every sordid detail about each others lives. Adam told her about all his sexual escapades… nothing shocked May about men after that. Adam was the first one May told about losing her virginity to Doug. He was always there for her. When she was feeling down, they would go and play Frisbee in the quad or snuggle up in bed for a short nap and a nice talk.

Their work week started off slowly. May was on her hands and knees all day washing the floors, just wondering what Doug was doing. When she got off work at night, she’d call him right away, but he’d never have time to talk. So May would hang out with Adam until it was time for them both to go to bed.

May and Adam both had work at 7 AM and they were both consistently late. So May thought it’d be best for them to sleep in the same bed so they could wake each other up. They had been friends for over two years so she didn’t think twice about it; she’d slept near Adam plenty of times before. Adam would wrap his strong arms around her waist and press himself against her lean body. Adam liked it too; May was really soft to touch. May would feel safe and sleep like a doll. Doug hated when she did this, but Adam was her friend and she enjoyed it.

After her fourth long day of work, May was exhausted. All she wanted was to slip into a little thong and her gray sweatpants and crawl into bed. She put a shirt and bra on though, so Adam wouldn’t be uncomfortable.

He hadn’t gotten back from work yet, so she sat on his bed and just closed her eyes. May never realized how good Adam’s bed smelled. Just the thought of him lying with his arms around her made her tense up and blood rush between her legs. “What’s going on?” she thought to herself.

She regained her composure just as Adam walked in. She sat up quickly and flashed a big white smile. She had never seen him look so enticing. He towered above her in bed and a rugged 5 o’clock shadow was adorning his strong defined jaw. Adam thought May looked especially cute, in her simple sweatpants, no makeup. His roommate had called her a natural beauty once and Adam agreed wholeheartedly.

Adam leapt onto the bed, like he had so many times before, and pulled May down with him. She ran her fingers through his Yozgat Escort soft hair as he started regaling her with a hilarious story about his psycho boss. His hot breath danced along her cheek and May shivered in delight. Was she actually attracted to Adam?

The thought of Doug suddenly popped into her head and she grabbed her cell phone from the bed table to call him. “Sorry May, I’m really busy right now, call me again tomorrow?” Typical. May got off the phone and returned to Adam’s warm embrace. It was almost midnight and they are both exhausted, so he turned out the lights.

Adam’s bed was barely big enough to hold the both of them, so May shifted around to get comfortable. She turned around so his chest was pressing up lightly against her back. Suddenly, she noticed his long, hard dick brush against the back of her thigh. She moved away quickly so Adam wouldn’t notice. But he felt it, and he knew she did too.

Soon, May became mindful of other sensations. Every time Adam’s hot breath swept the back of her neck, chills rushed down her spine all the way down to the moistening folds of her pussy.

Thoughts of Doug kept running through her mind. She’d been dating him for a year! He hated her sleeping in the same bed with other guys, especially with Adam. May spun around quickly. She couldn’t handle Adam’s breath on her anymore. It was driving her crazy.

She was facing him now and saw him looking at her. Not knowing what to do she giggled uncomfortably, but he kept looking. May closed her eyes and pretended she didn’t notice Adam’s lustful stare. He grabbed her thigh and pulled her over him like a blanket. She could feel his leg pressing up against her clit and she almost came right there.

She could feel Adam inching his lips closer and closer to hers. His bottom lip brushed against hers and all she wanted to do was rip his pants off and fuck him. But she couldn’t. She knew she couldn’t. She’d been dating Doug for a year… that’s a long time.

She unhinged her legs from him and scooted as far as she could away from him to the other edge of the bed. Adam took her arm and firmly yanked her back. She was surprised by his forcefulness. Adam pulled her into him and kissed her delicately.

It was amazing, and she wanted more. But she pulled back, knowing that what she was doing was wrong. She could never cheat on someone, no matter who it was with. But Adam took her by the hair and drew her back into his soft lips. She couldn’t resist. She melted into him.

May tilted her head slightly and rolled on top of him, grinding her hips into his hard cock. She could feel it now, long and firm, just rubbing against her clit and driving her wild. He grabbed her shoulders and spun her around, pinning her down to the bed by her wrists. As she struggled, playfully, to get free he kissed her up and down her neck and whispered incomprehensibly into her ear.

The struggling only got her Yozgat Escort Bayan hotter and wetter. He grabbed her by the waist and pinned her against the wall. May wrapped her legs around him as his manhood pushed her further into the wall.

She knew she shouldn’t be doing this, but she just couldn’t stop. She was telling herself, “This is wrong! This is strange! You shouldn’t be doing this…not with Adam…think of Doug, how would he feel? What if he found out?” But her body wouldn’t let her stop. She was addicted to him already; every touch from him made her fingertips tingle.

In a fit of kissing she ripped off his shirt and ran her nails along the length of his smooth muscular back. Adam put his hands down her sweatpants and caressed the soft skin of her inner thighs. You could see the wild look in his eyes. There was going to be more, and it was going to be great.

He threw her down and ripped off her pants and shirt in one swift motion, leaving her in just a red bra and a little matching thong. She had a half smile on her face that was timid, confused, and curious; all wrapped up into an innocence that made him mad with lust.

He reached behind her and, in a classic move of college boy eagerness, fumbled with the clasp of her bra. Adam laughed and threw his face into her chest in playful frustration. She reached back to help and his eyes lit up at the pleasant surprise before him, two perfectly round breasts. He gave each one a kiss and exclaimed with a tone befitting a giddy school boy, “You’re pretty cute, May!”

May smiled with appreciation. Back to business. May reached down and took the band of Adam’s boxers, slowly teasing them off of him, brushing the fabric ever so slightly against the head of his cock.

Adam lied down so his penis was at full mast and May was drawn like a magnet to it. Salty and glistening with pre-cum, she couldn’t help but lick it off. She loved the sensation of warm cock in her mouth. She kissed him once more on the lips and then slide down his chest.

He looked down at her as she reached between his legs and ran her tongue up the underside of his penis, starting at his balls, all the way up to the head. Her hair spilled onto his leg, brushing him slightly at every undulation of her body. Then she took it in, all of it, and Adam threw his head back in sheer delight.

May liked to take it in deep and suck up and down, flicking the head with her tongue and massaging his balls with her hand. She could feel the cloth from her thong moisten as every thrust of his penis turned her on more and more.

She wanted to go on forever, licking up and down, and taking his balls into her mouth; but Adam grabbed her silky black hair and pulled her up to him. He was kneeling in the middle of the bed, his cock pointing towards her, just inviting May to ride it. She came up and straddled him and kissed him passionately again.

She could feel his Escort Yozgat cock, lubricated by her mouth, just pressing up against her clit through her thong. She lifted her legs straight up into the air and slowly slid the red thong up to her ankles and tossed them aside with one swift flick of her foot. Adam tilted his head slightly and he ran his rough stubble on her soft leg. She shrieked, “Ouch!” Adam laughed and grabbed her hips and pulled her against him.

They were straddling each other now and kissing madly. The tip of his cock flicked against her clit and then slipped into her so easily. Her body was ready for it; she was so wet and he was so hot neither of them could contain themselves any longer.

But May sat up and pulled him out quickly. “I can’t do this!” she whispered with a look of concern on her face. Adam looked disappointed and then brushed his hand against her cheek and said, “Alright.”

As Adam’s hand was running along her face May took it and guided his fingers into her mouth. She couldn’t help it; all she wanted was to suck on him. She was still straddling him and his cock was resting right outside her hot and expectant vagina. Adam slipped back in; he fucked her deep and fast.

May stopped talking. She couldn’t help it anymore; all she wanted was to fuck him. She couldn’t think about anything else, not Doug, not work the next day, nothing but Adam’s glistening body and his cock penetrating her again and again. It was a moment that they both wanted to last forever, a moment that they would both savor and return to in lonely nights thereafter.

She lay on her back with her ankles are up over Adam’s shoulders. He fucked her slowly and gently and he then pulled out entirely. She sat there squealing in anticipation until she couldn’t take it any more and started screaming, “Please! I want it, I’m begging you!” Adam couldn’t take it either, he loved taunting her, but in truth, his captain missed the amazing sensation of being inside her. He closed his arms around her and gave her one hard thrust and May has to bite her lip to muffle her screams.

She’d never gone so long or felt so good before. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the sun coming up over the trees. “What time is it?” she asked as she reached up and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. But before she could glance at the clock Adam flipped her over onto her knees and grabbed her by the hips. She forgot all about the time.

Adam was in total control, he would go as fast, slow, or hard as he wanted, and her ponytail was bouncing along with his every motion. It felt amazing. They were both breathing heavily and moaning uncontrollably and then all of a sudden he rammed her faster and his rhythm became more sporadic. May screamed in delight as she felt him about to explode in her. Unexpectedly, she felt a heat rising from within herself too. She reached back to desperately grab his hand and they came together with a loud gasp.

Adam leaned forward and kissed the trembling May ever so softly on the lips. They stared into each other’s eyes and let out a satisfied sigh before laughing and falling onto the pillow in a warm embrace. Suddenly, the alarm went off: 6:45AM… time for work.