SEDUCED BY GRANDMA part 2Grandma Grace and I have been liviing together for nearly a month now. It was hard for me at first to just call her Grace and I continued to slip Grandma in a few times out of habit, but it slowly became easiler as the days and weeks passed. Once you’ve seen your grandma walking around naked you realize that she is a woman with all the sexual equipment as any other woman.She had grown as well with her newfound sexlife. She still had a few lingering hang ups such as walking around nude which she had never done before in front of a man. Once she got comfortable with her body and did not look at it as something to be ashamed of she strode proudly through the house (with all shades drawn). She became less timid of a lover. On numerous morning I’d be awakened by the sensation of my cock being sucked. I’d open my eyes to see Grace’s head slowly bobbing up and down, one hand lovingly fondling my balls. I would lay there quietly, pretending to remain asleep. I tried not to show as signs that I was about to come and suddenly just let it go, flooding her mouth with my sperm. She gulped bakırköy escort it all down and licked my cock clean like a mother cat. I lifted up and buried my face in her cunt, which we had just recently shaved so the skin was quite sensative. She moaned and squirmed as flicked away at her pussy, opening the soft fleshy mouth and worked my way deeper. Her whole body convulsed when she had her orgasm accompanied a deep groan. Her long slender legs spasmed outwards as the orgasm spread throughout her body.She now no longer dyed her hair and allowed it to turn its natural snow-white. She embraced her age warmly now. She had it cut quite short and it accentuated her leng neck and her beautifully angular face with its high sharp cheekbones. I wa startled when she came home from the salon. She was aglow when she told me the stylist was flirting with her and even gave Grace her phone number. I convinced her hold onto the number just in case she ever had the urge to explore another aspect of her sexuality. We were not quite there yet. We talkied about it but it never beşiktaş escort went any further than that. She was curious but still afraid to wander into that side of the pool. We have watched porn clips online of two women having sex and she sat quietly and watch them. I would finger fuck her as she sat there. She came but it was a subdued orgasm that I think had the weight of a lot of guilt.Grace was still getting over being a “woman of her era” in which it was not allowed to have sexual feelings and desires. These are the knots I had to untangle once we began our relationship. I had to literally stand her in front of the mirror and show her what a beautiful body she had. At first she had to force herself to look at the reflection in the mirror and she herself as a sexual being. Even during marriage, she told me, sex was very regimented and really functioned as a release for her husband rather than herself. Since we began having sex was not really sure what an orgasm felt like. I was determined to rid her of all these hang ups quickly. The mere fact that she beylikdüzü escort was now fucking her own grandson was a step in the rigt direction to awaken those long dorment emotions.When she told me that she had never masturbated I went right out and bought her her first vibrator. It was a modest six inches in length and shaped like a long slender missile. I let her use it privately and allowed her to become comfortable with using it. I told her that at some point I will want to watch her get herself off.Once I got her over her shame the knots became easier to untangle and she became an enthusiastic student. We would take walks in a local park and slip away to a secluded location. She usually wore skirts for easier access to her pussy. I’d reach up and slip down her panties and finger her a while until she was properly wet and then unleash my swollen cock. She took it into her own hand and guided it into her cunt. She was very nervous the first few times we did this but then became exited by the proximity of people to where we were passionately fucking. The thrill of discovery was intoxicating.”You’ve turned me into sex addic,” she proclaimed towards the end of our first month together. Her face glowed.We were both incredibly happy being together. The family would see this change as well but they would never dream the origins of it. It was our happy secret which also added to the element of erotic danger.