Sales Calls, Part II


As an organizational effectiveness sales consultant, it was my job to maximize company production and profitability. Ann Ahn owned a small printing business, which was a part of a larger conglomerate of business enterprises. My first visit to the business had gone so well, that Ann invited me back for a second consultative visit. “OK,” Ann remarked, sitting next to me in the conference center, “The front desk receptionist is sexy, no?” “She is very sexy,” I replied. “More than me?” Ann inquired. “No,” I responded. “Who is better?” Ann pressed, her stiletto-heeled foot pressing against my calf. “You are the best,” I replied. “Only because you know me first,” Ann replied. I wasn’t going to get caught between a sexy receptionist and her boss. The receptionist was quite pleasant when she greeted me and walked me to the large conference room behind the reception desk. She offered me some water, coffee and a cola, but I declined her offer. She politely closed the door to the conference room and left me alone to my thoughts. After a few minutes, Ann stepped into the conference room. I stood up and greeted her as she entered. She was more casually attired than the last time I had seen her. “Hi, my American man,” she intoned. Ann was from Korea and rather than call me by my name, she referred to me as her “American man”. Ann sat in one the high back black leather chairs right next to me, her stiletto-heeled foot resting against the calf of my leg. I opened my portfolio, ready to get down to business. Ann, however, as I quickly learned, had other plans. I had just scribbled down the date on my legal pad, when Ann grabbed my wrist and gave it a tug. “We talk first,” she said in her halting English. I sat my pen down and looked at her. “We want to make sure you are comfortable,” Ann began. As she spoke, she unfastened one of the buttons on her button-down white blouse. She was already showing plenty of cleavage and the unfastening of one more button, istanbul travesti to reveal more cleavage tucked into a white lace brassiere, left no doubt in my mind, where the meeting was going to go. Ann stood up and looked down at me. “Do you like my new jeans?” she asked, spinning around in her high heels. Her size zero figure was enticing. “Yes,” I replied. Ann sat back down in the conference room chair. She looked at me and stayed quiet. “What is wrong my American man? You seem distant,” Ann intoned. “We should focus on business,” I replied. Ann leaned back in her chair and smiled. “You are right,” she replied. “We should focus more on business. “You are going to teach us how to be better workers. I like that.” I was feeling a sense of relief. As much as I liked Ann, I felt like I was not doing my part to achieve our business goals if I focused of anything but the purpose of my visit. “Let’s start with production,” I remarked. “Let’s start with the front door,” Ann countered. “The front door?” I inquired. I was confused. “First impressions are important, no?” Ann inquired. “Yes,” I replied. “Do you think Kim is sexy?” Ann inquired. “Who is Kim?” I asked. “Kimsee,” Ann responded, “We call her Kim, but her real name is Kimsee. She is the receptionist.” “She is appealing,” I replied. “So you like her?” Ann asked. “She is cute,” I replied. I hadn’t really paid much attention to the receptionist. She was cute, but I didn’t remember anything that made her stand out. “Do you like what she was wearing?” Ann pressed. “I don’t remember what she was wearing,” I admitted. Ann frowned. “She is not sexy enough,” Ann remarked. “I will fix that.” ‘No, no, no,” I replied. I was trying to recall what the receptionist was wearing when I came in the front door. “No,” Ann countered, “American man must remember Kimsee. She is our first impression.” “Short skirt and black heels,” I blurted out. “Wait,” Ann remarked as she got istanbul travesti up walked out of the conference room. “Kimsee, come,” Ann barked towards the reception desk. The young receptionist stepped into the conference room, her hands clasped, business-like, in front of her. She wore a tight beige-colored skirt, with a short hem, about six inches above her knees. She had on a pink, pull-over blouse that was low cut and form fitting, showing off her tight figure and every curve of her young body. If I had to guess, I’d say she was in early twenties. She stood about 5’5 or 5’6, but that was because she had on six inch black heels. Kimsee smiled as she stood in front of me, Ann standing behind her. “She is sexy, no?” Ann inquired. “Yes,” I replied. Ann audibly cleared her throat and Kimsee the receptionist, as if on command, turned slowly around and then pirouetted back around, again, stopping to face me. “She is very nice,” I replied. Ann audibly cleared her throat a second time and the young receptionist turned to leave the conference room. As she reached where Ann stood by the door, Ann reached out and stopped her, putting her arm in front of her. Ann stepped in front of her. She whispered something in Korean, and then slipped her arms around the receptionist’s waist, pulling up on the back of her skirt, giving me a clear view of her pink panties and very cute ass. The receptionist had her head bowed ever-so-slightly, resting her hands on her boss’ waist. “You like Kimsee?” Ann asked, peering around her employee at me. “She is very cute,” I replied. “I like Kimsee too,” Ann responded, as she unzipped the side zipper of Kimsee’s skirt. Ann pulled on her skirt, allowing it to fall to the young receptionist’s ankles, where she stepped out of it. Ann put her hands on the young girl’s shoulders, brushing her long jet-black hair back over her shoulders and to the side. Ann lightly planted a kiss on her receptionist’s istanbul travesti exposed neck. Kimsee turned and said something in Korean, to her boss. “It’s OK,” Ann responded. “He is a good American man.” Kimsee turned and looked in my direction. I watched as she moved her hands higher up on Ann’s body, pulling her boss in closer to where she stood. She put her hands on Ann’s shoulders and said something in Korean. Ann smiled and put her hands on Kimsee’s face, pulling her in close. Ann pressed her lips to Kimsee’s. Their kiss was prolonged and sexually erotic. Ann looked in my direction. “Is my American man, jealous?” she inquired. “No,” I replied. Ann slipped her hand up under Kimsee’s shirt, as Kimsee looked up at the ceiling, her arms locked around her boss’ waist. Ann planted kiss after kiss on Kimsee’s exposed neck. Kimsee pulled at Ann’s top, pulling it over Ann’s head, so that Ann stood before us, in her brassiere. Ann reached behind her own back and unsnapped her bra, allowing it to fall to the floor. Kimsee ran her hands over Ann’s exposed tits, pulling at her nipples. Ann stripped Kimsee of her shirt, and unfastened her beige brassiere, allowing it to join the articles of clothing on the floor. Ann lowered her head, and lightly kissed her receptionist’s exposed nipples. Ann plopped herself on to the conference room table right next to me, pulling Kimsee over to the table and right beside me. I discreetly rubbed my cock with my thumb through the fabric of my trousers. Ann spoke to her young receptionist in Korean. Kimsee unfastened the ankle straps to her boss’ stiletto heels. She proceeded to place each shoe on the conference room table, as Ann leaned back on her elbows, watching and smiling at her employee. Ann unsnapped her designer jeans and Kimsee proceeded to help her boss strip out of them, leaving Ann clothed only in her light blue panties. Ann slipped farther back, on her back, on the large wooden conference table, motioning for Kimsee to join her on the table top. Kimsee hovered over her boss’ body, a knee on either side of Ann’s thin waist. Kimsee pulled her long hair back and tried to hold it in place with one hand, while leaning down to meet the insatiable and lustful desires of her boss.